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Salina Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1990, Page 4

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Salina Journal, The (Newspaper) - March 11, 1990, Salina, Kansas March opinion the Salina journal Tom t 1 1 he journal founded in 1871 Harris publisher Kay editor Scott managing editor managing editor Ben managing editor associate editor Mary to associate editor Bret associate editor Stephan Kissinger attorney general Bob Stephan engaged in a Media War of words against Salina City manager Dennis Kissinger last he furiously complained that Kis Singer was trying to discredit the finding of the attorney generals of fice that a pattern of excessive Force existed in the Salina police depart saturday Kissinger said he want trying to do this was in no Way a questioning of their their decision or anything Kissinger whatever the motives behind Kis singers Friday statement to the the statement does not Clear the Salina police department nor does it mean theres no need for change Kissinger said that he was Only trying to Clear up a personnel ques Tion whether officer Don Poore should be disciplined now for a 1986 its easy to see Why attorney Gen eral Bob Stephan would interpret the statement As an attack and Why he would be Kissinger statement described an internal investigation of an allegation that officer Don Poore struck Lee Seiler at a local convenience the internal review concluded that Poore had acted the attorney generals office ear Lier had looked into the same incident and said that enough evidence existed to file a criminal charge against except that the statute of limitations had Kissinger said he asked the at Torney general to either provide More information from his investigator or to reconsider the conclusion of the report about the Seiler that request was an outside investigation was done because of local citizens doubts that an internal review could be fair and an outside review offers the Assurance that those who speak to the investigator need not fear local repercussions from their second guessing the outside review with an internal one defeats the Pur pose of having an outside in Salinas have other reasons to question the internal the internal investigation did not discredit an Independent and credible witness who said Seiler had been Kissinger instead the new investigation turned up other witnesses to support the View that Poore acted correctly and statements from approximately 24 other unidentified persons that did not provide evidence to support the Kissinger says the internal investigation was simply More Thor Ough than that done by the attorney generals maybe but its also possible that those who fear local police would be Likely to Tell police representatives what they think they want to not necessarily a More accurate Kissinger decision that he cannot take disciplinary action against Poore based on the evidence he has is but Why ask the attorney generals office to reconsider its findings unless the Point was to undercut criticism of police Kissinger says that was not the Point and that he continues to push for changes and improvements through the search for a new police chief to replace retiring chief John through the accreditation process and whatever else is Neces sary and advisable to get better than we Are Salina needs to move ahead with those changes and Stop arguing about whether there have been problems in the letter team teaching great during the past six i have been privileged to serve on a school team at the South Middle it has been exciting to meet with other parents and teachers to discuss programs directed at improving not Only the academic of the but also to boost their self these programs include the of students of the rewarding students with Good deed a club that recognizes an increase in their Grade Point and the Anonymous adoption of at risk students by faculty members to encourage and support the new teaming approach at the seventh Grade level is providing a wonderful Chance for students to experience some level of Independence while maintaining a closer relationship than was Poss Ible in our former Junior High the level of participation at conferences last fall further confirmed a Good spirit of cooperation and most i feel that our Middle level educators really care about their i am convinced that when teachers care when kids then work and attitudes make great positive the week of March 1117 is Middle level education we Here in Salina can certainly celebrate this week with Pride Linda Loo Funston opera plots leave me laughing i dont like to admit but in not much of an opera or or i think Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo Are but when they do i find myself Reading the words at the Bottom the words that translate the and i get i cant believe what in Reading the plots Are so or they seem silly to last week i watched Pavarotti plus on the a huge chorus the whole Over a Hundred in Pavarotti and others i cant remember who they were now stood there and Sang the whole the opera was and at the Bottom of the screen they translated the plot from the Here is a sort of confused outline of How it went there is always your Basic Triangle wife and and there is always a Slinky in this Case it was Tosca who had the i Tosca admits right there on the stage that she killed the there was a knife and she plunged it into his must have been a Sharp to through ribs and Tosca got rid of the but now Shes worried about her Treyve cooked up a she tells her Lover if he stays there he will be dead by she tells him when they come to get him they will have Blanks in their she tells him to like Hes been shot she tells him not to Hurt himself when he this is Bernice Gutsch guest opinion so help because i wrote it she dont get up until i Call on the stage they Are All singing like Pavarotti is mopping his brow with his the violins Are Tosca is heaving i dont mean Shes sick at her stomach her breast is the whole darn thing fell her Lover fell All but he was deader than a door Nail whatever that something went wrong Hes not moving a then when she finds jumps off a pretty you say pretty you say poor at one Point she said because i wrote it love shall be our guide on and our Pilot at i just wish they try to translate operas As they go at one Point i was looking at a Wristwatch one of the characters had and i wondered Pavarotti did three the last one was 0 Solo that More like in just not an opera let u5 twinks tour c1990 Seattle Post intelligencer North America Syndicate conflicting views of soviet threat cause concern does the right hand of the Bush administration know what the left hand is doing on the crucial questions of whats and Likely to in the communist and therefore on How the should William the director