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Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Archives May 30 1943, Page 45

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Salt Lake Tribune, The (Newspaper) - May 30, 1943, Salt Lake City, Utah Sunday morning May 30 1943 Byus fifth annual festival brings Marian Bluhm violinist and Edna Inglis Hamilton pianist who Are 1943 graduates Back popular artists despite today chaotic conditions engendering unease and uncertainties utans Are not to be deprived of musical opportunities with Brigham Young University holding its fifth an Nual festival again presenting artists who have made them selves favourites in previous years while major portion of the festival will be held during the summer session concerts will be giver and june 2 and 9 the world Roth string quarts codes Hun Garian pianist again the quartet com Miji Roth Rachmael Weinstock Lus Shaier Oliver Eden and or Foldes will also be available for group and individual instruction it is announced by or a c Lambert Doan of the summer school another artist whose popu Larity has brought his return to the festival program is Yves Tinayre Krinch baritone and musicologist tinny res recitals last season justifying his description As master of vocal ism won him a wide Utah Audi ence the concert schedule planned by these masters runs from May 31 with 10 june programs to july 7 and will include evenings of music by Shostakovich Beethoven Brahms French com posers and an Al american pro Gram the Roth group will play special numbers for the baccalaureate service also All con certs will be Given in the Joseph Andrus shows Wor Katby in a one Man exhibition in the lounge of the Joseph Smith building at Brigham Young University be ginning sunday will be roman Andras an outstanding Art Stu Dent of the institution whose work has become Well and favourably known throughout the state the show is open from 3 to 6 p m for the Public and was previewed by students on thursday or Andrus designated by professor b f Lasen of b y u As one of the most promising Young artists in Utah has studied intensively in addition to his work at the University spending last summer at the Fine arts Center Colorado Springs where he received instruction from the famous Boardman Robinson he also has done graduate work at the Otis Art Institute los Angeles formerly of St George or Aidrus is submitting a Large mural for the l d s Temple there As part of his masters degree requirements his exhibition is to be on Dis play until after the beginning of the summer Quarter on june 14 in order that students at tending the session May View his work professor Larson states prominent Singer makes recordings mrs Edna Grovv Thor Ririe one of Salt Lake cites notable contralto soloists who has recently returned from a visit in los Angeles made a number of recordings for the radio Craft shop while she was there j e Corby its manager declared her voice perfect for recording mrs Ririe for the past year employed As welfare Matron with Remington arms co inc has discontent red her service be cause of illness and plans to devote herself to her work in voice production and coaching which she studied for six terms is the University of Southern California Liberty Park band series opens today opening the season of band concerts at Liberty Park Strongs military band will be heard sunday from 5 to 7 p m Marvin h Strong is director vocal soloists on the program will be Duane o Ballard and Harold Bawden and the program close with a series to our armed forces a Medley of military numbers Smith building evenings at Oclock except for the baccalaureate service set for june 9 which will begin at 8 p m and for one morning program on june 22 two compositions written by professor Leroy j Robertson director b y u symphony orches tra will be featured on these programs Novellette written for or Foldes will be presented by the pianist the other will be played by the quartet for whom or Robertson wrote it recently Shaie Foldes concert set two Leach Strum Rita violist of the Koth in Ilius Selmier Tring quartet engaged for a series of con certs at Provo this summer and Andor of ids Brilliant pianist also appearing at Provo will blend their talents to offer music lovers a rare Opportunity in a program of Viola music slated for thursday at p m at War services Center 59 South state Street by reason of a change in or shakers schedule the concert Date originally announced for monday had to be postponed men in the armed service of the United states will be admitted free to this