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Salt Lake Tribune, The (Newspaper) - October 16, 1947, Salt Lake City, Utah 14 the Salt Lake Tribune thursday october 16 1947 editorials thursday oct 16 1947 april 15 1871 Tom cd every morning by Salt Tribune Publ hate co Salt Lake Olty Utah world federation must be achieved by free and equal nations proponent a of immediate world federation Are fond of comparing the nations of this Earth As they arc now constituted with the original colonies grouped along the Atlantic of North America these separate and Independent colonies it is pointed out were Able to Consol Klutz after some disagree ments into u cd Ofallon which became the United states of America Why cant the nations of the world organize the federation advocates ask in a similar manner perhaps the first objection that can to offered a that the nations arc not like the colonies equal and free autonom ies some countries Are free while others for one Rea son or another arc still under the domination of some exterior state or authority it is True that one of the tasks imposed on the United nations is the freeing of these Peoples and the creation of autonomous states under the rules of self determination but that remains As yet an Ideal another dissimilarity Between the world today and the coast of America in colonial Days is the fact that while the world has just emerged Arpra a disastrous War there arc not the same cohesive influences present among nations that existed Between the american colonies they had been drawn together by a Long struggle against a dominating Mother country their interests were quite similar and their need for unification unless they were to be swallowed up again by some Strong european Power was essential and immediate it is True that the world today faces a similar dilemma but the threatening Force is riot As Concrete the Peoples of the various countries and their leaders Are not Able to see the implications so plainly the colonies were Able to sink their differences because of the direct and palpable danger from outside forces it might have been an entirely different Story if the newly liberated colonies had been trans ported suddenly to the surface of the Moon where the danger of further attempts to subjugate them was Remote the nations of the world do it is True face a threat of destruction in the future by a terrible conflict but it will come from them selves not from Mars a sudden threat of in Safion from some other planet might provide a motive for immediate and Complete world federation but until such a peril looms from the sky the unification of nations remains tenuous surrender of sovereignty is much easier to contemplate from a distance than to prac Tice to Point out these facts is not to deny the desirability of a world federation but to emphasize the difficulties and the fallacy of Over simplifying the problem the thirteen colonies of North America were bound More or less closely by the ties of Mutual interest a com Mon language and a common danger and they were finally Able to agree the Peoples of the world today Lack these vital do not recognize the the most important difference Between the colonies in 1776 and the world of 1947 is leadership where Are our modern Washington Jeffersons Franklins and Hamiltons where would Hitler be if u s had stayed out although the question of what would have happened to the world and incidentally Amer Ica if this nation had not entered the second world War is More or less academic after the whole thing is Over there Are some Persona in these United states willing to offer answers Jyl Ost americans while feeling the futility of wars and regretting the belligerent attitude that still pervades this troubled sphere Are convinced that America could not have very Well stayed out certainly there were no voices raised in protest when the United states declared War on Japan the morning after Pearl Harbor John g Winant wartime ambassador to Britain writing in the current Issue of town and country voices the belief that the United states would have been easy prey for the Axis Powers if we had remained aloof from the struggle if we had allowed other nations to go Down before the invader one by one until we stood alone ourselves we would have faced militarized world organized against us he asserts can we believe As we look Back that had we remained Neutral we would have been sufficiently prepared in offence and defense to have sustained War Tyler atomic attack in such a world one of the major Points made by or Winant is the now revealed race Between the United states and Germany to develop the Tatom bomb and he expresses the belief that had we not been at War it is doubtful whether we would have appropriated the huge sums of Noney necessary for its development thus leaving the Field to Germany the initial research on it the bomb was Given to us by the British he writes the interchange of information began in the fall of 1941 and in the summer of 1942 we accepted the obligations of further development and manufacture the British facilities were already overburdened if we had not gone to War ourselves it is very doubtful if we would have been willing to appropriate the huge sums of Money and to allocate the necessary Industrial facilities to produce this revolutionary weapon we know that the germans had begun research in this Field before the War and Al though they were Well behind us