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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion Newspaper Archives Mar 6 1942, Page 1

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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion (Newspaper) - March 6, 1942, Salt Lake City, Utah By. Lund Looper . David Keith bldg., dial Salt Lake City Utah Friday March 6 Man of peace promotes korean War against japs or. Syn Man Rhee president of exiled government Heads conference in Washington to plan life and death revolt. Re ratty half. News analyst and commentator. Finc service 1343 h Street. A Washington d. C. Washington has just witnessed a most remarkable ceremony. It was what might be called the laying of uie Cornerstone of a new revolution. Not a Mere revolution of ideas not a scatterbrained plot of wild Radic als but the orderly preparation for powder and bal la real revolt. The korean Liberty conference has just met in Washington to commemorate the March 1919, revolution and make plans for a 1942 Revol ution. Thing about the Forest fire will not extinguish itself he says. But it will be extinguished at Long last perhaps sooner than we dare to Hope he says the democratic forces of the world will thrust Japan Back on her islands and peace will reign in the Pacific. In that Day Korea will re join the ranks of the free and again become known As the land of the morning buy defense Bonds the u. S. Complacent about War is America complacent about the War that is the great question which is agitating the various agencies of government which consider it their function to stir America to the High pitch necessary for maximum War Effort. The letters which i receive fairly bristle on that subject. Complacent we Aren t complacent they say it i you people in Washington who Are the complacent ones. Recently i was in a gathering where three speakers told in great detail what the movie Industry was doing As a part of the War Effort. It is doing a lot donating its time and its facilities. Many members of the most remarkable this first step toward the smashing of a tyrant s Power is that its moving spirit is a Wistful Little figure who describes himself As a Man of peace born in the land of the morning Calm. He is syn Man Rhee of Korea president of the korean government in exile since 1919, and revolutionary since 1905. With a group of koreans from Hawaii and others living in the United states and with the help of a group of american friends who make up the korean committee of los Angeles and Honolulu and the Council or. Rhee is now Busy getting ready for the revolution of 1942. Korea or. Rhee Points out was the first victim of Japan s new he foresaw the present War Between Japan and America and tried to warn this country. More than a year before the Pearl Harbor attack he said if the koreans had seen Japan in 1894 As they saw her in 1592, the year of Hideyoshi s unsuccessful in Vasion of Korea they would have saved their country and themselves from the plight in which they find themselves on the other hand if the american people had seen Japan in 1894 and 1904 As they see her today would have looked askance at the annexation of Korea and would have tried to meet Japan s expansion of sea Power which now offers a powerful threat in the other Side of the buy defense Bonds Long year of giving warnings. This quiet Little Man who has been imprisoned tortured exiled had a Price set on his head by the Japa Nese has been haunting internat ional conferences for nearly four decades. At Geneva at London in chunking he has moved among the statesmen and delegates quietly whispering his warnings patiently explaining and urging ceaselessly the Industry Are in Washington with army or Navy commissions or on civilian salaries far less than they earn at their regular jobs like the Dollar a Yemen. Some Are Patri Otic. They Are too old to join the fighting forces and they want to do their bit. Some i daresay like Many parasites who have swarmed to Washington Are Here for less altruistic purposes. War like patriotism As or. John son defined it can be the last Refuge of scoundrels As Well As the medium of the supreme Sacri fice. Whether or not the nation As a whole is complacent is a question which nobody can answer. The real problem which we have before us is to turn a nation naturally attuned to peace a nation whose military tradition is limited compared to the countries of Europe. These peo Ples of different language race and customs Are crowded within narrow frontiers Boundary lines which have been drawn and redrawn in the blood of thousands who were taught from childhood that the word for Eigner was almost synonymous with the word we have lived and worked and had our being Between two info Rte fied Borders and with two oceans to guard us. Sud Denly we Are being forced to play. Norih Zihich has accept working for me ire apm of ius Usu people and seeking to build the co operative Effort of All free Peoples. For Many years he has lived in Washington. It is one of the great ironies of history says or. Rhee that Jap animosity is now directed Danese against the very nation broke the Shell of her introduced Japan to modern civilization. When in 1854, commo Dore Matthew Perry negotiated the treaty which marked the first step if opening Japan to foreign com Merce and residence he helped All unwittingly to set the people of the rising Sun in the path which was to bring them later full tilt against the american at the Liberty conference just concluded in Washington three Mai Steps were taken the korean declaration of Independence of 1919 was affirmed the United states was called on to recognize the provision " Al government of Korea and korean allegiance was declared to the cause the United nations. Without bitterness or recrimination these devoted patriots pointed out that the United states has its obligations to them for the treaty of peace and Amity and Mutual protect Ion Between the United states and still exists although we stood of without interfering when Japan reached out and tightened n n. A. U Vio de might is we know we Are mighty. So mighty that it has never been a question in the hearts of even the most arrogant War lords of whether we could defeat them. Only a question of whether we would make the Effort. Whether in