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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 6, 1886, San Antonio, Texas A he sails sight Sam Antonio Light publishing company. B. Johnson Secretary St treasurer and of Knakal Manack. A vkht1hi no hatk8 i Apac. Tach. To so be Ort i 8 of $1800 $30 of $54 ol1 special rates riven on larger space and Leng time advertisements. Legal advertisements $1 of per Inch first insertion 76 cents per Inch each subsequent insertion trustees sales $1 of per Lach first insertion 36 cents each insertion afterwards. Heading matter editorial Page 26 cents per Tine each insertion. Local columns 30 cents irs insertion to cents first week 6 cents after first week. Special rates on 30 and too lines running for month. Home advertisements payable on first of a Ach month transient advertising payable in Advance Only Metal cuts printed. Subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this office. All communications for publication or pertaining to the editorial or local news departments should be addressed a to the editor of the Anonymous communications will not be noticed. The Light will not be responsible for the statements of its correspondents. Entered at Post office at san Antonio Tex As As second class matter. In tit c2 to it a a Dot my tvs f Mart on me at of. Al Iulo it ii i l in p. Hawed too a new Puim r advertising Bureau to Spruce count Usu May by made tor it he in his Vouk tuesday april 6, 1886. European complications. While America is threatened with labor riots Europe is threatened with a general War. Gladstone uneasy at Home is far from finding matters to his liking on the continent. A double Burden is Laid upon Bis shoulders either one of them sufficiently weighty the tax the energies of a younger Iaan. His seventy seven years however have not damned the keenness of his intellectual vision nor abated the ardor of his mental Force. Ile faces the problem of Irish Home Rule undaunted by the defection of his trusted followers and und a Mayer by the combinations Bioh the enemies of Liberal government Are forming against Bim in every Quarter. With Ireland divided against herself with Scotland in open hostility to Bis plans for tranquil izing Ireland and envious of the attention that the Northern Island is receiving with England jealous of her prerogatives and suspicious of every movement that looks toward Irish emancipation the problem that or. Gladstone has presented for Bis solution is one that might Well Challenge the undivided attention of the Ablest statesman of this or any age. But while thus perplexed at Home he is not allowed to give his undivided mind to the solution of these vexed questions of internal administration. He finds his ancient enemy in the East Alert and ready to take every advantage of the situation to gain a foothold one stadium nearer Bis coveted seaport on the Mediterranean. The complications in Roumelia with which the Czar has no real connection Are made the pretext for forcing upon that unwilling people his ultimatum that by their refusal he May press a claim to interference in the interest of his own occupation of part of the Peninsula lying West of the Black sea and stretching towards the Adriatic. Greece Over jealous of turkish encroachment and resenting the humiliations of her beloved Servia refuses to disarm at the demand of the Powers and maintains a defiant attitude towards Alexander of Llo Umelia secretly incited thereto by the emperor of All the russians. Alexander supreme in the affections of his Ilou Mellan and bulgarian subjects refuses to relinquish the Post of governor for life conferred upon him by the turkish Sultan and so refuses to accept the ultimatum of hts Uncle at St. Petersburg. England informs Greece that she must disarm or an Allied Fleet will he dispatched to grecian Waters. For answer the Czar of Russia starts from his Northern capital for the Cremea 100,000 guards stretching along his line of travel southward to prevent a possible assassination. While Eastern Europe and the Little kingdom on her Western shores Are thus disturbed and disquieted Central Europe is tar from being at peace. The Iron hand that rules consolidated Germany still keeps subdued the mutterings of his disaffected polish and austrian subjects but there is deep disaffection beneath the surface and the fires smouldering there May burst into a conflagration at any favourable moment. France looks gloomily on biding Ber hour of revenge and ready to seize the first plausible pretext for crossing the Frontier. Belgium is really in the midst of a socialistic revolution for the present subdued but secretly abetted by France ready at any time to threaten the very foundations of the government. Hundreds of thousands of unemployed and starving workmen hut add to the dangers of the situation and stand ready to foment any disturbance that May arise in the possible Hope of improving their condition seen from any Point there is nothing assuring in