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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1942, Page 1

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Salt Lake City Progressive Opinion (Newspaper) - April 3, 1942, Salt Lake City, Utah J a. Printing publishing Reno. 10. David Keith 1943 published by c. N. Lund $1.50 per Yea vol.bldg., dial Salt Lake City Utah Friday april 3, business changes loom for Small town merchant nation s buying habits face further changes As Consumers curtail unnecessary travel. By Baukhage news analyst and commentator. Wuu service 1343 h Street a Washington d. C. When i came Back to the building where i have a Little office which overlooks the tip of the Washington Monument i found both buttons on the elevator signal missing. The boy told me they had been broken off. He also told me that he could t Jet any More. Those buttons were either plastic or hard rubber. That s War. Prob ably somebody will have to whittle two new buttons out of Wood. I wonder if someone can be found who is Handy enough with a Jack Knif e today. If he can t i m kind of sorry for America. Well a Little later i sat in the office of a Man in the department of Commerce. We talked about the Corner store and what was going to happen to it when the folks can t jump into the car and drive off to the county seat to buy what they want. I mean that in a few months they won t be Able to do that be cause they won t have the tires. This Man whose name is Fletcher Earls and who was brought up in a Small town was pretty optimistic about the new world that the War is creating. He was worried about some things but he relished the idea that All of us Are going to have to do a lot of things for ourselves. Like the Man who is going to have to carve out the push buttons for my elevator. If i Don t have to take time out and do it myself he said remember when we used to saw a barrel in two and make two tubs out of it Cut an Oval Hole in both sides to make handles those tubs got you pretty clean on saturday nights. Just As Good As a shiny porcelain tub. Well we re going to have to get rid of a lot of chromium steel kitchens and. Por Celain tubs. But Well be just As clean and Well show a lot More that was the text of a talk he read to me about How ingenious the Small town merchant was going to have to be if he beat the idea of Farmer does t need for himself. A whole new business May grow out of that. The Days of the fancy goods Are Over for a Long while. The shiny steel ice boxes and sinks and coun ters. The canned goods. The frills. Those Are the products of the big manufacturer they Are the things sold by the big merchant. We Are not Only going to be forced to Deal with our neighbourhood Mer chant because we can t get out of the neighbourhood but because we Are going to have to return to the simpler things which the Community itself can produce. The Day has come when the Man with Energy and without capital with american ingenuity and with out a father in la in the banking business is going to have a Chance to put his brains and his Energy against even Odds. We Are going to get Back to the time when a Man who can make a better mouse tra p will be rewarded for it without having to have a corporation lawyer organize a com Pany and sell Stock. The Only Stock he will need is the kind he arrives with in this world. Americans and culture i once knew a Man who worked on the next desk in the office of a great Middle Western newspaper. He ran a column. He printed in it a lot of miscellaneous contributed verse. One contributor who had a funny pseudonym Well Call it Jonathan x wrote stuff As we called it which really amounted to poetry. The Man who ran the column was a Man of rare taste. His name was Kieth Preston. He is now dead. He was so struck by Jonathan a work wanted to meet him. But the author refused to be met. Finally he wrote ill Tell you the truth. I am a physician. I have a very Good practice. If my patients knew i wrote poetry they would be suspicious of me. I could t afford to reveal the he was probably right. American people have a tendency bigness that Nas an Dut run adj with America. He was t quite As optimistic As Earl Sproul vice president of the Western newspaper Union but he had a lot of sound ideas too. Or. Sproul says that Small towns of the United states always important factors hear hear i was born in one in the economic social and political life of the nation will now regain much of whatever Trade that was lost in the years that saw almost every american family owning a car is so evident that the new order demands the most serious in other words people can t shop where they happen to be because they won t be there. They be got to shop near Home. And the Small town retailer is nearer to half the people than the big town merchant. Half the National population is officially reported As Rural living in towns of 2,500 or less or on farms. All right. That puts it squarely up to the Small town merchant the Cross roads store. A Tough Job ahead and be has a Tough Job ahead of him. He has got to be Able to get the stuff to sell. He has simply got to go out and fight to get the supplies. The storekeeper is going to be on a ration just like the people who get tires and he has got to prove that he is eligible for the greatly reduced output of non a r products that will exist. One thing the Small town Mer chant need t try to put on his shelves is canned goods. The can and the Canning Cost 90 cents out of every Douay paid for canned goods. But when it comes to Frozen goods the new Quick freeze method you get 70 cents Worth of eating out of every Dollar you spend. Of course that does t take into consideration transportation. But right there is where the Small town merchant May find a new out. The locker system is spreading. There is now a project for establishing More of these e lockers. Places where the Farmer can take