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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion Newspaper Archives Mar 13 1942, Page 1

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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion (Newspaper) - March 13, 1942, Salt Lake City, Utah Printing publishing published by c. N. Lund Looper be Razz David Keith bldg., dial Salt Lake City Utah Friday March 13, 1942 farm bloc in Congress threatens Wickard s policy highly insistent group fights to prevent surplus commodities corporation from Selling farm products below parity. By Baukhage news analyst and commentator. Gnu service 1343 h Street a Washington d. C. It is the equal of five Long blocks from where Secretary Wickard s windows look out on the wide sweep of Lawn in front of the department of agriculture building along the winding roads to the White House. But or. Wickard except for Cabinet meetings does t take that trip very frequently. It is not because he in t As Welcome As any other member of the president s official family. It is because he feels pretty sure if he tends to his agricultural knitting he won t be fired. That can be said and is said in spite of the fact that he is probably the Only member of the Cabinet whom the president Ever told a Large group of listeners that he could fire. That was at a White House press and radio conference when the pres in t going to lose anything. If we sell our Grain at 15 per cent below parity he knows that he can get that 15 per cent Back through Bene fit payments for soil that is the explanation of the Case which sounds simple even to the Layman. But that in t the Way the president explained it he said that if the department of agriculture did not have its Way the Cost of eating would be raised a billion dollars a year. But the fact remains that the president is satisfied that or. Wick Ard knows what he is doing and that he is doing what the president thinks is right of course this does t make it right or if it did it would t make it necessary that the people accept it if they prefer some other pro Gram. If the farm bloc has enough of a following among the voters it can write its own ticket. Wear ident was being questioned concerning what seemed to be a conflict Between the Secretary of agriculture and Price control administrator Henderson As to who was going to regulate farm prices. He said if they did t agree he could fire them both. The controversy has been for gotten and Secretary Wickard who can talk Only half As fast As Price still a democracy. It is a lot Shorter from the ballot Box to the con Gress than it is from the department of agriculture to the Oval office in the executive Wing of the White House. The Basic Rule behind War censorship in Washington we have a censor ship for press and radio and also several propaganda organizations which Are censorship in reverse. A great Many letters which i receive from listeners to my radio program say of course we realize you Are not allowed to say this or that or we realize you have to say that or this but the Surpris ing thing is How Seldom the this or that which the listeners mention Are the things the censorship for bids us to say or the that or this is Ever even suggested by the propaganda a matter of fact i have had Only one direct Contact with either the propaganda bureaus or the censorship. A Man whom i know personally who is connected with the office of facts and figures once called me up and said that he would be Able to give me some interesting information from time to time. He never has. As to the censorship the radio chains Drew up their own code be fore the censorship organization was founded. It is based largely on com Mon sense and except for certain specific details this code differs very which the Cen Secretary of agriculture Wickard he is being annoyed. Administrator Henderson and in t did t los even a Quarter As glib any of his Price controlling Power. But the past weeks have seen those prerogatives attacked from another sources the 111l1c Uriu Sor expects us to follow. Before i member of the news go on the air a staff of the Blue network reads Over my script. So far nothing has been changed so far As i can recall. Until we have official Confirma Tion from the army or Navy we Are not allowed to reveal any troop movements or any ship move ment ship movements include vertical movements downwards sinking. When we repeat information contained in enemy state ments we have to say they Are enem y statements and if possible we balance them with some statement source of annoyance for the depart ment of agriculture the farm bloc in Congress. Today it is the farm bloc which is again annoying or. Wickard. This highly consistent and highly insistent group in Congress decided it just was t going to let or. Wick Ard s surplus commodity corporation sell farm products below parity. First they induced the Senate to pass a Law agin it then when the president said he d veto the Meas ure they decided to tack it on to the War appropriation Bill As a rider. Then the president said it was reprehensible to make an amendment to an important Bill when it was t germane to the Bill. Then the bloc decided to tack it onto the appropriation Bill without which the depart ment of agriculture cannot pay its Bills. The department however seemed willing to face that Calami j 1 to. They were willing to let the president veto the Bill so Long As they were Able to carry out their policy of Selling commodities below parity if they wanted to. They knew they could get another appropriation the Farmers of the country understand better what we Are trying to do than some members of con Gress said one official to me. This is his explanation All we want to do is to sell Grain Low enough so that it will make it More advantageous for the Farmer to raise livestock. We Don t need the wheat and Corn. We have plent y we do need the meat. So does England. If we decrease the Price of feed the Farmer Mill a Tom a tical from a Friendly source. Behind All censorship behind a government regulation of speech and action in wartime