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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She Saint sight. Monday april 0, 1891. It of a r i it Liszt no i or j to to checked a the frightful inroads of scr Fula and All blood taints. Or. Pierces Golden medical discovery purifies and enriches Tho blood cleanses the a Stem of All impurities and restores health and strength. It cures All diseases arising from impure blood consumption is one of them. Its simply lung Scro Ula. In All its earner stages Tho a a discovery a effects a cure. Its easy to see Why. The Medicine that masters scr Fula in one part is Tho Best remedy for it in another. It is Tho Best. Its warranted. Its Tho Only blood and lung remedy that a guaranteed to Benefit or cure or Tho Money will be refunded. No other Medicine of its class does it. How Many would be left if they did ? its Tho cheapest blood purifier cold through druggists no matter How Many doses Are offered for a Dollar because you Only pay for the Good you get. Your Money is returned if it does no to Benefit or cure you. Can you ask More Buckless Arnica Salve. Tub bust Salve in the world for cots bruises sores ulcers Salt Rheum sores Tetter chapped hands chilblains corns Aud All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box. For Sale by All druggists. Dreiss Thompson amp wholesale. I 9 13-Ly patents. Ca vents and Trade mar is obtained and a. Pat at business conducted for m to Erst Vaga. Oen Omel is opposite c. 8. Patent Oma and we ova secure a Patent in less time add at less Oost than those Remote from was Burton. Bend Model drawing or photo., with desert lion. We a i Vise of patentable or not free o charge. Our fee not due till Patent is Noure a Little Hook a a How to obtain Patraw with names of actual clients in your stat county or town seat free. Address c. A. Snow amp co opt o a the Bassett claim. By Heery r. Elliot. Copyright by american press association. ,1 we Call it is Good. Tons Bassett Ami i were True friends and when he did i wore Crape for thirty Days. Inf a Choate used to Hay that if he had to pick out six men to dido with one Day try a Case before the next and fight a Battle with tile next Tom Bassett would be one of the six. Ile was a Good Man and you look Liko him. Does no the Louise \ on have his eyes and smiled a yes i see a great likeness a said Louise. Tom and my Niece were great friends a said Mcardle. A the used to drive her All Over the House by her Long braids a playing i done to suppose the a likeness extends As far As that Louise a in a afraid in my grown up now Uncle a she replied with a merry smile. I got your note or. Bassett a said Mcardle. A i done to think the French claims will pass Tim Winter. Congress in too Busy to do anything. You know in a panic people All Rush for the door my choke the passage so that nobody escapes. That a the colonel then got Windward talking about the last Days of Tom Bassett and his own Hopes and plans and Bis first impressions of Washington in the midst of which a half hour passed quickly and pleasantly. Windward was then rising to go when miss Sheffield said or. Bassett we Are to have a few friends to Dine with us on thursday and i wish you might join us a thank you a Windward replied a i shall be Happy to a a he a a Good looking fellow a said my Arlo to his Niece when their visitor had gone. Too Good looking for a claimant said Louise rather sadly As she took up her knitting. Soward Dwyer attorney and Colin Mellor at Law. Joseph e. Do i real bet ate agent live Sto ii broker a chapter i. The boarders. Ii How la at a Are you going to risk your lives and the lives of your family by buying cheap worthless vehicles when you eau buy for a Tritle More a Good reliable buggy or Carriage made by the couders Volle id Bugay company from m. Pigott Cor. Houston and Soledad streets san an Tonto Texas. 9-10 a Wyo Hros Lew and land office and live Stock Exchange. Dwyer building. A a ban Antonie Banks Ano Bankers. A b. Alexandria president. A. A. A Lix a in by cashier. Texas National Bank. 253 Commerce Street. A a general banking business transacted drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other be Loigu Money purchased. Jew a visitors Register kept in our Reading re a where strangers in the oily Are invited is Call. L. Huth amp son 296-230 Market Street. The old stand hardware paint and seed store. Received two oars Landreth a seed potable one car genuine German Millet and to arrive dub car Early Orange Cane seed seed Cornet ?. Pcklrkmtfr1 mud and it ran a pennyroyal pills original and Only Den ulna. A arc. Taiwan ratable. Lames it uru owl tor Chichester $ h Teplish Diamond Brand Iii lied and Gold am Tito boat Ira. Ruled with Bina ribbon. Tule no other. Refuse dangerous pubs this Lions and imitations. At drug Guia a a nit 4a in Tampa for particular. To Lnu it Olalo aul a Al Zellef for in Dexter or return r mull. In too Teutli Kenui. Karns duper cd in ii eater chemical co., is Heon a. Mire i bliaut., a. Sold by All local druggist. Men Only weakness of Booty and mind effects of errors or excesses in old or y . Lio Tinkl. Nill Ai n i i of Dou or b a i j it d. Allow strengthen Whak la v a a a is absolutely Unfall lag ii omis la it Atka to Benelly la a Day. Ben Lenity from 60 slut and i Orelyn ton it or. Write i or in. By sir liitle Book explanation Sod called Tae aled free. Adorm 5rl� hlldlc.4l co., Ruffalo n. Be arid whiskey it bits cured fit Homo re i out putt. Boult i Turlieu ars hem fit . ,. Aliota Feu. Milit a ,l4 Whitehall by. The clerk gazed at the relic a moment. Stevens had met his Friend at the