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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Salt Lake Tribune (Newspaper) - June 13, 1964, Salt Lake City, Utah Departments j831511 Bottom admit eng circulation departments 3631525 information scores 3557511 vol 186 no Alt cake Russ agree to alter Juv setup okeh growth of councils by Thomas j Ham ten York times United nations by june 12the soviet Union has reversed Tseh and agreed to expansion of the Security Coon cil and the economic and so Cial Council to provide More seats for Africa asian Mem Bers reliable sources said Friday that the soviet delegation had sent a note to Latia american delegates who also favor the expansion stating that it would agree to the expansion of the 11member Security coun cil to 15 and the 18member economic and social Council to 27 the note rated the peo Ples Republic of China favored the expansion and implied with out stating specifically that the soviet Union would ratify the proposed amendments to the charter adopted by the general Assembly in december the fact that communist China is not a member of the Unias used by the soviet Union during the debate to justify its opposition to the expansion despite the overwhelming vote in favor of the 97 to 11 for expanding these purity Council 96 to 11 for expanding the economic and so Cial failure of the permanent members to support the proposed charter Amend ments seemed to eliminate any possibility of their going into effect no amendment to Roe charter can take effect unless it is ratified by two thirds of the members of the in including the five permanent members of the Security Council the soviet voted against the expansion of both councils and the us and Britain abstained nationalist Cama of the expansion of the eco nomic and social Council ratifications of five african asian members have been de posited with the in there was no word when the soviet ratification could be expected some delegates expressed concern about the possibility that the so Viet Union would try to attach some special condition for ratification but there was no word on what this might be the cheat Powers Dis like of the expansion of these purity Council resulted from the fact that this would dilute their dominant position in the Council As a result of the influx of newly Independent african and asian states which has raised the membership from 51 in 1946 to the present 112 the Small Powers already dominate the general Assembly Germany Berlin la j Erhard note rights o new York times service Washington june 12 president Johnson and Chancel or Ludwig Erhard of West Ger Many reasserted Friday the rights of the Western Powers in Germany and Berlin and their interest in working Towar peaceful reunification of Ger Many they found no ground for apprehension in the new treat of Mutual assistance Between the soviet Union and East get1 Many the Heads of government and their aides in a Day Long round of meetings reviewed a number of ideas being pressed by Bonn to emphasize the fact that reunification has net been forgotten As Erhard pot it the is in turn persuaded the West germans to least in the communique various agreements with mos cow including measures of arms control promote rather than Dray the goal of reunification Utah Lau Ory Aad pm during afternoons map of Paje 33 is 1m4 swedish spy ml4 meet opens on Gal to Lead inspire youth Chicago Tribune service Stockholm Sweden june 12 col Stig Wennerstrom Sweden military adviser on disarmament until he was unmasked As the nations most successful spy Friday was sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor re Learned of his sentence in a special Security Concrete cell built at a prison on Laang Bohnen an Alcatraz like Island in Stockholm Harbor wardens said the 57yearold former air attache in washing ton and Moscow received the sentence with composure be has three weeks to Deere whether to Appeal judge Ingvar Nagrem in a 100page verdict which was put on Sale at a copy in the lobby of the bastion like Central criminal courts ordered the colonel stripped of his rank and honors and to pay to the Treasury the judge said this was the amount the state had been Able to Trace in payments made to Wennerstrom by the soviet Union for 25 years of handing them american North Atlantic treaty organization and swed ish military secrets esp Ciany concerning nuclear bombers and missiles Weone Stroem also was or dered to pay to cart Erik Lindahl the lawyer named by the state to defend him by Maurice a Jones Tribune Church writer carry on with your efforts to help youth meet the Chal Lenges of our tunes firmly courageously and intelligently and not yield to the insidious influences and designs of men who exercise no moral restraint when personal gain is involved tubs Challenge was Given Friday morning to Mutual improvement Assn leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of lat Ter Day saints As they filled the Tabernacle on Temple Square at the opening general session of the 65th annual june con Ference a Australia England Samoa and and strafing j Tahiti Mexico Canara and from every state in addition to the message of Delbert l Stapley of the Council of twelve apostles and i i weave Apo sues Ana App Caiu ml4 adviser the Mia workers stand Souvanna said he heard the 196465 theme and the armed 196465 Reading