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Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Archives May 30 1943, Page 3

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Salt Lake Tribune, The (Newspaper) - May 30, 1943, Salt Lake City, Utah Salt sunday Horning May 30 1943 tunisian Battlefield welds powerful Allied army Campaign viewed As Crucible where american arms men received first fiery test of War this is the first of a series of articles by the Chicago tribunes correspondent John Thompson on the invasion of North Africa Thompson covered the operation from Start to finish he saw the preparations in Britain he accompanied the troops to Oran he became the worlds first Parachute reporter when the americans went into Tunisia he followed the tunisian Campaign through to the finish by John Thompson copyright by Chicago Tribune it has been said that the British army received its training on the playing Fields of Eton in the six months Long North Afri can Campaign just ended the americans and their British and French allies have welded a powerful Veteran Battle Force on the blood drenched Plains and mountains of Tunisia whatever future operations Are planned for the Mediterranean Basin it seems certain that these trained soldiers will form the Neu Cleus of larger Allied forces in particular is this True of the americans whose front line fight ers represented our largest Over Battle unit in this article and subsequent stories this correspondent who followed the fortunes of the americans in North Africa from the landings until the surrender of the last Axis soldiers will review the six months it was conducted what it achieved what part the yanks played How and what they they fought Learned Tunisia wis Laboratory for As the Allied commander in chief Mcneial Eisenhower said Tunisia was a Laboratory it was a strategic Bridgehead to be held by any army planning an invasion of Europe it had to be secured for the allies but it was also a Cru Cible where american arms and american men were to get their first great test against the Best professional soldiers of Europe from the mistakes of the Cam were Many mistake As Well As British French and americans have Proi item if the mistakes had not Bee made in North Africa they woul have been made at greater Cost i future operations in the future some of thes operations will be repeated by in experienced troops but its Saf to assume that they will not b made again by men of the first ninth thirty fourth and firs armoured divisions which carried the american colors in Tunisia am by the thousands of other Soldier working on Supply communications health construction Anc the myriad other jobs so essential to the operation of the War Many of the lessons Learned in North Africa will be discussed in these articles but of one thing the United states May Well be proud her fighting men standing shoulder to shoulder with the British and the French have Defeated some of hitlers crack troops la six months the yanks Wen Able to step out of the three league and clean the bases in big league style they committed no errors they met the enemy and they licked him Campaign planned jointly while the emphasis in these articles will be on the american Effort it is Well to remember As general Eisenhower often Points out that this was an Allied Cam deafened How to get the Job you want workers needed even if you have a severe hearing loss you too can help the War Effort in a Trig pay wartime Job As a Volunteer in defense work trial is proof test this Are Western electric hear ing Aid your satisfaction is assured Many Good jobs now open for or Call today Western electric hearing aids product of Bui Telephone laboratories research Audi phone company of Western states 11067 1st nah Bank Sld Send free Book explain free test c b place Factor trained technician pain planned by joint staffs executed in the Field by Allied armies it was a Campaign in which the British often had the major role the British Navy did most of the escort work of the Landing forces it has since handled the bulk of convoys and the naval War fare in the Mediterranean its army inferior numerically in the original landings eventually grew to a majority in Tunisia although almost All the bombing was handled Fay american planes and Crews about half of the fighter planes wore British in the planning stage before the invasion during the operational phase of the Campaign and on whatever plans Are now being made for the future general Eisenhower has used and is using a joint american British staff every Job on his staff has two men a briton and an american sometimes the yank is the senior officer sometimes it is his British colleague it involved strenuous troop training in Britain and in America although most of the assault troops already had had Long courses on amphibious operations the number of soldiers available As Well As their supplies had to be calculated in the basis of shipping space available and then the Brit ish Navy had to make its preparations for history greatest in Vasion by sea fooling the Axis meanwhile the business of fool ing the Axis went it worked our enemies seamed to believe we would attack at Dakar or through Liberia meanwhile too other projects were afoot be Hind the scenes in North Africa lieutenant general Mark w Clark then a major general made his famous secret visit after Rob Ert d Murphy then Consul at Al