the condition of european affairs and bad As matters Are with us on this Side of the water we Are in infinitely better condition than the most peaceful and prosperous of All the european governments. A Little Wisdom and a Little patience a Little common sense and a Little Mutual Concession a utile More regard for Humankind and a Little less worship of the almighty Dollar a Little Reform in our Laws and a Little More of the Early american respect for labor and its just demands a Little More True democracy and Little less demagoguery and the american people will find themselves under no serious necessity of complaining of their situation. The Democrat party like the Chris than Church is divided upon a definition unlike the Christian Church it Bas no Assurance that its redeemer Uveta. Tun situation at St. Loula so far As the strikers Are concerned in their relation to the Missouri Pacific remains unchanged. The refusal of Hoxie to arbitrate matters has decided the executive committee to rescind the order for the men to resume work. The places of the strikers so far As filled at All will be filled by outsiders and Tho old employees will be out of work and forced to scatter themselves Ever the country looking for work. There is no saying what the next move on the Board will be. The general executive committee can be depended upon to use their influence and authority in preventing sets of violence and any resort to Force to carry out the purposes of the str kers. Beyond that there is no Light upon the situation. Business will be generally resumed in its crippled condition with insufficient and incompetent train forces until the struggle wears itself out and Only remains a bitter memory. The loss of life it fort Worth is the most to be deplored of anything in connection with the great strike. The rancorous feelings that it Bas engendered in the breasts of hundreds of the citizens of fort Worth and other sections will not die out in a generation. _ _ Smith was elected Over Baker As mayor of Houston by a Small majority and the a a hat faction cry fraud. The election will be contested and there is blood in the Eye of the Man who lost the hat with a Hole in it. The new York mugwumps have a particular affection for the ambrosial curls of the cynical tinkling just new but the mugwumps can t read their title Clear to a majority in the Albany legislature at this particular juncture of affairs. It is authoritatively stated that James g. Blaine is out of politics. Well bet a Hole against bakery a Bat that politics is not out of Jim Blaine. The Knight of Augusta is not knocked out of political time yet but conies up smiling after every round and will be seen in the ring next convention As Lively As though there was no a Turkey cock in Utica. Grover should have had miss Rose at his lug when the civil service commissioners insulted Congress with the uncivil report which they forwarded through Bim. It might have saved him the mortification of being made the unconscious instrument of a Gross insult to Congress. Rose is Sharp Grover Isnit. Forster the inhuman and justly exec rated sex chief Secretary for Ireland is dead. Few mourn in the Emerald Isle. A the Dallas fair association gets 80 acres of w. Ii. Gastons real estate and w. Ii. Gaston gets $14,000 of the Dallas fair associations Stock. The agricultural implement department of the fair will be its heaviest exhibit. Dallas Toots her Horn for Sabine pass but Don t sell a Clam. She has not yet been tutored How to toot. The Galveston news does not think that the Ohio papers prove a that Republican government is getting on Well under its trial a the Republican government of Ohio is getting along Well enough its the democratic office steal ers that Are under trial and their Republican prosecutors Are getting along with them very Well thank you the unanimity with which the democracy of the country Are trying to land Jake Sharpe into the bosom of the Republican party is the most hopeful sign of agreement among them that has been seen since they quarrelled about the division of spoils March 5, 1885. The Louisville courier journal thinks that the democracy Lack a a leadership and a definition the Galveston news would substitute a leadership and action the rank and file of the party would make it a leadership and an to Ikka is great defection in Gladstone a Cabinet his policy being too Liberal and inclusive for Bis colleagues and a disruption is imminent As the Premier will not modify or abandon Bis scheme. He Bas studied it out carefully decided upon it deliberately and will abide by it As his final conclusion in the premises. Tun Albuquerque y. M. C. A. Do not intend to have it said of them a i was in prison and be visited me they not Only visit the prisoners in jail but Supply them with with books and papers. Do the san Antone members of the association do likewise a word to the Wise. Alexander of Bulgaria hangs on to hit life appointment by the Sultan As though he was wedded