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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Sag Harbor Corrector (Newspaper) - April 1, 1840, Sag Harbor, New York Consumption Doug Lis and colds. Nerv Ous diseases liver comp lain dyspepsia bilious diseases piles ulcers female weakness and All cases of hypochondria cism to w spirit palpitation of the hear nervous irritability nervous weakness flu or Albu seminal weakness Indi Gest Ion loss of appetite heart Bur general debility Bodil y Wea Kness Chlorosis or Green sickness Flat Lency hysterical paintings hysterics head aches Hiccup sea sickness night Dou Leureux cramp spasmodic affections and those who Are Vic Tims to that most excruciating disorder Gutwill find Relief from thei r sufferings by a course of or. Evans Medicine. Pains in the Side Chest limbs Heads Tom Ach or bar dimness or confusion of sight alternate flushes of heat and a illness re mors Walc hings agitation anxiety had dreams spasms mercurial and All delicate diseases Are successfully treated by or. Evans. Certificates Fly letter from the Hon. Abraham m Clel Lan Sullivan county East Tennessee member of Congress. Washington jul y 3d1s3s. Sir since i have been in this City 1 have used some of your dyspeptic Medicine with infinite Benefi t and satisfaction and believe it to be a most valuable Reed y. One of my constituents or. A. Garden of Camp Bell county Tennessee wrote me to Send him som which i did and he has Emp Loyed it ver y successfully in his practice and says it is invaluable. Or. J Ohnson your agent at this p lace thinks you would probably y like an a ent in Tennessee. If Soi would recommend or. A Garden As a pro per person to officiate for the. Sale of your celebrated Medicine. Should you commission him he is willing to a t for you. You can Send the Medicine by water to the care of Robert King & sons Knoxville count Tennessee or by land to Graham & Tenn. I have no doubt but if you had agents in several counties in East Tennes see a great Deal of your Medicine would be sold. I am going to take some of it Home with me for my own Sean d that of my should like to hear from you whether you would like an agent at Blunt Ville Sullivan county East Tenn. I can set some of the Mer chants to act for yours i live near there. Yours respectfully. Abraham m Lellan Oft inn. To or. We. Evans100 Chatham St. New York. Abraham j. Creme residing at 66 Mott Street. New York wag afflicted with dyspepsia in its most aggravated form. The symptoms were violent headache great debility fever Costi Veress cough heartburn pain in the Chest and stomach always after eating impaired appetite sensation of sink i or. Yvo. Evans camomile and ape Rient pills. Ing at the stomach furred Tongue Nau sea with frequent vomiting dizziness towards night and restlessness. These had confined upwards of a Twelvemonth when on con suiting or. We. Evans 100 Chatham Street and submitting to his Over successful and agreeable Mode of treatment the patient was comp Letel y restored to health in he Short space of one Mont hand grateful for the in calculable Benefi t derived Ladly came for Ward and volunteered the above statement. Or. We. Evans medical office100 Chatham Stree new York. Of another recent lest of the unrivalled d virtue of or. We. Evans m medicines. Dys p Epsia in years standing or. J. Muker zie176 Stanton Street was afflict cd with the above complaint for ten years which in capacitated him at interval for the period of six Yearsin attending to his business restored to perfect health under the salutary treat ment of or. We. Evans. The symptoms were a sense of distension and oppression alter eating distressing p Ain in the p it of the App Etite Giddin Ess palpitation of the hear great debility and emaciation depression of spirit disturbed res sometimes a bilious , and pain m the right Side an extreme degree of languor and fat illness any endeavour to pursue his business causing immediate exhaustion and weariness. Or. M Mckenzie is daily attending to his business and none of the above symptoms have recurred since he used the Medicine. H e is now a Strong and healthy Man. Lie resorted to myriads of remedies but they were nil ineffectual. He is wilting to give any information to the afflicted respecting the inestimable Benefi t Rende red to him by the use of or. We. Evans Medicine. The above Medicine can be procured of ail drum. Evans advertised agents in. The United stat Sand throughout the world entered according to vat _ _ of Cori Gress. C3 be sure thai the Label on the Box expresses such. The genuine is vended by a gents Only. Sold at 100 Chatham Street new York. Agent a. O. Wick Htun & co. Sag har Borl. I. Napoleon and his guard. There was a dauntless Soldier once in France the Story Joe who by his skill and bravery to Fame and Fortune Rose. Nor Hal Ted in his Bright career of afterwards tis shown till from a Privet the Soldier he did mount the Bourbon throne. This Soldie r s name soon spread abroad to Russia s wide Domain and " o or the everlasting Al p " through h i Tal y Anil Spain. Old Germany and Prussia too own d him their " Victor lord when Jen saw and Austerlitz this Soldier dra w his sword. This Soldier had some comrades too so Rons Iho Story on whose Star Bijj it brightness added to the glory of i Sun. And when for Europe s crowns and thrones i s hero game to p Lay they led his Conquy Erin g eagles on and gave him Gallan t Aid. But Chi efe.