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Salina Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Salina Journal, The (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Salina, Kansas 5 crowd cheers As woman cuts wrists gop stars at Russell the Blue Book of Republican poli tics certainly includes fridays guest list at russells Bob Dole Day from left mrs Olivia Ben 40 cents Neft wife of Kansas gov Robert Bennett sen Bob Dole the gop Vic presidential nominee presi Dent Gerald Ford mrs Mary the Elizabeth Dole the senators wife Robin Dole his daughter and Kansas sen James b Pear additional pictures of the for Dole visit on pages 30 and 33 journal photo by Dennis Lundgren Hartford Conn up a Young woman slashed her wrists and forearms and then rushed to the Steps of immaculate con caption Church holding a razor to her Throat Friday night As a crowd of 300 persons behaving Mals cheered and screamed do your thing sister the girl not identified because she is a minor was hit by one bottle during the 45 minutes she held police priests and friends at Bay by threatening to Cut her Throat she was reported in stable condition saturday at Hartford Hospital police called the crowds jeering disgusting the Guys police at the scene told me they were just like animals detective William Tremont said they were Yelling do it sister do your thing sister1 right on the officers told Tremont anything that she did that looked like it was going to draw blood they cheered Tremont said it was like they were witnessing a spectacle at a football game i cant believe this said another policeman what has society come to police officer James Quigley said he saw the girl slashing her forearms and wrists about pm at a City inter Section he approached her and she ran a Block to the Steps of the Church As police priests and friends tried to talk her into dropping the razor she held to her Throat police said she ignored them and Cut her fore arms three More times As the gather ing crowd hooted the crowd applauded and cheered when the girl finally fainted and col lapsed apparently from loss of blood from her cuts police took her to the Hospital a Friend told reporters the Giri had been taking Ltd and police said she appeared to be drugged David Eisenhower at Abilene Abilene the Eisenhower Library in Abilene had a distinguished guest Friday and saturday David Eisenhower Eisenhower was at the Library to do research for a Book he is writing about his Grandfather the late president Dwight d Eisenhower Eisenhower planned to leave Abilene sunday morning according to Don Wil son assistant director of the Library son sunday edition Salina journal potato Chip heir foils Kidnap try by Friend 105th year no 235 Salina Kansas sunday August 221976 78 pages hit by meteorite South has big Crater Indianapolis up an in Diana scientist reported saturday he has found evidence of a 150mile wide Crater near the South pole the result of what he believes to be the largest meteorite Ever to strike the Earth we now have evidence that a Crater comparable to the largest craters which exist on the Moon exists on Earth or John g Weihaupt associate Dean of science at Indiana univer sit Purdue University Indianapolis told the 25th International geological Congress in Sydney Australia details of the discovery were released by uni varsity officials in Indianapolis a Crater a half mile deep and 150 Miles wide lies beneath the ice of North Ern Antarctica according to his Evi Dence the Crater would have been formed by a meteorite tworan Dahal to Miles across weighing 13 billion tons which hit the Earth at a Speed of 44000 Miles per hour Between 600000 and 700000 years ago by his calculations 4 times larger it is four times larger than any other meteorite Crater so far found on Earth a Crater nearly Large enough to fill the space Between Chicago and Indianapolis the evidence indicated the Impact although huge lacked Force enough to change the earths Axis or rotation Al though it might have caused Earth quakes and Volcano eruptions in unstable areas of Earth or substantial temporary climate changes from dust that shaded out some of the suns heat and Light Weihaupt said much of the evidence is indirect since a mile of ice covers the site but the data and All its interpretations sup port his meteorite hypothesis Weihaupt said seismographs and Gravity meters indicated a massive Hole in the Rock roman Church sends Cia agents Back into the cold Denver up the roman Catholic Church has Given the Cia notice and the agents May find themselves out in the cold if they dont get new offices by february the Catholic archdiocese of Denver monday will begin moving into the Bankers Union life building which it bought last december but the Cia still occupies nine offices on the fourth floor the Church said it would Honor All leases until they expire and the Cia must be out of the building by february an unidentified Cia spokesman said the Agency still Hast found a new location for its Denver Headquarters but he declined to elaborate on what specifications they require or How Many workers must be moved the archdiocesan announcement last december on the move into the Cias Chambers brought out Catholic demonstrators who marched in front of the building with signs Reading future Home of the Cia and the Catholic Church Church officials defended the move and said they wanted to put the now scattered offices of the archdiocese under one roof Huntington Beach Calif up two men were in custody saturday for the 250000 kidnapping attempt of potato Chip heir John h Scudder 63 who wrestled with one Abductor and escaped by faking a heart attack William Rudy Wesson 44 Tustin Calif a business acquaintance of scud Der and Rick Dale Sellers 20 an unemployed Mechanic from Long Beach Calif were