Railroad station where the two Young men exchanged Hearty greetings and then a it was late and the traveler was tired they went at once to Peters lodging in a boarding House near Franklin Square where a room had been engaged for the visitor. They had much to say to each other and yet they found it hard to talk after this separation of three years and were both soon in bed and asleep. Up betimes that is by 8 of clock the next morning they descended Arm in Arm to Tho dining room whither the Landlady a family and one or two of the boarders had already gone. Introductions followed and Little by Little Windward came to understand the elements of Tho group of which he was now a member. Tho Landlady was a pleasant bustling Middle aged woman whose immediate family and dependence consisted of a husband a in office and a Small child principally lungs. She had also with her As a visitor her sister miss Sophia whose arrival in town had been announced two or three weeks previously Iii the columns of fashionable mention of the sunday press. Miss Sophia Tho a charming miss Sophia a the susceptible sunday newspapers called Here was indeed a most estimable spinster aging certainly but very comely and agreeable and whether it was because keeping boarders ran Iii Tho family or not cannot to decided but upon her face was written As Plain As print a famished apartments for a single gentleman inquire and Why the bachelors in presence of a notification so at tract in it and so legibly written would perverse insist on passing by on the other hide is one of those mysteries of life which we need another and a better world to Clear away. Sophia was thirty but at thirty a dark woman is still growing. So had a pleasing if not a strictly handsome face and a Fine Ripe figure. Her head was elegantly shaped Aud poised upon spreading sloping shoulders. Her hair was dark Glossy and abundant Curling easily Aud adapting itself readily and gracefully to the requirements of fashion. She really had features. Nature had done some genuine modelling on her face and so when she smiled or frowned it meant something. Then she was not like one of sir to amp la Reynolds cherubs a All Bead Aud a in Ani but had a whole some . She was a Good woman and weighed i�5 pounds. Her health was vigorous and always had been. Her temper was even and Happy she was tolerably Well read could drum on Tim piano could Cook and in Short As the advertisements say could make herself generally useful and had no objection to children. And yet there she was unmarried and wearing that unmistakable placard a furnished apartments for a single gentleman inquire within a next to Here it might have been by Chanco the usual Way a was placed Lieut. Quire of Tho Navy on duty at the department. The lieutenant had his faults among them a trick of coming Home very late at night or Somi Imes the next Day but he had a stanch defender in miss Sophia who charged All the gossiping comment of the other lodgers on this fact to civilian jealousy of brass Burtons. But nobody was disposed to be harsh with or. Quire for he was a dashing handsome fellow who Lead been All Over the world and was very a Cay Aud companionable in his manners. Next to or. Quire was a member of Congress a brisk big Ordinary Man with an appetite like a Pitcher Plant. The honorable gentleman owed is Success in life to doing one thing at a time and doing that Well. Thus at meal time he ate and that too fast Aud Long. Poor Man perhaps he hurried through his meals to save them for he was very Likely to be interrupted at such hours when he was known to be at Home by callers. \ Tho other Boarder besides Stevens and Bassett was a Pale Young Man who was stenographic Secretary to a Railroad magnate a quiet sensible fellow who minded his own business and like the honorable gentleman found his business at meal time Laid on Tho table. Windward soon discovered somewhat to his amusement for he was fresh from new York that by being a Boarder at mrs. Kex a Slie was a in society. In new York City clerks typewriters and boarding House keepers Are not fashionable people but Here to found they might be and in the present Case were. Mrs. Sex had Given a literary re Rhian Only a few Days before his arrival and he was astonished to learn from Stevens How Many really distinguished persons had attended and taken part the sunday press had Long and glowing notices of the a Musicale a As they called it in their society news and it had evidently been quite an a event miss Sophia had danced with a senator and flirted madly with a full colonel though this she denied in the most shameless manner to Lieut quire when lie reproached her for her heartless conduct the next morning. It did begin to look serious for the lieutenant however when on the night after Windward a arrival the colonel came with a coach and boil Quet and carried the beaming spinster off to a a a Germany at one of the most fashionable houses in town. And Why Pray should not mrs. Sex be a society woman if she chose she was a cultivated agreeable Well dressed lady whose Only fault was that she earned her own living. She was poor of course but no poorer than other Nice people. The then president of the United states for example was saving up Money from bin very moderate salary to pay his honest debts. His Cabinet officers with but one or two exceptions looked for Ward to their monthly pay Day and found use for All their modest income which would scarcely pay the rent of what a Wall Street broker or a prosperous wholesale merchant in any of our larger cities would consider a suitable House for his