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Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Archives May 30 1943, Page 5

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Salt Lake Tribune, The (Newspaper) - May 30, 1943, Salt Lake City, Utah Sunday morning May 30 1943 a 5 Man pointed Aleutian spearhead red head Kresta Point Attu hug of Harbor Chirikov Point a Chunik Sak Point Theodore Point r us landings Miles Allied bombs wipe out whole nazi cities continued from Page one 1000 planes participated in this t at least 4000 tons dropped in 26 Kiska Little Kiska Pacific Ocean Kiska Sinega Point Miles a features weeks raids on Essen Dortmund and Dusseldorf but three fourths of them were four engined giants which can carry Many times More tonnage than the twin engine Craft used a year ago following is an approximate Survey of the damage which would have been done to american cities since the War started had they been attacked instead of their Ger Man counterparts new York Chicago or washing ton raids concentrated on railway junctions Power stations arms and aircraft fac tories and other War industries Pittsburgh Essen 56 raids including a 1000plane attack june 1 1942 More than 150 two ton bombs dropped last March 5 and More than 900 tons dropped last april 3 St Louis than 600 acres devastated in 115 raids including a 1000plane raid last May 30 in which 250 Industrial buildings were destroyed or dam aged badly Kansas City to Dortmund raids which included a 2000ton raid last sunday and a 1500ton raid a few Days earlier an Oil Plant Ai drome railway centers steel works and thousands of Homes destroyed destruction of the Mohne and Eder dams caused great damage at Dortmund too Cincinnati Ohio Duisberg sixty raids concentrated on rail junctions freight Yards docks and factories with 1500 tons of bombs dropped in one raid alone considerable damage has been done to the Thyssen steel works at Ham born near Duisberg As Well As to metalworking machinery and engineering plants in that area Buffalo raids including one last september 10 when More than a Square mile of the City was Laid Vlaste by 100000 incendiary bombs Boston Munich five raids including one in 1940 when Hitler was speaking Munich is Ger Many fourth biggest City and a political Industrial and rail Center Philadelphia raids concentrated on ship Navy pursues camera Hunt Washington May 29 of the Navy appealed saturday for a special Type of expensive camera made Only in Germany saying Only such cameras were needed for a vital activity in the War against the Axis persons knowing of the exist ence of such a camera were asked to write to the chief of the Bureau of ordnance Section Navy department Washington the camera is the robot Model ii and to be acceptable must be equipped with one of these Zeiss Tessar lenses 30 my f2s 325 my f28 or 375 my f28 the Navy said that Model i robot can be distinguished from the Model ii by the prefix letter b which appears on the camera number of Model ii the number is located on the camera body in Side the Back civilian photographers said one feature of the robot Model ii is that a rapid series of pictures can be made by merely pressing the shutter release rather than Stop Ping to wind the film into place after each exposure Stalin says comintern end aids world Freedom Yards and the big Blohm and Voss j factory Moscow May 29 Mier Joseph Stalin in a letter to a British correspondent said Satur Day that dissolution of the communist third International facilitated the task of uniting All free Dom Loving nations and ended the j German lie that Moscow in tends to intervene in the life of other nations and to bolshevik be them dissolution of the communist International is proper and timely because it facilitates the Organiza Tion of the common onslaught of All Freedom Loving nations against the common Stalin said in reply to a request for comment by Harold King Reuters correspondent in Moscow dissolution of the communist International is proper Stalin continued because a it explodes the lie of the Hitler ites to the effect that mos cow allegedly intends to intervene in the life of other nations and to bolshevik be them an end is now being put to this lie e it exposes the calumny of the adversaries of communism t with in the labor movement to the effect that communist parties in various countries Are allegedly act ing not in the interest of their people but on orders from outside an end is now put to this calumny too c it facilitates tile work of patriots of Freedom Loving coun tries for uniting the progressive forces in their respective countries regardless of party or religious Faith into a single Camp for National the unfolding struggle against fascism p it facilitates the work of patriots in All countries for unit ing All Freedom Loving Peoples into a single International Camp for the fight against the menace of world domination by Hitler ism thua Clearing the Way for future organization of companionship among nations based upon their Equality i think that All these Circum stances taken together will result in further strengthening the United front of the allies and other United nations in the fight for Victory Over Hitler Ite tyranny North Pacific Isles stronghold presents Long Bleak fog bound barriers t by Paul j c Fried Antler