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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion Newspaper Archives Mar 20 1942, Page 1

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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion (Newspaper) - March 20, 1942, Salt Lake City, Utah Printing publishing vol. No. 8. David Keith bldg., dial Salt Lake City Utah Friday March 20, 1942 published by c. N. Lund $1.50 per year Fate of free Enterprise rests with Small business i economic processes altered As producers seek to beat enemy Competition profit motive relegated to background. I f a j in Iby Baukhage news analyst and commentator. Get these facts before government officials and before members of con Gress before they act his third is to assist group action wherever it is necessary to assist private Effort or. Sheperdson cautiously Points out that he can not solve the individual s problems As such but wherever a group of interests Are concerned or wherever the individual represents a group of Allied inter ests he can and will be of assist Ance. He admits that winning the War is America s first Job. A part of Small business can help in the War Effort and the government can help Small business in this Field by advising the 35 or 40 per cent of Small manufacturers who Are convertible in changing Over their establishments to produce War products. Specifically his Job is to answer an Avalanche of inquiries. This he tries to do in simple straight Forward language. One of his chief tasks is to help the Small manufacturer to answer the complicated questionnaires and to fill out the forms required by All who get government contracts. His division has 31 representatives in the Field talking to Small business men personally. He has 12 consultants in Washington with him. He has also the tremendous resources of the Bureau of foreign and Domestic com Merce of the department of com Merce. And he has the of a group in Congress very much concerned with the plight of the Small business Man and he has the sympathy of Donald Nelson head of the War production Board. Central authority As an example of this sympathetic by the time this is writ ten Congress will probably have approved of the formation of a Hun dred million Dollar corporation of which Donald Nelson himself will be the head so there will be no split authority in War production. This corporation will have the Power to make contracts for military supplies it will see that these con tracts Are let exclusively to the smaller manufacturers who Are Ca Pable of converting their plants to War production. As to the 60 to 65 per cent of America s Small businesses which cannot be converted or. Sheperd son is rendering such Aid and com fort As his Long experience his knowledge of the ability and the shortcomings of the Small business Man and his wide general knowl Edge make possible. Small business says or. Sheperdson is usually managed by one sometimes two and rarely three men. Big business has management specialists who hire brains. Big Busi Ness has research departments. Small business cannot afford these things. Many business men cannot even read Blue prints. They do one Job and do it Well. They May have Learned their business from their fathers. They have Energy and Genius or they would not have succeeded. But they need leadership and Edu cation. Many of them keep no records. As a matter of fact 80 per cent keep none. In most cases the prob Lem they Are facing today boils Down to management. The department tries to help in their education. It is now preparing a business guide and there is not a five Dollar word in it. It does t even mention assets and liabilities. It says what do you owe and what do you own " that guide May Chart the course of Many a Small business through the Stormy Waters ahead and keep the Flag of free Enterprise flying. Incidentally if you Are interested in obtaining a copy i shall be glad request on to or. Sheperdson to pass your inc service 1343 h Street a Washington d. C. The War is placing the United states on a basis of a Cabinet member made this statement in a private gathering in Washington at which i was present 2 few Days ago. He was urging the need for a study of Post a r Condit ions. If we Are going to maintain the principle of free Enterprise he went on we must begin to think now about How we Are going to change Back from a system to the Normal democratic system of individual what the Cabinet officer was get Ting at is this the major part of the Energy of the nation is gradually be ing turned into War production. War production is a National Enterprise. The objective is to obtain the great est amount of armament and other supplies and necessities demanded for the creation o. A huge military machine As quickly As possible. This is an entirely different econom1c process from that upon which free Enterprise is based. Free Enterprise is the production of goods for civilian consumption on & competitive