family to live in. The justices of the supreme court Aries less than Many attorneys charge for fees in the important cases they decide. The army and Navy Colony is of course impecunious. Tho diplomatic corps Are beggars in velvet. Members of Congress Ore As a class prosperous commonplace country lawyers who Are not inclined to live beyond their income but who find they will do so with Home and Washington Billa to lamp in out of $5,000 a year unless they Are economical Tho body of Well to do re spec table people Aro either a in office or dependent on those who Are and salaries in the departments tango from $900 to $3,000, in very few cases rising above $1,800. There is very Little business done beyond retail shop keeping and no manufacturing or Commerce to speak of so that there Aro no kabobs of Trade. In Short Tho capital of the poor Many a country is the poor Many a City. As wealth and luxury increase in one they will be reflected in the other and the change now going on in this respect is very marked and rapid but even now and it was far More so even so late a. 1380, one can lie More of a gentleman or lady on $1,200 or $1,500 a year in Washington than in any other City of importance in the country. Windward a interest in mrs. Exp a boarders centred of course in Stevens with whom to was now again thrown in close and familiar Contact. Both the Young men found that three years had wrought significant changes. Stevens noticed at once Tho greater maturity of his old chum his quieter habits Aud City manner. Windward on his part was struck by the absence of that aggressive promptitude of mind and bearing which had marked Bis Roommate at College. He seemed to to Drifting Whilo his spirit slept. At times he would brighten up Ami show Sparks of his old courage Ami a tapas Ami to in a would assume the Ion of failure. But deftly he wan dissatisfied and As Intercourse brought Back again to reunited friends their former Trust ulness and Candor he confessed Tho secret reason. A i ought never to have Token a clerkship a be said a and i must get out of government service us quickly As possible or to Content tube a clerk All my life and that would be to surrender. As it is i simply keep along. I am nobody. I just live. My surroundings Aro mean. I wish to goodness the democrats would win in 1830 then we would All be set a a he a very Bani getting started in new York i can Tell you a said Windward. A but ifs impossible retorted Stevens fret fully. A a there a no Start to get though i will say this Windward to out of Tho clutches of the Money broker. I had to live on bread and water to do it but after three yearn in a out of debt and in a Worth two Hundred and Twenty dollars a a now you talk like yourself a said Windward. A ooh you la get along a Well i mean to a Stevens replied a but. I must civil service Reform myself out of office to begin with. In a keeping my eyes open for chances. In a cultivating that private Secretary for instance. He is in the Way of hearing of a Good thing now and then. I should rather like to be a Railroad a Well you Haven to got married Peter a said Windward changing the subject. A ooh no of course not who answered latterly a i can to afford it. And you Don seem to Prosper with cupid either. How is that a a ooh i am altogether too sensible a replied Windward with a Little bitterness and cynicism in his turn. A i suppose somebody has carried off miss Florence by this time a said Stevens in a quite casual and indifferent manner. A no a said Windward a a she a sensible and t Here by tacit consent the two Young men dropped the subject tis one on a which they were not Yot ready to Converse with the Liberty of friends and turned to politics the Beauty of the streets the oddities of the negro population the topics of congressional debate and what not other commonplaces of the time and place. A you have come to Washington at the height of a very stupid session a said Stevens. A there is no politics and Congress detests business legislation. The proceeding Are dreary enough but of course you want to see Tho two houses. Hie Senate has resolved itself into a debating club and is talking finance by the Anil. The House is Dis cussing Tho new code of rules. Members done to seem to know that what Congress wants is not so much new rules As new men. There Are the usual a old stagers besieging the committee rooms. A i suppose i Cornein somewhere there interrupted Windward laughing. A i done to know whether the French claims have gone even so far As that in this Congress a said Stevens. A Bot if so they must fight for place with the sugar Tariff and the electoral count Bill and interstate Commerce and the refunding Bill and Tho Ute question Aud the Fitz John Porter Case and the Heathen Chinee and the contested election cases and i done to know what else. Read the other Day that there were Over seven thousand Bills already introduced and now pending so you can guess what Chance there is for any one getting through. But in a wonderfully glad you be come Down r 1 the same Windward and you will to very much interested in All you it was perhaps because Windward a visit had recalled old times times of Romance Aud aspiration that after his Friend had retired that night Stevens unlocked a drawer and Lookout a formal looking manuscript on the a dangers of representative tile author turned Over the pages carelessly till lie came to some dried and Brittle leaves of a pressed Rose. The clerk gazed at the relic a moment then with an exclamation Aud gesture of impatience he folded the manuscript up again locked it in the drawer sat