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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, San Antonio, TexasMonday april 6, 1891. Personal notes d. J. Price of Palestine is at shout stops. Men or. And re turned from their wedding trip saturday night. John o. Mott and family Aro atthe Mon Ger from Michigan City Indiana. T. J. Will of Galveston is the men Ger. Probandt of san an Seljos in the City. J. L. Rutledge the Stockman is in town from Range. Cape. A. G. Evans the St. Louis Stock buyer is in town again. City editor h. W. Field oath exp returned from Austin. Senate r. H. Burney sat the Mahncke from Kerrville. Or. F. Alpert and wife of Minneapolis minn., Are at the menger. Judge f. I. Orchard of Galveston is at the Mahneke c. Hon. Jas. W. Truit of Tho of representative in the City yester Day from Austin. S c. Fowler. Formerly a prominent Resi Dent of Waxahachie is in town with a View of Loca intr. Or. 8. L. Hough a prominent pythian Knight i i in the City representing the pythian record Omsk Louis. Or. De. C. Lasater a Well known live Stock commission merchant of or leans is in the City. Ratio Putnam is at the Monomer. Also u. B. Emory and wife same com Pany. I so and Vattie Peebles of Portsmouth. Ohio Are visiting mrs. A. J. Digit Wity and mrs. John t. Hambleton. Lawyer p. H. Clarke formerly of the san Autonio har now county attorney of Zavalla county is in the City. Or. Frank Starling a popular express messenger who has Boon on the new or what the people Are saying. Mininan s comment upon Grant ing the mandamus requiring the mayor and clerk to submit the poll lists inspection was it in much to the Point the hide do their duty toward their employers not to assume to to their plasters and conduct r As if the people their servants. The City charter is to be tinkered at again by the legislature. It is understood thata of Compromise measure has been lived up. The trouble is the com both the people and the City administration in the soup. If the 10 per cent sinking fund clause is not changed so As to be made apply to the Issue of Bonds now our what kind of a mess is the City in with Only a Levy to pay 2 per cent r last Friday Luht some apparently amut n burglars entered Riner i Aulito store of Lamb Uros. Out it Beanville by prying open the Wir Doar. They attempted to bore the Safo door out grave up the without making a single Hole live dollars in Cash a few other Little tricks and some refreshments Vas All the polic Werro notified of occurrence saturday and the blood hounds were put on the scent but he Large crowd of people continually about the place the length of time since the occurrence and the of the soil made it impossible for the animals to take the Trail. A Little girl passing by the residence of or. Sanders superintendent of the letter carriers on North fico Street As attacked and y bitten by a dog be longing to him. The owner of the animal was Ai rested by of Beer Peterson. Two coloured damsels boiling Over with jealousy Hud a scrap about a vacillating who insisted on dotting his c affections on Boih of them. Officer Andy Hattle arrested both on main yesterday morning while the hair pulling match was in Sway. They were registered at police Headquarters As Miachel Young and Jennie Thompson. Martinez one of the Pound master s assistants run in a Jack saturday in the Pound Atid then arrested owner for using abusive language towards him. Sex detects be Chas. Crawford has Pur i chased one half interest in the ranch Saloon at the Corner of military Piaia and Dolorosa Street. Leading event Joske s this week the express has discovered a party of last night a very suspicious kind of ised to and fixes Cha Aeter was traced up and of Imily House furnishing goods Sale. Not the Only line holding out special bargains Only the Trump of what is on deck this week. Carpets 2o per cent under regular value. Tapestries and extra supers a Wool sewed and Laid to their numerical or to Rinir strength at it is evident that the impress has made a scoop. If there is such a party in our City nobody knows it but the express. The trouble with our City remarked a shrewd business Man that we have too Many men of Biz capital too much Money is the trouble not too Lille. It we had More men with from ten thousand to by officers o Meara and Riper and taken to the but Cave. Tho Trampish individual gave his As Phil Finnerty and is held a a suspicious character. It is thought that souk charge can be made out against him. In the recorder s court this morning a there were 21 cases most of which were drunks and disorder lies. Phil Finerty the suspicious character dollars we would have was lined or Twenty Days. More certainly Correct. The observation is the millionaire is an interest grabber the successful Man with a growing capital is Vii Tursone and ready to invest leans division of the s. P. Road has been meets. That Promise to increase his ruins returned to the san Antonio division. Or. Renault formerly a Well known citizen of san Antonio and proprietor of the Green front Saloon is in the ii. After an absence of thirteen years spent in California. Or. Leo. Gid diners an old citizen of san Antonio who was Here in and who left he e to to to Washington d. C. In 1863. Is again in the City. To still finds Many old friends. Young was Fin Al and a Enrico Thompson 17, for tight Tiz. Sex Deputy Van has been appointed of the police Force in place of Chas. Crawford who