his perishable products fruit meat or vegetables and for a Small Cost preserve them. There is a possibility that the Small Mer chant can Benefit by this method. He can retail the surplus that the to sneer at the gentler arts. But privately they Are proud of their culture. I la Tell you a Story about that. An acquaintance of mine published a very popular Magazine. It specialized it Wason sea stories. Very popular with sailors. The pub Lisher knew that his sales were tremendous among members of the Fleet. He was soliciting an advertising account from a firm that sold chewing tobacco. Sailors buy or bought at this time a lot of chewing Tobac co. The advertiser was hesitant. So the publisher said if i pay for sending a question Naire to sailors on warships and if they admit my publication is the most popular with them will you give me the advertising yes said the advertiser. So the questionnaire was sent it asked the sailors to list in order which Magazine they preferred Well the answers came in Ana harpers Atlantic monthly Cen tur y and All the High Bro publications led the list. The boys wanted to show their culture but they read my Friend s pulp publication just the same. Is working same in the army an to Rob the boys Navy today of the books they ready want. I get that first the Victory Book Campaign an organization sponsored by toe Library association the Cross and similar Organ isms. They want Donat on of old books for men in the armed they Tell me this services. Comes in with donor the average works of High literary or technical of and these we want bourse but timidly g a Little a West Erner took he relished no " thriller or perhaps for a detective Story. Finally he manages of this sort mighton ask if just acceptable. Please Tell your Lis to passant on to you As an Man who relished any Book z entry on american s actual and totem inter have you convenient 24 to Victory Book Campaign Wes 40th St., new York City. Wall St is with thie Axis watch out for a Stop the a r drive directed by Wall Street to save its profits and its German investments. Numerous elements Are for Hitler peace Wall St. Is in the Driver s i i Toimi by c. N. Lund predictions made by a German when predictions arc considered Good enough to be published by so prominent a Magazine As the rebook the Are Worth taking notice of. Following Are some from the May Issue e of that periodical made by Eric Jan Janussen before he was liquidated nine years ago. Hitler will be betrayed by his most intimate in the tenth year of his Rule. Saturday May 23, 1942, will wit Ness the fall of the Man wants to Rule the world by brute Force. Early in june 1942, the collapse of Fiance will be Complete she will be stripped of All her colonies and be reduced to a Low status. The japanese i 1 Burn Manilla this year. In july this year a powerful Leader of the yellow race will fall victim to an attempt of his life. On tuesday july 7, 1942 will occur the triumphal entry of the victors whatever that Means. In August 1942, British troops will March through Demark. Sometime this year the Eiffel Tover Wal be matted away As scrap Iron. Or Paul Joseph Goebbels w 11 die in 1943 by hanging from a Lamppost. Joseph Stalin will be successful but will die in the year of his greatest Triumph at the age of 56, not by natural death nor by Accident Brief personal items an inspirational quarterly conference was held in our of fice the other Day when Good friends James l. Hart and w. L. Grover were in an i added a Little Oil to our Cruse. But that was the Small part of it. They remained for an hour or so and bore some stirring testimonies which our one hit Ter enemy should have heard. Both Are very Good men full of sense and sentiment and their hearts Are always in the right place. They Are for peace Ami brotherhood and Equality and for living the pure religion of Jesus. Our next door neighbor Bro. Tomlinson has received word from England of the death of his aged Ino thei. He had cot eenherfor2 years Aud is greatly grieved Over the loss. There Are Many Good men in the Federal bldg. But the one outstanding character there is the postmaster i. A. Bert Smoot who is always Ace High with us. He has so May Good things to say about the paper not Only to us but to . He is taking very Good care of Uncle Cam s Busi Ess in this part of the nation Al Vineyard. Friend j. F. A Whittimore was very ill for the past Mouth or so but is now about again Aud Able to manage his Linau Cial affairs. The posterity of the great Briglia Young wid never die out and we Are glad Lor such worthy Detchen Donisas his grand Don inti Gubor Gaylon 3. Young who hold us up at least once a year and Puis something Good into our hand. V Hen you Ceu a lawyer it will pay you to look my up in the Boston bldg. Neighbor Boyd Dennett of 5t. George loaded Clown the nails with what it takes to run i paper. He is a very Good Man to is Doin his Best to work it his salvation Down there m god s country. Lit has us a nil patriotic Rucle Viii we Are publishing tins week. A patriotic letter n Mph bar a. O Miller of 217d so. No East has n num Ber if Fine Sun. Two of hem rein tin Seive Dick n Miller t la r Al w,h1 went through the or St would War Mill my about it ii in a a a s lir Oiher who hns Sag for in i Lini. To two a l. M i Brih is win. Jansi b. Ginning to i. I1" aus in. I Mil finer ii i follow ,1 is Viil ii i t i r for. I i. In. I i in he l. Himi i i in . In i n y mail i u i Wool. Wal 0 m i he p you it som w t in i1 1 or of you ii t n fir i but Chance Len so ,.vy a i y 1 Rou d i regret t. For a mme. A v. R in the . A continued or Page Sitivi i editorials continued put it in its place. Underdog a hair. Alamil y howler or. Political die Haid just turn your thoughts Back to the years of the Depres Ion and count the of hard Woi King people and aged ones who lost their Homes an were turned out on the streets j As beggars people and among them Small