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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion Newspaper Archives Mar 27 1942, Page 1

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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion (Newspaper) - March 27, 1942, Salt Lake City, Utah A j it j printing publishing vol. A no. 9. David Keith bldg., dial Salt Lake City Utah Friday March 27, 1942 published by c. N. Lund $1.50 per year Argentina keeps her powder dry i r he of to Tel. Fly j i p a sturdy Tough army biggest in sooth America shows that Argentina is ready to Back herself up when her policy of neutrality runs out. She knows that the fact that she has not severed relations with the Axis will not Jive her from being an Axis objective when the time comes. Here her my is pictured in review. Notice the helmets not much unlike German helmets. Beware of of eee innies editorials by c. N. Lcn1 a Small tempest was stirred up by last week s leading editorial it was surprising How forceful were the reactions to last week s editorial on the pro fact St movement in the u. S some were for some against. Some wanted to sue that was poured in by some for our Friend or. Pelley and against International jewry was quite voluminous. The Praise Given was too Good to Tell the Public. We Only quoted what we believed to be their own words and sentiments which any one May read if they will Call in. We omitted one name g. K. Smith chairman of the committee of one million to break Down the u. S. War Effort. We Are beginning to be Lieve that Judas was a Saviour and not a base betrayer. But if their information is Correct and their plan a saving one then let them go ahead. It e know positively that it will Divide the people and help to destroy their War Effort. If we had Money we would give liberally to anyone who could prove that any of the statements made on this subject by the Christian science Monitor was false or incorrect. More truth about it there Are 95 pro nazi and be publications All of which Are right now under examination by f. B. I. Every one is in the present struggle. They advocate Victory for Japan and even excuse her wholesale atrocities of rape and murder by saying that she is but following our Monroe doctrine. They want Germany to destroy both Russia and England. They mean extermination of the jews. One urges american workers to help Hitler win even to the subduing of America. One says " i am for cracking Down for chaotic conditions and violent civil Only one communist paper is with them and openly for the destruction of the u. Sall. The other communist papers Are out Over the Axis. Thus we have the worst kind of guerilla warfare behind the lines at Home which is surety strike destroy the America that has been a nursing Mother to her children. They aim to strike this april when Hitler touches the Button editorials continued 0 co operate q the great Light add Power utilities profit taker s to the limit Are up in arms against the cooperative electric comp Anies and Are waging guerilla warfare against them but electric coops will organize and Prosper in spite of this cooperative Medicine and hospitalization a new medical care cooperative plan a being worked out by Many Eastern cooperatives and already in Minnesota they have a sound footing and Are operating in a number of Large cities. Thus the cooperative organization of patients is Able to collectively get the Best of care from de medical groups. The group health hospitalization plan gained More than 1000 members in the state mentioned during 1941. Ninety thre e groups have been established in that state two in Wisconsin and one in new York Brief personal items someone told us that Backman executive Secretary of the chamber of Commerce and holding half a dozen other Public positions made a talk on labor rackets " we pass this on to Peter Spray nozzle As a piece of real but grim humorist took representative Granger to show up the chamber for its attacks on labor and the president. More Power to him. Friend Arthur Robinson is Home from a Winter stay in California feeling Fine and fit mrs m. C. A Nicolaysen. A Good Friend and neighbor has presented us with a Fine Little Case of 38 printers composing rules which i appreciate Many thanks and Best wishes the Utah Chain store association has had its name placed on our subscription list and we Welcome them. They Are a live and very Active Organiza Tion and working hard for the Success of their business and to keep it As they claim that its one of the big business assets of the Community and the state this paper believes that More Good than harm will result if their petion for postponement is granted. These times Bho old bring a reasonable cooperation. Here s a Salute to Friend and neighbor Fisher Harris who has been commissioned a major in the u. S. Army. He is voluntarily leaving a splendid position to enter the service of his country. He was a Captain in the first world War. That s the kind of men who be made America those not afraid to go to the front and win All the liberties we have. Or. Harris is a Prince of a Man a very worthy son of a distinguished father. We would like to f 1 Low him in a charge against the enemy on some far Field of Bat the. May he return with laurels Man Tiger John Hansen of the Salt Lake costume Cockle Brates his Bir Day Wilh St Patiick. In Thi g like having u birthday that every Ody Cele Brates. He i not Zinsli Cithie mrs. Claire Stewart Bothi a presented us with a Fin i tie Book what Price Freedom by vice pro s. Wallace. Thanks. The u Lory of Man Aid tins Bookil add much to anyone s intelligence Man in Scot sen of f r l a u a Sio a ii Vul a pin no mus ical re Siul in s. Nia Cruz is n ii y la if p oved him sell to by y Able am with a of Reat car be i b fore h m some when i e. Some people when Over due. Some never do brother How do you do. Faith Council the Faith Council meets sunday at 3 p the court room of the City & co. Bldg. Mrs. Boyer will review the Book is the kingdom of god by Stanley Jones. Last Sanday the Organiza Tion sent pres. Roosevelt its pledge of loyalty and Faith. Open forum speakers on topics of current interest will address a Public meeting of the open forum in the City and county building pm. Fuci saturday evening March 4, at 730 Good Book for Sale at Cost. Andrew Jenson s angiography at $150. Form Erly s3. 