concert tickets arc available to civilians at the Cen Ter or at music stores when but 17 years old or Shaier became violist of the Manhattan string quartet and concerti Zed in Europe and Amer Ica of his recital in Stockholm Sweden a critic reported a violist of great strength and phenomenal tone new Yorks musical Leader said that one rarely hears Viola tone of such Beauty or technic so superbly controlled and developed thursdays program will in clude the following sonata for Viola end piano of 120 no 2 Brahms acc to Ami bile Nia Noil Roppo Al Lucro Eon Noil Roppo conc Carlo in b slim Handel Allegro mod Ciao Al Lucro Mollo Sulla for Viola and piano of i Paul recur j e Bruy errs he Ikea Debusy Anda Luzaic Falla dutch indies crisis seen of Mccune school of Mua avoidable sic and Art Pollock recalls theater years Mccune graduates violinist pianist program tuesday Twenty third annual commencement exercises of Mccune school of music and Art Are set for tuesday at p m in the recital Hall 200 North main Street Marian Bluhm violin Stu Dent of Reginald Beales and Edna Inglis Hamilton mrs Charles student of piano under or Frank w Asper Are the graduates miss Bluhm has achieved the degree of Bachelor of music with major in violin and mrs Hamilton will receive her diploma qualifying her As soloist and teacher of piano the two will furnish major part of the music for the tuesday program which has professor Joseph f Smith chairman department of speech University of Utah de livering the address to graduates a reception for the two artists follows the program Tracy y Cannon director of the school will conduct the sex among weeks recital events h Frederick Davis is present ing three of his artist students in a song recital sunday at p m in the eighteenth Ward Chapel a Street and second Avenue they Are Constance Kanell contralto Ray Brimhall Tenor and Marianne Davis who is mrs h Frederick Soprano accompanists will be Marian Hintze and Marcia Crosby the program will be As Fol lows he wan us plod Handel Sappl Chc Oder alien drink Lomo Only with Tunc eyes Arr Arthur e Ward miss Kanell i attempt from loves sickness to Kly Purcell Stuzzo so Sirilo St Zoso Peko Lesl in url Mhall Siml Cal Romano a cml in Puccini the Wie Mcl Otlien Zirhut is Mir Brahma mrs Pavls per Tod Una Das Ilad Clien Schubert an die Musk Schubert Schubert miss Kanell the burned letter clone a dream Bartlett Little David play on your Harp spiritual or Brimhall Grote Hon am spin Trade Schubert aur dem Waaser Zug heavy spiritual mrs Davis Sardoni pupils mrs Lawrence Sardoni will present a group of her piano students in recital wednesday at p m in the first Ward Chapel Murray mrs Dearwyn Sardoni Sundwall will assist playing two violin solos students participating will be Patricia Hewlett Yvonne Craw Ford Lillian Walgren Frances Smith Ina Eskelsen Patsy Wil Kins Gloria Peterson Arleen Richardson Dorothy Mcmillan Wilkins Janice Madsen Beverly Butler Joy Ellertson and Lue Wana Christensen pianoforte recital Norma Pedersen Beck has arranged a recital for Friday a summer school that gives Joy and uplift june 14th to july 23rd we offer you a time to suit your convenience and a Price to fit your pocketbook private instruction in All branches of music dancing speech Art classes in piano and music theory choral conducting and Organ classes dunce classes for All Ages Junior and senior theater Art classes including Marionette construction a three arts course combining dance Art theatre lecture recitals by a Dok Foldes Hungar Ian pianist junk 15 18 29 july 6 9 special Normal courses for piano teachers by or Raymond Burrows of Columbia University August 16 to september s Register now Mccune school of music and Art North main 54619 at p m in the University of Utah music Hall University and East first South streets presenting a Large group of rarer students participants will include three Young performers who won Superior rating in the Utah federation of music clubs 1943 contest they Are Norma Robb John Edward Heiss and Richard Mckewan the pro Gram follows by the Seap Oaka Nui icy pm or nos Havana Mana Zucca Rcd i Mogul burlesque Macro Ivyll Alexandra cont Liu Nolt Uruo Crick Edward Ray Forn lev improve Baucm Macdowall Helen Terry Rolik Grice James Noel Ward May a fret Palm pc Barbara Ann Thompson a Mati Godard Ceccia Deal ear leu Patricia Rorers prelude arabesque Rogers Carolyn Gal Lokden Impromptu Macdowd Jot Smith Condie Juba Daneo Deu Norma Robt Kuliu of Athena March Beethoven Kathleen Mario Crowder majesty of the icon Hamer Louis Latimer Colleen Al Rcd polonaise