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Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Archives May 30 1943, Page 1

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Salt Lake Tribune, The (Newspaper) - May 30, 1943, Salt Lake City, Utah Memorial Day memorial Day is consecrated to the memory of those who have died that this nation might live this year the living should rededicate themselves to this cause unt the Wiat Lier for Salt Lake City and Vicinity change in temperature sunday maximum temperature in Salt Lake City saturday 82 de Grees minimum temperature 62 degrees issued by permission of military authorities vol 147 no 46 Salt Lake City Utah sunday morning May 30 1943 Price ten cents biggest u s raid smashes boat bases old Cannon recalls Days of first world War v i death claims slashes heavy bombers prominent butter Price lds Leader under subsidy held important business and civic positions Sylvester q Cannon 65 widely known lds Church Leader civil Engineer and a leading figure in civic financial business and educational affairs of Salt Lake City i office of Price administration an Utah and the lds Church for bounced saturday night its sub Many years die saturday at j butter win into effect p m in a Salt Lake Hospital i he had been in 111 health since next tuesday at the rate of cents meets growing criticisms lops off 5 cents by associated press Washington m a 29 Bre Asting a tide of criticism Over the handling of food problems the havoc on French coast i other raids from Britain Hammer vital German airfields forts from North Africa Rock Italy 1938 and during the past year had been forced to abandon most of his activities he and mrs Cannon made their Home in the Belvedere Apar Tenent hotel 20 South state Street where lie resided until Sev eral Days ago when he was taken to the Hospital at the time of his death or Cannon was president of the my a Pound i retail prices beginning june 10 official by associated press London May the eve the first anniversary of the r a is initial 1000piane raid on Cologne the largest Force of american heavy bombers Ever to Roar out from British bases will reflect the Cut which amounts i made a three Way Daylight assault on Western France saturday to about 10 per cent 0 p a said Anc other Allied planes raked Axis airfields in Northern France was mics Ucil us Liviu i Row Cune school of music and produced butter festive retail Date had the Deseret news publishing com Pany and until recently was presi Dent of radio station isl and chairman of the Board of trustees of the lds hospitals and other hospitals owned by his Church born in Salt explaining the lag Between the subsidy payments and the Cut in retail prices is due to the fact that the subsidy will apply Only to the of to be set these widespread attacks further softening hitlers euro Pean fortress for invasion came As reports from North Africa told of new blows being struck at the italian Mainland and completed the wars heaviest week of Aerial bombardment of the continent a son of George q Cannon out standing Pioneer Leader member of the Church first presidency and publisher and of Elizabeth Hoag land Cannon he was born in Salt Lake City june 10 1877 he spent his boyhood on a farm in the southwestern Section of Salt Lake City or Cannon received his Educa Tion at a private school created and maintained by his father and later attended the lds College where he qualified in stenography later because of pre subsidy butter j fighting their Way through swarms of enemy fighters Many be in Trade channels of were shot British based flying fortresses of the eighth u s air Force battered port installations at the boat Bass of St Nazaire and military targets at Rennes while Liber tutors flow unescorted to la pallice a round trip of More than 600 Miles to pour the boat pens ing the 10day period at the same time o p a said the promised 10 per cent subsidy Rollback in meat and Coffee prices will follow shortly it was under stood from other sources that the meat program probably will be announced in a week or10 Days o p As announcement came As criticism in Congress and out of the handling of the food problems and prices raised the Prospect that James f Byrnes the new War mobilization director will have to Cope with it quickly among the things Byrnes Likely will Settle Are 1 the extent to which subsidies May be used he accompanied his father on a 2 whether food matters should trip through the Eastern states and to England and subsequently at tended the University of Utah and Massachusetts Institute of technology where he qualified As an Engineer in september 1s99 he left for a Mission to Holland and Belgium beginning an almost continuous career of Church service he was made president of the nether land Belgium Mission from 1900 to 1902 then accompanied