thereto. He says he Aanet serve seven governments but he keeps As stiff an upper lip As the Man in the prophecy did who was Laid hold of by the seven women. Commander. He has started for the port of Home Rule and will enter Harbor or founder at sea. He is one of the few living men with whom a fixed idea la an everlasting entity. Such men Are never Defeated until they die. Press opinions. New York Tribune it is not labor organizations that menace the country a peace but the labor Hierarchy. Gatesville Advance Sun the Mcgregor Piai dealer says or. Ross is running Well Over in Mississippi. Atlanta Constitution those who Are interested in the Morrison Tariff Bill would do Well to shake hands with it now. Texas commercial reporter paste this in your hat in 12 months from today fort Worth will have a population of Over 35,000, and w. J. Swain will be governor of Texas. Pollari Elthia times every Mali from Alabama brings some protest against the proposal of or. Morrison to put Iron on the free list. Yet the free traders Tell us that the South wants free Trade. Sherman Register there is one thing in the knights of labor platform that ought to receive commendation of everybody and that is the desire to see convict labor outside of the Walls abolished. Austin Stetes maa the sentiment is growing in the country that the Senate ought to abolish secret executive sessions. And it will have to be obeyed for the voice of the people is the Law of the land. Boston Herald the democratic party with All its protestations has never passed a Bill for the reduction of taxation since the close or the War though it has had control of the House More than half the time. Pittsburg commercial Gazette by the time pension commissioner Black gets through with his trumped up charges against his predecessor in office he will feel like the Man relieved of the jaundice. Paris news the Mccall Boom like the spirit of John Brown goes marching on. And refuses to Down at the bidding of those who would not Reward True Merit. Mccall will be the next comptroller of Texas. Texarkana Workman we Seldom hear of any name besides that of John d. Mccall mentioned in connection with the comptroller ship. He is so far ahead of All opposition that any Otner candidate would be losing time to attempt to race against him. Galveston Tribune the Best Laid plans of mice and men blow out a Cylinder head or slip an eccentric sometimes. The Terrell Boom was intended to sweep Over the state like an Able bodied Dakota blizzard but the poor Little thing struck a Strong current of Public disgust and yielded up the ghost. New York Tribune if a a Joe Mack Lin now in an Illinois Penitentiary Bas the privilege of communication with the outside world be should not Tail to Send his congratulations to the presidents new civil service commissioner a Obi shop Oberly sex chairman of the Illinois democratic executive state committee in the service of which or. Macklin lost his Liberty. Chattanooga times Democrat that there Are difficulties attending negro education that be will seem in Many instances to retrograde morally under Freedom cannot be denied. But the fact that As a whole the race is vastly More valuable to the general Economy than it was 20 years ago is an unanswerable argument for its Elevation through education and indubitable proof that the negro has improved As a Freeman. A reliable article. For Enterprise push and a desire to get Nodi goods As will give the Trade satisfaction la. L. Fowler r Conn St co., j. D. Devine. J. Olavin the druggists Lead Ell Oom petition they sell or. To Sankow a cough and lung syrup because its Tho Best Medicine on the Market for coughs colds croup Aud primary consumption. Price 50 cents and $1. Sam. Pies free. I a the Only cigarettes which do not a tick to the lips Are opera puffs. To cure bilious Ness dyspepsia and sick headache when those disorders Are caused by impurity of the blood to create an appetite Aud give tone the the digestive Aud assimilative organs to eradicate All unhealthy Humours from the blood Aud for the lassitude and debility Peculiar to Spring and summer Mohle y 8 to a tonic cordial the great system renovator is unequalled. Sold by f. Kalteyer St son Iola Chimes co., Texas March 31,1884. Messes. Morley bros., Austin Texas dear sirs please Send us four dozen bottles of wonderful eight we have a great demand for your wonderful eight and it is giving satisfaction to All that use it. We soil More of it that All liniments together that we handle. Yours l. M. Neely St co. For Sale by f. Kalteyer St son. The riots Are practically Over the Strika is not Over nor is there any Hope that it soon will be. The a big strike has forever settled in the mind of the thinking people of this country the necessity of state and National arbitration Laws providing for the peaceable settlement of All disputes arising Between the employed and their employers. The silly Story which the new Yerk times reporter puts in Gould s Mouth concerning the