is one Rule and Comfort to Thedo not give Aid information of enemy. Specific military nature gives Aid and com fort we May fee to the enemy. Positive that the enemy can get or has already obtained that information other source but from some that does not excuse us for repeat ing certain things Are it publicly. The which printed in the newspapers radio cannot broadcast because radio everywhere an Waves travel reception is instantaneous. A the weather report can be picked up by submarine a few Miles off Feea submarine let newspaper until Tatje physical Contact with the. Shore who was beyond the Field of factual info attest speculation the Field of of a nature which As aids set be interpreted ? raise More livestock and let a Tore turn the starches we Don t need to protein. And also into fats. We feed fats and Oil More than Ever since the vegetable oils of the Netherlands indies have been Cut that is the Way the department of agriculture talks. And they add the wheat and Corn Farmer have simply government of one of Thero the gov rement Comfort but i have if not curs. Editorials by o. N. Lun1 the Powers in Europe that sought i have chosen death instead of life before the great War began there stood a statute on a 10,000 foot Eminence near the Borders of Germany seven Miles from famous was a Noble statue of Christ on an upraised Cross overlooking All the surround ing country whether it is still there we do not know. It would have been very Well if the leading representatives of the warring government Shad held a meeting inthe Shadow of that figure before going to War and there solemnly considered what he had to offer them and How it would compare with what the horrors of War has in store for them in place of War he offered peace instead of hate he Offei Erc d love instead of poverty he offered abundance. In place of death he offered life. For Crue to he would give mercy and kindness for despair he would give Joy. He offer a plan for living that is perfect in its every detail. Why of Why have they rejected him and rushed headlong into sure death hot Metal a vital Stream of f 1 . Of production at Bingham Mountain was around 75,000 tons of Ore in 24 hours. In recent months an average of 87,000 tons of Ore has been mined each Day in addition to about 113.000 tons of waste a total of 200,000 tons of material per Day from this huge open cd t pit which sprawls Over acres of Moun let us backdrop for a moment from the various Battle fronts and see what is going on behind the scenes in one of the major Indus tries supplying America s vital War sinews. One glance reveals that the world s greatest mine is pouring Cut Copper the red Metal of War faster than it Ever did in history at a rate faster than any mine did in it history. This is the Utah Copper mine at Bingham. Utah where men Money and machinery Are pouring out the led Metal at an e Peak in an Effort to Supply those at the fronts with the needed implements to win and win quickly As possible. All previous records have been broken in production at Bingham Moun Tain and the men who Moil the Earth s crust Are contributing a glorious part to the War Effort. Prior to the beginning of the emergency the peace time record Tain at Bingham Canyon Linn of it mining and delivering at the Mills a total of 87,000 tons of Ore in 24 hours or approximately 1,000 Railroad cars about 41 cars every hour a Carload every 88 seconds. The previous record Copper production was reached in 1940 when 452,538,235 pounds of Copper were produced at Bingham Mountain. The estimated production for 1941 is 614,500,000 pounds of the red Metal. If it were not for the Large scale operations at Bingham the Mountain would today be lust a Barren waste As the Ore contains less than 1 per cent Copper. Brief personal items read every line of the editorials and do som thinking there May be better Busi nes men in the world than Al Fred Sorenson. The jeweler a 75 East 2nd so but we have not met them nor have any of them Laid their Good will Over our Coli Ter. A Man who can build up such a business main Tain it for forty years train and employ All his sons keep up a Good Home and an a l City wid e reputation keep his credit Good build up a Bank account and remain progressive is a Man to reckon with. He stands four Square with All who know him. David a. Lattimer jr., son of or. And mrs do. Lattimer is in the government military service and has a Good Posi Tion in the meteorological department at Shepherd Field Texas. He received High Marks h the examinations. Our Good frit de live Smith of the . Fatu Ity has been called into the military service of his country. Luckily his brother Marvin was in a Posi 1 Tion to Tave his place at the j school. They Are Fine boys. Mothers and fathers we want news of your boys who Are in the service of their country. We Are for them every on. Send us the news about them. Faith Circle mrs Claire Stewart Boyer has been very successful in organization. The first meeting Drew a crowd of Over 300 and of these More than j00 signed up for membership. I lie speak ers presented Many inspire Tiona l truths. At the second meeting the temporary officers were elected Rev. Wilkins chairman or. And mrs ant lion h. Lund in Ormes us their son Kenneth has enlisted in the merchant Marine and will leave Shin try for California. Another is to finish son a Waid hoping his course in Law at the uni v Rosity before be Iii called Udell . Son of or. And mrs George w. Lar in his one to Logan to train for the radio signal corps and is doing very Well hoping to get a Good position in that line. Forum meeting editor c n Lund of progressive opinion will address a Public meeting of the open forum in the City and county building pm. 206, saturday evening March 4, at 730 topic one Hundred Steps to armageddon. Good Book for Sale at Cost. Andrew Jenson s angiography at $1.50. Form Erly $3.50. Very interesting. Call on or Send to mrs. And Rew Jenson at 154 no. 2nd w. How our giant $6,000,000 Telescope can see twice As far Lor s30 extra. Sudden advances in photography and Lens coatings make it possible to surpass the scientist