program they also were greeted by g ass heres lineup of Mia Day saturday Mia conference events 7dlajfcymmia executive Yomia stake presidencies testimony Sembly Han Amy Mia executive Symmia stake superintendent cies testimony meeting Assembly Hall 1 to executive ses 5 and pm drama festival Hall Pioneer memorial theater West and High land High schools Scranton enters race hits Goldwater views Laos Leader backs us recon runs says flights to resume by Antoine Yared associated press writer Vientiane Laos june 12 ignoring violent red read Ion Premier Prince Souvanna Houma said Friday us recon Naissance planes will resume flights Over Laos in a Day or 3 and reversing a previous position he said american armed fighters Are Welcome to Fly escort Rosiy thursday he had a Aoa Aeed a Teu wary ass pea saw of the Fighte Terri tory held by the once mama is Pat aet Laa he gave As his reason that the Patchet lao forces had halted after driving his neutralise army from the Plaine Des Jarres 110 Miles Northeast of Vientiane unfortunately Sou Vanna told a news conference Friday recent information reaching us shows that important movement of Patchet lao and Viet Minn communist North vietnamese troops Are taking Dace in these zones the flights will therefore be front ind and if the Patchet lao want them to Stop it is up to them to create the necessary Isiace said earner mis week mat be had not been consulted when the United states decided to Send armed fighters along after one of the unarmed photographic plane was shot Down by the Patchet lao it was believed then that Souvanna was trying to placate the Patchet lao which had been denouncing the armed flights and so Avanna had hoped to get the leftists to Job in talks to end the Civ strife in his new and apparently c pm and pm music Tant ail most j Ashton and Carl w Buehner Florence s Jacobsen pres ident of the Yomia and her two Counselor Margaret r Jackson and Dorothy p Holt also spoke words of greeting earlier the six officers with All Mia general Board Mem Bers greeted those attending the conference in ceremonies on Temple Square grounds you Are called to help Young people grow physically mentally and spiritually into the full stature of intelligent latter Day Saint manhood and woman Hood with desires for Everin creasing righteousness and beneficial service to Mankind in whatever lifes activities they choose to follow elder Stapley declared the theme for the coming year show the Way through Mia is most timely time is moving quickly for All of us and the world also the pressures of our Day and age Are terrific but import in seepage a Famal Sance planes that have been Fly ing from the Carrier Kitty Hawk off the vietnamese coast Souvanna said it was Only human for the unarmed planes to have us Jet fighter escort general ends s Viet duties o los Angeles Washington june 12gen Paul d Harkins will be replaced As commander of american forces in South Viet Nam Kiwi return to the United states in the next 10 Days the White House announced Friday president Johnson announced april 25 that the four Star general now 60 would re main on Active duly until his mandatory retirement d a t aug i Harkins will be replaced by it Gen William c Westmore land 50 who went to Saigon last january As Harkins Deputy today chuckle the real problem of your Leisure is How to keep other people from using it dont Horace West Washington Post co Washington jew 14dast off of greeted it May have the answer to the College in rodent crisis his Wise words about Young go in West a Century ago Are equally valid for today High school graduates the or what admissions Center in new York mid Friday theres Safe Max m t to to the enter in fact its Survey of 1200 co Deges the country to Fred of at least 03000 vacancies for this fall n its simply a distribution problem according to Center director g James Hechtman Rathe flock toward the already jammed Ivy hate of new eng land Hechtman proposes move toward the wide open spaces of the Rocky mountains great Plains great lakes area South and far West Fot most part Tower charges for tuition room and Board in the West and great Plains particularly win More than offset extra transportation costs the Center said the surplus of moms exists despite a increase this year Over the 1055000 freshmen who entered Counce last year the Esfer says be Esth Nate is a cafes which he Asfe a the its breakdown by Region for the 30090 dormitory Beds 783 in new England 1982 in the Mideast 35m in the South West with Arizona and new Mexico not reporting 3c60 a the Rocky Mountain states Wyoming not 3873 a the far West in the lakes area 5513 in the great plants and 6456 in the Southeast Wunkam w Rover nor wih seek cop presidential Bomin Afoa says he offers Choice to gop by John d Morris new York times service Baltimore my june 12 gov William w Scranton entered the contest Tor the Republican party presidential nomination Friday under a Banner of progressive republicanism the 4cyearold pennsylvanian announced his candidacy in a speech laced with barbed references to the conservative views of sen Barry Goldwater of Arizona the leading contender for the nomination his forum was the Maryland state Republican convention thursday night shortly after deciding to become an Active candidate he had accepted a previously proffered invitation to address the convention