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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - April 1, 1891, San Antonio, TexasWednk6da a april 1, 1801. Personal notes j. Ii. Baxter of Bohnm is in the City. C. Matt tick of Palestine is at Tho Monger. W. Wetzold of now braunfels is at Tho Mahncke. R. C. Warn and wife of Cuero Aro at Tho Monger. Capt. A. J. Dull is at Tho Monger from Harrisburg. J. Mcgrorty is at Tho Monger from new Mexico. Or. Hamilton Raynor is recovered from a serious illness. A. Klaut. A citizen of Gonzales is in town on a visit. Major James Moore and wife Aro in Tho City from their ranch. C. E. Hinckly and family Aro at Tho Maverick from Kansas City. Henry Engen Fyhr a prominent Mer chant of Columbus is among Tho arrivals. Or. Ii. Finn and wife Washington d. 0., and a. E. Brackett of Bridgeport conn., Are at Tho . J. W. Wagoner and wife John h. Wag Oner and miss Plattie Wagoner of Indian Apolis ind., Aro at the Monger. Judge Maxoy. Of the u. S. Circuit court will arrive in the City tomorrow evening and leave for Al 1 Asb Friday afternoon. Col. J. 31. Doughty and family in route from hot Springs ark., to their Home in Collins tex., . Or. Al. Gross a prominent resident of Columbia. Tenn., is visiting his sister mis. Blum at is o. Sixth Street this City. A Temple of splendor. The k Mono with if Abl Lukton he caption last eve an imposition of Grace arc. Talent in women. And Keal a state. 500 deals and the prices they bring. W. 15. Wright to j. S. Thornton lot 15, Block 17, Corner Houston and Navarro streets k Gregory Hermann to ii. V. Drought and y. G. Newton City lot 0, 100 acres. W. And Kanno kith Tok Dward and Imogene Scruggs lot 2, Block 14. Montana Street. W. W. Orr to c. M. Orr varas North Side eleventh Street East of . A. Ii. Polly guardian to j. H. James. X acre lot Southeast Side upper Labo ditch. Simon fest jr., and wife to Fred Muler jr., lots 10 and 11, Simon and Applewhite streets. F. M. And u b. Edwards to j. B. Lanyon acres Survey 86, Section b. R. Thompson to h. 0. Skinner lots 11, it 15, 10, 17, 1-3, 19, 20. Blocks City lot 14. M. K. Meredith and j. C. Macdona tog. A scely u jux acres Survey c. L. Dignowity to a. C. Sch Ryver lot 7, Block lot 13. 500 Dan Sullivan to James v. Digno with one fourth interest in one sixth interest in Repp Sweln ranch. 625 d. Sullivan to James v. Dog Nolty one fourth interest in live sixths interest same property. S. M. Johnson and d. Sullivan to James v. Dignowity one fourth interest in City lot 0. Tho hosts of Judy friends of Tho Dignowity Humli Lotous Fani Illos assembled at Tho Beautiful and spacious rest Dodo of or. John t. Ham Bintou. At 707 Olvo Street on Dignowity Hill one of Tho Lovli Cost Aud most command ing shots in Tho City for Tho ladies reception tendered by mrs a. 0. Schryver mrs. Chas. W. Ogdon assisted by mrs. Amanda j. mrs. John t. Hambleton miss la Olin Ila Bloton and master Hallio Dignowity. Tho Beautiful mansion known to All lovers of Art and fancy work As a Temple of splendor was most elegantly decorated for Tho occasion. This with Tho Large number of charming Laytos in Tho finest toilets who were entertained from Turco to six o clock in the most Graceful manner made the handsome Home for this Short time a spot that thrilled with Pride and ecstacy Tho soul that could Admire Tho Beautiful and the Good. The East Side Entrance to the Interior of the mansion throws Tho visitor into Tho hallway leading into Tho reception room of three Beautiful Parlours that apparently had no partitions beyond Tho hand ome Walls literally covered with Artis tic works carving painting and Needle work with tropical ferns and Palms most artistically interspersed. A soft Sweet sounding music Box discoursed strains As Clear and Mellow As the soothing rays of Light thrown from Tho handsome chandeliers that Hune about the rooms in Rich pro fusion. Tho tables carved of the hard Mesquite red Cherry Texas and Northern Walnut by Tho readily fashioning hands of mrs. Amanda j. Dignowity whose skill and Talent in this direction has gained for her an enviable distinction abroad As Well. It Home every where covered Slih Lowers the Beautiful products of nature and Flowers of Wax is deceptively natural As the Sweet scented easter Illy and Delicato Fern that helped beautify these of Art and spec nor which presented to Tho visitors a sight of the collection of such works As mrs. was Able to accumulate in Tho years. Them is yet one thing to be seen some thing not from Tho Brush Needle or chisel and Yot ainu display of artistic Talent. It is the Grotto leading from the reception rooms into Tho dining Hall. You walk on Rich Brussels of Moss Moss covers the shies about you As though growing from out the Walls and above you hanging Down As. Nature places it on Tho Torst Oaks it makes a Beautiful Chlong. From this Moss Cov ered surface hang a Mir Berof Large lights which shed a Mystic plow Over the surroundings Linro were the strands presided Over with admirable Graceful Ness by the various ladles. Fri spa. A de Licious drink was in Charee of miss Leo miss Sullivan presided Over the chocolate stand and mrs. Or. Trolling or Over Tho