when Allied Victory came it is Only sense to realize that they would have organized its development if time had been on their Side they were Well ahead of us As it was in developing radio controlled rocket projectiles or Winant stresses four occasions when the Fate of the Allied Powers Hung in the balance by a slender thread in chronological order these four events were he writes the Battle of Britain lend lease the German attack on Russia the Japa Nese attack on Pearl Harbor the invasion of Russia and the attack on the United states were the great strategic blunders of the Axis Powers these decisions ignored the Progress of science and the inexorable logic of the multiplication table love conquers All in Norse Romance fierce flames of love such As Are generally credited Only tothe latin countries broke out the other Day on the scandinavian Penin Sula where the blood is supposed to course More rationally through the Norse veins the Romance of Torsten Makrell and his Light of love Louise Forsell As reported in the news Dis patches is torrid enough for any Mediterranean Acene air plane flights a thrilling res Cue from a Sanatorium and a general attitude of revolt against the conventions and Laws Are All there even the norwegian police displayed the sentiment worthy of the Best parisian tradition when they refrained from parting the lovers by putting them in jail the hero of the adventure who stabbed a swedish nurse when she attempted to interfere disposes of the whole thing with the question what wont you do for the Sake of love the lady of the adventure although she has but one Arm and was a narcotic addict apparently has a very special Brand of Charm she was rescued by her Lochinvar Clad in a Nightgown which she was wearing when the couple was apprehended after an air plane flight from Sweden into Norway As Markrell so aptly put it what wont you do for the Sake of love the Public forum Praise for coops editor Tribune the people who Are opposing the incoming collective cooperative movement in the of stores and farms declare that the collective in Ter prone system is just an Experiment and has always in the past proven unworkable these misinformed people do not know that England Rochdale con Sumer cooperative association has n membership of 32000000 people within the framework of the British Empire and Ihu it hns been in operation for Over 50 Yoars Denmark Norway Sweden and Finland have had their con Mimer cooperative system built for fifty yearn and through Tho strength of her collective Economy North China has been Able to defend herself against the onslaught of chivas fascist National army the soviet unions collective cooperation economic system is still thriving in spite of hitlers invasion and world wide fascist opposition Frozen wages and the High Cost of living is Tho club that is being held Over the Heads of Tho people forcing them to set up Peoples ownership stores the collective cooperative sys tem is taking Root All Over Tho world and will be the Rock of and the Corner Stone of the new civilization when the Othor collapse of the so called Demp Crecy we have been under takes place Franklin d Roose velt said that the cooperative movement is Here and Here to stay and since it is the plan of redemption for the world it is mrs Olive Carroll Pioche Nevada British disliked editor Tribune sometime ago you wrote an article on the Edi Loring Png in which you stated that the last thing any american wanted to see was the downfall of Tho British Empire in answer to an accusation by the British that trip americans were looking Forward to that Day nevertheless from what i have Harrl and rend i would say that nine out of ten americans would like to hoc the end of the British Empire and More than anybody in the world they hate the English since the War ended the English Are criticized con stantly they arc accused of everything this kind of talk amazes me especially in View of the fact that a lot of these people scorn Quito fond of the germans they say How clean the germans Are and How Clever they no at inventing things Etc but of those English How they Hato them Tho Only explanation i can Klee is that in the history books which Are taught to Little Chil Dren the hatred of the English is bred into them while they Are very Young and they never get Over it Tho trouble is the Chil Dren arc studying about the by our readers revolutionary War when they should be brought up to Date and told who started the last two wars s m smythe off the record by h v Wade Dempsey thinks Joe Louis is softening up while younger challengers grow harder True it has been a slow process but so is All geology because lounge suits arc Okeed for a Royal wedding a no sign that All bars arc Down it will not be permitted Flower girls to pop their Bubble gum next to filling the last num Ber on the Bingo card the longest wait is for a casualty list in Washington fallout War on High prices in Rural Illinois logs lately found Bear the tooth Marks of prehistoric beavers As big As St Bernards there were housing programs in those Days and builders to see them through too bad the u s football season is on As a Hustler could do okeh for himself in Ecuador at this time with programs giving the names and numbers of All the presidents North american newspaper Alliance liquor firms pressured into Holiday by David Washington theres a principle involved in the proposed shutdown of the distilling business for