staring into the fire a while then with a second and sharper exclamation Aud gesture of impatience hastily undressed and was soon asleep. Chapter Vil Dinino out. Sedotal wife Tramelli Toner commander Griggs of the Navy a or. Pollok who lived in Shanghai with his Niece a miss Willis and himself As guests. It was a Choice group. All were versed in society fond of life and capable of enjoying it. Louise was radiantly Beautiful and in captivating spirits. Tho laconic colonel was in High Feather throwing off epigrams As easily and brilliantly As a skillful pianist frolic with the keyboard. The jests started at the Blessing and from that on it was a sparkling succession of verbal sweetmeats mind and digestion working in that True Union which distinguishes the perfect feast. They talked of everybody and everything of the need of a new opera House that Tho White House was shabby the fashionable colors in roses recent burglaries Goulding the last hop at the Marine Barracks and the fight Between mrs. Capt. Chains and a certain senator wife Over the detachment of Lieut. Biggs the absurd creatures in the diplomatic corps the new set of China and How to Tell real Satsuma from Ware the work of the associated charities Ocean racing Etc. Windward saw his part was to listen and observe. These people could teach him How to make even the weather interesting. It was like the november meteor. Whisk Flash went the word play now humor in Bright mild sheets now wit darting Zigzag in streaks of flame hot shot nimble Gay Quick spurt like stars on a frolic. It was a Small talk a of course but what of it suppose in a Garden we prefer humming Birds to dodos and think goldfish better for a parlor aquarium than walruses Thor to begin with at Tho Lead of the table was Mcardle one of the noted Story tellers of Washington which mean one of Tho Best in the world. And tonight be wis on his Mettle for like most men of Strong character he had a Streak of vanity in his composition and he knew that Griggs that fashionable Rounder would be retailing his Good things on the Morrow at the metropolitan club and Tho hotels. Possibly urn colonel sly silent Man invited Grigs to dinner now and then on this account and possibly Griggs sly old diner out knew How to get at not Only Mcardle table Bat Many others. Mcardle had one of these retentive and accurate memories which make acquisition Possession. We read of great generals who knew every Soldier in their armies by name and in like manner Mcardle could summon from the Well ordered files of his memory the fact for the time. This faculty gave him a great advantage in mixed complies and in discursive conversation. He seemed equally versed in theology politics travel literature and fashion for of All men he knew when to be silent what paths to avoid How far to go and How to turn. Thus he trod securely whether he praised the eloquence of the minor prophets criticised the magazines protested against the latest Freak in millinery or complimented miss Willis on her Beautiful eyes. Beautiful indeed they were and glowing brightly to night As not Only the observant colonel had noticed but Louise and the experienced mus Waits and her escort or. Bassett bringing up the ramp in. Thursday night found Windward in the midst of delightful company. The popular Rev. Or. Shepherd Louise pastor senator gilled pfc buxom an j Griggs and her neighbor Young or. Bassett. A she was a pretty girl such dark soft eyes gently Bright such a glow of health and Good spirit such a Sweet change Ful Mouth with its red Bow of love such a proudly rounded Chin with a dimple in it to take away the terror such a Rich fresh complexion which showed that Young warm blood coursed in her veins yet quiet even pensive when at rest As if her shadowy Eye were saying a my Lover is coming somewhere Are you he a a Sweet face this and encircled in a mazy Aureole of Art fully disordered hair giving her a sketchy Beauty like the ruffled velvet of a Tea Rose. Till the dinner was ending Windward had said Little to his fair neighbor beyond the polite civilities of the dining table though he had remarked her Beauty and been put at ease by her cordial manners. To say truth they had both been too much interested in car Dies Coll quies with the older guest to seek to entertain each other. But now the colonel seemed disposed to bring out the Young end of the table and led on by his adroit direction the blushing mis was soon making Bright pert speeches to every ones enjoyment and to her own moot of Oll for she saw thanks to the colonels piloting she was showing to advantage. A i like Girts of her ago a remarked Mcardle later on in the evening to the Rev. Or. Shepherd. A the anxiety the show to be charming is really a most refined flattery. How plainly such a Young woman shows her sincere desire to please How grateful and Happy she is if she finds she is making herself agreeable Quot Louise had much of the colonels Trot for making friends appear at their Best. She said Little herself busying Hor Aku eyes and ears in table cares anticipating every wish and used watching the service. And Only giving Tho conversation a nudge now and then at a Lull. Louis was truly hospitable and so was not obliged to hide a Lack of real cordiality behind the cant phrases of Welcome. We do not write a this is a horse under a sketch by Rosa Bonheur and similarly Louise a hospitality was always intelligible and satisfying by its own truthfulness it was Worth studying that smooth simple Graceful management of Upa hostess continue a Wijt Bird fag

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