Francis m Lynian president of the euro Pean Mission on a trip to Turkey Egypt Palestine Syria Greece recalling departed comrades of world War i John t Sund Loff Salt Lake City Legionnaire and former United states Marine tells his son Duane j Sundloff 8 of Days when the old 177millimeter German Field gun now standing in memory Park was used in Battle a Man who has seen action in Africa in the present War staff sergeant Joseph t Walsh of fall Kiver Massa radio operator Anil gun Ner looks on with interest the old gun was placed in the Park by the disabled american veterans of world War i november 1 1926 u s counts dead in seven wars by associated press on Quarter of a million americans have died on the Bat toefields and sea fronts of the groups plan memorial rites today in Salt Lake Carolinan hits fourth term Italy and France he married Winifred Saville june 15 1904 in the Salt Lake be concentrated under the agricultural department or whether All Price fixing that affects farm products should remain a joint question for o p a and food administrator Chester c Davis of a officials said Back program has been approved by Byrnes and that it is assured of going ahead in spite of oppo Sij All Over the United states and you Tion from some congressional have a rough idea of whats Hap Allied raids wipe out nazi cities writer presents vivid picture of destruction by Dougald Werner United press staff correspondent London May 29 up imagine a Fourton blockbuster crashing Down on the production line at Henry Fords Willow run bomber Plant in Michigan Multi ply that by 25400 blockbusters pulverizing vital Industrial centers continued on pack Al fit column six mrs 29 when May Jyh be Odd Charius w Nibley dedicated to the memory of those who have fought and died advocating an amendment to the seven wars in which this nation in the defense of their country sunday memorial Day services in Lias been engaged Constitution limiting a presidents j tenure in office to two terms son a compilation by the National Lake City and throughout the nation will be keyed to the i Ator Smith South Carolina geographic society shows that military theme honouring those men and women who gave their j declared saturday he will not sup ref nil the i three fourths of All the men killed in Battles to Date died in the civil War 110070 Union men and 74524 Confederate soldiers the world War took 50510 american lives in combat the revolutionary War 4044 men the mexican War 1721 men while 1s77 died in the War of 1s12 on tie inside Section a Page editorials14 Root 11 Gallup poll15 state news 12 13 Arthur Gaeth 15 casualty lists10 11 Section b local news 12 34 5 sports 8 9 10 finance 1112 churches 12 ceiling prices 67 Constantino Brown 20 Section c local society 1 2 4 5 6 state society7 8 9 books music 10 Victory garden11 j t i i t v i i j 11 Ai Hui Kathleen n Orris 12 East streets lives in the six great wars of the nations history traditional Flag and wreath1 ceremonies take on added significance prompted by thoughts of unmarked Ocean Graves or crosses erected on foreign soil although it will be a double Holiday for some customary Busi Ness hours will prevail monday in Federal government agencies and Many private business firms de sense industries also will maintain a full wartime schedule offices in the state Capitol lds Church offices City and county offices City schools Banks retail liquor stores and most retail stores will be closed for the Holiday regular delivery and window service will be maintained by the Post office memorial services for the pub Lic will be held sunday at 5 p m Church 375 East second South Street will Honor its members serving in the armed forces at a Flag dedication and Honor Roll ceremonies the Rev William a Lucas pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church 679 East third South continued on Pace six column four general pledges Axis downfall Washington May 29 up Dwight d Eisenhower in a radio address broadcast from Allied Headquarters in North Afri co said saturday that the forces of the United nations Are deter on the Capitol Steps under auspices i mined to press the fight until we of the United veterans Council of shall have brought the last army Salt Lake City j r Minson commander of Post no 409 vet Erans of foreign wars will be master of ceremonies speakers will be governor her Bert b maw Arthur Gaeth radio commentator and or Adam s Bennion assistant to the presi Dent of the Utah Power and Light company the program also will include Reading of a memorial poem by mrs Ruth Neilson pres of Germany Italy and Japan to its inevitable Tunisia his speech was made Public by the War department Here but the occasion on which he spoke was not disclosed in what was interpreted As an invasion message the com mandarin chief of the Allied North african armies said