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Salt Lake Tribune, The (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Salt Lake City, Utah Tace weather Cloudy cooler and warmer showers and warm lord Metal Silver Silver Copper electrolytic Felly my Connecticut Vauney 5ooc vol 141 no 70 Salt Lake City Utah sunday morning june 23 194o French Sig 80 dictated p Churchill urges continued Aid to b gop jams Quaker City dozen aspirants seek to Lead party to Victory convention which opens tomorrow faces possible deadlock with dark horse Outlook Good Philadelphia june 22 Birthplace of Amer ican Independence bulged saturday with thousands of confident republicans gathering to nominate a presidential ticket to Lead a third Effort to Stop the new Deal most of them seemed to believe that their 1940 opponent once More will be president it Roseyelt a dozen candidates eager to Chal Lenge his recent Mastery electorate Are assembling Here in a concentration of political Hope Fuls unmatched since the g o p convention of 1920 the convention will be called to order at 9 a in Tonj d monday bands assemble the bands were assembling to tootle and drum in Praise or the candidates who have retained them countless Square Yards of red White avd Iolite Bunting fluttered in the City Breeze any one who wanted to know what Hia favorite candidate looked like when his photograph was blown up three sizes larger than a barn door needed Only to tour the big hotels political events Are moving so fast delegates scarcely can keep up with them or Roosevelt Nomina Tion of two Republican stalwarts to his Cabinet Shell shocked this gathering in midweek but there Are Marks of recovery avoid certain issues the preliminary platform discus Sion is shaping a party program which wih avoid bitterly controversial issues such As sit Down strikes and specific amendments to the National labor relations act and the wag hours act Farmers will not be deprived of government checks in any Plank Likely to be adopted Here there is dispute Over How and How much Aid this country should give the allies and that May cause some difficulty before it is adjusted republicans Are out to Mark the democrats As a War party and they feel that they can win this year if they can make that appellation stick developments As republicans made Las Day convention plans included 1 the Republican National committee voted to change party rules to deny convention representation to any congressional District casting fewer than 1000 votes for a congressional elector or congressional candidate it would affect about 75 Southern Delegate seats and appeared to he a move instigated by associates of former president Herbert c Hoover 2 a keep Man move was started in behalf of John d m Hamilton head of the Republican National commit tee for the past four years s an Effort was made but abandoned to compel platform subcommittees to make their re ports by sunday night 4 National committee chair Man c b announced m party Hank balance of and liabilities of Only Good news for the delegates 5 Marion e Martin assistant chairman of the Republican National committee counted up and reported women Dele Gates and alternates an increase of 86 per cent Over i9s6 6 there were indications of recoil from Hamiltons brusque action m Reading colonel Frank Knox and colonel Henry Stynson out of the party on charges of having joined the Koo Tevelt Cabinet 7 District attorney to hymns k i ewer arriving he retold questioners the Campaign Issue was peace the re m a peace party Dewoy was one of those opposed continued on two Ono rival blocs clash at party meet by Harry j Brown Tribune Washington Bureau Philadelphia june May be the City of brotherly love but Little brotherly or any other kind of love exhibited today by the Early arrivals for the Republican National con Tiosh the love theme has been discarded from now on it is Ham reran tongs relatively Lew delegates have yet of them Are due in the past week the various Candi dates for the presidential Nomi nations have established Headquarters and the members of the resolutions committee have been hold ing hearings and get Ting ready for the real task that is still ahead of them the open fighting is Between the rival Camps and verbal brickbats have begun to Fly Back and Forth As first one aspirant and then another is singled out for assault up to a few weeks ago the re publican presidential contest was orderly and reasonably dignified or Dewey who held the Lead in All polls was quite Content to let or Taft get what Comfort he could from the confidential re ports of his army of Field workers senator Taft was wholly satisfied to let or Dewey have the acclaim so Long As he Felt that he had continued on two column three Vatican envoy remains in grave condition Florence Italy june 22 Myron c Taylor president Roose belts Persona representative to the Vatican continued in a serious condition Here saturday night the statement of his condition was issued after three physicians held afternoon consultations House votes four billion fund to Navy opposition gains in Senate on Choice of Knox Washington june warship construction program to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House sat urday after scarcely two hours debate the Swift action together with final congressional approval of a tax defense Bill and a emergency appropriation for the army and Navy snared attention atthe Capitol with reports of Strong opposition within the Senate naval committee to confirmation of colonel Frank knows nomination to be Secretary of the Navy the naval committee voted at a closed Ity apr Pear before quist thing on his views toward United states policy and the War one member who Stid he favored approval of the reporters that an informal poll indicated that if a vote Vivere taken today Theomi nation would be rejected 11 to 5 depends on stand whether or not the committee approves the nomination this member said May depend on knows