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Salina Journal Newspaper Archives May 27 1990, Page 4

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Salina Journal, The (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Salina, Kansas May opinion the Salina journal t 1 1 he journal founded in 1871 Harris publisher Kay Scott managing editor Jim managing editor Ben managing editor Larry associate editor Mary to associate editor Bret associate a state shame the report from Washington was grim news for Kansas last the health care financing administration issued a report Sugges Ting that Kansas nursing Homes were worse than the National average in such areas As Basic Resi Dent care and adequate food the report said Kansas nursing Homes failed such tests More often than the National on some the Kansas failure rate was far greater than the rate for Homes across the rest of the some critics of the report have said that inspectors in Kansas were Sim ply tougher than those in some other accounting for poorer it would be Nice to believe Petey Active in a nursing Home improvement says she thinks the report reflects real prob lems in Kansas nursing Shes heard reports of cockroach infested nursing poor care and other Kansas has Many Nurs ing Homes that provide Fine Quality but we cannot deny that there Are problems whats particularly repelling about poor conditions in nursing Homes is that residents often have no Power to change conditions or to leave the they May Lack resources to move some with serious medical problems May not even be Able to communicate problems with their care to friends or family Mem state oversight and inspections Are really the Only safeguard such patients the report indicates Kansas has not been giving such matters the priority they out of the sky again the sky turned swirling and dangerous again in Kansas last tornadoes caused damage in four counties Rice and the damage from thursdays tornadoes was not so widespread As the earlier storms that raked Hesston this even damage was estimated at More than Homes and farm buildings were destroyed and Power lines were downed across a Broad Swath of Cen trial Kansas by numerous the toppled train near Bushton bore witness to the strength of the which piled up train cars like tinker were lifted up by the the mainly Rural path of the storms kept the damage lower than it might have been if the dangerous storms had moved through More densely populated no lives were but for those who were injured or who lost Homes or other property to the the relatively Small scope of losses is Little their property is still now they face recovery and clean neighbors and friends will surely help with the rest of us will share in the sorrow of those who lost rejoice for those who escaped death and be reminded again that the awful Power of a Tornado should inspire caution and respect in All of the Small society in world Nugnis candidates stick to negatives some politicians think so much of Kansas that their campaigns run on the spark of a cheap the smoke of the scent of red Here is How our mood is read these Days we cant wait for the next divorce count or the latest in legislature bashing we resent taxes and government is a synonym for or close to we Are a Inners and proud of we love the easy to hear most candidates campaigning for we bask in the air of Rumor and we swoon at the politician with the Flap of a converts the complexities of state taxing and spending into a simple landscape Over which our prejudice can run not so the governor himself is running against a legislature of his own Republican he submitted a hopelessly underfunded Bud get to the House and Senate and now chides lawmakers for daring to embrace response his tax proposals were so ill timed and unrealistic that they were never discussed when he is not running against the he is comparing Vietnam body counts so that he can again raise the leadership another Republican is running against a a third Republican is campaigning against the school system and the one a disbarred is run Ning against taxes and abortion Are Only part of his liars and other Are also on his hit another Democrat is against the establishment in whatever that she is also against waste in All of these candidates say they Are for everything everyone else is they pre sume that we would rather slam the government than try to improve it or at least John Marshall Harris news service understand is this what we have become so Bleak and desperate that Only the the suspicious and the Rumor mongers have a future in our politics the oddball in All of this is John the former who is Likely to win the democratic Carlin so far has refused to Wallow in the current corruption of he has been talking about what he is not what he is this May run counter to the prevailing wind but it pre perhaps that the people Are still the government and ultimately Are responsible and the key to responsibility is not one Mission of government is to help make the state More not just lived another is to offer a More promising life to the next it is not enough to rant on about High taxes and government waste without proposing Why and taxes Are too How All this Money is squandered and should be done about there Are ways to understand Why this state is a and How to find a Way out of the easy slam int one of quotation natives who Best Drums to drive off evil spirits Are objects of scorn to smart Ameri cans who blow horns to break up traffic Mary Ellen Kelly taxpayers about to buy a Lousy radar Jammer Washington a Little More than 14 years in March the Navy and the air Force set in motion a Jim Dandy they would acquire a new airborne self Protection Jammer that would befuddle enemy radar on the everyone what a bully idea and thereby hangs this thus the Pentagon contracted with itt and Westinghouse to develop the electronic years More years nearly million of the taxpayers Money went nothing much came at in the summer of years having the contractors declared themselves ready for developmental and operational the Navy and air Force installed the contraptions and launched their from the simulated radar beacons went from the air the hammers sent their signals and the hammers did not ithe As it is did not the pentagons specifications required that the system function for 33 hours a very Long time in combat without test models failed after 19 the contract required that the Asp detect its own faults 90 percent of the on this the mechanism scored a miserable 29 when the Jammer was not Jam Ming it was