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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1942, Page 1

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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion (Newspaper) - April 10, 1942, Salt Lake City, Utah Rival Felt printing publishing vol. No. 1l David Keith bldg., dial Salt Lake City Utah Friday april 10, 1942 published by c. N. Lund $1.50 per year new York primed for night attack r .0. V 1,1 r r it sep s53f a " Why Ythi ,. 4 it seems As if old father Knickerbocker has sprouted Porcupine quills instead of a Beard As he prepares for a possible air attack. Men Are Manning it guns and each night huge searchlights right scan the skies. The parapet " lower left protects the men from concussion and bomb fragments during an attack. M Paul fms in Pray fitter the Trail of the profiteer across the country is a path of shame and disloyalty. As the lives of soldiers Are Laid on i the altar so should it be with All wealth. Conscript wealth. Editorials by c. N. Linn their revel in profits will be Short live d you profiteers who Are taking from 100 per cent to 2000 per cent profit and you who draw such High salaries As has been disclosed in the Senate had better make the most of your exploiting Power while you have it because it won t be Long that you will be permitted to do As you Are doing. We raise our voice in protest and condemnation and we hold that All wealth and All Industry and All labor should be conscripted the a Nat on conscripts life i should also conscript wealth. And we hold further that All who receive salaries above $2500 should have one thir d of it taken for War purposes and All who receive above $10,000 should have half of it taken for government use and 75 per cent should be taken from All who receive Over 120.000. All past wars have made the Rich Richer and left the poor poorer and mostly the poor it has been whose sons have been done to death. It should be different in this War and All should sacrifice and suffer alike so far As that is possible. So editorials continued ready to strike at some propitious monent and Dye their weapons red in the blood of their country. My god have mercy on them and the country and the people when they begin their work of destruction. Better help humans with h. Men Are More or less excusable for relying on material wealth in Money stocks Bonds Etc. As Secu Rity against unfavourable conditions that might arise in the future. But let us advise them that right now their holdings might better be turned into channels of human welfare than to be hoarded like misers Hoard their Gold because the Best of securities will shortly pet ish in the cataclysms that lie ahead. Better let goof s me of the hoarded wealth and help struggling humans while you have it for when the Day of destruction comes upon the land you will lose All m m As we see the War the War rages on Many fronts. Our boys these Sterling patriots who Are out on the far Flun g Battle lines Are doing their level Best. The government is doing its very Best to sup port them and the great majority of citizens Are doing their Best to produce the necessities of War. But there is an element on the Home front As dangerous As the foreign enemy. They Are going about stealthily with their daggers sheathed. Army decorates Crew of submarine Trout Mam i it f i-14 1 i h a i s Lieut. Gen. Delos c. Emmons commanding general of the hawaiian department is shown decorating officers and men of the submarine Trout at ceremonies held at Pearl Harbor in recognition of their successful performance of an unnamed Mission for the War department in enemy controlled d Waters. At left is Lieut. Comdr. Frank Fenno Captain of the Trout. The army presentation was directed by president Roosevelt for extraordinary heroism in carrying out the War department s Mission. Photo approved by the d. S. Navy in appropriate that Money if there is any place in the world where an appropriation of Money is needed it is the proposed appropriation for Reno vation and modernization of the Salt Lake City jail. Some Ona should go after the commissioners with a baseball Bat until they Grant the mayor s request. How that jail needs it we have not been incarcerated not yet but we have seen enough Fri defense facts Captain con. C. Sillard recruiting head of marines in this Section says that the finest fighting men Are raised in Utah. Sale shipment and delivery of new bicycles was halted on april 2 after May 31 there will be no production of electric toasters Waffle Irons Flat Irons roasters grills table stoves portable Heaters food mixers juice extractors percolators Dis Wash ing machines dry shavers hair dryers permanent wave equip ment hair clippers Cigar and cig Aret lighters heating units for electric ranges water Heaters and radiating Heaters. No Lawn mowers after june 30. Toys games and Christmas ornaments made of Metal Are out after june 30. In order to get toothpaste and shaving Cream you must Exchange an empty tube each time. If you try to hold scrap Iron for higher prices you May be prosecuted fur hoarding. Brief personal items to lecture j. D. Swarte will address the open forum saturday on the subject of Money. Dear readers say readers we must have a word with you especially you who Are in arrears from one to a Hundred years. It is getting to be pretty hard sled Ding and the Outlook is not so Bright. We do not need much for How we do need it for landlords and paper men. We must ask for at the least from one to five dollars from every regular subscriber not relatives who have not paid this year. Now friends this is urgent and we Trust you la be Liberal in remembering us. Not one of you but can raise and spare a Dollar any time. Pay something anything now some of you Are Brothers in a Bond that obligates you to help a brother in need and if you do not do it you May As the scrip Tures say lift up your eyes in a place of torment. Honesty is honesty just As much in this office