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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Salina Journal (Newspaper) - September 5, 2015, Salina, Kansas Want More we be got it. Ina journal Southeast of Saline quarterback Ben Murray sports Southeast of Saline tops sacred heart. Page cd serving Kansas since 1871 vol. 145, no. 248 great Plains City of Beloit recycles its historic streets Brick by Brick. Page a5 saturday september 5, 2015 75 Cerite up hero a bb-8 Star wars droid toy a file photo photos by Tom Dorsey / Salina journal Lonnie Wilson owner of Wilson realty and auction service Salina is shown with some of the seized Deer Heads that he will be auctioning off sept. 19 in Salina. Deer Heads confiscated by the Kansas department of wildlife Parks and tourism cover a Wall at Wilson realty and auction service. A near state record Deer trophy among those up for auction by Tim Horan paling journal a rare trophy Deer head is being sold in Salina. The 14-Point Buck with Antlers scoring the second highest for typical Whitetail Deer in Kansas is to be sold at auction beginning at 10 . Sept. 19 by Wilson realty and auction service 601 s. Broadway. Also being sold Are More than 80 Deer Heads numerous Antlers and More than 50 guns. Seven auctioneers Are expected to work three rings during the auction which will take place at the auction service. The items being sold on consignment were confiscated by the Kansas department of wildlife Parks and tourism according to Kent Jones director of Law enforcement for the department. Lonnie Wilson who has been an auctioneer for 53 years has sold some interesting products Over the years including a Brown Bear but he a never sold this Many trophy Deer mounts at a time. A this is a different Type of Sale than anybody else has done a he said. A i have not seen this Many Deer Heads in one spot that Are going to be sold. I done to think Many other people have Buck shot in 2011 the near record Buck was shot by David Kent in 2011. In january 2012, Kent entered the Antlers in the monster Buck classic at the Kansas expo Center and at that time was thought to be a record setter. The unofficial Boone and Crocket club score at that time for Deer was 198 7/b inches the highest score in Kansas. However Kent a Deer was first measured by an official scorer before the 60-Day waiting required to allow for shrinkage. The state record for a White Tail Deer shot with a gun is 198 v8 inches set by Dennis Finger in Nemaha county in 1974. Wilson said that Kent a Deer later was scored at a Boone and Crocket club school at 197 3/a inches making it the second highest score in the state. The next highest score is 194 is inches. Scoring is based on the number of Points on each Antler length of the Points and tip to tip spread. But it Wasny to Legal but Kent skill had another strike against it. For scoring to be official a the trophy must have been taken by Legal Means during the Legal open season a according to the state and Kent a trophy Wasny to taken legally. Kent was convicted of illegally killing the Deer in Osage county. He told authorities he legally shot the Deer in Nemaha county around dec. 1,2011. However a Bow Hunter produced an earlier Trail camera shot of up hip i St a a a the set of Antlers on this Deer which was illegally shot in 2011, is very close to the Kansas state record. It and other Deer Heads Antlers guns and other items will be auctioned sept. 19 at Wilson realty and auction service Salina. The Buck in Osage county about too Miles South of where Kent said he killed it and when Deer season was closed. Kent forfeited the Deere a Antlers and the gun he used to the state. The value it depends Mike Charowhas of Abilene known As the Antler collector said the value of Deer trophies depend on the score the visual appearance and How it got the score. A if they have fewer Points but a High score the rack is going to be bigger a he said. See Deer pagea2 forecast High 95 Low 74 mostly sunny with a Gusty South wind. / c6 Disney unveils Star War marketing a Force toys other collectibles invade the Market months ahead of movies . Release by Bree Fowler and Ryan Nakashima associated press new York a the release of the new Star wars movie May still be months off. But Disney is unleashing its full marketing a a Force behind the launch of hundreds of toys and other items related to the film. The massive marketing Blitz which Disney has named a Force Friday Quot spans All kinds of Media and included an 18-hour global a Sun boxing streamed live on youtube. Meanwhile major toy retailers around the world opened their doors and held special events when the toys first became available just after Midnight Friday. Among the first cities was Hong Kong with toy stores open at Midnight. The marketing push behind a Star wars episode Vii a the Force awakens a is unique because its so far ahead of the movies . Release 116 Days to be exact. But analysts say it can work because Star wars is such a popular franchise. The Star wars mystique leaked images of action figures of characters that have not even hit the big screen a like Sarco Plank an alien desert Nomad that has Only been glimpsed in a vanity fair on set shoot a Are Only Likely to fuel consumer demand said Steve Pasierb ceo of the toy Industry association. A a it a pretty rare but in the age of social Media you can get those characters out and create Buzz around these things in ways that you in the past a Pasierb said. A a there a something easy to tap into which is the Star wars mystique which is some 30 years Hasbro which has been making Star wars toys for More than 30 years unveiled More than too different items Friday see Force Page a2 Tim Horan / Salina journal Chapman boasts colourful barn quilts. Tomorrow Page 1 in his final Tri Rivers fair Casey Craver won the highest Honor in every category but one. Reporter Tim Unruh tells us what motivates Craver 19, and what he a got planned for his future. Life Chapmans labor Day Celebration is a perfect time to show off the colourful barn quilts that Many members of the Community have embraced. Reporter Tim Horan tells us All about the barn quilt movement. Money couches chairs pianos dead animals a in his four years on the Job for the City of Salina Fernando Mendiola has seen All that and More As part of a City sanitation Crew. Tim Horan brings us Mendiola a Story. Sports Well have coverage of Kansas Wesleyan a state Kun and other football games. There a also High school volleyball and Cross country and the royals entertain the White sox. Not with my tax dollars again you attack Saline county commissioner John Price. Now i do not buy your food nor do i buy your clothes. I realize that it is very difficult for you to understand feat i do not pay for your sex with your various partners. It is called personal responsibility and feat is yours. So please be responsible. Not with my tax dollars Richard Trow Salina a whats on your mind a just saying comments must be fewer than 100 words and must include your name and phone number. Email them to , or mail them to Salina journal letters . Box 740, Salina is 67402-0740. 6 82346 36363 inside opinion ia7 a sports / cd a almanac i c6 a classifieds / did fun i d3 ;