basis at a profit sufficient to encourage the producer to keep on producing. Under War conditions the Only Competition is with the enemy. Prof its May be made by the producer but every phase of his business must be government controlled. The gov eminent already says that Automo Biles or ice boxes or radios or phonographs cannot be made for Ordinary civilian consumption. The govern ment tells the manufacturer what he can have in the Way of raw materials and tells him what he can do with them. The big corporations for the most part a a already on a basis working for the government. Prices Are cont rolled. Big business which is convertible to War production has already been fitted into the new design. Big Busi Ness which is not convertible and which makes an essential civilian product is Able to adjust itself. Small business problems i but Small business faces a differ ent problem. By Small business is meant according to government " definition a manufacturing Plant employing 100 employees or less j wholesale establishments with less than $200,000 annual net sales vol a time retail stores service Stab 1 Lisments hotels places of amuse i ment and construction establish ments with annual net sales or receipts of less than $50,000. I about 35 per cent of the Small businesses of the country of which there Are 168,814 establishments according to the classification of the United states department of com Merce Are capable of conversion from civilian to War production. This leaves 60 to 65 per cent of these Small businesses which employ nearly 25 million men in an exceedingly precarious position. The vast majority of the people in the United states and the officials in Washington believe that Small Busi Ness must be preserved if free is to continue. What s to be done about it well1 spent an hour in the office of the Man selected by the department of Commerce to fight the fight for Small business. It is a very Plain office the Only Wall decorations Are a Cal Undari and a map of the United at the desk sits a Man with hair and a Fine scotch h Burr. Up until three months ago his 1 business card read William Shep t son financial consultant Tele iphone Worth 55 Liberty Street i Twenty event h floor new i iday his card reads William Sheperdson Telephone District 2200. La Sion of regional Economy Bull Reau of foreign and Domestic com j Merce department of Commerce. Washington d. " the alternative. S or. Sheperdson takes his Job very seriously. He believes that if Small 1 Usu iss is not preserved two Steps s , bi6 business will 2 and sma11 business will h mesh two the government will a to take5 Over. He a is what he wants to avoid. St unction is to get the facts nning the problems of smallness together his second is to Washington cancels Cherry Blossom festival there will be no Cherry Blossom festival in Washington this year. From All Overpe Lefor years the nation have been coming to Washington to see the Cherry bios som s along what we now Call the tidal Basin and what used to be known As the la More poetically it have lived in Washington on 1914. But i never los and offs Ince the thru i had when i first walked Arbor of White pin Kunder that magic blossoms. Charm in their there is a delicate petals. It is More than the scentless captivation of the Eye. It steal Mere about Side you. Casts a gentle spell you the world fades away time St the Cherry blossoms Wil Bloom always have thou Sands As the this year an their beauty11 enjoy the Symbol of forget that they Are something we must hate. In reality the Cherry Blossom is never have heard of a new order and who hated no one. J fiefs by Baukhage great Batain Zzz of Tuare bei"8 asked to fiant bean a Hau Asin As Many soy .000 Onn year As Toey did last or beantj0"8 last year a soy Ken. Production records were Bro Tiona United states office of Educa Publ changed toe name of its Ion $ sch001 life. To Educa j. 10t Victory. Enemies Wittman engates editorials by o. If. Lund verily the time has come which Macaulay predicted when Powers from within would de stroy our civilization there Are for the United states of America two big Battle fronts. One is the wide world where the enemy is known and in open action. Another is the Battle front Here at Home where lurks a foe made up of some citizen who Are Well organized and Well entrenched behind an at Torney general who seems to favor them we have their written and printed word taken from the clearest and Best paper in the country the Christian science Monitor which has made a thorough investigation. It is a pro fact St organization directed by the Axis and using the Axis tactics they believe they Are doing a patriotic thing but they Are being used As instruments of destruct Ion the american pro racist movement is headed by father Coughlin we. Dudley Pelley certain a nudists and Sorne stragglers from the american first organization. They Are More dangerous than the enemy abroad. Here is what they stand for defeat. The loss of the