emitting signals that positively invited enemy missiles to Zero on the effectiveness of the system was judged marginally operationally that is Pentagon Ese for in july of last top officials in the Field of weapons acquisition reviewed the Deputy defense Secretary Donald Atwood saw a Clear Case of not meeting the exit James Kilpatrick Universal press he voted to kill the then the air Force indicated it had a better use for its Money and pulled out of the project on defense Secretary Dick Cheney signed a termination hold like the fabled Phoenix from its the Asp Rose Atwood reversed Cheney reversed the whole project is Back on the Navy wishes to commit billion Over the next 10 years to buy 700 regardless of the sorry test it wants to get on with naval spokesmen say the Model poor thing that it is still better than the Jammer now in it is bound to improve Over let us buy now and Fly David Pryor of chairman of a subcommittee on Federal got wind of this chronicle last he has been fighting a Feather Pillow Battle Ever he chaired a hearing May 11 that was typical of most committee his staff had lug ged in the seven gunmetal weighing 345 that contain the jamming there were charts and to Crews and platoons of senatorial in an opening statement Pryor asked a rhetorical question Why Are we spending billions to produce a radar Jammer that does not is Over budget and behind schedule answer came there not exactly Atwood said he had changed his mind because of the navys he feared that if the termination order were carried 15 subcontractors would go on to other the Vendor Supply line would dry and 14 years of investment would be Atwood was Long associated with general motors before he came to the Pryor asked him it he would have put a pm car on the Road with such defective said would pilots like to be in such a plane absolutely persisted the Why Are you going ahead Atwoods response Dis solved in a smog of r Derek Vander Deputy inspector general for the department of contributed his bit to the he had discovered that the navys people in charge of testing had puffed up their reports Bye Pha sizing favourable results and minimizing the unfavourable he had looked into the Prospect of vanishing vendors and found it the hearing should have been through no fault of Pryor it turned out to be a 0nce Pentagon people get to talking eyes Glaze in this bottomless bureaus in which initials speak Only to the old no concurs with findings of and the Nab appeals to the responsibility sinks in a sea of we taxpayers Are about to buy a billion system that demonstrably is no Damn its the Washington others can learn from koreans business Success in the neighbourhood where i grew most of the Small businesses were run by people who reflected the neighbourhoods Eastern european they owned the meat poultry produce Barber taverns and even the Bookie was a Many were family with the wife and kids All that kept the payroll eliminated the need for labor nobody took a sick Day unless they really needed in slow or when capital was needed to expand or in everybody took a pay that the Way it was in most of the cites ethnic All you had to do was Cross one of the streets that served As Bor and All that changed was the store keepers instead of local family businesses run by Stanley or it was Rocco or i mention this while sliding into what could be a Touchy youve probably read or heard stories out of new York about the conflict Between some Blacks and the koreans who operate Busi Nesses in Black the Blacks say that some of the koreans Are rude and do nothing but take profits out of their while not putting anything Back Many Blacks resent that the koreans Are newcomers to this the koreans respond that All there doing is working hard to make a living and get ahead in their new land of this int a new nor is it limited to new the same thing has happened and is still happening in where a Large korean population operates hundreds of Small businesses in Black neighbourhoods and opens new ones every Tucker Mike Royko Tribune Media services one Black Chicago William even went so far As to suggest that a Law be passed requiring businessmen to be fluent in most people laughed at the dimwitted and illegal but instead of they should have been asking the obvious if Blacks dont want to buy their bread and milk from Why Arent they running the businesses themselves i dont recall anybody putting that question to the Blacks waging Boycotts in new or those who think if i can abuse that word like Alderman Henry in knee Jerk racists will be Quick to provide what they think Are the answers Blacks Arent smart enough to run their own that since Blacks do run Many successful big and Blacks Are too Lazy to Deal with the Long hours required to make a go of a Small More anyone who works As a labourer or jockeys a cab 12 hours a six Days a As Many Blacks int knee Jerk liberals will be Quick to provide their too Lack of the schools Are excuse but you dont need an mba to run a Corner grocery some of the koreans cant even read or write and they get most of the Roccos and Angelos who ran the Small Busi Nesses i grew up with never saw a High Lack of it takes capital to Start even a Small and financial institutions discriminate against Black Busi maybe some but there Are Black there Are wealthy Black businessmen with funds that can be Are they discriminating too the knee Jerk racists and liberals both have it it int Lack of education or whats lacking is and that what Blacks can learn from the Success driven the koreans dont wait for a Bank to provide a they have their own family and Community financial those who make it kick something into the those who Are looking for a Chance can dip into the and when they they take their turn giving something theres also an important cultural differ for excellent dont Trust governments and dont depend on governments for their they look to their families and communities for they Are private Enterprise because of our history of welfare and social safety Many Blacks look to government programs and social there pro but the government int going to show anybody How to run a grocery a dry cleaning shop or teach anyone How to Pool family or Community Money to get it so instead of picketing korean stores and being envious and Blacks might be Wise to take another take a look at How the koreans have done if you can organize a Boycott or a take it one step organize your own grocery it might not make the network but it could Send your kids to at

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