As in the Temple to which you sometimes go. Give of your Money while you have it because you won t Haveit Long As it will shortly become Worth less and valueless. Some of you will have to Send it by mail As there will not be room in the office for All of you at once Don t delay your remittance for procrastination is the in if of time and May also become the Thrif of our sustenance. Dollars Given now will keep us Riding High on the whirligig of capitalism and add blessings to your life and ease to your con science. Better remit now be fore your Friend around the Cor Ner tukes to higher altitudes. Jhoward Christensen Barber and a Good neighbor was in Auu argued the v. By and where fore of things and left his Lime and his Good will to Heip Lor Ward the cause of spirit Mil and Lig Leou i life. He is a Good Man with a Good mind and an everlasting it Lunt Foi argument continued or Juge Lov Landing operations from a transport j p " i the in Pond on the fort Bragg n. is a platform built a Ner vation and serves As the deck of a ship for training men in trans Ein to Landing boats for the Short jump to the Beach at top a Gen a l View of the scene As the men leave the transport for rubber bats. Below a closeup of the men swarming Over the Side. Just browsing around we have been about a Little lately an i we Are astounded by what be have Learned by wandering just a very Little ways from our dust spot. First we met a Man who said this War was started by the president. This caused us to remark that we would t stand under the same roof with anyone who belie Ved that. The Way he looked when he said it was awful. He should have had his picture Taen that moment to hang in All rest rooms. Then we Caine onto a company of four men be rating England and the War Effort All of them prospering and All enjoy Iti life like Kings. But there was a boy among them a Fine typical american boy who spoke out you Are Fine american you Are then we buy proxy came in touch with a Man who denounced the president and general Mcarthur the mood he was in is blighting his life and hurting his business. Such hatred eat out both heart and soul. Bet Ter stand by America in her hour of fiery trial so that she will survive and stand by you throughout your Lite q co operate q this paper is for socialized and cooperative Medicine and hospitalization. We Are for Progress and a new and better system cooperative hospitals took their place in the news again last week with the announcement of a new 32 room co of p hos Pital at Hartner Kansas and plans for the organization of a Community cooperative Hospital a Princeton Minn. The Community Hospital at Elk City Oklahoma America s Pioneer co of Hospital now has a membership of 2,500 families. The Elk City co of p provides Hospital service for families at $25 per year for four persons and $3 additional for each person in a family. The co of p Hospital at Hardtner Kansas was comp plete d in september 1941. It is a 32 room modern Hospital serving the town of Hardtner with 4oo population and its surrounding territory. Between 2, 500 and 3, 000 persons were shown through the Hospital when it opened in september at Princeton Minnesota representatives of the s and civic organizations Are making plans for a Hospital to be built t a total Cost of $50,000. F a in the desolation of human understanding divine love hears and answers the human Call for help and the voice of truth utters the divine verities of being which deliver mortals out of the Depths of ignorance and vice. Mary Baker Eddy. Wake up America the nation needs to awaken to the full Gravity of the peril that confronts it. It needs to a appreciate How badly we have been Defeated in four months of War it neds to understand that it is possible for the United nations and the United states to lose this War and suffer the Fate of France and that that this possibility May become a probability if the present does not change. It needs to realize that there is Farave Chance of the Jap anese pushing through India and the germans driving through the near rat to i n their armies and resources in an almost unbeatable combination. It need to get away once and for All from the Comfort ing feeling that while we lose at the Start we Are bound to win in the end. Only when fully aware of existing perils will the United states do its utmost. Pray god that awareness will not com too late As it did in France new York world Telegram Poland s Premier confers with president Premier of Poland no recently visited f the. Oos an front 10.00.has be axe new set Wuh the president regarding it Skrok of Poland Sah Iti picture shows Premier polish a Lieut. Col. J. Minsk a. Center and Jan Cinchanowski raving the White House. I ,. Which was the Christian once upon a time two men journeyed to far countries to see the world the one travelled in style and thought Only of him self and his own All the time lavishing Money and luxury on his family and pay ing no attention to the poverty and Star ratio n All about them. The other Man was deeply moved at the sight of a starving child shivering before a bakery. He picked him up fed him clothed him and took him with him to his Mountain Home j where he made of him a useful citizen. Later he did the same for 13 other Orph. Aned and abandoned starlings. Helping All of them to make Good. And All the while the other Man wallowed in his selfishness and watched greedily beside his heaps of Money. Which one was the Christian moral Possession of Mueh Money often prevents the doing of Good deeds. Reckon you like westerns most folks do especially when they re chock full of adventure and say this one s got the purties Little Gal in it. Yep name s Janet Lowe. In love with a ornery cow hand named con Cam Eron. Now con seems funny that turned Young fool nearly got himself hanged. Yep bet Ter read the Story your self though and find How it came out. It s a new serial. Red Range by Eugene Cunningham in this paper
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