weakness of the knights of labor deceives no one. And Only convicts the author of having had his ears built on the new York tenement ten Story plan. # # Law All that has been Deal eyed to Date by the discussion of probable candidates for governor is the certainty that neither roes Swain or Terrell Oan get there unless half the papers in the St Tetle worse than the Only and original Ananias. The London lancet inquires May children go Barefoot without injury that depends upon the condition of the broken bottles in the Back Yard or whether they have a Oatus bed for a play ground. Those who imagine that win. E. Gladstone intends to desert the Irish National ship know very Little of the political seamanship of the old Liberal Swift s specific. Is natures own Rera Ody made from roots gathered from forests of Georgia. The above out represents the method of its manufacture e yearn ago. The demand has been gradually creasing until a $100,000 Laboratory is now necessary to Supply the Trade. This great vegetable blood purifier cures cancer scr Fula Catarrh. Eczema ulcer rheumatism and blood taint hereditary or otherwise without the use of Mercury or Potash. The Swift specific co. No a. In w. Ski St. Drawer 3. Atlanta a miscellaneous. I in Fords self raising dread ire motion. The healthful and nutritious baking powder. Restores to the flour the strength giving phosphates that Are removed with the bran and which Are required by the system. No other baking powder does this. It costs less and is healthier and stronger than any other powder. Home testimony from George h. Kalteyer chemist san Antonio Texas san Antonio. Tex., july 1,1886. I purchased in this City a package of prof. Horsford a self raising preparation and submitted it to a chemical examination and find that the same is composed of pure and non poisonous chemicals. The idea of prof. Ilor Ford was indeed a grand one in supplanting the indigestible tar karate of soda which is always the end result of All baking powders composed of Cream of tartar Aud soda by the soluble phosphate of Lime and Boda the very nutritive value of bread and the Bone producing elements of nature. It is certainly the Best and most healthy bread raising preparation Ever offered to the Public and every Mother that has the health of Hor children at heart should use no other. I can Only join in the endorsement Given by Tho late celebrated chemist prof. Baron v. Liebig to this preparation in saying a i consider this invention As one of the most useful gifts which science has made to for Sale by All grocers. Try it. Alamo Iron works. Iron and brass casting Church and fire Bells Gin and Mill machinery made and repaired on Short notice. Building and fire Brick constantly on hand. 2-26-tf we. Kkt or. Go. Reuter. Two Brothers Saloon Corner Commerce and Alamo streets Dullnig Block. Keep the finest imported wines champagnes and liquors. Specialities in the finest brands of Domestic and imported cigars. Come and see i first class gentlemen a resort. Fine lunch Dally at to of clock a. In. D. Quasso merchant tailor 26 and 28 main Plaza near French building. Large and Fine line of fall and Winter samples of suit patterns which will be ordered As desired. Suits made to order at new York prices and fit guaranteed. Uniforms for organizations a specially. A new method of renovating clothing Guarn ing the color. Repairing promptly done. H-28-6m c. F. Frommer practical Book Binder and ruler Soledad Street Opp. Courthouse san Antonio. All kinds of binding and ruling Don a with neatness durability and dispatch. Competition in prices defied. Infirmary remedies amp a. Eye air Mose All these afflicted Alta any disease of the eyes bars nose or Throat can find the greatest and quickest Relief and cure at the san Antonio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary a sts., which is the most thoroughly fitted up and equipped with everything necessary including the skill and experience As hundreds of cases can testify who have been treated there of any institution for the treatment of this specially in the South or West. References. The following Are Only a few of the Many persons who have been benefited and cured by treatment at this institution for Catarrh a. F. Robinson Catarrh in Throat san Antonio t. B. Johnson Catarrh in Throat manager san Antonio Light f. Kuhn Catarrh of the head Denver col. Miss Mary Fraser Catarrh of the Throat and ears Nova Scotia Frank Newton Catarrh of the Throat and Eves san Antonio miss e. Loundsbury Catarrh of the Throat and head san Antonio. The ears a. A. Drescher san Antonio w. Dietert Boerne James Davis san Antonio George son of w. C. Daugherty sheriff Frio county Pearsall Tex. W. W. Berry esq., 8an Antonio j. H. Murphy san Antonio e. T. Allen Pearsall j. H. Jones major t. T. Teel j. C. Diermeyer. San Antonio. The eyes i. H. Breeding Blepharitis cilia Ris major t. T. Teel Pter Gium h. C. Had state granular lids and keratitis Frank Newton stricture Lac Rymal ducts l. H. Lambert daughter conjunctivitis Anton Halamuda acute conjunctivitis j. W. Casey daughter iritis Kacinel Breslin Choroid itis Serosa w. A. Carnahan Pirido Cyc Litis All of san Antonio r j. Vincent Cotulla ulcer on Cornea w. In Brown Leesville granular lids and Erato iritis w. J. Hogge Eagle a ass Cataract George Loesberg daughter Castroville Stra Bilams Mac Sorell Belmont ent opium and Trichia Sis Robert Grier Pana Maria Pter Gium and Lukoma h. C. Burris Rancho chronic conjunctivitis and keratitis a. C. Deoker Stockdale tran Matie ulcer and hypo Ion w. J. Terriberry Saltillo Mexico traumatic glaucoma. 