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Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Archives May 30 1943, Page 4

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Salt Lake Tribune, The (Newspaper) - May 30, 1943, Salt Lake City, Utah Robert maps Martinique Allied stand sees occupation As Plain abuse of Force Salt sunday morning May 30 1943 by United press any occupation of Martinique by the american nations would be nothing More than an abuse of Force and each inhabitant of the War strategists Center study on air Oiver eve increasing Europe bombings with huge fleets draw closest attention of u s school in Florida by Captain Lowell Lympus new York news military analyst Orlando Fla May 29 air Power came into its own this week As whole fleets of bombers carried his French Antilles is ready to shed greatest Aerial offensive Forward on a screaming Crescendo military men everywhere watched closely while effect it might have on the coming summer campaigns probably nowhere on am the european bombings being stud led More carefully than Down Here Uncle Sams Mammoth air school of applied tactics where a swarm of combat tried veterans Are poring Over the latest reports from the front on which so Many of them have served they know that a lot of their pet theories Are being tested this minute overseas they Are eager to determine the results this weeks developments made it evident that the allies Are Tak ing their turn at the newest kind of warfare and that they Are giving it a real trial too they Are staging a series of Aerial bombing attacks on a scale never before at tempted and there pushing those attacks Home despite mounting losses which prove the fight int on sided there trying out the recipe so often recommended by air Power there doing it on a steadily rising scale the results Are still doubtful be cause the Battle int Over yet by struck at Western Europe heavily they hoped to Force twin German to shift badly needed planes from the russian front thus giving an unexpected advantage to the red armies they were also attempt Interior in order to weaken the German armies in the coming Bat Les that weakness probably wont his blood to show his love of France and of Liberty Admiral Georges Robert Vichy appointed barrelled attack on Europe developed and waited governor said in a letter to the United or Csc received saturday the admirals letter wan in reply Sci Teri re of questions put by the United press concerning Condi on Martinique and Guadeloupe now virtually blockaded by u s naval forces the questions and Admiral Roberts answers Fol Low 1 what is the situation in the islands in View of the virtual Stop Page of All food supplies from abroad is there danger of fam Ine what supplies and what quantities will be necessary for the islands when it will be possible to resume shipments these islands always have lived run products from abroad the Stop Page of importations therefore has created great difficulty and has brought privations especially since confident in the accords which guaranteed food supplies for the islands i did not organize production Here in a manner to meet absolute isolation of the islands but the population supports these privations with a perfect comprehension with determination and courage the to see double what britons take rapidly to Yankee ways comes harder Here and there but All feel influence London May 29 society on almost every plane but depending in degree upon the extent of exposure to influences from overseas is undergoing Willy Nilly a process of americanization Many consider it a salutary part of the new education for a More enlightened postwar International ism others nationalistic to the British bitter end consider it a grievous lapse into alien ideas and manners mainly through the movies and popular writing american influences were of course at work in this country before the War american Slang had insinuated itself into English speech amer1 can Energy was catching on ing to smash nazi Supply lines at Here were beginning Hon their source Back in the zone of the Csuy to Ike the breezing is of the people Over there the War naturally has seeded things up the British have eaten 2 what is the sentiment of the a Long shot in fact it probably i at the destruction of enemy air Power As such our bombing tar show up for Many months How american food enjoyed american i these strategic purposes deter mined the tactics followed in West Tern Europe leading to the blast ing of German industries Here we struck at factories railroads shipyards dams Etc and the Bat the with nazi planes rising to de fend them was almost incidental to the main purpose but Down in the Mediterranean sector our pilots followed entirely different tactics with a differ ent purpose in View Down there Allied airmen clashed with a Isair Crews in a Knockdown ragout Battle aimed population regarding the War and j is just beginning the Vichy government would it j increase in intensity As Uncle Sam be possible for your government to organize a plebiscite on this subject the population of these islands deplores the destruction wrought by the War and sorrows suffered by France the population ardently Topes to see France liberated 3 what Are the conditions under which your excellency would be ready to use against the Axis Powers the bases armed forces and resources which Are under your command to join the struggle against the Axis it would be necessary that it not involve the necessity of rebel lion against the French govern ment that the allies permit the forces that Are now fight ing instead of consisting of two factions one under the influence of the British government and the Otier under the influence of the american government to form a soon