War. Acceptance of such terms As Germany and Japan will give. To under mine morale. To throw put the officers of the govern ment by Force by mob action by bloody revolt. We have their own word to break Down the War Effort. They say that defeat by Japan and Germany should be welcomed and that their worst would be better than what America now has. America they say their own United states is More anti Chris t than the barbarians of Japan they have prepared plans for great pogroms against the jews and against All who do not believe As they do they ,. Laugh if a Jiorle such , t Ings. Their papers reach millions. Don t discount this because it comes from a Small paper. We have their own words in print. The die is cast. They Are determined and will Stop at nothing having More than once advocated the Quick removal of the president. Let us Tell All who will listen that their Effort will bring about the fall of this Nat Tio n. They have started that which will destroy them and must i shoot a simple Minde d Soldier boy who Des erts while i must not touch a hair of the wily agitate who induces him to desert a. Lincoln. Editorials l continued truth Beauty and goodness Are the meters of the world s own lives and into our dealings with our fellow men is the the degree to which we incorporate them into our True measure of our under the Law. In Deal ing with fellow Man advises or. Emmet Fox put cod on both sides of the table and the outcome will be True Success for both the most meritorious of All is to anticipate Char Ity by preventing poverty namely to assist the reduced fellow Man either by a considerate gift or a sum of Money or by teaching him a Trade or by put Ting him in the Way of business so that he May earn an honest livelihood and not be forced to the dreadful alternative of holding out his hand for a co operation q an american International cooperation committee to help reconstruct cooperatives in War tor n countries after War has been organized. While All the rest of the world was going Down Hill the people of Eastern Nova Scotia were developing and thriving because of cooperation. Farmers miners and Fishe med organized 500 cooperatives and have prospered greatly because of this. Coop credit unions factories markets stores Hospi tals and housing projects. The world s finest and most Ideal cooperative country Denmark has had its system trampled in the dust Brief personal items read every line of the editorials and do som thinking mrs. R g. Page an Estima ble Waman happened to see our sign the other Day and rushed in with the year s offering from or. Page who has been on our list since just before the year 1. He is a mighty Good Man and has a Good position at the arms Plant. John George Ruckert grand son of mrs. Ada Collins has gone to join the Navy just 16. Robert Glissmeyer son of we Glissmeyer the merchant Lailar is in the military service in Washington and has been made a lieutenant. Two other Home town boys have made Good at the training school at Quanico va., and they Are now with the marines. They Are Bruce f Hillam son of or and mrs. Leroy f. Hil Lam of 257 Kensington ave., and Laurence Rycroft. Son of Ralph Rycroft treasurer of 1068 Norris place. They Are University men and both Are 2nd lieutenants mrs. L m million has sent in her remittance for the year which proves that she likes to read the paper. She is a Fine soul and takes pleasure in exposing herself in verse some of which appears in this Issue Fri in d Yiv is t e Earl or i Tes let us not allow this War to get under our hides. It is All for a purpose. It is the inevitable sequence of Man s Ingen ious selfishness for the mend ing of broken Laws peace i i be restored the moment Man s obligation to god is settled. Manifestly satan has been bound to judge by the hordes of devils that Are turned Loose. What a tragedy it was that a comparatively Young Man should die because of liquor his last hours being divided Between he jail and the hos pit Al there was nobility in him because his father was As near to go minces As is possible for ii human. Liquor like death loves a Mark. Let Jud no n t be mild and let us Lay a Mantle of mercy upon him and a Rev that Over Here his Noble sire will be Able to take him by the hand and see him through Rome pay when d e some people pay when Over Rule. Some never do brother How do Yon do. Faith Council tic Failli Cornell meets Row a at 3 p m. In i lie court room of the City & co by g Mii Linda Mads ii will iced lire Kaith Horn and at 4 p. M. S. i in pin Iii ii in Minn by l. Wilkes i n open forum Spe Sivris on Topi s of current n Erest will address a Public meeting of the Ope forum in the City and county building pm. 206, saturday evening March 4, at 730 Good Book for Sale at Cost. Andrew Jenson s autobiography at $1.50. Form Erly $3.50. Very interesting. Call on or Send to mrs. And Rew Jenson at 154 no. 2nd w. Mystery of the nameless lady and the unknown giant. Another recollection of famous crimes that baffled