in c Sharp Mino Chopin John a Odvard Hilss toccata Templi Hon Irene Evans sche7omcnrleisaohn Margaret Elizabeth Chape etude Macdowell Mary Ellen Murphy elude of 25 to 11 Chopin Robert Mckewan Giles pianists Twentyfive students of piano under professor Thomas Giles head of University of Utah music department will be presented in a matinee recital at Kingsbury Hall wednesday at 4 p m second of a Spring series arranged following is the program Marjorie 13ybcc sonata Eroica my Cdowell mrs Demort Foulker Opden Laverne Dixon Nocturne of 54grlcs Virginia Porter Kuusi Hanlen la vie Breve de Falla Leone Larson rhapsody no a Liszt Calvin s Smith or re Polillo Jia Thomas rhapsody no 12liszt Gladys Barker Berceuse in opus Helen two satirical funeral marches lord Berners Ann Ward Opden scherzo of 5 Brahms Van Nanco Tukhi Art Rimkis Liszt Louise Clyde Rubinstein Jenny line minuet e minor Schubert Dorothy Snelgrove a Tolu of 3d Brahms it clone Finstr Nocturne g Majo Chopin Margaret Bolo Adamson Jardins sous la plus Debussy Katherine rhapsody g minor Brahms Shirley Chamberlain Liszt mrs Josephine z Theodore Waltz a minor cries Mary Mccarthy Polk Shostakovich Gloria Thomas Eronique Grioff Enid Rybert Soiree Dana grenade Debussy Margaret Cornwall polonaise c Sharp minor Chopin Mary Jane excises open to the Public which Are As follows serenade Mozart string ensemble or Asper conductor scherzo c Sharp Mino Chopin mrs Hamilton 7jegciltlewieniawsul miss Bluhm presentation or diploma and degree or Cannon address to graduates professor Smith sonata no 1 in a Majo Handel moderate miss Eulum mrs Hamilton fascism american made dealt with by novelist its to be expected that fascism As it has spread into american society will claim the interest of our writers As fiction material John Burgun new entrant in the Book Field makes use of the theme in even my own brother the Bobb Smer Rill co a Story of the making of a fascist Amer ican style his Young Lang Taylor merely a Gas station Helper ambitious to improve his position can gain our sympathy at the beginning but As he goes from Job to Job becoming involved in City politics it becomes Clear his ambition is to gain Power for himself that a Flat he asks always is what will it profit Lang Taylor that he is willing to Rise on the bodies of his friends eventually his worried wife realizing the fascist character of his activities and unable to win Lang from the society leaves him and Lang learns that though he has won Power he has lost in Plain unvarnished modern manner or Burgan draws his realistic picture showing How politics Are manipulated in Small cities and making Clear langs develop ment yet there is something lacking one never really gets to know langs inner self he is not As real to us As several of the minor figures As Marcy his brokenhearted wife for one timeworn tale old fashioned Romance with stereotyped characters Florence Elise Hydes the twisted skein company new York presents its chief actors in Sharp contrast one All that is Good and Lovely the other All cold selfishness but the Good is punished equally with the bad so its moral emphasis seems lost Allied losses resulting from too Little help being rendered too late have been witnessed time and again in world War ii but nowhere More graphically than in the Netherlands East indies in Pacific blackout Dodd Mead co new John Mccutcheon Raleigh former United press and lbs correspondent in the Southwest Pacific shows How if adequate Heip had arrived Early enough in the Netherlands Bast indies the allies might still be holding them As vital War bases he Points out for instance the n i was As fully pre pared for War As possible with out outside help the army and Navy the civilian front and Industry were completely mobilized yet this comparatively Small country was counting heavily on american made Industrial machines British armed help and outside supplies of War materials for its fight but few machines arrived British Aid turned out to be the bedraggled army remnants from Singapore and few if any supplies of War materials arrived and the dutch were left almost entirely on their own their valiant fight against overwhelming Odds is one of the epics of the Pacific War Yot Raleigh Points out results might Jive been reversed except for the too Little too late mistake Pacific blackout covers the period from just before Pearl Harbor to after the fall of the indies several chapters also Are devoted to Australia and its preparation for the w Indian themes fittingly set credit must be Given to three sources for a charming new