begins to pour his new super planes into the fight Manning them from what now amounts to greatest Reservoir of trained pilots and aircraft Crews in the world but the week saw the out lines of the Battle begin to take shape serves dual purposes it developed on each and it like Wise served two different strategic purposes because this proved to be one of where a strategic objective can be attained Only by process that 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again there was a Flat preliminary Ivri entertainment read american books and fraternize with Ameri cans on an unprecedented scale Herbert Agars a time for greatness with its jeffersonian democracy is one of the most eagerly sought books this Spring in virtually All the principal cities there is a growing demand for books by and about americans britons who knew Andy Hardy Well enough but had Only the foggy est fancies about Andy Jackson have taken to Reading James trus Low Adams Charles and Mary Beard and w e Woodward All subjects publishers Are bringing out books about american humor drama science poetry about its industries its1 social conscience and its history education aware now that the British have had Only indifferent instructions the subject is trying to catch up new courses have been started students Are encouraged to read american books americans have been brought into the schools to spelt bridal has had closeup views of celebrated americans visitors Here for one kind of War Mission or another and the presence of such novelists critics editors playwrights musicians1 actors Anc actresses columnists politicians however Brief their Call has helped to Point the trend most american plays produced in London quickly become smash hits old american musical shows Are revived successfully revues borrow extensively from Broadway and Hollywood scores hardly a musical production1 misses the of Island natives despise japs britishers save j Solomons civil head tells of tactics used against invaders san Francisco May 29 w s Marchant former resident commissioner of the British Solomon islands told saturday How he and his men were Able to keep informed of japanese movements and maintain civil administration through the whole hearted assistance and support of the natives thirty pounds lighter after four years in the South Pacific mar chant said the Solomon islanders despised the japanese and that at no time was any single native Dis Loyal to the British or the Ameri cans although the japanese pro Al aimed themselves liberators their first act was to seize the natives knives and Calico cloth the natives responded by hiding what knives they could and using them to attack the japanese and capture arms and ammunition these they gave to the americans or used themselves to fight the japs Marchant said the natives were invaluable in creeping through the Bush and spying on japanese Dis positions he said the natives also have managed to Rescue and trans port Back to their lines a High percentage of american airmen who have had to Ball out merchants reaction to the Japa Nese occupation i found it rather Boring Marine officer returns to relate Story of Licking pants off japanese port Unity to play up some sort of j Thresto process mopping up at i spectacle on american themes Pine h f w t a Large part of Best bib and Cha but Washington observers one of ge0rgeblacks yet decide whether they s devote to Tolfe were after chunking or just try of Torge Gershwin Stephen Fos Ter Victor Herbert Jerome Kern and others and the idioms of the bowery the Dirig Cowboy St Louis blues and forty ing to deprive the chinese of their badly needed Rice crop but the push had continued Westward in Stead of swinging South to close the Gap in their Overland communications route the War this time last year three great Axis drives were in full swing with Hitler striking at Kharkov and driving the reds out of kerch Rommel finally plunging straight across Egypt toward Suez and the japs1 rolling through Cen trial China with the Shanghai Singapore Rouie almost in their grasp the allies were yielding on every second Street in radio few British programs surpass the popularity of Bob Hope and Jack Benny edited for listen ers in this country and the com Mand performance and Mailbox entertainments intended primarily for the troops adopt yank style orchestras have adopted the american style even to Signa j Ture tunes american soldiers have and our Only gain was dip d use of s and the in j o n y i girls Thev out now Chew gum me War on our Side there want about much Comfort in the military Pic Ture for us then Britain announces loss of submarine London May 29 1475ton submarine Regent is overdue and presumed lost the admiralty announced saturday the Regent was commissioned in 1930 and was armed with a four Inch gun and eight 21inch torpedo tubes she normally carried 50 men her skipper lieutenant w n r Knox wore the distinguished service Cross Bud Michael Barsley of Pilot press has introduced a series of books called life and literature in the United states the first volume aptly chosen is modern american humor just off the press four other volumes Are in the drama and stage modern american Short stories modern american poetry and american detective fiction the first Book opens with one of Edward Streeter Dere Mable letters highly popular stuff in the last War and closes with two poems by Phyllis Mcginley japs claim new battleship Superior to v s Iowa Type by associated press Berlin radio broadcast ing a report from Tokyo said saturday that japanese news papers were giving front Page display to pictures of a new battleship foreign naval experts after having seen the pictures declared the new japanese Battle ship was doubtless Superior to