if the Aleutian islands were superimposed upon the United states dutch Harbor sitting on ton common Attu would fall on Chicago and Kiska would be South of Toledo Para Ushiro japans great naval and air base in the Kurile a the japanese on Attu and Iskat Between u s bases less than 15 knew what the weather was and was going to become for All the aleutians while the westbound americans did not this advantage now lost to the enemy should be a major Factor in the logical next step of u s alaskan recapture of Kiska the japanese still hold Kiska minutes bomber time away on one Side and Little More than a half hours flight on the other the japanese position there is not enviable nor1 is that of the strategists in Tokyo who might Well wonder what Washington has in mind after Kiska will the Navy and air Force Sharpen the Aleutian Dagger islands would be Midway Between the better of the two islands slightly larger than 20mile pointed toward the Buriles and Long Kiska rises to More than japans Mainland will they hold 3000 feet of rugged volcanic is defensively to lure Strong japanese sure Rock deeply Cut by Long forces out to ambush will they inlets on the South Shore the j tackle the 760mile overwater hop Island has two fairly Good harbours i to Para Ushiro for a Stopover Chicha gof and Sarana Bays Attu i base for Tokyo bound bombers would fall where the allies arc trying desperately to put into the Pacific off lower Cali fornia if the United states held Chi Cago and japanese expeditionary forces were isolated near Toledo it would be Well nigh impossible for Tokyo or Para Ushiro to give their Ohio delegation much More than moral support this is the position of the Kiska Garrison the capture of Attu from the japanese built Airfield marked out of the jagged Moun Tain crests of Attu american bombers can neatly sever ship and Nir Supply routes from the West from attus weather stations american naval and air units on the rest of the aleutians stretch Island blocking its Mouth is Stra Village at the head of Chicha gof Harbor supported a population of in the latest 1940 census Siskas High Mountain Backbone reaches up to 4000 feet but it has More open space probably will serve better As an operating air base than attus Field 200 Miles to the West first ouster step Siskas Harbor Broad and deep struck and protected by Little Kiska or will they lash out directly at the japanese capital 2000 Miles beyond Attu but still within bomber Range the Only answer so far evident is that american participation in the War in the North Pacific has passed out of the defensive stage As in the european theater the initiative now rests with the allies and Only the first blow has yet ing Back 1000 Miles to Alaska proper can learn what kind of weather to expect knew about weather Tegi Cally important and Good enough an Anchorage to warrant Banning of foreign ships from its Waters even before Pearl Harbor Navy department communiques this is More than an academic indicate the Attu expedition was lesion when fighters and bomb planned for Many weeks during quest ers Are bucking 100mile gales the worse than pea soup fog and persistent cold Rains that make the aleutians the uncomfortable weather factory of North Amer Ica which the assault troops were trained for the arduous landings on Rocky shores occupation of Amchitka 75 briton notes Allied ant sub successes London May 29 Kevin minister of labor and the National services in a speech at Sowerby Bridge saturday echoed the encouragement expressed Fri Day by foreign Secretary an Thony Eden Over the anti Summa Miles Southeast of Kiska was the i Rine Campaign in the Atlantic first step now Kiska is bracketed Bevin said he saw a happier Story in the War on boats he disclosed that As Many As 180 boats have been in the Atlantic Ocean to prey upon Allied ship Ping but the convoys got through he said the tide is turning rap idly in our favor Utah starts thursday first of the new bigger and better picture policy court cancels charges against n m pair Santa be n m May 29 up judge Colin Neblett on motion of a government attorney dismissed saturday an indictment charging new Mexico attorney general e p Chase and two others Wlllie conspiracy to conceal assets in a fuck nil bankruptcy proceed ing Henry special assistant to the u s attorney Gen eral in making the motion said that evidence which the govern ment would be Able to produce would be insufficient to sustain a conviction on the on the and in the air we keep Faith with fighting forces of America they Are the defenders of the wives and mothers Sisters and children old and sick at Home they fight for Freedom Freedom from oppression Faith is the substance of All Freedom wherever they May be on the battlefields of two hemispheres in the dark cities of enslaved Europe or nazi prison Camps All those who love Freedom hold one common treasure in their hearts Faith the invincible weapon which no totalitarian Power can individuals Faith in the Triumph of right keep your Faith with the fighting men of America invest More than your share in War Bonds and Stamps and insure that there will be less memory crosses and More johnnies to come marching Home we will remain closed All Day monday in respect to Gur valiant fighting forces

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