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Salina Journal Newspaper Archives May 27 1990, Page 5

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Salina Journal, The (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Salina, Kansas 1 the Salina journal opinion 2 May letters Many people care to whoever wrote the but this is nobody Well i and i am sure most people in Salina and the state of Kansas to the names on the men still missing and those men who came Home not they to the veterans who served in the armed forces and we do care very Salina How could you Ever have published this editorial a Public whipping is too Good for whoever wrote the Sharon Cook new Cambria Stop this tax fiasco this real estate property tax fiasco has gone on far too it must Stop now and not later we Are spending Good Money after and until the property tax and Home improve ment tax is scrapped this problem will be an ongoing dictatorial mess like it has already immediate action is needed to protect Kansas and our county from they cant seem to get it through their Heads that this is a losing and they think this should continue year by nothing this is confiscation of prop erty by taxation and our Public Domain and right to own property by the Constitution being it is time we take a firm stand against this the european countries Are doing this our first step is to vote out All legislators who have had a pretax opinion that has caused All this then scrape this Down to Bare Bone with no property tax or Home improvement tax Ever replace this Money with income tax and import Why should a foreign country have Privi Leges that we americans cant have we were supported by some of those if youre not the Library is full of the reports of Pearl Harbor and the european maybe it is time to find truth in the stories of senior citizens who fought for this country not at the courthouse but on battlegrounds throughout the we have Vietnam and korean veterans who can Tell you they were told they fought for for some of you who think this is just hit the Street and ask Many of our citizens who Are paying a dear such As the Young working people who had their valuations increased by or the elderly who had their Home valuations raised by where is Money coming from to support this mess All you will be doing is adding More need for welfare and prob ably from More new lets Stop this cancer of our Way of our Kansas lottery has paid for a lot of this and i dont believe the state voted on this As one of their it was promoted As Industrial Industrial development and not in reverse As it is going we need to tighten our belts like Many people who Are elderly have had to due to the Way we have our living standards and expenses built when one loses a mate their Bills still go where will these funds come from you can bet your Bottom Dollar the elderly did not foresee now they Are unable to defend themselves and the Young families Are working raising school Community programs like recreational and Many More of the service organizations that help maintain a Quality of life for themselves and the they cannot be deprived of this Way of life due to having their Homes and living standards destroyed by the property and Home improvement tax that we now we can live better by other forms of sup porting the necessities of our state and coun the citizens should not live in fear of the future of their not having a place to live and a Standard they can afford for it is their Money they earned and they cannot be dictated by state and county As to say How it is scrap this real estate tax and Home improvement the taxpayers of Kansas cannot and will not support the legislative poker games that have been run in Topeka for several with no so called tax there has never been inflation that will and can match this inability to find ways to pay the legitimate Bills of perhaps the plan to scrap All real estate property tax and Home improve ment would end a need for the Topeka poker players to Convene for the longest session in state trying to get their own Way and again play politics rather than be Kansas which we elect them to Many could take the advice that Margaret Thatcher of England has said about equal izing everything and which brings up the theory that if we Are to equalize taxation we should also equalize everyone and i am sure the russian govern ment can Tell How they have done mar Garet thatchers statement Equality May be a but no Power on Earth can turn it into a so we should recall by vote in this coming election the legislators who Are not serving Kansas Well and still believe in this tax and cant face the facts of new forms of Money to pay our counties and state voting against them and sending them Home to look into the faces of the people they represented should be Good for do away with the retirement pay except for those who have served their counties and our state this is for the elected people that i refer Many of them we can be proud the Way they served Many need and have needed the just As industries must do to protect i would be glad to express your View to our Topeka