us in past and challenged our Best detect Ive Genuis written by Joseph Gollomb. Also How to find your Way in a blackout. A strikingly illustrated feature in the american weekly the Magazine distributed with next week s los Angeles examiner. Defense facts 1 recent changes in the Teeth and Eye requirements for induction into the army will substantially increase the manpower of the state. It is therefore Ord card by director Rich that All local boards reopen and consider anew All those classified in class i b or class in f. Readers Oprah oils the opinions expressed in this column Are those of the writers and Are necessarily concurred in by the editor and management of this paper editor progressive opinion. Never do i know of events when we had More disunity than now unions fighting unions political cliques Craft til y scheming every Daylight hour for dominance Church against Church to Here is god to there is god Man in Idaho advertising that lie can train you to talk with god for Money. Of you liars and hypocrites will you be Able to Bear the punishments you surely will receive Money Money Money. Would the preachers come Down front their Money pedestals and go out and meet and receive Jesus should he come today or would they be the ones to incite the mob against him r. M. Brandon Bonita progressive opinion a recent convention of a National manufacturing association approved a ninety per cent profit income tax above a minimum exemption desired by Assoc action members a profit income tax should include a tax on the appreciation in credit within monetary and financial organizations incident to the increase in the National debt. The total in circulating and Deposit credit in the u s. Is approximately equal to the present Annua production in consumer production values or sixty six billion dollars. The National debt is in process of expansion by a sum equally As Large and will be effected by a private monetization of government Bonds and repayment pledges. Purchase of government securities by citizens from current income and a tax on the private creation of Public funds can Aid in Public finance and largely avoid inflationary trends. c i take a lesson from him America must win this War. Therefore i will work i will save i will sacrifice i will endure i will fight cheer fully and do my utmost As if the Issue of the whole Strug Gle depended on me from just a u. S Soldier True to Freedom s test who died at chateau theiry in Battle wild and fiery made our Flag much dearer put us heartthrob nearer to the end of wars. Louth about some Prophesy i n As much As this paper has said so much about Prophesy we deem it Wise to a a farther word to those who doubt the fulfilment of Prophesy. In doing so we shall quote the Bible and what it says about Adolf Hitler and leave it to the judgment of readers whether or not he has fulfilled the prophesies quoted. 1 urn to Daniel-1 21 and read to the end of the chapter. Verse 21 tells that there shall stand up a vile person to whom they shall not give the honors of the kingdom but come in peaceably and obtain the kingdom by f at t erics verse 22 tells How with the Arm of a flood that. Shall overflow before him rising to Power and overrunning his enemies before they Are aware of danger. Verse 24 Tella of the Conquest of so Many of the countries of Europe making them prey and taking spoil. Verse 25 tells of the trouble with the countries to the South France Holland and Belgium. Verse 26 tells of the cause of the fall of these countries. Verse 27 tells of his Alliance with Mussolini. Verse 28 tells of his opposition to the Church. Verse 29 tells of his War with Greece and Africa. Verse 40 speak s of Russia coming against him like a whirlwind. Verse 45 says yet lie shall come to his end and none shall help tin chapter also tells How he is a Man destined to shake the Earth. Isaiah. Sas in chapter 14 How he will Lay the entire world in ruins and destroy the cities thereof. All these were made More than 2000 years be fore Hitler was born. Life and death by l. M. Million i go in the graveyard and All is so still As still As the tombstones that stand on the Hill. There is Beauty around Here but what i have found Are the still faces that lie under ground. I read on their features the sorrow and care and some More than others the Cross they did Bear. Then i wonder what Hurt them and Why they did die and leave this old world that is filled up with sighs. There is one Over there so old and and so Gray i wonder what life held for her anyway. And there is one right Here so Young and so Small it seems like life for him held nothing at All. I wonder where life comes from and where does it go ? it has always been something that i want to know. Where has the life gone to ? that held All these names it seems such a mystery and something that s strange i stand Here and Ponder and think of it All it seems like a dream that i cannot recall
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