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Salina Journal Newspaper Archives May 27 1990, Page 1

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Salina Journal, The (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Salina, Kansas T1 Salina t 1 1 he journal 117th year 147 Kansas May seining saves dollars Leonard seines for crawdads saturday afternoon along the Banks of the Smoky Hill Tom Dorsey River Channel in Oakdale it saves a lot of Money on Schneider colombians prepare for election Day Law restricts investigations of kennels Colombia a the bloodiest election Campaign in col Combias 180 years of Independence comes to a close with today presidential but Many feared that the terror unleashed by drug traffic kers would officials accused the drug Barons of using violence to keep people away from the the army and police mobilized troops for election Day and military checkpoints lined major streets and some colombians said they planned to vote Early to Cut the time spent standing in thus reducing the risk of being killed or maimed in an Colombia drug War has Over shadowed every other Issue in the presidential in the past nine three presidential 262 police 93 three 15 news Media employees and about other people have been bombs have exploded at shopping centers and us one bomb destroyed a colombian killing All 107 people few of the crimes have been but suspicion for most of the killings has fallen on drug traffic who have private armies and billions of dollars in cocaine profits at their the army and police said troops would be out in Force for the and a curfew was imposed in the drug capital of Medellin Fol Gaviria Gomez lowing a wave of government officials have expressed fears that intimidation by traffickers would prevent some peo ple from and accused the drug lords of stepping up attacks to scare there Are about million eligible president Virgilio Barco and his wife planned to vote As soon As the polls As is traditional for the Barcos fou year term ends and the Constitution prohibits a president from serving two successive there Are 12 candidates for presi Only four Are considered to have nationwide the ruling Liberal party Candi Cesar is considered the leading he is the Only candidate who has promised to continue Barcos Tough policies against the including extradition of drug traffickers to the United one main presidential Alvaro has urged legalization of cocaine in the major drug consuming by Sharon Montague staff writer humane society officials and some dog Kennel owners Are blasting a new state Law that would make it illegal to trespass at or take photographs of research facilities or animal but others say the Law protects against overzealous Anima rights the passed recently by the Kansas legislature and signed by Mike makes it illegal for anyone to enter a research fact Kennel or anywhere animals Are exhibited or offered for it also makes it illegal to photo graph such facilities without per Mission of the it includes provisions for inspection by governmental agencies or their agents carrying out their breaking the Law is a and those who damage property can be liable for three times the amount of court costs and attorney the Bill was supported by the Kansas farm Bureau and other farm Arnold a Paxico cat said he pushed for the Law because something needed to be done about overzealous Anima rights organizations that have broken into facilities throughout the damaging Gideon said his cattery burned to the ground about a year causing about in and fire marshals listed the fire As suspicious in they never said it was but there was no electricity to the build and there was no Way it could have started on its he he suspects Anima rights activists set the he the Law the Kansas Bill was patterned after a Federal Bill that is pending in Gideon it came about federally because the government realized who these Anima rights organizations Are and what there Gideon create headlines however the hell they have to create them to get Money for their he said Anima rights organizations have become progressively More destructive in their attempts to see Page 9 Yeltsin fails in bid to head Republic weather deflates balloon meet inside Byers neither staff writer drizzle and excessive wind deflated a spectacle that a crowd of people got out of bed Early on a saturday to the planned 7 liftoff of 22 hot air balloons at the 13th annual Skalky country 94 Smoky Hill balloon meet had to be cancelled when the weather refused to the liftoff was scrubbed As Well because of a the balloon pilots left the East Crawford family recreation area for and the balloons never even made an when you plan something months in theres always just a 5050 Chance of said Charlie Pilot of the Good a professional meteorologist from monitors the weather for the the experienced pilots didst have to be told the weather was not fit for the spectators were Cook said he was hopeful that the cold front would pass through and the sky would Clear in tune for this morn Ings saturday the Cloud ceiling was too Low to allow the three mile visibility balloon pilots the wind Speed of 12 to 15 Mph was a Little High to safely inflate the Cook liftoff Are planned at around Sunrise or Sunset to avoid air turbulence during the usually winds Are Light in the morning just after see Page 11 Moscow a Radical re former Boris Yeltsin failed sat urday to win a majority in balloting for president of the largest soviet but said hell Start a new Campaign monday for another the Congress of the russian federation will take new nominations Yeltsin said he will stick to his platform of transferring economic and political decision making Power from Central authorities to the re Public despite opposition from soviet president Mikhail Gor i am not going to change on mat ters of he said As he strode through the Kremlin grounds after saturdays Runoff election in the who holds the posts of soviet president and general Secre tary of the soviet communist accused Yeltsin on wednesday of being Gorbachev also said Yeltsin demands for russian sovereignty would mean the Boris Yeltsin fell 28 votes Short of winning the Republic breakup of the soviet if Yeltsin ultimately wins russian presidential the Post would see Page 9 Chicago Michael Jordan goes in for another of his 47 Points Satur Day As the bulls Knock off the Detroit see Page president Bush second get together with Mikhail Gorbachev i shapes up As a Summit of lowered see Page on the weather extremes pose problems for stricken regions Kansas thunderstorms today arid highs in the 700 and lows in toe thunderstorms ending Santa Barbara copes with severe drought Santa a folks in this parched Seaside perhaps the driest town in California this Cope with drought in their own some blame the some seek and some pour Money on their at this people Are really in a and theres a lot of noise about what we should be said Tom chairman of the Santa Barbara county Board of super the water shortage has occupied All the politics in the area for the past three or four unlike the rest of Southern Cali which brings in outside water in canals and the county and Scenic City 100 Miles Northwest of los Angeles rely entirely on groundwater and local that has to serve the county residents plus 5 million tourists a years of below Normal precipitation have exhausted one Reservoir and nearly drained the re Gion now faces a 45 percent Supply landscaper Tony Gring paints Santa Barbara lawns forcing the City Council to declare a drought emergency in the Council has imposed some drastic measures to Foster conserva water rates were hiked drastic outdoor sprinklers and hosing were other rationing Meas ures were ordered and three drought cops were hired to enforce the one customer with a Leaky toilet recently complained he was charged City officials gardening businesses have dried far workers also have lost see Page 11 flood effects will continue for months Texas a the million High port Marina on Lake Texoma has a restaurant and even an outdoor dance but these Days its More of a scuba divers nearly a month after severe flood ing the Marina and other Lakeshore properties Are still under As much As 10 to 12 feet of record in the first Days of following the wettest Spring since made the manmade Lake on the red River Rise to 28 feet above flooding hundreds of prop water flowed Over the dams spillway for Only the second time since it was built in residents of Lake Texoma Miles of Shoreline in Texas and Oklahoma Are among thousands whose lives will be disrupted for months by on memorial boaters approaching the sprawling High port Marina can refuel at a floating Gas station and buy food under a tent pitched on a Hill overlooking the submerged Pompano and puffers Many months from the Lake businesses and along with More than 8 million visitors who come to Texoma every will still be feeling the flooding said High port owner Loe the whole area will have an econ Omic problem through next including decreased sales tax reve Only the rooftops of Loes two restaurants and a bar can be seen at the Lake about six Miles North of Potts Texoma is slowly but at 6 inches a Day it will take two months just for water to Drain from his flooding on the red and other Rivers also prompted disaster rations for More than on third of Arkansas 75 counties and caused millions of dollars Worth of damage to Farmland and farther downstream on the More thin acres have been flooded in More than Homans were affected by flooding and said the red not far South of Lake the same storms made the Trinity see Page u

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