go Days if it were really a voluntary action it would be accepted generally As within the province of the government to ask and with in the discretion of the Industry itself to Grant but the impression derived from comments made after the Washington con Ference is that pressure of Anex tra Ordinary nature was used to bring about the voluntary action the government has Ino Legal right to close Down any lawful business if the government can Force a shutdown of one Busi Ness today it can do so with another business tomorrow the Story goes that the governments spokesmen threaten to withdraw the tax augers who Are Federal employees stationed in the distilleries to arrange for the proper auditing Antil Cellec Tion of Federal taxes if these employees Are withdrawn liquor could not be distributed also it is reported that the government threatened to with draw certain Boxcar facilities that Are used in transportation of Grain for the distilleries if the Truman administration is interested in reviving prohibition it will make an interesting political Issue for the return of the Bootlegger is not Likely to be countenanced and the loss of Revenue from taxes May cause a considerable stir As collections from liquor sales run vory High nowadays in the states As Well As in the Federal Treasury the action of the administration in putting pressure on the makers of liquor undoubtedly was prompted by the belief that the Brewers and distillers didst dare make a protest lost they get themselves into a political dilemma from which a Campaign for revival of prohibition Laws might emerge because the situation is novel pressure in peace time in the absence of aay Legal authority the implications of the episode go far beyond the question of whether or not it is a Good thing to curtail ithe production of liquor the Drys will be Happy of course for they will insist that the production should be closed up not Only for 60 Day but 365 Days a year from now on the right Way to get prohibition is to repeal the Twenty first amendment which gave the Power to regulate1 liquor traffic to the several states the wrong Way to Start off any food con ser vation program is to use illegal or coercive Means that de stroy the property of employers and in the name of Stopp ing totalitarianism abroad reproduction rights reserved the Lyons Den by Leonard Lyons Constance Collier who Doest weigh As much As Elsa Maxwell attended one of last weeks pre Mieres an autograph Hunter approached her and asked May i have your autograph miss Maxwell miss Collier beamed and replied thank you but in not miss Maxwell then miss Collier turned to her companion and said now what i Call a Nice person a divine person can you imagine that Sweet thing mistaking me for Marilyn Maxwell because of the demand for its return engagement in All the cities visited so far the free Dom trains tour probably will be extended for a year the required additional funds will be raised by private subscription Margaret Webster and Eva Legal Henna will do Ibsen ghosts and Cradle song this season Fred Finklehoffe producer of the heiress and Phil silvers Star of the new hit musical High Button shoes told Jed Harris about a Reefer smoking Experiment they had made Harris started to laugh and gasped this is so i dont think ill be Able to Stop laughing unless i leave the coun try Friday night Harris phoned from Paris Ive stopped laugh ing he reported ill be Home tuesday the new Deal Between the metropolitan museum of Art and the museum of modern Art is a ten year pact the metro Politan will give the modern museum a year with which to Purchase paintings if at the end of the ten year period the metropolitan decides that it wants any of the paintings bought by the modern museum with this Money then the metro Politan will pay the difference Between the current appraisal and the original Purchase Price the metropolitan also paid the modern museum for paintings to be transferred immediately and delivered Picasso portrait of Gertrude Stein and a Maillol piece Sherman Billingsley who has revived his sunday night balloon prizes issued warning slips to the lady contestants just before the scramble on the Stork club floor please leave your jewelry and other valuables with your escort during the Competition distributed by Mcnaught Syndicate inc seeking flies for Resim web by Berryman wont you come int0mybwiorso those american imperialists cart get you Robert Ruark reports life can be eff Ordess Butoi ily in new York new Are look ing at a Guy who has quit try ing1 prom Here in i will let other people live my entire life for me Only in new York is this fully possible new York is the City of the special service All you have to do is get born and they will take Over for you at that Point it begins with special diaper services Nursery school services babysitting services by the time you Are old enough to be falling out of Trees an organization called cub parties inc will be feeding you trick bal loons and ice Cream your Mother Doest have to Cook for you casserole Kitchen sends the meal around All ready for the fangs mama slave at the cleaning special House cleaners mop the floor if you go away in the summer an other outfit will close your House and open it on your return there is a firm which specializes in packing and unpack ing another wraps packages the stores maintain personal shoppers to haunt the bargain counters Lor you Thomas Cook and american express see after