of Central told the House armed services committee that the startling political upheavals in the soviet Union and Eastern Europe Are probably already irreversible in several critical even if reactionary forces within the soviet Union should overthrow Mikhail Webster the new regime would be preoccupied with the same internal economic and political problems that face it would have Little incentive to engage in major confrontations with the these Welcome words unclassified and offered in Public hardly out of the directors Mouth before Dick the self described hardliner who is Secre tary of offered a diametrically opposite testifying on the same Day to another he said that the changes in East Ern Europe and the soviet Union could be quickly reversed whether or not Gorbachev websters testimony in the opinion of Les chairman of the armed services committee fundamentally altered de Bate on the 1991 defense budget by supporting the View that a new Day is Here requiring new thinking about holds strongly to the belief stated in his budget proposal that the soviet military threat could be revived and therefore the must be Tom Wicker new York times prepared to remain in Lon term compete the in the largest May be and in it lies Between the administrations proposed billion military budget for a billion counterproposal that represents the views of Aspin and speaker Thomas and a billion plan backed by Liberal members of the armed services Cheney objection appeared to be less to the substance of websters argument than to his open statement of asked in a television interview if the Cia director was Cheney said i think but of course you dont but he added that theres no question but what it would be easier for in terms of getting congressional approval of the budget that the president sent up if there were a Little More restraint in websters state the defense Secretary is on dubious ground As it he wants the director of Central intelligence to tailor his views to the political needs of the Bush military Bud or even to keep silent when to speak might be the directors writ is to develop accurate and unbiased information to present to the administrations policy makers not to shape or suppress intelligence to support much less that Why it often has been argued in this space and elsewhere that the Cia director ought to have a specific term of rather than serving at the pleasure of the that also Why Covert if ought not to be conducted by the intelligence gathering Agency since Covert operations Are efforts rarely successful to carry out a presidents in the Webste Cheney whats of More immediate concern is the suggestion that the Bush administration has no Clear attitude on which to base policy about what May be the most important question facing it or worse is unwilling honestly to face the consequences of its Cheney said that i accurately reflect the presidents views on military and surely Bush did approve his own military websters was cleared in Advance by James the Secretary of and by the White Marlin the presidents press contended that the opposing views were not mutually exclusive but in deed give us a Good picture of the that All right for debate within the Cabi net or the National Security but not for two High officials testifying publicly be fore different congressional and it raises the question whether Bush has put up a budget that surrenders to pressures for jobs and defense or one that reflects the International realities accepted by his Secretary of state and his primary intelligence Gephardt pulls Booboo in urging Aid to soviets Washington As soon As the White House political operatives heard about Richard Gephardt they started by weeks they were laughing out the democrats protect Kenned lookalike Goody made a highly touted formal speech the other Day in which he called for americans to give direct economic Aid to the soviet he also dumped on president Bush As a Drifting Rowboat when the country needs the fastest Powerboat on the without the vision to see where we must the president is reduced to making every decision on the basis of polls and said the House democratic so what we Are left with is government of the by the polls and for the presidential spokesman Marlin Fitzwater tried not to just he said the Day of the the next Day he resist having he called Gephardt the Maxwell smart of american referring to the spy from the old to show get smart who kept saying would you believe and then saying something completely improbable such As giving the soviets help for which they Haven in political Gephardt speech could go Down As having ended the 1992 presidential Campaign of the democratic congressman from Missouri just As it got Ann Mcfeatters Scripps Howard news service Gephardt was following conventional democratic Wisdom in making the speech attack the president for Lack of insist the administration is moving too slowly to seize the Day that communism com Plain he is kowtowing to Public opinion but conventional Wisdom Doest necessarily work after the Wall we gave it up for Gephardt came off speaking less As a Man with his own vision than As a frustrated How does he launch a presidential Campaign by attacking a president whose popularity is sky High without attacking the people themselves Gephardt is upset that polls show Ameri cans no More willing to extend foreign Aid to the emerging democracies than they Ever so he blames the president for not leading Gephardt is wrong in thinking the Ameri can people seem reluctant to embrace the changes in Eastern most americans seem thrilled with the winds of Freedom blowing around the but they also believe what the democrats have been telling them for eight years the budget deficit is a time most americans probably quarrel with reordering foreign Aid so that countries such As Poland and Panama get More and countries such As Turkey and Morocco get but seeing the number of homeless Chil Dren the decaying cities and streets and the declining Middle class in this americans know the Wallet is too thin to help out it is certainly True that Bush is a cautious Man who May not always be what we would have him it is disheartening to realize that because of its declining economic America is not As important in the world scheme As it was a few years ago but merely one of several but it is maddening to hear Gephardt talk about giving away our hard earned dollars a country that has not asked for is not ready to use our capital wisely or Well and still has missiles pointed at americans love democracy and have worked tirelessly for it in Europe for nearly five but America is not the inter National Nanny or Rich Uncle Gephardt is smart and but its hard to believe hell get the last laugh on this wants t5rug 6jho wants criminals ape Alrewas 80 a

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