has re signed. Or. Cork s Farewell the eloquent septic discusses the religious instincts in Man. A Large and appreciative audience last in stat attended j. L. York s Farewell lecture at Rische s. The topic discussed by the Elo Orient Liberal the three voices of or the religious instincts in it was a lecture Ana lying gods and creeds and accounting for their origin from the septic s stand Point. The lecturer also devoted consid Erable attention to the persecutions in the dark past arising put of what he says is termed religious instinct in Man he contended that every Creed had persecuted a few latter Day creeds had not because the secular Law of today did not permit it. Even the unitarian that de nomination with scarcely a Creed at All fait by ached he said to Lay its hands on Parker the Liberal minded divine of the new England states. After i he lecture a Resolution recognizing and thanking or. Yoru for his services Here during the Sis months and expressing the Hope that he would return next presented and Una i adopted. The newly elected president of i he secular society spoke with regard to i he growth and strength of the society and announced the dedication of the new lit Oral club rooms and free Reading Hall at 227 e Houston Street next wednesday Duffa or. York leaves for his Home san Cal. Immediately aft t the close of the Liberal state convention this week to rest up after which he goes to Seattle wash., for a series of lectures. At a greater Speed than the Coupon route. There is plenty of Money in san an Tonio but it is a too few hands. Selfish Ness rules the Day and All Public enter prise is strangled by the clutch of the conservative Rich men. The county commissioners court begins to put on Imperial ways. It advertises for by is for a courthouse site to be paid for in live per cent Bonds and after the Biddins changes the rate of interest to six per cent. This is a Biff difference so big that it would be but Jusi to All bidders to advertise it Over again. The difference bet Wen a six per cent and a live per cent Bond is a Bis item and All the Sites offered would be offered on lower terms. a estate. Ball at the Park. The base Ball game at the Riverside Park yesterday Between the san Anto Nio s and the jokers was won easily by the jokers on a score of 10 to 3. 36 Inch ingrain Wool filling sewed and Laid Brussels and Moquette at special Low prices during this Sale Only. Last Chance matting to per cent under regular prices. Inducements in Choice new curtain hangings a change of the ranch. This Well known resort has changed hands messes. Crawford Brown being the purchasers. Or. Brown familiarly known As been connected with the establishment for 4 years and con sequently knows the wants of his custom ers alone is a sufficient guarantee of first class goods and courteous treat ment when Call. Charlie Crawford is too Well known As one of our most popular to need any comment Here. The new management promises Tho Public to serve them with the Best of everything to be had in their line. Give them a Call. 4-c-k 25c 6oc deals and the prices they bring. N. Knos and wife to . Knox lot 12, Block 2, North coital Street William Purkiss to mis. C. L. Log Nowitz. Lots 8. 9, 19 and 20, Block 9, Prospect Hill Amanda i. Meno Woty to Mihael Herweck lot 13, blocks City lot 13 t. J. Cox to g. K. Davis lots 6 to 10 inclusive Block 19, City lot 3 Emma and a. Bean to miss j. B. Boyle lot 5. Block a cite lot 4 Amanda j. Dignowity to Josephine Fullenweider lot 11. Block 2, City lot 105 Homes Rad land and improvement co. To t. P. Walsh lot 1, moored add lion h. B. Adae to a. C. Schryver lots 5 and a cite lot 13 1000 1000 125 750 85 450 the Austin committee. The following persons have been appointed As a committee to go to Austin tomorrow for the purpose of meeting the legislature in reference to the new City Charier for san Antonio not to be compared with any elsewhere. Extra wide Nottingham net we show at 2oc, heretofore 52 Inch edelweiss Ecru Sash net Derby Satin stripes 58 Inch Renaissance net 400 50 Inch Madras muslims 25c to 500 japanese silk Stripe curtains 15.00 a pair curtain poles and Wood trimmings in mahogany Walnut Oak and Ash Complete 5oc. Curtain chains drapery Hooks and pins picture nails swinging Portiero frames easels assortment is All that could be desired much below the usual prices. Corner Alamo and Commerce streets. We. A Heuermann w. Ii. Wright w. H. Young p. L. G. Of Nman Henry Kiuly w. R. Storey h. R. Bill hard j. H. French a. P. Wulff j. N. Gallai her l. C. Grothaus Geo. I. Cal Meyer w. W. Walling f. Miller g. A. Duerler John a. Green h. E. Vernor. Edgar Schramm John Al. James Chas. L. Sauer we. Hoefling j. C. Cuie. Albert. Heck Rinn j. P. Hickman jr., h. Ii. Hunt e. R. Lane the walking match. Yesterday was the Day of the 72 hours walking match at Riverside Park and a great crowd attracted by Thi event by the gun club match base Ball game and other novelties at the present. Up to the closing hour the men gave evidence of Gre it fatigue but took frequent re to and were urged on by their backers. At 8 o clock when end Ort. I hot score stood As Fol lows Lee 186 Miles and 7 laps Mitchell Loi Viiu Aiichi 4 taps Uhl. Miles and 5 laps Stone. 