s fondest dreams by a of a 100 per Tasoto Hollywood s kid stars save their Money. Law protect. A strikingly illustrated feature in the american weekly the Magazine distributed with next week s los Angeles examiner. Time to do some serious thinking labourers receiving As High As 521 a Day and yet discontented and inclined to strike at the least provocation. Soldiers Fine intelligent Young men. Giving All they have even life itself if nieces cry for $21 per month. Rich men sitting on their piles of hoarded wealth grasping in All directions for More Safe and secure in palatial Homes and offices while their Fellows their equals Are out there on the ramparts of the seas and the foreign lands actually giving All for their meagre pay. That wealth should be drafted just like the boys Are drafted. Its mighty High time to do some thinking. A co operation 0 people must learn to cooperate for believe us they will have to do it before this War is Over. And they must learn How Lou s Bromfield famous author said recently cooperatives Are an alternative to bureaucracy and a great Force for reducing waste and promoting efficiency in the use of natural resources and improve machinery for better distribution of How insane is this insane world it is not easy to determine just How insane is this insane Little world. Before the aggressors started it Over there they had before them the night mar e spectacle of the first world War. Looking out they might vision 9,000,000 corpses of the Flower of Europe s manhood. They might behold the awful desolation that was wrought from Calais France to Poland. They might even vision their whole land carpeted with the $100,000,000,000 that was spent. But they went ahead with their Orgie of murder in spite of All How is it the nations Pav doctors and expend to the limit to bring children into the world and then when they Are flowering into manhood and womanhood they spend millions to destroy the males and starve the womanhood. They boast of a super race and then set out to fertilize their lands with the bodies of their finest manhood. They pretend to love children and yet they go about to stunt and starve them and blight their lives. They spend their wealth to build great and Beautiful cities and then go into the business of destroying them. They pay men to dig the Iron out of the Earth transform it into steel and make in into giant ships and then spend More wealth and strength to destroy the works of their hands. They spend vast sums to educate their Young people and then turn to destroying the products of their schools. What a mockery is their boasted civilization. In the Light of what they do their talk about religion is defense facts the web has acted quickly to prevent a threatened run on typewriters after the order to cease Selling was Given a program to increase output of Copper on a seven Day week is proposed by Sidney Hillman. T in simplification of men s and boys Wool suits and Ever Coats has been ordered no trouser cuffs no two pan t huits no More double breasts Auto owners must save their Antifreeze for next your is foot. Utah Isa vast manganese production program on ure to get at least one Plant readers opinions the opinions expressed in this column Are those of the writers and Are necessarily concurred in by the editor and management of this paper progressive opinion appreciation taxation. A tax of one per cent per month on the total appreciation in credit and credit values since Nineteen Hundred and forty can Supply funds for current Public expenditures and provide for a partial eventual payment of the National debt through a tax on the increase in the assets of the fractional Reserve system and other private business organizations incident to the debt increase accompanied by the private creation of Public credit. . What started the War in its detail As Longle present War was planned every As ten years ago. The facts have been before tha Public that Long and those who cared to inform themselves might plentiful and the facts Are Incontro so. The proofs Are Rover Tible. There was not even any secrecy about it at least the first few years. And Here is the truth. In Mussolini s Early appeals to his mobs he promised. 1 1 that if they would help Clear away the politicians be Woupio. Proceed to make a greater Italy by annexing Malta Cor a Sica Savoy and Dalmatian this was even taught to the children in school and with it was taught that to do it War would have to be waged with England and France. That his followers that he would meant War. Hitler promised Annex All German speaking g lands naming Austria Alsace Czechoslovakia Denmark and Ukraine and to accomplish told that France must be destroyed. This his followers were this meant War. Japan has also for the last annexation of the Eastern ten years of More demanded half of Asia and All of the islands of the Pacific. This have been before the world also meant War. These facts have during every moment for ten years. These three men hewed straight to these details and their actions led to the War. To Gold Star mothers of the second and last world War Pale Mother weeping for your son take Refuge in the word that alter armageddon the world shall Sheath its sword. And then the Days of life shall run to peace and brotherhood achieved by heroes like your son who died for human Good. When he went to his Calvary it Laid a Cross on Yon dear Mother Bear it bravely As he would have you do. A Martyr s Crown for him your son. Emblazoned with the word he fell at armageddon while battling for the c. N. Lund. I Bibau Khoja 1 Many believe that when president Roosevelt invented the term United nations he was doing some Long be planning. Now the historian Edwin Embree predicts that Thereau be a world Union with internal Tlona l courts coinage police and Otler common institutions which will grow out of e an Lance of the United nations. Buy defense Bonds Man Pennsylvania collateral Branch of e chocolate but his a family. Bin turn major Calugan. Messes fi5 a will re place on drawing con. Buy defense Bonos
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