Giers and now United states min ister had Laid the groundwork among the colonial French Mili tary and civil authorities Contact was established with general Henri Giraud who was to head the French colonial army later d designation for november fast approach no our generals had hoped for a while to be Able to land unopposed but at the last minute it appeared that some of the French Irmy and most of the Navy would ight and the original plan to go n shooting was ordered carried out As part of the plan to confuse any Axis agents in Britain All War correspondents destined to report the invasion were taken secretly from London in pairs Iver a period of several weeks to Here would be no general exodus they were assigned arbitrarily by he military authorities to various positions in the invasion Fleet Ither with the assault boats or Board transports coming in on Ater Waves and then we struck on no 8 to secure the ports of Casablanca Oran and Algiers Lany among the planners argued or landings too at Bone Phil Preville and Bizerte and if these Andings had been carried out there is a Good Chance that Tunisia would have been in Allied hands within a few weeks at Tho most however there were other fac ors involved Spanish Morocco a threat to our rear through he possibility of a German counterattack through Spain the aval forces available said they Ould carry out three major land nos but not six and the danger f a serious Aerial attack by the Jerman and italian air forces on invasion Fleet at Bizerte so Sar the italian Island strongholds f Sicily and Sardinia was a great Azard Araud gives medal o Eisenhower Algiers May 29 ral Henri Honore Giraud French Ort african High commissioner Oday presented general Dwight 5 Eisenhower with his own grand Ross of the legion of country a highest award which head won on the Field of recognition of the american Gen Rais services to France As com Mander chief of the North Afri can Campaign Giraud bestowed the decoration on Eisenhower in a special Cere Mony at the palais dete High officers representing All the Allied forces in the North african Thea Ter were present carry out heavy raids Moscow remains silent on Kuban activities Russia official by United press London sunday May 30 up russian air Force carried out a series of lightning attacks on German tanks troops railways shipping and supplies during the last hours the soviet Midnight communique announced sunday the announcement broadcast by the Moscow radio made no men Tion of the Large scale fighting which the germans have insisted had been under Way in the Kuban Bridgehead of the Western Cau Casus since last wednesday it merely stated that fighting continued saturday in the area Northeast of novo Rossik the soviets claimed that 12 More German planes had been destroyed or put out of action Satur Day russian aviators destroyed or damaged at least 15 German tanks 60 trucks carrying troops and sup plies four ammunition dumps and military trains the communique reported a German battalion up to 1000 men was scattered and partly wiped out by air attacks the red air Force Sank a Ger Man transport of 5000 tons in the Gulf of Riga near the latvian coast a special announcement by the Moscow radio said that russian Long Range bombers made a concentrated attack Friday night on the Axi Sheld railway Junction at Vitebsk 75 Miles Northwest of Smolensk Vitebsk is on a main North South rail line from the Leningrad area to the Ukraine and also on the main East West line from Smolensk to the latvian Border Many fires were started and several military trains were re ported demolished in the Vitebsk bombardment explosions were observed apparently from hits on ammunition dumps and fuel depots All of the bombers re turned safely from this Mission a Swiss radio broadcast re corded by the British Exchange Telegraph Agency reported that Premier Nicholas Kallay had announced withdrawal of the second hungarian army from the russian front Kallay was said to have announced that the army would be demobilized and that hungarian War sacrifices would be limited in proportion to the country possibilities even though the govern ment of Hungary approved participation in the War on the Axis Side nazis mass Luftwaffe to counter invasion by United London May Strate Gic air Reserve of probably 400 crack Luftwaffe planes on camouflaged Aird Romes was believed saturday night to be hitlers Ace card against the coming Allied invasion of eur part of the London press and Axis broadcasts de scribed As imminent As far As facts were concerned there was Little change in the surface prospects for an Early second front in Europe but Axis invasion jitters were mounting toward anew High and there was an Avalanche of speculation and guessing allies search for bases the Basic developments included 1 reports that Allied pilots were searching for the secret Axis Aird Romes in France hol land and Belgium where the Luftwaffe was believed to have hidden from 300 to 400 top notch planes mostly bomb car trying fighters of the Focke Wulf variety As a highly to bile Force for use against an in Vasion Fleet 2 underground reports the Axis was Rushing big guns and additional troops toward Greece 3 Axis radio warnings to Germany and Italy that Allied invasion especially against the italian Island outposts in the Mediterranean might be Only a matter of Days at the most 4 reports by radio Berlin that big Allied convoys