your travel if you want to throw a big party there Are any number of catering outfits which will pro vide the grub arrange the booze serve it to the guests and pitch the drunks out on the sidewalk presumably alcoholics Anonymous will be standing patiently on the stoop waiting to catch them on the first Bounce a firm called vip very important persons will get you hotels when you cant get hotels world series tickets when you cant buy world series tickets transportation when you cant get transportation it will Send orchids to the wife of the visit ing firemen scotch to the fire Man himself it will take the old lady shopping and wedge her into the hit shows while All this is going on celebrities service will Tell the newspapers where you Are stay ing and All about you you can buy Bobby boxers for a Quarter a head to stand outside the hotel door and howl for a slightly higher Price they will tear your clothes off so everybody will know you Are famous there is a reminder service which will serve As the string around your Finger for pay the Telephone answering service takes your Calls and allows you to sidetrack pests Bill collectors and visiting relatives a repair service will do everything from sewing on buttons to re uphold stering the divan you have a Book of the month a Necktie of the month fruit of Tho month Candy of the month dress of the month and now a thing of the month last month according to Othman a Dinosaur Bone was the prize i just got a common from a new firm which will Send cards to anybody i so desire at stated times each year for a Flat fee Thorn is a piecework publicity organization too and a dog walking firn escort services will take the Crow baits dancing and in the cheaper magazines the lonely hearts and other pen pal bureaus Are still giving cupid a hand if you wish to make a gentle Lille the weather there Al ways going to do something about Franco but never do this is the Little statesman who for years has been in the Middle he played both ends against a Michigan girl Bandit was driven to robbery she explains because she is to be married the Law we believe is that one not train at the expense of strangers Manly Deal with a soured spouse other services will arrange a suitable partner for a compromising situation which will hold up in court and you arc free to woo again you can get divorced by mail if you wish Al thought i will not vouch for its legality digest services capsule books papers and magazines you have not read health clubs will Pound knead and steam the booze out of you and Supply you with an artificial Tan the hospitals will give you other peo Ples eyes blood and Bones you do not need to earn agents will furnish the ersatz variety through the columns and puff sheets Hollywood the radio and historical novels take care of the emotions when you marry special services will run the show when you die the special Job lot undertakers Plant you and a Short prayer is included As i was saying i quit As soon As the artificial lung comes in i also intend to Stop breath ing too much trouble without you by James 1 Metcalfe there would be nothing left for me if Ever you were gone for i would never have the strength or courage to go on i could not see the morning Sun in All its Golden Light and i could not appreciate the stars around the night but i would walk along the path where loneliness and tears Are All that linger in the Wake of Joyful yester years whatever would be left of life would Only be in vain if you were just a vision to remember in the rain you mean so much of life to me that neither night nor Day would have a single meaning if you Ever went away americans All by or Daniel a Poling the writer of americans All has been severely criticized by one of his readers because As a member of the presidents civilian advisory committee on Universal military training he supported the report that in directly affirms the right of the state to inflict a penalty upon a particular class of pacifists let the record be cleared the report itself affirms that the beliefs of conscientious objectors should be respected and their training program framed with these beliefs in mind it further affirms that such a pro Gram presents no serious difficulties since there Are Many use Ful services which conscientious objectors can Render and have rendered in of emergency the report also Calls attention to the fact that during world War ii conscientious objectors performed outstanding services in Many Fields and that among these objectors were truly great heroes indeed never before in the history of National defense programs has an attitude toward the conscientious objector been so humane and constructive As is found in the report of the presidents advisory commission the commission also recommends that conscientious objectors receive the same Bene fits privileges advantages and safeguards including Cash and dependency allowances As those Given trainees taking Basic military training As to the second class of those refusing to accept any form of training or citizenship responsibility under the pro Gram recommended by the com Mission the commission is equally forthright it concludes granting the sincerity of those who take this extreme position they May not reason ably seek exemption from the penalty the Law May impose copyright 1947 new York Post corporation senator from Sandpit by Ham Park a name is a kind of face whereby one is names in Romeo and Juliet