arrested Friday Scudder son of the late potato Chip Queen Laura Scudder was seized thursday by two men in a Small to bile Home As he left a dentists office the men pointing a gun at him report edly said they had his wife and ordered him into the vehicle Scudder said he was sprayed with chemical Mace his glasses were pulled from his face and his eyes were taped shut one Man said in a falsetto we want Money during the ride Scudder said he began to suspect one of the abductors was an acquaintance disguising his voice Scudder has told police Wessen had visited his Oceanside Home about noon thursday and said he was in financial difficulties Scudder said they had a few drinks and he offered the Man a Job which he refused Scudder said he also invited Wesson on a fishing trip and Wesson said he would Call later to confirm it Ransom the kidnappers stopped once to make a Telephone Call to scudders wife a victim and suspects Jack Scudder right and suspects arrested on suspicion of kidnapping him Patrick Sellers Lerie who later said the caller in a very pleasant voice not at All crude no arrogance demanded Ransom mrs Scudder called police meanwhile Scudder fearing his abductors would kill him faked a heart attack tearing his clothes gasping and screaming give me air give me air they stopped and one of the men opened a door Scudder jumped out of the vehicle and shouted in being kid naked the abductors apparently frightened sped off police alerted by an Al Points Bulle tin arrested the two suspects on inter Doles Russell Homecoming was sentimental triumphant by Pat Gaston Russell president Gerald Ford supplied the Campaign oratory and his running mate sen Bob Dole saluted his Hometown with tears of gratitude Friday As an enthusiastic crowd of 5000 thundered its support it was a Homecoming both sentimental and triumphant for Dole the pro Duce dealers son who overcame Finan Cial hardship and physical Handicap in his Rise to political prominence the Triumph came thursday noon when Ford announced his selection of the Junior senator from Kansas As run Ning mate on the 1976 gop presidential ticket but the sentiment was reserved for Friday when Dole brought the presi Dent Home for a Hotdog lunch beneath the Broad Shade Trees of the Russell county courthouse Ford who fell into Disfavour with mid West Farmers last year by slapping an embargo on Grain exports lost no time in telling the predominantly Rural crowd what they wanted to hear this administration will never have another embargo period the presi Dent declared calling Dole a Stalwart Friend of the Farmer he said a for Dole administration would work to improve the lot of the agribusiness Man the Farmers of America must get a fair Price in a free Market Ford said he favored expanded production and increased imports but added this administration will never make the Farmers hard work and production a Pawn of International policy the president vowed to find a Way to give greater tax Relief to the Middle income people of this country who have been shortchanged Over the years in example he cited Doles sponsor ship of an amendment increasing individual income tax exemptions from to per year Ford struck a responsive chord with his Call for an increase in the Federal estate tax exemption from to at least the Promise appealed to Farmers in the audience who Are hindered by existing tax Laws in passing their holdings on to children explaining Why he had selected the Kansas Solon to fill out the gop ticket the president said Doles experience As a state legislator and Russell county attorney would help establish a closer relationship Between the Federal government and local governmental bodies you not Only produce cattle and wheat and Energy Ford said of Kan sans but Doggone it you produce great people he praised Dole As a wonderful teammate and indicated he considered his Vic presidential pick in the same league with such past Kansas notables As Dwight Eisenhower Alf Landon and Frank Carlson Dole who preceded Ford at the microphone recalled his Early years in Russell and said his Success shows you can come from a Small town in America you dont need All the mate rial things to succeed if indeed i have succeeded i can think of All the times the people of Russell helped when i needed help it was then that the senators noted aplomb failed him Dole raised his continued to Page 2 fighting tears gop Vic presidential nominee their help Bob Dole fights Back tears As he photo thanks the people of Russell for and support up left and William Wesson Cen Ter in Banning Calif up photos state 10 in the Palm Springs area a Rifle two handguns and lessons Wallet were recovered from the vehicle police said which had been rented in lessons name Friday morning Wesson who had promised to Call about the fishing trip telephoned Scudder collect saying he was on his Way to the desert and would not be Able to make the trip whats news Camp Aldrich auction is delayed Page 10 school time is near Page 10 Bob Dole still has a Way with a quip Page 10 archbishop Fulton j Sheen visits Salina next month Page 10 National a debate with Jimmy Carter May be a bold Gamble for president Ford Page 2 Betty Ford is ailing Page 2 the Stock Market took a Steep nose dive last week Page 8 features recovered alcoholics celebrate their new Freedom in a feature Story and Pic Tures by Linda Mowery and Dennis Lundgren Page 11 Jacq Woolsey asks ministers wives about the roles they play Page 12 rabbi Korff remains Loyal to Nixon Page 18 inside features hospitals9 local10 30 markets8 opinion4 pop scene21 sports2328 tvfilms20 wantads3543 weather9 women1116 area news33 comics43 courts9 Cross puzzle7 deaths9 or thosteson5 family circus 6 gossip column 34 Grain trade19 Home Garden 29

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