statement of his attitude toward possible United states intervention in the european War the Navy expansion Bill swept through the House with a chorus of ayes on a voice vote the exact number of new ships proposed in it is a military secret the measure cloaking this by providing Only for 385000 tons of battleships 200000 continued on six column two president eyes nazi designs on Allied Navy Hyde Park n y june 22 Roosevelt it was Learned saturday night is giving most serious consideration to the possibility that both the British and French fleets May fall into the hands of Germany and thus Force the United states to double its fighting fleets to match the sea Power of the totalitarian nations Nava experts it was Learned have handed or Roosevelt memo Randa showing that americas first line of defense would be tremendously outweighed in the Atlantic by totalitarian Battle fleets should Germany and Italy defeat Britain continued on Page six column five armistice signed raids go on the Salt Lake Tribune brings the g o p convention to your Doorstep three great wire services associated press United press Tribune leased wire special activities of inter Mountain area delegates Harry j Brown of the tribunes Washington Bureau is writing of their participation the scenes by the tribunes Peerless staff of columnists welter Lippmann Dorothy Thompson Patil Mallon Ernest Lindlay Frank Kent Alsop and Kintner All ringside seats at Philadelphia picture coverage Complete and fast wire photo ins photos read the Salt Lake Tribune for details of the Republican National convention beginning monday in Philadelphia reports from comping be 1 saturday said France had signed an armistice with Germany but meanwhile air raids continued in the Mediterranean italian planes probably taking off from the dodecanese islands raided an naval base at Alexandria Egypt z Germany and eng land traded punches with raids on Berlin 3 and eng lands Southeast coast Italy raided Bizerte in French Tunisia Marseille and claimed hits on a Cruiser off the Balearic islands reports from Russia said troops were massing along the German Frontier Britain raided Obruk in italian Libya Raf bombards Krupp works plane plants London june 22 air ministry announced the Krupp armaments works at Essen were bombed by the Royal air Force Friday night important German aircraft factories and storage buildings were reported attacked by heavy bombers in raids which lasted an hour and a half direct bomb hits were scored on the Fock Wuu aircraft works at Bremen the air ministry said and six ammunition and Supply trains Between Bremen and Osnabrock were wrecked saturday nights air ministry communique important German aircraft fac tories and storage buildings at Bremen Kassel Rothenburg and Gottl Ngen were attacked Friday night by heavy bombers of the r a f in a series of raids lasting for nearly an hour and a half at Bremen the attack was directed against the Large Focke Wulf aircraft works the first bomber reached the target five minutes before Midnight and in continues on Rase Flucht column seven Frances Fleet thought Safe Washington june 22 up authoritative British source said saturday that he would not be surprised if at least a Large part of the French Fleet is already in British ports Safe from German seizure this informant said that portions of the French Navy have been placed under British Protection but he declined to Esti mate How much of the French Fleet the second largest Navy in Europe is in British custody Possession of the French naval forces has been regarded by some military experts As the key to a Quick and perhaps successful Nail attack on the British Isles since the Start of the War the French Fleet has been cooperating closely with the British Fleet and Many of its units were known to have been under British direction for several months lord Lothian British Ambas Sador said saturday after a visit with undersecretary of state sum Ner Welles that he was without official information on the whereabouts or status of the French Navy allies repulse italian air raid in Egypt Alexandria Egypt june 22 italian air raids on this Allied naval base were beaten off saturday by the antiaircraft guns of the British and French fleets four of the attacking bombers were shot Down pastal batteries joined in a heavy bombardment of the enemy squadrons bombs fell in the Harbor but hit no warship and Over the cites seafront the from Italy dodecanese islands across the in Waves which were driven Back by the co operative action of both fleets italian planes also bombed i Buti French Somaliland several times saturday but there were no casualties and no known damage Malta was bombed the Day be fore the attack led to predictions Egypt might quickly declare War on Italy two persons were killed and 23 two injured in the raid a British naval communique said these civilian casualties apparently resulted from the fact thu antiaircraft fire and fighter planes forced the raiders to veer eastward along the waterfront Only Friday night French offi Cial sources predicted that Frances big Mediterranean Fleet and Middlemast armies in Syria would fight on beside the British regardless of the Home governments decision As to armistice saturdays action bore this out the British air Arm likewise has been striking offensively after a Dawn bombardment at Obruk italian Libya heavy smoke poured from a Large warship in the har Bor the British reported generals put signatures on historic document in Forest of comping be War news told at a glance French capitulate sign ing armistice in railway car in comping be Forest fighting to end six hours after they agree on Armi Stice with Italy German command reports 500000 French soldiers in Lor Raine surrender Story Page 1 columns 7 and 8 air raiders heavily bomb Krupp armaments works at Essen and aircraft fac battleship n h q r 5 t tories elsewhere in Ger Many announce German badly damaged Story Page 1 column 4 