other words we would be complacent while they strut and Trot their hour history proves that upon the Only a Short space of time is granted for tyrants to oppress freemen. Longer than that no tyrant has Ever existed. And America once Awak ened will number their Days. Conservatives disagree of conservative there Are plenty will contest this statement. Hey will Tell you that somebody Bill that even i has to foot the and Italy Man age Germany and Japan to struggle on with no major military defeats that unless they Are totally victorious they will totally collapse financially. This viewpoint is expressed by those who believe that eventually that Many of toe thing will happen us were told would happen Long ago. How often did you hear before Pearl Japan is almost broke she can t afford to go to War with a najor Power. Or Joe Many is on the verge and financial collapse. Perhaps these orthodox perhaps it incorrect that makes the machine gun country Back in the Days of Theo Dore Roosevelt. As the Leader of these gentle revolutionists or. Rhee at 67 watches o s predictions coming True he Ely feels that the goal is nearer " to the philosophy of his great master Rhee was educated in a Okucian school he looks on a d flames with new courage. I fre reverie5 of bankruptcy now stir serine need money.?Ove pm you Don t let Loam t Roxo Bratte editorials Fly c. N. Lund o cooperatives and christianity. By a world Patriot and humanitarian what a Boon it would be if redemptive love could have free course to do its full and perfect work then denominations would turn from minor religious issues the churches would correlate their forces and unite in setting in motion a brotherhood movement which would express itself through cooperatives for producers marketing finance and purchasing. Where profits accrue they could be utilized in providing life Accident and unemployment insurance and in organizing Mutual Aid and medical cooperatives. If the possible even educational cooperatives could be organized. Moreover if world missions would organize Christian cooperatives Clear across All the Mission Fields and actually realize redemptive love in cooperative living where would materialistic communism have a ghost of a Chance personally i am pouring my prayers and the reddest blood of my life into the work of carrying Forward this quiet Undra Matic economic reformation. A a god make haste teach the world s christians the task of creating cooperatives in which thy redeeming love shall find full and free expression and realization in our Day. Brief personal items read every line of the editorials and do som thinking thanks for the roses Alo g the Way and thanks for the thorns among them. At the forum meeting sat. Eve 8 p. M., City co. Bldg., w. H. Tawney will be speaker. Baha i meetings Are now held at the Board room of the Public Library every thurs Day evening at 8 o clock. Pub Lic invited. No charge. When the lord makes better men than our Good Friend and neighbor prof. D. H Christen sen he will have o invent a new method of Crea Ion. He As formerly City superintend ent of schools but for years he has managed a big construction company to meet a Man like mar. E. H. Eardly of the eardly elec tric is an inspiration for the whole Day. If he had his just dues he would be in some High place instructing and inspiring the people. Neighbor Sorenseni of the Harvard shoe shop at 1101 so. State st., says he likes the paper and that it Speaks the Way he feels he repairs shoes for two reasons 1st, to serve the people and 2nd, to make a Liv ing. He has t made a million yet but he has made friends there s a Man out Here in t a wilderness living on vegetables and Honey who has made himself the modern forerunner if what he culls a saving econ Omic plan. Its Gene Middle ton a Bright Young Man who May be seen at most any meet ing. Should there be three m stings a night and four on sunday within a Radious of 40 Miles he d be to All them. Tie remedy Gene is Early marriage mrs. Laura Scott our neigh Bor in the costume office has five sons subject to the draft. One of them is in the Navy and has just been Home for a visit. Three sons Are in the service and doing Well. That s pretty Good for a widow. Kind looks kind words kind acts and warm handshakes these Are secondary Means of Grace when men Are in trouble dire fighting their unseen Battles. John Hall Good Book for Sale at Cost. Andrew Jenson s biography at $1 5fj formerly $3 50. Call on or Send to a Jenson at 154 no. 2nd w. Editorials continued materialism and education have failed in the present crisis before the awful crisis of the present Day before the greatest problems that e or confronted the world material Means have failed utterly. Money used to be Able to Settle anything but not this time. Materialism and the kind of education we have been pursuing have brought the world to the present crisis because they have omitted the one essential without which there can be no lasting peace. That one essential is spiritual Faith without that we will have to sur Render to despair and darkness possibly chaos. It is too bad to have to say that education is at fault but such is the truth. It has carried on but part of the program that it should. By being All too academic it has developed Only the intellect and not the heart or spirit thus missing the a 1 1 1 t Una fundamental teachings that Lead to True drown Ernora. Is u no attended to the development of the Magnet of spiritual understanding which alone will unite people for peace. Our schools must begin and that right now to acknowledge and emphasise the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of Man and the moral Law in order to save itself and Mankind from destruction. Those who make life worthwhile All the Beauty and Utility the glory and the Freedom the world had before the War was the result of the practical and Ideal vision of the dreamers. Very often these dreamers or visionaries have been misunderstood and even despised of men but they have always offered the world salvation clothed it with Beauty opened new Fields of Opportunity drawn asian the curtains of darkness and ignorance and let in the Sunshine of truth and knowledge. How badly the world has treated Many of them. All the time they have starved for the physical comforts of life sometimes