Contee. This Grotto with the incessant Stream of charming groups to and from Tho dining Hall presented a Lively Little Mart where Beauty fashion and dignity shone uppermost. The dining Hall Plain but neatly Dioio Kat thai Oak the rails. Tel Oduj Tolj Templi to let by Trulu men and taken in transit four cars of Book Cor wore sent out Over Tho Sunset yesterday. Tho Southern Pacific now runs solid trains through to now Orleans. Receivers Macnamara and Yoakum of the s. A. P., have returned from hous ton. Or. Homer Eads in charge of Tho i. 0. N. Local offices is out on Tho North end of Tho Road. Dispatcher Anderson the Gonna Oast end Anttn of Tho Sunset has changed Back to first trick. Sept. J. My Leoney of Tho Houston division Southern Pacific returned yesterday morning from Houston. Dispatcher a. L. Fain Blo now holds Down Tho third trick of the s. A. Division. Sunset office vice dispatcher Rig died. Or. John the Sunset freight office Force has returned from Flatonia where to stood next to n Friend in Tho bridal act. Chief clerk Geo. W. Gayley of Tho Sun set is laying in a Stock of goodies for his birthday which he says to will celebrate on the coast shortly. Thirty three cars of Stock from Hay mond and Alpine bound for Vinita 1. T., and Chicago iii., passed Over the Southern Pacific yesterday. Mrs. Geo. Pullman wife of president Pullman of Palace car Famo came in on the Southern Pacific from Eagle pass yesterday morning going East in the afternoon. A City brewery Wagon with a Keg of vigorous Bock Beer broke Down in front of the Sunset freight office evening before last and was loft there unattended. A half an hour later Tho entire freight office Force was seen trying to walk Tho Chalk line. At least such was Rumor. An of Chana thus Speaks of an Auto Matic switch alarm by a. W. Burns of Louisiana Tho invention if put into practice will do away with trains crash ing through open Bridges or switches. The do vice consists of a Battery to to stored in Tho Engineer s cab on a train having wire connections with a Street Bush. At a mile or two Miles from a switch or Bridge a wire carried from Tho Telegraph poles to the track and thence to the Bridge or switch makes the connection. Should the Bridge or switch be open a current is transmitted and Tho Eong in Tho Engineer s cab warns him of danger. If All is intact no alarm is sounded. Tho contrivance is being used on Northern roads and is found to to leading event Joske s this week Bat cab rated contained a table gorgeously and most artistically decorated. Lailien hero a few arrests for drunk and Down were Mado from noon to Midnight yesterday. Thoro wore but thirteen cases before recorder Dolne this morning the fines amounting to officer Walter Beck the smiling mounted Day Man took up Nocht duty last night mounted Man Peterson changing to Day duty. The Pound Man who hustled . Sampson s Mare off to the Pound last night would have received his blessings if lie had followed Tho example set by the Soledad policeman who let Geo. Slip from his grasp when he caught him hitching ills horse on that Street. Quite an excitement was caused by a pistol shot fired in the rear of. Fro Booso Santleben s office last night. It was House furnishing goods Sale. Not the Only line holding out special bargains Only the Trump on what is on deck this week. Carpet 2o per cent under regular value. Tapestries and extra supers All sewed and Laid 36 Inch ingrain Wool filling sewed and Laid Brussels and Moquette at special Low prices during this Sale Only. Last Chance matting 10 per cent under regular prices. Inducements in Choice new curtain hangings not to be compared with any elsewhere. Extra Nottingham net we show at 2oc, heretofore 250 52 Inch edelweiss Ecru Sash net 6oc Derby Satin stripes 51.50 mesdames Olivis. Olp Nolty. Tunics v. Noticed that Tho sumo wits open and a Ujj Huoh s consumption cure this is beyond question the most successful cough mind cuu in Ivo Over sold a few Dora invariably cum the worst cases of co Frh croup and Bronchi Lis while its wonderful Success i cure of consumption is without a parallel in the history of Medicine. Since its first discovery it Lias been on a guarantee a test which no Oiler Medicine Cun stand. If you Lia Vii a Coundi to earnestly ask Yon to try it. Price and is. If your lungs am sore Chest or lame use. Shiloh s porous fluster sold by Adolph Treiss. A Atagun remedy. A marvellous cure for a Tarrh. Diphtheria canker month and headache. With each bottle there is an ingenious nasal in Jector for the More successful treatment of Iheson complaints without extra charge. Price sold by Adolph. Dross. 