2-18-tf Eye ear Throat s. A Floyd amp co. Commission merchants amp brokers 2i Soledad Street san Antonio tax As. Head office i6j strand Galveston. Execute others for the Purchase or Sale of Grain. Provisions Cotton and stocks. Are prepared to receive or make actual deliveries on All trades we make. Ispa Cor resin ride Nee solicited. To. Deady m. A 0. It a Chir late surgeon to the new York ophthalmic Hospital and professor of ophthalmology in the College of the new York ophthalmic Hospital. Diseases of Eye ear Throat and Tose an exclusive special to. Refraction tested and Correct glasses prescribed. Office 403 e. Houston Trest. Office hours�?9 to 12 in. 3 to 5 p. In. No office hours on sunday. Residence 422 Kumana Street. Office Telephone 97. Residence 364. 9-12-6 in drs. S. Amp d. Davieson of thu Missouri state museum of Anatomy St. Louis Missouri. Or. D. Davieson begs to inform his numerous friends and patients of his arrival in san Antonio where he will be Happy to see them at the meager hotel room no. La ground floor from to a. In. Till 4 p. In. Daily or by special appointment. Or. Davieson having devoted his attention specially to the treatment of nervous chronic blood diseases More especially those arising from imprudence invites All so suffering to Call upon him without delay. His experience for Many years in the principal French and German hospitals being sufficient guarantee that All so afflicted will receive the Best the latest and the most scientific treatment. Patients or those living at a distance Are invited to write concerning their symptoms Etc. All letters will receive immediate attention. Remember the address room no. La ground floor. Meager hotel san Antonio Texas and Call at once As the doctors stay is limited. Just published and will be mailed free to any address on receipt of one 2-cent stamp a practical observations on nervous debility and physical exhaustion Quot to which is added an a essay on marriage a with important chapters on other diseases being a synopsis of lectures delivered at the Missouri state museum of Anatomy by drs. Davieson the whole forming a valuable medical treatise which should be read by All Young men. 3f�?oaddress, or. D. Davieson 2-27-1 in Monger hotel san Antonio. San Antonio ice factory Fisl Oyster ii Gam dept Gulf fish oysters soft Shell crabs and All kinds of game to order. If free delivery system to All accessible portions of the pity. I l-l8-6m agents wanted for Tho Missouri steam Washer a a by a Dow a. Normal. Ill. Or tumult of tic a fur i taught into Gummier Ign Active Hun it vat Persona All Over the country with or without team. A in by ism 514 w. By. Jum to fn�4 it Uang Job u in Vij Thor to. 4. If Tou us Hor Job my not by Tun for 11000.&Quot or. Swob of St in Mph. Iii., Uritam a i a it uld of ilk. ,60 for tilt. He boo on til. In. Al 8 in Fock Usis i j0tto. St pm. Mich., arut Wor it took Tho from i to Tai p. At. Tom from 7 a in to Lutao 0. A w Ifor Roou of to Ayrom Tri writ. A a it it o Hoot Boko Tho Whit. 1.4/ lo4cp.nd.ot of Tho coloured Auh Trayou it it Sample i Wilt Muir Spring and summer Tho grand opening at l. Wolf songs in the dress goods depart my to i is in Plain stripes Surrah Tricon tines. Pongee Irish Poppins and satins in All grades both Plain and Surrah. Woolen goods nuns veiling Batiste Tam be. Buntings Etc Staple and Domestic goods. Grenadines and lawns in striped Aud Plain Check ered and Plain. In the millinery department All the latest styles and patterns for Spring and summer Wear can be seen and will be trimmed to suit the most fastidious taste. Clothing and furnishing goods is the finest and largest of anything Ever seen in West Texas embracing All the latest patterns and styles. In gloves laces and fancy goods he exhibits the largest Stock Ever brought to Western Texas. Nain Sook and mull in both White and coloured. Tint is the largest in san Antonio selected from the Best factories. Furniture and carpets the furniture department is Complete with household Good and he will suit everybody in this line. Among other Geode we find Plush parlor suits mohair parlor suits Walnut and Ash bedroom suits wardrobes chairs body Brussels and ingrain carpets rugs. Matting curtains window shades. Etc. Country orders tilled promptly and satisfaction guaranteed. Send for samples. I do not give goods away but will sell at such Low figures purchasers will not