they were driven from society some have become martyrs. In spite of this they have always been right and have Given Mankind All it knows. They have Laid the Cornerstones of society. They have made All the sacred books All the Charters of Liberty Ana they have raised All the flaps of Freedom. They have taught Mankind the meaning of truth love Liberty and the splendor of the spiritual life. Don t wait until they re dead to Honor them a to the son pm a Vita in japs to invade. In. Hek he d v a a a in of " v m r Hur in,1 i i and i a Kethe Story of he m in s Bataan. Here so h to a a out. Society not Well organized. Golden age ahead not behind. Society is not at present organized to promote the Best find they Are acting selfishly for life so Long As men themselves As against the rest of society. It is the duty of society to find out the people who can do the necessary work and then set them at it. The individual should be led to ask himself am i doing the Best for society am i producing Good bings do "1 work with the thought that the consumer must be fed we meat get away from the idea of production for self alone we must translate our interest into the common Good that is the higher incentive for Good work and this is the incentive which brings. a m Golden Ages men once looked to the past for the Golden age. We for our Golden age. We mus must look to the future turn cur eyes Forward into the Days to come the old religions made salvation consist too much in believing. The new gospel must make salvation consist in doing. In the world which we Are trying to build salvation must consist in perfecting one s self and then employing one s Talent to lift others. In the Endeavor to lift others we ourselves. In endeavouring to make shall find that we raise life better and sweeter for others we make life better and sweeter for ourselves. Thus no we to be saved. & readers opinions the opinion expressed in this column Are those of the writers and Are not necessarily concurred in by the editor and management of this paper progressive opinion no historian will Ever hesitate in assigning the guilt for bringing on the present War. It brands for All time not the German people but a relatively Small number of men in Germany Italy and Japan. It was the hitlers hid Goering and Goebels of Germany the Mussolini and Cianos of Italy the Hirohito and Matsuoka of Japan. 10 their infamy and Barbaric lust for Power must be added of which stood by like fourth Power the Power Popery Saul of old and held the Coats and encouraged the aggressors when they marched on Manchukuo Spain Etc. They set up the bogey called communion merely to deceive people. Joseph my cab. Progressive opinion of course he employees cleaned up the filthy City jail of the commission came in to before the big dignitaries inspect it. If i were to Tel what i know about its dirty filthy condition it would shame the officials they should All serve 48 hours before they put and one else in. They do Well to hide their hell for in it things Are done that son of god or son of Man Ever should look 1078 e. I so How great big u. S. Invaded Japan think of it t be United states great big giant has Actu ally invaded Little Japan. Once upon a time when a great earthquake and Agiert fire v sited the land of the japs and the people were sorely stricken even knocked to their Knees More badly stricken than was the Man who was ministered to by i he Good Samaritan. It was then that this Christian country invaded them with ship loads of food clothing and Medicine fed them clothed them and doctored them. How they thanked us. And to repay us and show their gratitude they came by and malice invaded our Island possessions and poured on elements of destruction known to Man us All the deadly killing the Flower f our manhood and destroying our ships and planes. Could Lucifer inspire human fiends to do worse to them who do Good to you do Good in return to them who do evil Aci Vuist r life s Mirror. A philosophy to live by there Are Loyal hearts there Are spirits Brave there Are souls that Are pure and True. Then give to the world the Best you have and the Best will come Back to you. Give love and love to your life will flow a strength in your utmost need. Have Faith and a score of hearts will show their Faith in your word and deed give truth and your gift will be paid in kind and Honor will Honor meet and a smile that is Sweet will surely find a smile that is just As Sweet. Give pity and sorrow to those that mourn you will gather in Flowers again the scattered seeds from your thoughts out borne though the sowing seemed in vain. For life is a Mirror of King and slave i is just what we Are and do then give to the world the Best you have and the Best will come Back to you Bridges Bryan was always right the nation in times of the Money Power upon peace and conspires against it in times of War. His More despotic than monarchy More insolent than autocracy More selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces As Public enemies All who question its methods or throw Light up on its crimes. William j. Bryan. I Brt e f s by Rukhel. L n onlhprin2 get into a White House press Merence you have to show your graphic pass to seven people. St of these seven police secret vice men representative of Pressman ent a 0, know every correspond Lul l personal y but they care 0y scan the passes just the same. Man got into the War depart no. Eth a picture of Hitler past eds own. I recently i sat Ai " hooted argument there was Rafto whether the gov m add Fri is errnsennonse0dmlater he head Complete a Lohe seen a of the damage. Waste is not waste. Of collecting waste paper is Lithe genuine import a. Be lust rated by this bit of mathematics one Hundred Pound of of what pair ill make of be a Vorain contains solid fiber for ship inn tinned goods to the or lift averse Siz d tor food Shell Cas. S make eth y 74mmw.llor Vand other Nee Erv Ofa Call for ? eds hell conquers foretold her own doom the recognized the signs hat meant a violent end but lion t know she was to be shot o death by her Best Friend. So How to help yourself with vegetables Etc. V War Garden strikingly illustrated feature the american weekly then no Racine distributed with next week s los Angeles examiner
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