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Salina Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 1

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Salina Journal, The (Newspaper) - June 3, 1990, Salina, Kansas T1 Salina t 1 1 he journal 117th year 155 Kansas sunday june Smoky Hill River festival 199o festival strives for perfection by Dan Hess staff writer Smoky Hill River festival officials have been working toward perfection since the festival began in there not perfect and probably wont Ever get so the annual three Day Celebration along the Banks of the Smoky Hill River continues to and this years which begins Friday and runs through sunday at Oakdale promises to be better and More resourceful than by the same the basics of the festival remain the Basic Structure of the festival is the same every fes for a Complete guide to the see the special edition in today rival coordinator Lana Jordan we try to hang on to what we May change the entertainers or but basically we stay the that Means if you want Good it will be if you want to hear unique and relaxing you got a Quick trip around the festival grounds also shows that if you like demonstrations and you Only need to open your in if you like the Price of an Advance admission but ton Good for All three Days is a High yield investment in these inflationary perfect entertaining and its been that Way since its inception in when the festival squeaked by on a budget yet managed to draw a crowd of about crowds for the three Day event Are expected to be around and the estimated budget is expected to be around festival planning so How does a festival happen it All begins almost immediately after the festival is with evaluations and suggestions taken from anyone even remotely associated with the approximately festival staff and the then festival entertainers Are arts and crafts exhibitors and a series of never see Page 9 Tom Donay Alison Shaffer letters a sign for the Smoky Hill River she has been making signs for three therapy to fix muscle defects promising by the new York times the first attempt in humans to Correct the muscle defect that is at the heart of muscular dystrophy was a researchers reported the therapy involves transplanting healthy muscle cells from another person into the muscle of a patient with muscular the healthy cells began making the protein that is lacking in patients with the the work does not mean a treatment is imminent for muscular a genetic disease that causes progressive and irreversible muscle deterioration that almost always leads to death by the age of among other scientists must determine whether the transplants will work on Large muscle groups and whether patients will reject the trans planted experts who cited the new results and previous work in animals said the finding held out a real Ray of not Only for muscular dystrophy but also for other degenerative muscle the results were announced saturday by Peter a professor of neurology at the University of Tennessee in at a meeting of the muscular dystrophy association in Laws finding involved just a single Sam Looper of a 9yearold boy with Duchenne muscular the most common form of the to avoid possible damage to important leaders return to talks on Germany Camp a pres ident Bush and soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev wrestled Over differences on Germany in a final full Day of sum Mitry at this Mountain hide away despite Bush i see this Glass not half empty but half Gorbachev described the talks As instructive but said there were real problems the leaders would not turn a Blind Eye the leaders met in the relaxed setting of this rustic presidential re accompanied by Barbara Bush and Raisa the two presidents stripped off their Coats and ties for discussions that led Gorbachev to its been a big on a sunny Spring the Gor Baches also strolled the paths lacing this sprawling compound and pitched an said Gorbachev had never played horse shoes and yet literally threw a Rin Ger the first the Daylong session of informal talks All but ended the fou Day the last act was to be a wrap up news conference and then Gorbachev was heading for stops in and san contentious issues such As Ger Many and Lithuania were shelved during morning but the Chang ing face of Europe emerged As a subject before Days asserting that the soviet Union has a voice in the unification of Ger Gorbachev we must remember that we Are All part of this standing alongside Gorby Rohero Back in Moscow a Many soviets agreed saturday that president Mikhail Gorbachev deserved Praise for his foreign policy achievements at the but some said he didst deserve humanitarian awards and doubted his trip would improve their shame again he has sold out All Russia one woman shouted to a sidewalk crowd around her on Pushkin a kind of Moscow speakers Corner a few blocks from the she was referring to the five american humanitarian awards Gorbachev received Friday in Washington for striving for peace and free her comments reflected the contrast Between Gorbachev wild popularity abroad where he is treated like a hero for loosening up soviet society and helping bring peace and Bush defended his decision to sign a Trade treaty with Gorbachev even though Moscow had not eased its economic pressure on i look at the Overall he referring to the Trade Accord As in the interest of the United see Page 11 inefficiency reigns in soviet farming see Page 9 Moscow a when Mikhail Gorbachev visits the Brand family farm in Minnesota the soviet Leader will see a picture perfect 240 acre operation profitably run by four people an utterly alien concept at by the Dze Rohinsky collective farm on the outskirts of Moscow has 140 acres and a staff of As a vegetable farm with Green houses for Winter the Dzierz Hinsky operation could be expected to have a few More workers than the who raise soy Beans and 75 Dairy cows on their spread in but the soviet farm also has its own stores in its own Drivers and trucks to haul produce to the its own construction workers to build farm buildings and housing for the president Gorbachev reforms allowed it to sell on third of its crop at Market prices last so the farm spent the profits on its own fully staffed under the communist system of bureaucratic it is difficult to obtain nearly everything from building supplies to the services of a skilled there is no such thing As renting a spare tractor or running Down to the local feed store for a few so state businesses have evolved into huge self contained comm hoarding scarce resources such As trucks and construction workers so they will be available when the result is massive soviet farms employ More than eight times As Many people As american and they produce far less even using the production statistics that soviets admit Many soviet farms resort to old fashioned barter to obtain needed the communist party reported saturday that one collective farm traded 30 tons of meat and 50 tons of potatoes to see Page 11 inside serving Cream pie blindfolded and vacuuming bricks is a Heck of a Way to meet the see Page living on the weather Kansas mostly sunny highs in the upper 70s Northeast to the mid808 partly Cloudy lows in the 50s Northwest to 60 partly Cloudy Plains states face Bleak professor says by Marisa Daniels staff writer the future of the great Plains is in but the Region has not faced up to its problems and one Day parts of the Plains May be better suited for Buffalo than for people trying to make a Urban planning expert Frank Popper said this Ostrich attitude could be a significantly stronger Force in whether the great Plains becomes a Buffalo commons than any demographic or environmental of Popper an Urban planning professor at Rutgers new and his geographer Deborah Epstein gained notoriety last year for their proposal that the Plains be made a Buffalo commons in Light of the regions dwindling population and economic the Poppers were guests saturday at the Prairie festival at the land 2440 water a record crowd of 500 people at tended the opening Day of the 12th annual festival at the More than 450 people from throughout the Midwest packed the barn saturday afternoon to hear Frank Popper speak on the future of the the Plains cover thousands of Miles of Grassland from the heart of the nation West to the Rocky mountains about on fifth of the Continental United the Region has a population of about million the Region has serious Popper told the standing Roo Only its people have adapted to survive and they love their there is a Good work ethic and Strong family and the Plains offer a High Quality of despite its history has see Page w actor Dies of cancer new York a Oscar winning actor sir Rex who taught the Kings English in my fair lady and talked to animals As the lovable Dolittle during a 66year died in his sleep he was the a stage and Star in the United states and his native died of pancreatic cancer at his Manhattan said his Harold to watch him and to work with him was a Joyful said Julie who played Eliza Doolittle to Harrisons professor Henry Higgins in my fair lady on Broadway for three i doubt there was anyone be fore like the theater has lost an extraordinary Neofa Harrison won a Tony award for his Broadway portrayal of Higgins see Page 9 a Piluk Rex Harrison is shown with Julie Andrews in a 1956 photograph from the the Broadway musical my fair

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