Book the Indian Speaks the Caxton printers Ltd Caldwell first it is written with dignity and understanding by Marius Barbeau Canadian ethnologist and secondly Grace Melvin head of department of design of the Vancouver school of Art has illustrated it beautifully with More than three dozen stylized designs the publishers have also done a strikingly sympathetic work of typography absolutely in keeping with the theme and atmosphere of the Book author and Illustrator in close collaboration have presented a revealing glimpse into the imagination and spirituality of the american Indian using the English language or bar Beau has managed to keep in tact the simple dignity of the in Dian myths songs and stories show the Indian a person of High intelligence and deep feelings most of the talks come from the Rocky Mountain indians the Bilic Knect the Iroquois ans and algonquian some arc from the Mackenzie River Athabasca is a slim volume the Indian Speaks is one of the few to voice the Story of a race rap idly becoming virtually extinct b m Jenson comes Home again for summer la Var Jenson Utah pianist and teacher resident in new York will arrive in Salt Lake City on saturday in route to his old Home at Manti he will conduct his summer classes As usual at Manti and Ephraim or Jenson is Active in music circles in new York where he has been teaching for 20 years and also appears on radio pro Grams Cannon presenting Art barn exhibit Michael r Cannon is to be the next exhibitor at the Art barn a collection of some 25 or More oils and Watercolours being Hung today in the main gallery under auspices of associated Utah artists of which he is a member his show will remain for two weeks following which a Gen eral exhibition by the members will be offered Rich americana in strange autobiographical Story Woody Guthrie has Long been expressing himself with his songs and guitar he has made records for Victor Library of Congress the office of War in formation and has appeared on Well known radio programs now happily he turns to writ ing to give us such a picture As has been Seldom if Ever presented his first Book is bound for glory e p Dutton and co inc new York its Story is not a pretty one it is a picture of life of the skid rows of 41 picture of americas travelling working millions of their fears passions quarrels Guthrie was born in an okla homa town that turned into a Boom City with discovery of Oil he saw and tells of life in this mushroom City at its worst and its Best when his Mother was committed to an Asylum Guth Rie was 12 years old and he started out on his own never a panhandler he painted signs or played and Sang for his chips for a Brief period he was even a fortuneteller in West Texas a letter from a wealthy aunt in California led him out of the Texas dust howl but he was stifled by the sight of her Man Sion so ran away while he still had the Chance to be free his indictment of the labor system in the fruit Orchards where fruit goes to waste while children starve is scorching there Are Only two gentle notes in the whole love for his Mother and for Ruth an itinerant Apricot picker her Faith in him sends him to new York but his love for the common natural Man drives him from the artificial ties of a singing Job we last see Woody Guthrie again Riding the freights bound for glory Guthries prose even More than his songs is sheer poetry his style is individual although at times a Little confusing he has illustrated his own Book that will fascinate you keep you awake at night it is another of the great stories of b m by Eva e Hollis literary editor whatever its mistakes and failures i have had a full and Happy life and now in its last Quarter i can think of Noth ing i should like better than an encore this is Channing pol locks declaration in his memoirs recounted in Harvest of my years the Bobb Merrill com Pany this is an attitude reflected throughout this Lively account of his 35 years in the theater years in which Success was slow in com ing and which knew failures As Well As triumphs oddly enough this Story of a theater career begins with a san salvadorian revolution in 1894 Channing was about 14 at the time his father had been sent by president Cleveland As United states Consul to this Little coun try where he died of yellow fever As he was on the Point of taking his family Home after the opera bouffe revolution at the time of his appointment Pollock had been owner and editor of the Salt Lake City times which during his absence ran into financial difficulties Channing pollocks boyhood was spent chiefly Between