3-23-ebd h in Nolty Henry Dignowity and mrs. John Lillous saw that the ladles were most bountifully with Rich pal d for Tuo Occa Sion. Finally darkness enveloped the outside world and the Ila Bloton mansion sparkled and g listened with the by Slit Clear la pets within and the Largo tips of indies who had come in attendance of this one. Of the finest ladles receptions in Point of splendor smoothness and gracefulness known in Tho annals of san Antonio society left. After Tho ladies had departed the husbands of Tho ladies receiving entered the Grotto and Par took of Iho refreshments Drinkle to health and pros Verity of the hosts o Beautiful , whose presence had cast a Beneficent Charm cover the handsome Hambleton mansion and its surround Ings. The Pool match. The Pool same Between or. .1. To. Malone Tho Champion and or. Sam Barnes local Pool player at the Muncer last night Drew a Largo crowd of gentlemen. Malone first played a match Euric with Geo. Bit to. And won easily. The second match Between Milone and Sara Barnes 75 to Points resulted in a Victory for Hancs who made50 while Malone made 05. After the match or. Malone enter Tan ii the audience with some difficult exhibition shots. 58 Inch Renaissance net 400 50 Inch Madras muslims 250-10-500 japanese silk Stripe curtains a pair curtain poles and Wood trimmings in mahogany Walnut Oak and Ash Complete soc. Curtain chains drapery Hooks and pins picture nails swinging Portiero frames easels assortment is. All that could be desired much below the usual prices. Brass a incl music. Yellow Stone kits famous brass band offers their services to Tho Public in general at reason ale rates for Parados picnics processions Etc. Office 70. West Commerce Street. 4-1-31 removal notice. We have moved our office to More com Modlens quarters in the Winslow Block 15 . Cask Ryan. Or Sale. A Pony Cylinder press size Bod 18 x20. Speed 2500 per hour. Bran now Cost will to sold at a Liberal Dis count. Terms easy. Address. B. Johnson. Why he Don t advertise. You can t afford to adv orthae be Causa your business is Dull listen it is Dull because you Don t advertise and you Dou c advertise because it in Dull to the vacant Circle is Complete we Tell you if you Are it oink i to advertise that you May do Well and if Vou Are Well advertise that you Inay do better. Set Husli your work of business Success Aud advertise upon it. It acts two the Man who takes the and. Out of the newspaper takes tie add out of his Cash Box. Largo crowd gathered about the place expecting to catch a warm sensation of another Safe cracking affair. Tho Safe i i always kept open As u contains Noth ing of value. It is thought that a negro in the Roar of Tho building was passing time by shooting rats. The latter part of last week officers Lentz and Battle picked up a suspicions negro with a by pulls of harness in his Jos session. In gave his name As Jas. Tiloso. Tho parties from whom the har Ness was stolen have not been heard from yet. On hid person to Hud a num Ber of Pawn tickets for several articles upon which to had realized some Cash lie is still hold by the authorities. There is a relic of the barbarous said an officer at the station last night pointing to a Long heavy police club lying on Tho top of Captain Sharmein s office desk. These Are the things we used to said capt. Coy reflectively. They were first introduced some years since and were to be worn in a scabbard fastened around the outside of Tho clothes. Used to to ashamed of the weapons and carried Thon carefully wrapped up in paper As though they were great Long cigars. Some them shortened by about six inches when they were found to to entirely useless. Yes the butt end of a pistol is pretty Oil Estivo but there is where the grand jury comes in and yet i would rather hopi Hintho head with the butt end of a pistol than by one of those Long clubs. The men claimed that they could stun a steer by a single blow with this heavy Corner Alamo and Commerce streets. To advertisers there is that scat Teeth and yet Inore Seth and there is that withhold eth More than is Rageot but it Tea doth to omon. It Mizuo .1 Alan to get a Home. A new two room House on two line lots 50x130 feet. Each. 4 blocks from Streetcar Linn. Laura Heights. I ice k half Cash. A to Jno. Hambleton co. 4-hf Hsc Bull there will be a meeting of Tho joker Ball club tomorrow thursday night in tin club rooms of Tho Mission Atri Letic club on l Visnya Street and All inner used in this of base Ball Aro respectfully invited to attend. J. O. , manager. Joker Ball climb. Lias received an invitation to a lond the fourth anniversary Ball of Castle Fannin knights and ladles of the Golden Rule at Mission Garden next saturday night. Jacks of the Alamo electric Street oar service while stringing a wire on ave. Oat to nerd Street yesterday fell from the Tower Wagon on his head Aud was pretty severely Hurt. It s just Lovely. Oil possesses most marked and Supra Slnar Virtues in preserving youth and glow of the skin and complexion. Frees Suin from blotches blemishes roughness coarseness pimples freckles. Prevents withering drying or a Sincof Thesken. 50c and gusts urge size prepaid by express for 51. E. S. Wells Jersey City 5f. J. 9 building permits. O. B. Sillsby woodshed Ward 5, mrs. C. Conolt dwelling Ward 1, floor. W. H. Faulkner dwelling Ward 2. Honry Laager dwelling Ward 3, .1. Ii. Thlen Hall Hall Ward 2, Matilda Riley. Dwelling Ward 7, we. Dobrowolsky. Dwelling Ward 7, 1700. H. F. Cobb dwelling Ward a woo. Ii. Gray steam laundry Ward 0 help an experienced trimmer wanted once in millinery department. Joske Brothers. At used in millions of years the Standard. Plumb

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