shake Speare has Juliet say whats in a name that which we Call a Rose by any other name would smell As Sweet personally i think theres a lot in a lot of Pride and satisfaction in some cases and a lot of humiliation and misery in others i dont believe in numer ology the pseudoscience that claims that the letters in ones name with their different vibrations affect ones present and future it was responsible for Many of the names adopted by screen plan yrs in the Early Days of the motion picture Industry some merely shortened their names or changed the spelling to achieve the desired vibration while others took on entirely new names had i believed in such stuff i would have had to change my name completely for no matter How i spelled or Short ened it it came out with a Punk vibration that indicated i was doomed to loneliness poverty and work but i do believe that while we cant help it if our surnames Arent aristocratic and High toned we is parents can do something about the names we give our youngsters we could give them temporary names until say they were about 10 years old and then let them their own they might not select those that would Salve our vanity but so what id bet that if the parents of an Uncle of mine Hamlet him pick his Given names hed never have chosen the ones they wished on africans lets give the kids a break Hothem though women Are slaves to fashion its hard for men to believe they cover up their attractions in an Effort to deceive Pete on the cuff department Thelma capper says the tru Man food conservation plan Hast increased the consumption of Only sounds like it John Dooly thinks that when television a general and were Able to see Over Tho Telephone we May get a lot of pleasure out of calling wrong numbers when an inmate of the state prison was made a trusty he assured the Warden that he would do everything he could the Warden told him not to put himself out Chuck Oconnor says that perseverance is sticking to something youre not stuck on whoever it was who said that Faith was All right but it was doubt that got you an education said a Mouthful have you Ever noticed that worry will make almost every body thin except the people who worry because they arc fat demand grows to revamp u n makeup by Thomas l Stokes inc Yelling into a Hurricane to make a sensible suggestion such As transforming the United tons into a real Federal led world government to the it n Assembly in its present bedlam of confusion and bitterness it May be naive and too even to of people in this country arc in deadly Earnest about creating a real world government with a body of Law and in to enforce it they Are the still Small voice in Tho midst of the whirlwind this still Small voice in rep resented in a plea presented to every Delegate at the u n Assembly to do something at session if no More than appoint ing a special commission to re View the whole subject of Al n Reform it comes in a memo Randum prepared by United world federalists inc the organizations of working for an effective world federation 1 because the present spec Uncle at new York proves 10 clearly the need for something better and stronger and because the diplomats and politician continue their adroit deafness it is timely to Point out once again the growing demand from our people that our own country which took the Lead in Elatab Lishing u n now take the in Tia Tyve to make it into something that will represent the people of the world and their aspirations for peace it is timely to recall and recapitulate a few does the United world federalists inc such As the referendum at last election among the people of Massachusetts adopted nine to one that urged their state to pass a Resolution asking the president and Congress to direct our u n delegates to or support that will make u n a world Federal government Able to prevent War such a Resolution duly passed unanimously for another 15 other state Legisla Tures have adopted similar resolutions further two resolutions for u n Reform have been introduced in our Congress by representative groups embracing both parties in House and Senate again Many from cities and have poured into the White House finally on the world Acene 300 delegates from 21 nations including ours adopted a Resolution at Monteux Switzerland in August calling for establishment of a world government either through strengthening u n or by a world Assembly called by the people themselves the voices Are raised All Over the world health needs by or t r Van Del Lex flushes of heat mrs m k writes what would cause hot flashes associated with the menopause to continue beyond 70 years of age reply this is unusual although in Many cases the flushes persist Long after the completion of the change of life it is question Able whether they result from glandular disturbances or Are nervous in origin no j c writes is there a i Tsenin i can take to control 1atty lumps behind the ears reply most fatty lumps the skin arc cysts or pimple like Sions and Are in no Way related to vitamins of stomach t writes can a person live with part of his stomach taken out reply l yes sometimes As much As four fifths is removed in the presence of ulcers or tutors dont worry c s writes will babies who arc fed artificially develop rickets later probably at the age of 5 years they stand no More Chance than the breastfed provided cod liver Oil is Given and Sunshine is available

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