Omaha and Salt Lake but soon after the family return from Central former utahn wins notable award for Young writers announcement of the coveted literary Honor that has fallen to her As Winner of an Alfred a Knopf Fellowship will come As no Surprise to friends of Fawn Brodic wife of lieutenant ber Nard Brodie Washington d c and daughter of or and mrs Thomas e Mckay formerly of Huntsville Utah and now of Salt Lake City mrs Erodie a 19m graduate of University of Utah was known As an outstanding scholar her attainments elect ing her to Phi Kappa Phi she did graduate work at University of Chicago where she was librarian for three years she taught first at Weber College and Crane technical school Chi Cago and later worked with the american committee for inter National studies at Princeton during 1941 in 1912 she was a Delegate to the International peace Confer once held in Maine and was editor of the american Council of Pacific relations pamphlet our far Eastern record since her marriage mrs Brodie has retired to private life except that she has kept up her study and research the Knopf Fellowship in Biog Raphy fell to her for her projected life of the mormon Prophet Joseph Smith founder of the l d s Church Winner of the Fellowship in history was Donald w Mitchell political science pro Fessor at Sam Houston state teachers College under terms of the award each Winner receives a Grant of Asad Vances against royalties As no fiction award was made this year the Grants to the two win ners Are measurably increased for a number of years mrs Brodie made intensive study and research on her projected work of her interest in Joseph Smith she says anyone who grows up with a mormon background cannot escape him he is the first explanation for mormon country upon Leav ing Utah however i was struck by the fact that to everyone Fawn Brodio mrs Bernard native utahn who is accorded coveted literary Fellowship by Knopf outside the state mormonism insofar As it spells a personality Means not Joseph Smith but Brigham Young this discrepancy puzzled me and was a fac Tor in directing my Reading at the excellent Library of mormon literature at the Chicago univer sity mrs Brodies husband is also in author As Well As having been called to Washington As a naval historian for the u s Navy Bureau of ordnance fir which he is now at work on a contemporary history of its activities Back in 42 lieutenant Brodie who believes in Battle ships wrote that sizzling article dont count out the Battle ship for the sate Post and is Jilson author of sen Power Layman guide books on naval strategy America Washington d c be came their Home Little space is Given to this Early period but one sees that even then the boys Bent was for the Salt Lake he organized his own company of actors presenting melodramas in the Elbert Thomases old stable and once even in the Salt Lake theater but channings real intention Wasto be dramatist not an actor so when the family moved to Washington he began his writing a Brief and unprofitable period at the Bethel military the Post a cub of 10 who received Noth ing a week and was Worth it but soon he was helping out the dramatic critic then in 1s98 following an interlude in new York became the dramatic critic 515 a week the owners however afford to keep him As advertising melted away before his candid criticisms and new York knew him again the Story of his Long connect Tion with the stage As press agent for Ziegfeld for William a Brady the Shubert and As dramatist director producer with Short Story and novel writ ing Editorship and seems to have been a Demon for other activity furnishes a fascinating picture of a glamorous period in the the Ater Pollock was a Good Deal of a crusader is soon in some of his bes known plays the fool the House and his authors league fight for the rights of dramatists he tells his Story with zest and humor and while he insists he intends no essay on drama his comment interests nor is the love Clement omitted his Loveat sight meeting with Anna Marble first woman press agent in 1901 gives her the place heroine throughout greek legend set in verse Tell Iii in modern narrative verse two tales from ancient mythology Robert Morse in the two persephone Crea Tive age press inc new York reveals imaginative Power and a skill in dramatic writing the stories he has chosen from greek mythology Are those of the abduction of persephone deme ters daughter by the ruler of hades whose Bride she became with Demeter efforts to Rescue her and the Story of Ariadne and theseus of the legend of this daughter of the