including troop ships moved into the Mediterranean this week 5 the steady relentless bomb ing by Day and by night of the invasion path to Italy and especially the Axis air bases that would provide a screen against Jap engineers inspect posts exclusive new York times Salt Lake Tribune Istanbul Turkey May 28 delayed naval and military experts accompanied by technicians specially trained in the construction of Island defences in the Asiatic theater have been flown to the German occupied is lands in the Mediterranean and the Aegean it was Learned tonight from foreign military intelligence and naval sources the japanese Mission which included one High ranking naval officer has been All through the German Island defense system in the past fortnight it is believed that t 0 d t organization workers already have made certain changes and adaptations conforming to the japanese recommendations copyright by new York times of Wace Quality be Wace i value highlight 9x12 seamless Axminster rugs tones and color combinations 1 in it a variety or patterns Lor Juat Wiki Ely Brulc Man up your new Home with new luxury floors these deep pile am Naters Are Avail Able la Choice of Rich Mono Pabco guaranteed 9x1 2foot Felt base rugs 7 so Bright and Clear in color so heavy and durable in they Are headline values at this Low Price 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of italians said there is no question of Pasepa rate peace or of Allied contacts with Italy the hour for peace has not yet come the talk of impending inva Sion on the part of the Axis broadcasters was followed by London press suggestions along the same line especially in the new chronicle the newspaper said that All details for invasion had been worked out by the Al lies that British warships Al ready have taken up strategic positions and that the invasion will involve the greatest naval operation in history radio Rome added that Allied invasion Craft were massing at Bizerte Sousse Tunis Sfax Bone and elsewhere on the North african coast and insisted to italian listeners that Germany would not let the fascists Down when the crisis came High German army officers were reported inspecting de lenses in Greece and dispatches from Sweden said that Large towns in Sicily have been almost entirely evacuated except by firemen and Shock troops As a result of growing Allied air at tacks severe Battle reported in Kupeli sector japs receive Aerial support in drive communique reports China official by associated press chunking May Nese troops with Aerial support have renewed their attack in Cen trial Supeh province and severe fighting is proceeding along the entire line a chinese High command communique announced saturday morning the japanese attack was launched Friday morning follow ing adjustment of our Central positions in this Region where the japanese Are striking in the direction of chunking an assault by reinforced Japa Nese units Southwest of Chang on the Yangtze River was checked the communique continued and the chinese heavily engaged other troops driving West from Chang enemy units in one sector South of the Yangtze were thrown Back with heavy losses Headquarters declared and another invader column striking northwestward of Yuyan Kwan Southwest of Chang was forced to Retreat after suffer ing severe casualties the japanese also attacked again in North Hunan province and fighting is proceeding West of Lihsien the communique said the English language National Herald generally regarded As the Organ of the chinese foreign of fice took the View that the Japa Nese operations in Western Supeh were not intended to take Chung King it said the enemy would air plane drops Lifeboat to save Drifting Crew London sunday May 30 the boat will not capsize it is air ministry disclosed sat equipped with two special engines urday the use of a motor Lifeboat launched from a plane by Para Chute in the Rescue of a warplane Crew from the North sea it said the recent Mission was portable wireless sails oars full changes of clothing medical sup plies food signal flares rockets and sufficient fuel to carry Sev eral persons a considerable la the first accomplished since the i Tance the air ministry Cwa scr tests of the Craft which Are Slung ice said under Hudson air sea Rescue planes and can be dropped ready for operation with almost the accuracy of an Aerial torpedo need at least 1000000 troops to however the boat hits the water it will right itself it floats to the surface under a big Parachute As easily As a Man can Parachute to Earth the Crew of a coastal command capture the provisional capital Halifax saved in the first opera and even with that number could Tion was carried More than 50 not be certain of Success Miles through the North sea Utah starts thursday first of the new bigger and better picture policy Liberal allowance for your old furniture regardless of age or condition let your old Furni Ture help you pay for owning the new smart comfortable Home you need Dur ing the Strain of wartime work Days Beautiful 7piece living a for tip huts planned to to easy on your yet Lack Roll be in smart styling and luxurious fort note the cd Crous proportions of tile mite the Ion note inc cd Crous proportions of tic mite the wide arms and deep balloon cushions Tho Vulto includes massive modern sofa club Cliar to match lounge Cliar and ottoman 6piece modern 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