they have jolted the enemy morale by destroying one of his Best armies ident of the Navy mothers taps and now Are ready to undertake will be sounded and a Wreath and further task that our coun placed in memory of the unknown Soldier special sunday services on the memorial theme have been announced by the Rev George j Weber first congregational Church first South and fourth Zion lutheran tries May choose to assign us he said the Allied fighting men know what it takes to win and through them other Allied units j port any bid president Roosevelt May make for reelection to a fourth term i didst vote for Roosevelt for a third term and in not going to vote for him for a fourth term Smith told a reporter with me it int the Man its the no president Ever had More than i j two terms before and i think we ought to write a limitation of that kind into the Constitution Smith said he is prepared to give Active support to a Resolution which senator Bailey North Carolina May introduce next week proposing a constitutional Amend ment to restrict the tenure of any future president to two fou year terms the amendment which would not affect or Roosevelt pos sible candidacy is expected to be assigned to the Senate judiciary committee whose chairman Van Guys Indiana expects to appoint a subcommittee with instructions to hold Public hearings a secret poll of the committee by proponents is reported to have indicated the measure would have majority support there with at least three democrats joining with seven republicans to report the proposal later for Senate consideration a minority strategist who declined to be quoted by name predicted the Resolution would be supported by All 38 Senate republicans and by several democrats Temple the same year he Wandav next Friday the prices made Counselor in the presidency of the newly organized Pioneer stake serving in this position until 1917 from 1907 to 1909 he re turned to Holland As Mission presi Dent and during that period supervised publication of several Church works in the dutch Lan Guage made stake Lender in 1917 he was made president of Pioneer stake holding that position until 1925 when he Suc As pre siding Bishop of the Church he pening to Germany when the Royal air Force dropped 2000 tons of bombs on the Ruhr City of Dortmund last sunday for instance the effect was to Block out much of the Industrial wealth and level thousands of Homes in a City of the same approximate size creameries charge others will be 1 and importance As Kansas City sources and Davis the subsidy on butter will be paid by the defense supplies corporation a subsidiary of the re construction finance corporation at the rate of five cents a Pound at Creamery level beginning tues yanks squeeze japs on Attu u s official by United press Washington May 29 american soldiers fighting in the weird Cloudland of attus High served in that capacity until april i ridges have driven the enemy from t Viti Ilus when he was made in Asso another Strong Point and have most of the r a is heavy bomb to imagine what would happen to u s production if 10000 tons of bombs were dropped on Pitts Burgh wiping out the giant Carne Gie Illinois steel works and laying waste to 62 acres of property in the Center of the City that is what the Raf has done to Essen the Pittsburgh of Ger Many War production Effort the great Krupp works there Are believed to have been knocked out indefinitely cutting deep into Nizzi steel and armament production similar stories can be told More than a score of Gorman cities elate to the Council of twelve apostles being made a member of the Council of twelve in 1939 after the death of Melvin j bal lard his engineering work included direction of the land and irrigation Survey of Weber River for the state engineers from 1905 to 1907 water Supply Engineer for compressed the main body of Jap ing has been concentrated since anese defenders into an area of the Start of this Vear on the Ruhr Salt Lake City 1912 to 1913 and sealed saturday Only three Square Miles clambering up rugged Snow covered 60degree slopes in the face of heavy gunfire from enemy entrenchments above the Cloud line the americans stormed and took the Strong Point of fishhook Ridge on thursday the Navy re Valley it has struck again and again at the area within a 20mile radius of Essen where such War vital cities As Duisberg Dortmund Dusseldorf and bochum Are located specific figures in terms of ton nage dropped have been disclosed Only for Essen where 10000 tons 1913 to 1925 ring which major works projects Pace six column two Allied planes raid japs in Pacific allies official by associated press Allied Headquarters in Australia sunday May a japanese cargo ship and six barges were bombed in the Banda sea saturday the High command announced off Hansa Bay new Guinea a bomber scored two near