50. Very interesting. Call on or Send to mrs. And Rew Jensen at 154 no. 2nd w. Gulf Trade goes Down near East coast victim of Axis submarines this Tanker the Gulf Trade is shown aground on Shoal about 314 Miles off Barnegat Light n. J., after being torpedoed and breaking in half. The wreck is visible from Shore. Sixteen survivors were landed with 18 unaccounted for. Defense facts be second lieutenant Carl , 434sego ave., was recently graduated from a bae defense weapons course at Quantico Virginia and is now with a base defense comb at unit of the United states Marine corps. Johnson is a graduate of Utah state agricultural College and holds a Bachelor of science degree in forestry. Rapidly changing conditions and regulations in rationing of commodities requires the constant attention of the Public according to Gus p. Backman rationing administrator for Utah. Since these regulations do now and will in the future greatly affect every family it is their duty he declared to acquaint themselves with their rights As Well As their restrictions under rationing. The selective service system has been designated to make an orc Patina inventory of All persons now or Here after registered under the selective training and service act of 1940, As amended with the exception of those who have been inducted into the armed forces. The purpose of this inventory is to obtain information on the present employment activities of registrants and on their other skills or abilities. The data gathered will serve As an important Aid in achieving a More Complete and efficient utilization of the manpower. A thought from prof. D. H. Christenson. Taken from a lecture delivered by him before the Wyoming reclamation convention in a democracy we Are All members of a great social group. Our interests May vary but our obligations Are Mutual. Solicitude for our welfare finds expression through our divinely inspired government. T in Wisdom of our government is the summation of the Wisdom of those men and women who function in the various departments of government. This Wisdom and solicitude find expression in various government policies that safeguard the mental physical and moral Well Bein g of our citizens. Outstand ing examples of this May be found in various departments that Deal with the welfare of the people. For example the reclamation department. Few of us can realize much less a appreciate the wonderful contrib ution n the reclamation department has made to the Well being and happiness of thousands. In the main these people the beneficiaries Are a part of our Best citizenship and our government has been most generous in making their Hom e life a place of Joy and Contentment. He who owns a parcel of land from which he can derive a decent livelihood costs Telly feel that heis a stockholder in the govern Mart itself. He is a end citizen thank sponsor of double a y measure j 7 5 by x w sen. De c. Johnson of Colorado is shown surrounded by soldiers who expressing their appreciation to the senator for his sponsorship of he measure approved by the Senate military affairs committee calling 100 per cent increase in for enlisted men in the army is k of s21 a month to ?42 a month. Left to right Are priv. Frank Burello Pittsburgh. A. Corp. Ted Grabinsky of Ambridge pa., former Center Boda lec of he Josep Pittsburgh Steeles football team corp. P. Sergt. William Urbany Masontown pa., and senator Johnson. Readers Opi ions the opinion expressed in this column Are those of the writers and lire necessarily concurred in by the editor and management of this paper editor progressive opinion credit taxation topic of interest in periods of War or depression is the topic of Public Money. Public Money certificates can be issued on available com. Modify reserves and also made redeemable in later years from the return of a tax on the appreciation in credit and profit value within monetary or financial organizations exercising the right of Public credit creation that accompanies the increase in the National debt. A profit income tax of ninety per cent May be passed by Congress with reference to War production industries or Industrial production in general and a similar lax on the appreciation in credit or debt claim values within the fractional Reserve system and other business organizations should be favourably considered by the National Congress. Geo. C. Christensen. Powerful sermons Here is one of the Best War speeches made to Date we re going to do our a t and Well win cause we re on god s Side Joe Lou s. And Here is another Sermon i shall do my Best. I shall keep the Soldier s Douglas my Indian defenders of Burma j la v ? one of the world s greatest Rice gr0,Ting Hue shows British he Heaters i War in world War ii. This b mar a Mandalay before fall of Rangoon. The f0 it m most diff Cuit terrain m the. G wealth you cannot lose the Rich men of America and England who had billions invested in the islands taken by Japan have had it All swept away every Dollar lost and so it will go with Many More. How much better it would be to seek the riches of the spirit and gain a wealth and happiness that neither japs nor any one else can take away. The richest people Are those who have made the right kind of investments within themselves who have found the Diamond Fields of the while the poorest is often he who has it his whole Faith in material things. It is the trea fire j that we Lay up in the spirit that make All other treasures Worth while. And what a wonderful truth it is that one cannot enrich his own spiritual life with out enriching the Whol ? of the society in which he lives. Set them free of lord of love who walked in Galilee come Down again and set the children free not us the Streng for we can Bear it All but of the children lit tie ones that Call from the clutch of beasts who starve drape and kill and All the Homes of Earth with terror fill. Come lord and save them Call them unto thee As once you did in far of f Galilee we raise our hearts and hands and eyes to thee the world is lost unless you set them free c. N. Lund. The Power of Money is More despotic than monarchy More insolent than autocracy More selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces As Public enemies All who question its methods or throw ii it up on its crimes. William j. Bryan
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