United states battleships of the Iowa Type according to the broadcast report recorded by the associated press the publicity Given to the Pic Tures possibly was intended to counteract recent announce ments from Washington that six new United states battleships of 33000 tons or larger Are now in service the Iowa launched in a gust 1942 has a displacement of 45000 tons before Pearl Harbor Japan was reported to have five Battle ships of 40000 tons or Over under construction or near comple Tion these were the Nissin Takamatsu Kii Owari and Tosa the authoritative naval manual Janes fighting ships warned however that because of Japa Nese secrecy there was very Little real information concern ing japans program and that there was a possibility the Large ships had been confused with smaller warships under construction Lemon juice recipe checks rheumatic pain quickly if you suffer from rheumatic or tur Litls or neuritis Pata try thin inexpensive Homo recipe that Sands using got Kex compound a two week Supply i today mix it with r quart of water add the Ulce of 4 Lemons its easy no j trouble at All and pleasant you need i Only 3 tablespoonfuls two times a Dayi olten within 48 results Are Obi Tai cd if the pains do not quickly j leave and it you do not feel better re turn Tho empty package and Ruex will Cost you nothing to try As it is sold by your druggist under an absolute Moncy Bajc guarantee Ruex compound is for Sale and recommended by drug Ito Rei adv executive Dies Santa Monica Cal May 29 m Holstein 80 re tired East coast transportation and financial executive died of pneumonia at his Home Here Friday night san Diego Cal May 29 the japanese lost face lives and on occasion their pants in encounters with the Carlso Roosevelt Marine raiders in Pacific warfare the methods and accomplish ments of the raiders were related today by their Leader lieutenant colonel Evans f Carlson plym Outh Conn on his return from the South Pacific for a rest before returning to Active duty the raiders under colonel Carl son and his executive officer lieu tenant colonel James Roosevelt eldest son of the president destroyed a japanese seaplane base on Makin Inland and killed most of the defenders in their initial raid and inter bottled the Enonie behind nip lines on outbox the by doing the seemingly impossible is colonel car sons prescription of the Strat egy for Victory the officer opined that doing the daring and unexpected might keynote the next Allied offensive in the Pacific enlarging on these tactics if a Mountain Ridge is consid ered inaccessible climb it and sur prise the enemy if a frontal at tack is the expected thing envelop the opponent by out flanking him or moving around him the Chi Nese guerrillas have won Many Battles in this Way the hazards sometimes Are great but the prof its Are tremendous japs bewildered Carlson said the average Jap anese Soldier was bewildered when surprised he is tenacious and Tough but he relies on higher officers to direct his he lacks initiative american marines sailors and soldiers Are Superior fighters Carl son said because they have been f taught to think for themselves an table to get whore and Start Are self reliant and More resource Ful than the enemy we seek to imbue the raiders ing greatly outnumbered Wash Burn feigned Retreat and the Jap with these tilings As Well As with resumed their swimming Carl the Tungho spirit Tungho is son related he returned and sur the chinese word describing the prised theh again before they left the River killing Many More men my son lieutenant Evans c Carl intense cooperation necessary outfits like ours the Merit of initiative and re forcefulness and that of unexpected attack was demonstrated by the raiders Back of the japanese lines on Guadalcanal last november and december men stayed in the Brush separated from our base for More than a month said Carlson Dur ing that time we surprised the enemy 30 times and killed 188 japs while losing Only 16 men it uns during patrol action Muije the raiders were looking for a new japanese unit of 1500 men that the nips were As Carlson explained caught with their pants Down and lost their trousers their face and in most instances their lives killed in swimming one of the Raider patrols led by major Dick Washburn Hart Ford Conn found two companies of japanese swimming in the Meta Pona River his patrol killed Many of them before they were son was with Washburn on that patrol reflecting on the in the Guadalcanal Brush the colonel said the spirit of the men wonderful i think it can Best typified by a Chicago boy named Stuyversant Van Buren he was shot in the Abdomen during our last Battle on top of it Austin we carried him Down in a Stretcher and he Wax grinning and kid Ding All the Way when he got on the table it the base he asked doctor if he could talk and told it would be better if he did not i just wanted to say Chattm proud of my wounds and proud of my outfit he said gosh but we killed lot of japs Back there Van Buren died on the operating table but his spirit will not forgotten by our men just try a Pound of Cooks fresh roasted Coffee it has that Rich Mellow flavor masters of the Coffee blending Art Cook Tea Coffee co 35 West 1st South Salt Lake City for Fine hotel and restaurant Coukis j Dia mond it Van per itchy Iid Dii Mondt up this bridal 250 Glor lout new Cutlan bring out fiery Busty of Diamond 150 glowing Schu Bach diamonds let perfect Blu Ewhite Schubach diamonds for every budget j Diamond value does not depend upon size at Schubach you get Diamond perfection regardless of what you pay every Schubach Diamond is perfect in Cut and color bought direct from american Diamond cutters to bring you More for 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