142 Miles and7laps Zimmer Man. 124 and 19 laps. Lee was of course the Winner and he winnings or earnings Are and 40 per cent of the Gate receipts. A private purse was made up for Mitchell and for engaged. The engagement of miss Mamie Frank to or. Sol. . Was made Public last week and celebrated by a reception at the residence of s. Deutsch on South Flores Greet. Last saturday Niu it. Both parties Are Well Knou n in this City and have a hot of eager to congratulate them h building permits. John j. Stevens addition Ward 4, c. Hainisch dwelling Ward 8. T. Hutchison dwelling Ward 6, fico. H. Hacke dwelling Ward s Shacklett. Shed Ward 3. Too. S. , dwelling Ward Joe. Mcneel addition Ward 1, a Pine pish Fry. The Sanroe social Given by the pythian sisterhood saturday night at the Cartey Lish Pond on South Laredo streets Wasan unbounded Success. Fully 400 guests were present and the Long tables Laden with Linest of served viands including splendid Fried baked fish were refilled three times before the Large crowd was fully supplied. Music boat ing i Hing and out door games filled in the Short hours nicely. A. Appier Jno. T. Hambleton Geo. C. Altgelt r. It. Minor. C. Robinson. The committee will on that i. T. N. Train tomorrow morning and Are requested to meet at the House reception room o clock in the Forenoon. 187o f t f and r or to ear. Castle Fannin. Knit rats and ladies of the Golden Rule in Bdl lifer fourth Anni Ball saturday night at Mission Garden and a Lars re number of and guests were the Daru intr was kept until the Small hours of the new Day. The Only intermission taken being for supper. Nearly frantic. It Ever been your misfortune to be brought into frequent Contact with a per son excessively nervous. If so you must be aware that trivial causes unnoticed by the vigorous drive a nervous invalid to the verge of distraction. It is As unnecessary to particularized these As it is apis sife to guard against them. The rout of the evil is usually imperfect digestion and assimilation. To assist the a functions and through their renewed com plete discharge to reinforce weak nerves in conjunction with other portions of the physical organism within the Power of Hostetter s stomach hitters systematic ally and continuously used. There is no i Taw Pooh it , notice of piling resignation final account. No. 879. The state of Texas county of . County court in matters of probate to May term 1891. The state of Texas to All persons inter ested in the guardianship of the estate of Charles Turkily. George Markley and Clarence Markley minors August Nester guardian of the estate of Charles. John George and Clarence Markley minors has tiled his resignation and final account in the county court of Bexar county which will be acted on Ai the May a. D., j8p1, of said court at if court thereof in the City o san Antonio after this notice shall have been duly published for Throe 3 successive weeks in some newspaper published in county Texas at which time All persons interested in said estate May appear and make objections thereto if they see proper. Witness Thad w. Smith clerk of the county court of Seal and Eal of said court at. My office in san Antonio this third Day of april a. In. 1801. W. Smith clerk county court Lexar county. By to. C. By Minotos Deputy. Reinhold Becker the old reliable furniture House in and 21 w. Commerce St. Will not be undersold. Our stocks Are Complete in every Branch. We will sen furniture window shades curtain poles fancy Brulc a Bracks Aud everything belonging a our line cheaper than any other House in the City. Get our prices and be convinced we said under oar own hard earned 21 years and never Inaa represent goods. Our motto Large sales and Small with the above we have built up our enormous Trade. Thanking our for their continuous Liberal patronage promising you at any time out polite attention we remain most respectfully Reinhold Becker 19 and 21 w. Commerce Street All and see us before you buy . Thor Tox. Application was made on last saturday by . Walling. To judge . For writs of a hens Corpus to the release of ii Annie Stales. Two sri u under Vii of who a rare convicted of to i l your and sentenced under new Law to in if Btte Reform . The superintendent of i refused to receive of ground Hathuc Law Only provided for Ive lion of boys. Almy to the Lenti Arv at they now Are. On a of this in inv. Judge Noonan ordered their Nal holding to a the Law mood they could not be confined either in Penitentiary reformatory. Disappointment Herp. No matter what or How grievous the failures of other so called tonics. No sedative or opiate avoid compare with this invigorating nerve tranquil Izer. Constipation billions nest malaria Rheuma imn kidney troubles Are cured by it. Attorneys for inn Dian. Came to hand april 3rd, a. A. 1891, at 11 o clock i. M., Anil publication ordered made in san Antonio daily Myrhl t , sheriff Buxar county. By w. , Deputy. 44 3w a Bakin Snowden used in millions of years the Standard. Thornton Wright co., Antonio w. B. Wight. Corner Houston and Navarro its. Accounts of Banks and individuals solicited. General banking busies a Trau acted. Chas. Hugo Prea. S. Halff . J. Brown cashier. Alamo National Bank. Capital , Texas. W in Nieminn s. Halff Chr. H. E mondorf Ernest Steves. P. Ii Swearinger Clima. Luxo a. Meerscheidt j. X. Brown. West Texas abstract and guarantee company incorporated h. Aubrey Secretary and manager. Telephone no. 406. Office 421 e. Houston Street will furnish reliable Abat Raats of title to Linds in county either City or country property upon abort notice and reasonable terms

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