poker so let me know How you they Are counting on the silent majority to eat this scam that is going speak or pay dont reelect a former Kansas governor who created this mess or so called theory of getting the homeowners property into the government Circle by tax Kenneth Bogart legislature is to blame our legislators Are at it again your Issue of May with the article of the pending feud Between the legislators and the county a was it was stated the legislators believed the appraisers com ments were an attack on them when they were trying to help the who Are the legislators trying to fool if the just ended legislative session is any gauge of then we Are in More trouble than anyone can our Fine legislators Are Quick to Settle their own pension benefits they cannot or will not Settle Down and arrive at any solution to the tax they can Point their fingers at Mike and i am no fan of his the end result is caused by their own they make the if the legislature cannot get together and Forward some sort of Bill to the his actions Are of you can say the leadership in the office of the governor is lacking the Lack of leadership is in the if they do not get it it just Doest get garbage in and Gar Bage out in the past the garbage was the legislative except to modify their own it May be that reappraisal was however the manner in which it was accomplished legislators accepting pay for the past session do not smell much place the blame where it should be on the every voter should question his or her legislators inaction on the tax voters should also focus their attention on the legislators huge pension legislators May advise that pension benefits can not be changed they voted the benefits so they can also change believe we Are being shortchanged in Many does anyone want to bet that the Mureall legislation will not be a disaster for the taxpayers Jewell dont level Mary mount some have suggested leveling the Mary mount i do not believe Mary mount should be it should be kept some people believe that Mary mount should be levelled for the simple fact of it deserves every Chance to remain standing and should not be levelled because of Money out of someones the live Liness of Salina has died since Mary mount has Why make it worse by taking every last piece of Mary mount away the building is ready for almost any purpose and should be changed As Little As Mary mounts Structure is very Well planned and the administration build ing is architecturally and is perfect for any kind of the Chapel is also a and holds Many memories of Peoples the dorms have a perfect setup for apartments with natural and the location is it is easy to get to and if Mary mount is it would be like taking away the statue of if it is we will have nothing More to be remembered what would this world be like if everyone is the same what would Salina be like if there was no Mary mount the Fine arts building is one of the most prepared buildings to it has everything needed to run a and should not be levelled quickly without it should be used As an educational Center for artists could be brought in to educate Chil Dren and people about different forms of i believe Mary mount should be kept alive and should not even be considered for level if Mary mount was kept Salina would Benefit greatly by being educated by different forms of Jean Simms Salina Central High school truckloads of High Quality furniture arriving at Kenwood Hall furniture Bicentennial sunday May 27 28 sunday 12 pm6 monday 1o am5 pm Kenwood Sasina South of Bicentennial Center free hot dogs pop several furniture factories Are participating to make this memorial Day Sale available to the Salina thousands of dollars will be sacrificed during this event at Kenwood just South of the Bicentennial this Sale is sponsored by Weilert wholesale furniture and the prices Are guarantied the lowest this Large selections but hurry some items Are in limited daybeds Start 510095 daybed mattresses from Queen Anne occasional chair Odd match dining room chairs solid Wood full Pedestal table with 6 pressed Back chairs to illustration pressed Back chairs solid Oak brass headboard Oak Hutch All brass end waterbed mattress 4 warranty while they last waterbed while they last silk plants from Loveseat sofa it Loveseat Loveseat by sofa with inclined Oak Pedestal table 19 00 oxspring replacement twin King heavy quilt mattress brass Trie lamp swivel chairs Start at Sale sponsored by 119 of Wall unit Bunkie boards Bassett nightstand 4 foam mattress twin of full Many Queen Trussell table Oak with 6 Windsor sectional with Queen Sleeper and inclined by Franklin Queen Sleeper with King Koil innerspring mattress sofa it Loveseat 2 Nylon hand Oil paintings from dining room set Black Laquer with 4 chairs sofa table All Wood 6 silk Trees bed frames twin or full with casters sofa with 2 full lifetime guarantee on Frame and Pushbutton wholesale furniture some quantities limited merchandise sold on pickup basis delivery available up to 38 months to Alt furniture Solo with warranties Loveseat loveseats 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