go any further when they once Price my goods. A Call is cordially solicited. , Tuut Thuiy in 8 u Stock in. Me. Kin or a Jmie. By inn. Michamp pm m pie to i hum dim ring an Agency on a week a trial on Liberal term. A thu Ruxi per cent Henry Laager. San Antonio Texas real estate and loan a of Iseji tort general agent for Adams St Wickes lots and improved property in All parts of the City special attention paid to lands in Southwest Texas. Correspondence solicited. Office�?273 West Commerce Street Tho butt i usher in the world for Bavin labor clothe and soap and i it ays eau Abla a Enta big Money. Write for Mullen i a in. J Worth hoi w13. It. . Patents caveats re issues and Trade Marks secured and All other Patent causes in the Patent office and before the courts promptly and carefully attended to. Upon receipt of Model or sketch of invention i make careful examination and advise As to patentability free of charge. Fees mod frate and i make no charge in Lesh Patent 18 secured. Information advice and special reference. Sent on application. A. R. Littell Washington d. C. Near d. 8. Patent office. L should apply a fast and will soon to exhausted. L. Wolfson main Plaza and Acequia Street san Antonio Tex. J. H. Marquart Boot Aid shoe Minohr opposite court House. Gents calf boots from $4 upward boys boots of All descriptions boys shoes calf and Grain in Button and lace. The seamless. Oxford Patent leather dancing pump nicest shoe in the Market. Elegant opera slippers just the thing for a Nice present. Full line of heavy boots Best in the Market Price $5.00. Come and examine them a Complete Stock of gents Fine Button lace and Gaiter shoes. They should be seen to be appreciated. In addition to my Stock of boots and shoes i carry All kinds of shoe polish for ladies and children a shoes Aud the celebrated a it. blacking for gents snoes. A orders for any styles of boots and shoes will be promptly executed. A Nice fit and general satisfaction guaranteed. Missouri Pacific r y system International and great Northern r. R. Division. Solie Teai it s with All modern improvements through Between Galveston and St. Louis san Antonio amp St. Louis via Texarkana. I via Denison. Without change of cars of any description and Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore Washington Philadelphia new York Boston and other principal cities in the North and East. A a train leaving san Antonio at 6 30 a. In. Has Pullman hotel car via Denison through to St. Louis. Estrain leaving san Antonio at 4 00 p. In. Has Pullman Palace sleeping car tween new York Philadelphia and Antwerp. For full information Call on j. S. Macnamara w. F. Simmons ticket agent 285 Commerce Street Kampman building. Ticket agent i. Amp o. N. Depot h. P. Hughes b. W. Mccullough p ja., Houston Tex. Q. P. St t. A., Dallas. Tex Kab san Antonio amp Arkansas pass railway. Mission route. Until further notice trains will run As follows daily except sunday leave san Antonio. 8 30 a. M. Arrive at Beauregard. 12 45 . Leave Beauregard. 2 15 . Arrive at san Antonio. 6 30 p. M. Connecting at san Antonio with Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific railways and at Floresville with stage line for All Points South. U. Lott b. F. Yoakum Prew Dent and general manager. Traffic manager. Rice amp Dallas late with Rico born St co., now Orleans. La hardware paints oils Glass Etc. Stoves tinware House furnishing goods. Sole agents for Cotton Plant stoves and Range the Best on Earth new York enamel paint company a mixed paint Best in Tho Market. Largo line of heating stoves at Low prices. 33 amp 35 West Commerce Street. Drop in and see us when you Are in town. _ pc. Schul Tze is still in the Lead and announces that he ha8 the Farmer girl is the into this Market. Among such As the Texas Beauty breakfast and Diamond in hand. Cooking utensils Ite and Agate Ware hard ten shop for tile Matulac galvanized is connected with m promptly attended to i and delivered free to any Best stove Ever brought the other leading brands the new Charm the Early Large quantities always on cutlery table Ware Gran Ware Etc. A Well regulated luring of Cornice work Stablish meet. Orders Are Cedar charcoal on band part of the City. T ight annual. A parties desiring a few j Popit h of Tho i i out annual for i has iou id apply at once for the edition is Selling Li-im0t important if you desire City Trade Adver else in the Light the Moat generally read paper in the City. Stoves for the million no. 9 West Commerce Street san Antonio Texas Martin amp Schryver of All sorts kids a a Yrd Quot a a qualities i a building material of All kinds Shapos or sizes a Large assortment of ornamental goods always in Stock. We keen constantly on hand Large quantities of the never yet surpassed j. Haisch a Barb and Pence wire. We Are sumo Essuf competitors in Price and goods. Come and be convinced. Office South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas
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