misses which often Are damaging in an they squeezed the i of bombs have fallen since the War in bulk of the japanese still alive and fighting into a pocket within the fishhook shaped contours of the Ridge about one and five eighth Miles South of Chicago Harbor on the islands northeastern Corner the attackers won the Ridge and its entrenchments despite bad weather which robbed them of air support the by a thunderous artillery and mortar the bitterest and most difficult since United Spates troops landed on Attu May 11 in winning their objective the americans placed themselves in a position to strike annihilating blows against the enemy pocketed below them the Only other pocket of Japa Nese resistance Navy reports indicated is in the Lake Cories area attack on a 5000ton japanese to the Southeast of the main body the two enemy groups it appeared Are separated by Spear liberators ranged a thousand Heads of american soldiers driving transport Cologne South of the Ruhr has been raided More than any other German City 115 times and it was that Industrial and communications Center which was the target of the r a is first 1000plane raid on May 30 1942 a year ago tomorrow but that raid cannot be com pared with the r a is current efforts considerably less than continued on face five column four i there lost 18 planes in order to pave the Way for these operations which Cost the americans 13 four engined planes Light bombers of the Raf with escorts of american and other Al lied fighters attacked enemy air Fields at Caen and Mau Pertus nearly 100 fortresses from major general James h Doolittle Northwest Africa strategic air command in their northernmost penetration of Italy raided the port of leghorn on the knee Cap of the italian Boot Friday the leghorn raid has consider Able significance for the 160 Miles North of just Short of the Ligurian sea naval base at spezia where British based Raf n i or h t bombers reached the High tide of their trans Alpine assaults against Italy last Winter after wrecking Genoa with Aerial bombs Italy surrounded Italy is thus encompassed by the Allied offensive to bomb the ital ians out of the War and the fascist Fleet also is wide Povi to attack the italian ships apparently have been held in Reserve to resist any Allied invasion attempt the target of the liberators from the Middle East command was Foggia and its Ai drome in the italian hinterland 80 Miles cast of Naples the results of these and subsidiary raids by assorted Allied aircraft were the destruction or damaging of at least 13 enemy bombers on the ground and direct hits on several hangars at Foggia great damage to the leghorn ship Yards including hits on three slip ply vessels and the destruction of at least 1 enemy fighter planes one Large Force of american flying fortress crossed the Chan Nel Early in the Day and returned in mid afternoon Over the Folke Stone sea flying High and unescorted hardly had their wheels touched the ground when other heavy bombers presumed also to be fortresses were reported crossing the South coast of England in Waves flying High in the direction of St Nazaire and Lorient enemy boat bases on the coast of France following this report came an eighth u s air Force announce ment that Large formations of heavy bombers some of which were supported by fighters at tacked targets in Western France during the afternoon these operations were preceded by attacks by Raf bombers continued on a pc two column four going into the fight for the first j besides Bailey senators Smith time will be better prepared More Van Guys Wheeler Montana ready to absorb the first shocks and Tydings Maryland Are of conflict openly for the proposal Miles West to Lombok near Bali As the allies conducted the great est number of sorties yet under taken in the sector Northwest of Australia the attack in the Banda sea occurred off Boerne Island the cargo ship of 1000 tons was Tow ing the barges five Hundred Pound bombs fell a amazingly near Northwest toward the head of Chi Carof Harbor and bomb shattered Attu Village the general theater is on a Small Peninsula bounded on the North by Holtz Bay and on the South by Sarana Bay and intended on the Northwestern Side by Chicago Harbor other parts of the Island tile the boats the entire flotilla Navy reported Are devoid of was strafed enemy activity Clark Lees runaway bestseller they Call it Pacific an eyewitness Story of our War against Japan from Bataan to the Solomons they Call it Pacific is a thrilling closeup of ten months of War Over 40000 Miles of the Pacific it reveals much never printed previously and authorities Call it correction every military slant it is the Only firsthand Story of the War against Japan from Bataan to the Solomons begin it monday in the Salt Lake Tribune

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