Alexandria ital ians bomb Alexandria four times driven off by coastal Dan naval can non Story Page 1 column 5 Bordeaux French admit stronger German thrust in Rhone Valley and pushing of Advance units South of the lower Loire italian attacks beaten off Confidence voted to mar Shal Petain Story Page 8 column 8 and time of italia French armis Tice conference kept secret Story Page 1 columns 6 and 7 Geneva French Tri color still flies Over great fort of Lecluse germans pushing in Effort to join forces with italian Alpine armies gain a few mountainous Miles germans capture lose and regain Bellegarde Between Dawn and dusk fighting near Swiss Border continues without respite Story Page 8 column i some counterproposal offered by Bordeaux says report fuehrer absent at ceremonies by associated press British prime minister Winston Churchill made a flaming Appeal sunday to frenchmen everywhere to fight on at Britain Side against Germany despite French capitulation last night to a German armistice which he said no free and Independent French government could have accepted frankly going Over the Heads of the Bordeaux government Churchill said that the German terms if accepted by All French men would Force the French to work against their allies would use the soil of France As a Means of attacking Britain and would turn the French Navy and Empire Over to Germany despite All Thisbe declare Britain will cherish the cause of the French people and a British Victory is Only Hope for restoration and Freedom actually the terms of the grim document which we eyed French plenipotentiaries signed last night in the gloomy Depths of comping be Forest were not disclosed the French government described them As hard but Honor Able that if they been honorable France would germans View England As 4ripe target Berlin june 22 is Ripe for storming Wellin formed Riazi quarters said Satur Day night As this View widened in Ger Many the Days communique told of increased pressure against eng land from the air and on the sea nearly 100 bombers roared Over English coast communities Friday night in another mass demonstration of air Power they will go Back the German press emphasized that adequately based planes need not fear sea Power England Ideal subject the news service Dienst aus Deutch land declared that England is an Ideal subject for attack in that it is a setup for Quick destructive air forays and for Block Ade the news service added eng land is being Defeated by one of its own weapons blockade moreover every hour of delay in the French decision at com Pisegne Forest helped the German army to make the French military position More hopeless German sources said air bases noted the armistice 1s going hand in hand with the final collapse of the French army was the Way one press report put it Germany is in Possession of sex continued on Pace eight column rive italians keep time secret for armistice talks Rome june 22 the place and time of armistice negotiations be tween italian representatives and the French emis Saries flown Here saturday from Compi Egene Forest was kept secret saturday night in Rome pending official announcement italians first Learned that the French had signed the terms of German armistice in a special German radio announcement at p m p m the German broadcast said the terms could not yet be disclosed a later italian radio announcement said the terms probably would fall into three groups occupation of Frances English Channel ports until the War with England is ended measures to assure that the French will not Aid Britain measures in preparation for peace in which reparations will be made to Germany for the wrongs she suffered at the end of the world War rejected them Tini in the Oitice of on its course and will not cease until six hours after the French have concluded an armistice with Italy Germany so newly belligerent ally the French delegates flew to Italy to hasten this consummation fight not in vain the French government declared that the fighting was not in vain As it had enabled France to hold out for a soldiers peace with Germany marshal Henri Philippe Petain the Premier who requested that peace got a vote of Confidence from the French Senate Frances ally great Britain gave proof of her determination to fight on alone and unconquered by announcing heavy Aerial attacks on Germany great Krupp armament works at Essen and on air plane factories and storage plants at Bremen Kassel Rothenburg and Gottinger actual combat Between the Ger mans and the French is not to end until six hours after the French sign an armistice with Italy the so newly belligerent ally of Ger Many to hasten that consummation the French plenipotentiaries flew immediately toward Italy for a conference with Premier Musso Lini Only when in Duce too has been satisfied will there be an end to the deadly struggle which in a Little More than a month has put half of France and substantially All of her Rich Industry in German hands at a of untold casual ties on doth sides Italy base Italy took a More Active part in the War saturday by sending four Waves of bombing planes against the British naval base at Alexan Dria Egypt and also bombing Jib uti French Somaliland dam age was described As slight both French and British Fleet units fought Back the French humiliation before the Power of Adolf Hitler was scaled in the same old comping be Woods where loser to Frances marshal Foch on november 11 1918 the Storic moment of this new armistice was put at p m a m m s the signer for Germany was colonel general Wilhelm Keitel chief of the Nail High command and for France general Charles Huntziger one of the French wept Adolf Hitler himself was not there he had met the French on Fri Day n the old railway car of marshal Foch where the germans signed a losers peace in the last War to Tell them of then he left general Keitel spoke briefly to continued in Elcho column poor

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