senates the Drew cheers Aai Delegate Scranton too late Goldwater claims there were also some jeers and of Goldwater Goldwater without mentioning Goldwater by name Scranton left no doubt that the arizonans Brand of republicanism was the target of Many sharply worded passages i have come Here to offer oar party a Choice be declared i reject the Echo we have thus far been banded the Echo of fear of reaction the Echo from the never never land that pots our nation on the Road backward to a lesser place in the world of free men at another Point he called on is party to unite behind our traditional principles not behind some weird parody on our real beliefs in an obvious adus fun to the Campaign style of Goldwater be by David Krasker Angeles times Washington june 12sen Barry Goldwater Ariz Fri Day dismissed Pennsylvania gov Imam Scranton entry into the Republican presidential race As a desperation move launched too late to upset the Goldwater band Wagon the arizonan also said he regarded former vie president Richard m Nixon As the prime mover in persuading Scranton to announce his candidacy Gold water often has said be regards Nixon As his chief rival for the Republican nomination Nixon who is not a declared candidate said after the Scran ton announcement that he is Neutral it is late water said i a interview it is a desperation move he will have to wage a costly Vig Orous Campaign to convince delegates pledged to me that it would be a mistake to stay with me Goldwater acknowledged front runner for the gop Candi Dacy earlier issued a statement welcoming Scranton into the race but then he tossed a few barbs at the pennsylvanian and in a statement from Gettysburg former president Dwight d Eisenhower expressed his admiration for the Pennsyl Vania governor but declined to choose favourites in the Nomina Tion Battle tin not going to answer any questions Goldwater snapped outside his Senate office when a reporter asked if be was sur prised by Scranton decision got wafer far Aai away the final Namu Jit the i read in the newspapers that you Are reaper Kataf Ama flon to decide whether to be a candidate for me presidential nomination i Hope Yon do deckle to ran and i would the Opportunity albeit impertinent you to discuss tins with an indication that Scran tons entry into the race Goldwater Flat footed came from Dean Burcia the no 2 Man in the senators Campaign organization it surprised me Burch said also denounced the easy answer or the fast draw or the Quick station in a special Appeal to Raak and file Republican politicians re raided the Dele Gates that the party presiden tial candidate could help others on the ticket or doom than to undeserved defeat he added any political party which seriously undertakes to Lead the govern ment of tins Only in Washington but also in the state capitols in flir i inn Llama n in the Erk is later however his Campaign Headquarters Here issued a mimeographed statement quoting Goldwater saying Welcome Bill Scranton into the race As one of the out standing governors in the nation he will fight a Dean vigorous Campaign re we not Duck the issues then came the Needle an apparent response to Scranton As Sault Friday on Gokh taters philosophy in fact the statement said governor Scranton persuasiveness is one of the major Rea sons i announced my own candidacy for the presidency the Fetter Tom to water tart Dee is read i part this near Beer not even close Seattle june 12 the Rainier brewing co said Friday it would Airlift look cases of bottled water to North Western Montana where pure drinking water was scarce but flood water was More than abundant the water is m Beer Bot Fles it will be town to Mal Srorn air Force base from where it will be transported to Cutbank and then distributed by helicopter to approximately co persons isolated by floods the atty ban Finch a great party win not lightly throw away the top places on its ticket late he accepted a snare of the re Sponski Brity for the delay but be strongly disputed the View that the Goldwater forces already had a but assured tie senators nomination some persons Are so afraid of a free choke at the Republican convention which opens july 13 in san Francisco that they pretend the selection is already conceded be said with More than half of the delegates not yet committed he asserted they Teft us to sur Render the dignity of our party the respect of our Fedow citizen and an Hope of a Kymn Lam Victory in the fan i Fob one believe that on party a Fol not make a decision seepage tallying the Tribune heading for Deans team sign up with Malmquist in cask anyone Hast noticed what season it i Weh Tell you its Spring baseball season and the political a capita p and if you Arent excited about politics Check your Piuse you May not have one Spring of course Means flow ers baseball Means Mickey Matte and politics Means o n Malmquist the Dean of Western political analysts is Afan the Best anyone thinking of going through a political year without Mam Onasti guidance just int thinking Malmo act on Routis h another unmatchable feature of the Salt Lake Tribune his Story on utahs gop convention on Pace 21 Handy guide to the inside Church activities from throughout the tree Page of in a movie mood heres the weekend Kneup pages 1211 the Public forum and Tribune editorials Pafe it Page to timetables to a the top programs ;