children whose health was ruined for want of bread who cried daily for just a crust yet they slept in the Shadow of elevators in which hundreds of thousands of bushels of wheat were stored. Have you or. Underdog forgotten the bread lines of those Days Banks bursting with Money yet farms Homes and any and All kinds of property going Over the auction Block because there was no Money to he had no Prises for farm products cattle sheep Etc. What is this same group telling us today just that there will be a repetition of the 192933 depression. It will never come if we have As our president such a Man As president Roosevelt. Boyd Dennett life should be resurrected not tortured Star Ved and crucified this poor world of deceived betrayed and exploited hum Ity is perishing because of . When of when will it learn that any time it wills it it May arise out of its poverty and War and sin and misery and resurrect itself into a new life of Harmony of undreamed of Beauty brotherly love and spiritual Light. Dear fellow humans Brothers comrades All who follow a storm beaten Way. Let us urge you and held you to resurrect the spiritual life that has All but. Died on the altar of mammon where lie All the wrecks of the Ages. Patriotic defense of president by Boyd Bennett St George an article Vii then by George e. Sokolsky entitled Monkey business among politicians is both amusing and j sinister in its Lone first it carries that old old propaganda Story of trying to tie pics ident Roo velt up with communism thus trying to Poi on the voters wit h this venom strange How Many writers of this Type have Access to the column of our papers i next to states that there is a Fobia against any idea or person who Lares to Champion the cause of capitalism whom Sitlie mule blog can anyone think of anything More amusing during the reign of the new d Al is the first time in the bloody history of entrenched wealth that any president has had the moral an political courage to Champion the cause of k the people Ami Tell this octopus where its place is and try to if we do not do this we Aie lost. H Stalheim 6hurehrr.es, business men leaders of labor and agriculture As they sense the significance of the present moment in american history will translate the spiritual have them treat to treat our fellow men As we would us in o cooperative action in All walks of life and into an in deviating adherence to the principle of the general welfare. We must cooperate to Lay a foundation for the Long time Gen or Al welfare. Our religion must be something More than the enervating worship of Henry , in the Price of Freedom. Defense facts Fer rapidly changing conditions and regulations in rationing of commodities requires the constant attention of the pubic according to Gus p. Backman rationing admin Strat of for Utah. Since these regulations do now and will in the future greatly affect every family it is their duty. He declared to acquaint themselves with their rights As Well As their restrictions under rationing. The selective service system has been designated to make an occupational inventory of All persons now or Here after registered under the selective training and service act of 1940, As amended with the exception of those who have been inducted into the armed forces. The purpose of this inventory is to obtain information on the present employment activities of registrants and on their other skills or abilities. The data gathered will As an v important Aid in achieving a More Complete and efficient utilization of the manpower. Great thoughts from j. Edgar Hoover when men like j. Edgar Hoover Are talking and speaking it and great papers like the american weekly Are publishing it we the editor fee that we Are More or less vindicated in have been saying forbears. Or. Hoo Many of the things we or said we Are a nation of vast industries of great educational systems of splendid social institutions of millions of Homes of Ever expanding armed forces. But there is something big Ger and stronger behind America. It is a divine Force which was behind the Liberty of America in the beginning and Ever after. No thinking person can deny he asserted that the democracy of the United Stales has been inspired guided and nurtured on High. " the spirit of America is god Given and we the 1 ving in he e tragic Days must show our worthiness of this divine i n he i a Nee by our deeds and actions. Our own country has been won Aud preserved through prayer Ami toil and hardship and we must defend it at any Cost readers opinions th6 opinions expressed in this column Areth oae of the writers and Are i necessarily concurred in by the editor and management of this paper editor progressive opinion credit taxation a tax on the total private creation of Public funds since the year of 1940 can reduce the National debt by the amount of the tax or increase in proportion the credit of the states and nation. . " salutation. Salute the lord of your being for he has Dominion Over your world Greet his Power with reverence for he will master your problems ask his Blessing he will touch your heart with divine love he is your Way Shower follow his promptings if you would go into High places let him be your guide and teacher when your foot slips he is your Savior j he says arise let your Light so Shine and you will come into the kingdom where he is Prince of peace and King of Kings Claire Stewart Boyer. I b r i e f s Baukhage the common cold is responsible tor approximately of All absences among school children according to the Public health service. Most people had the idea that the russians had driven the germans almost Back to Berlin in their As a matter of fact. Even conservative observers that they won Only one gift h Ollie conquered territory. Be the government. Anal Aineen try Rem by Heine Stoe of easter Fie teen million of. Nation each year from Japan
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