cretan King Minos and the Lover whom she aided to slay the great Bull of Crete and to escape the labyrinth he tells but half ending with their Sepa ration at the Isle of Naxos but the Story of their love is lyrical utterance or Morse is Painter is Well As poet his symbolic design for the books jacket adds to its attractiveness mystery and adventure Here and abroad in death of a Saboteur charter and Brothers new York Hulbert foot cars Tubby crime investigator Amos Lee Mappin cracks one of his Tough est cases doing the Federal government a Good turn when Mappin developing unwonted in Terest in society is sought As Friend by that Darling of the Gay circles Prince Len Koran rus Sian refugee he is not at All fooled hot even when its the Prince instead of Lee who meets new books added at Public Library the following books will be added to the Public Library tues Day Biles Complete Book of Garden magic Bonman the Intenson of Jesus a Yldra living letters from Amer ican history common edible much rooms Allner of Xiv scr but compositions other latin american favourites Daly floor try the Oceail Basic of Cunfu Strai ipe custom of conf Rind marriage Gorki better Bridge for play Holt Force Kahn Man in Structure and function Goodman fireside Book of Dob stories leaves from surgeons Case Book death right a Flor his party for Mappin this highly ingenious plot which has finale in South Ameri can Waters gives Mappin a dangerous antagonist in the princes successor the Mummy like count but Mappin not Only solves the mystery of Len kor ans death which after All was no mystery to him he foils a deep Laid sabotage plan queer happenings when a girl seemingly of triple personality disappears almost simultaneously with a mathematical cab horse a quiet sort name of Daffodil the two events opening Innes Daffodil Nodd Mead co new seem to have no connection but with the vanishing of an entire House not to mention an other girl who in past Ages would have been Hung As a Witch Scotland Yards Appleby and Hudspith decide All these queer things must have to do with each other and their probing leads them on a strange Trail across the Atlantic and up a South Ameri can River to As weird a spot As imagination might conjure up and plops them into the Middle he enemy As Ruby who sought to usurp his ranch acres for the greedy cattlemen of the Basin said old Bentrim hew Lett had been too Long away his Horsch cad ranch was free Range again to be split up among them that each one meant to gouge the other and hold it for himself and Coleman fight to hold his own might have been even More desperate but for arrogant Dan stuarts greed Crafty Drew Trumbosh desire to outwit him and that desirable Ann Stuart would not Counte Nance her fathers grabbing american Oil Empire from the pudding in of the Petroleum Industry As far Back when Rock Oil was a tonic the present hour when it place in a nation at War of Oil in americas told in flush production University of Oklahoma press nor Man by Gerald Forbes it is an Eric Story and or Forbes formerly a newspaper Man of the Region now a professor of history has told it color fully covering every phase and aspect social As Well As Indus trial of this vital commodity a Lerimer the Vituj and Hajji of Justice an Buaer conspiracy Zvir Innes plot May seem quite in its Gulf Southwest Tor sour sir a Short history of ltl3 our you ii do entertained nonetheless its a Cou Tui Ami his and witty yarn in the Rob in Sou Fiji Mitic interim the to Victory merc we Range books 15rkt harm of the Complete Book of sewing Tjo Jena and Gurd ciders by night Little Brown co title West interesting biography or one of the wests nost and the Twilight of the Haycox latest figures 5o Vav Usan Trees Oil test altogether an Alvon j Al action All the Way a time 1o ivc Curr she Pletti h Liiv Josl Tom palenc Tuuu or clock from the night Tracy Coleman Rode into the Luther Burbank Plant magician first Book on the magic of Herbert Cloud River to claim worlds Uiti Aii fifth Seal slew ambush left him by an old Plant Sejfer a certain or to the time he found Seymour to Unity we Cloud As Wah eagles the Story of the famous Squadron by col Jamos 76 cell dvrs Ujj fur Kate Fen n 1 g a t e Booth Tarkington a new novel about an 50 Amer 1 ii a1 woman Fedl Moscow datel1ve up tothe 0 approved fumigation views or Russlan government people and toe War by Henry c Cissley second front of 00 Stalin inter viewer 14 East Broadway 38579 id cd wife bonded messenger service Ruk ask about our with East South Temple

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