=t did this Foldier Lovo a and hold in High regard a Noble band in Story Call d the old Imperial guard. And Well they Foug h t his love to win this legion of the Brav witness for them far Moscow s Walli and Berc Sina s wave. Nor these alone Ilio scene Vrh Ciesin these bravest of the Bravetti s Soldier s fortunes to redeem their life blood Freel y Cove let Leip sir/3 fight and in Gram s Tell their Jama without t a stain dres Den s hard siege and Ludi s Bridge acid Borodino s Plain. And when the Clouds misfortune brings Ca me Goth Ting from Afa Rand dark Ning full the Hori Zon of Feur d t his Soldier s f Star twas then this Brave old Gallan t guard bade him mock cd fear. F or Nono should harm hair Soldier King while stood a grenade r. Obedient t to this Soldier s worded by the hero c Ney this Fine old guard their Promise kept i l. of on that Kalajd of a a when mar shalling their columns Stein he made their last re r new and bade his chosen " charge sat bloody Waterloo. They charge d for him their Soldier King and on Ihn. Death. Strewn Field prov d that the old Imperial guard might die by t could not yield. Bui he is gone this Soldier Kin Gand gone these Noble braves he slumbers on Helena s Rock and they in Unknow n Graves. Pressure o f lie sea. A p piece of Wood which floats on the water be forced Down to a great Dep la in the sea the pressure of he surrounding g liquid Wil l be so sever that a Quantity of water will be forced into the pores of the Wood and so increase is weight that i t will be no longer capable of floating or rising to the surface. Hence the timbers of ship which h ave foundered in a deep part of the Ocean never Rise again to Tho surface like those which Are sunk near the Shore. A diver May with impunity plunge to a certain depth in the sea but there is a limit beyond which he could not live under the pressure to which he is subject. For the same reason it is probable that there is a depth below where fishes canno t live. They have according to Joshlin been caught in a depth at which they must have sustained a pressure of eighty toils to each Square foot of the surface of their bodies. Stimulants of great is i interest in g to notice the different articles which have been taken by eminent Menas s t implants to mental faculties. It is interesting As show ing How diametrically y Opp Osite Means May produce the same effect in various systems and it is interesting g As showing hot much the mind sympathizes with the Bod y. Haller drank plent i Ful l y of cold water when he wished for greater activity y of the brain. Fox for the same Pur pos used Brand y. The stimulants of Newton and Hobbs were the fumes of tobacco those of Pope and Fon Tenell Estron g Coffee. Or. Johnson at one period of his life was a great wine Drinker by t in the latter Purl of it he found Stron g Tea a Good substitute. Don Juan is said to have been writ j de under the influence of g in and water and it is re ported that a certain Legal lord of great learning p lies himself hard with port when he w wishes to Shine. Pitt was a Preat Drinker of wine Sheridan Sowas fond of his bottle. Or. Paris tells us that when or. Dunnin g wished to make an extra Ordinary y display of eloquent Ehe always put a Blister p Laster on his Chest a few hours before he was to speaking order that it might Irr Ita the the brain by sympathy y durin g his speech. A Mississipp i correspondent of the Natches courier writing g from the seat of government of mississippian a letter about Bank and banking gives currency to Tho following Story of adventure i turn from the legislature to give an item which smacks of Romance and Novelty. To Day there arrived in the stage in company with judge bodies a fair faced and j juvenile passenger in p pantaloons arrayed and on slopping at the mansion of Madame Dixon the said personage was consigned to a room in company with senator Thomas b. Rives in a few minutes suspicions Wei set afloat that the stranger aforesaid was a woman whereupon mrs Dixon in curious Trepeda to on repaired to the presence of her new guest. You Are a woman said mrs. D. I know i am rep lied the stranger but listen to my Story she then related an and Ven Ture tha t for Eli paid the dangers braved by the Lover of Orlando she had been cruelly treated her husband had fled the country and resolved to find him she changed her dress and went to the Mississipp i River where to secured a berth on one of the steam boats As Cabin boy this life she followed up and Down the Western Waters for 8 months despairing of the object of her anxious Pur suit he is now on her Way to the bosom of h or family in one of the Eastern counties of Mississipp i. Hen her sex was discovered several ladies and gentlemen recalled her acquaint Ance and by the kindness of her friends Sho was soon transform d and conducted to the Parl or glittering in All the up lend or of her sex. The stories she told were intensely interesting and All t Rue while a or Sbin boy Sho had two or three fight sin All of which she Eurie off victorious who will say the Mississipp i ladies Are not Brave Ana do not love we Intel d to write the history of this laity for one of the annuals the materials Fife ample her Beauty chivalry Devotion and " other heroic qualities look out for the Story of the Cabin boy wife to a Yankee on Board of a Mississipp i Steamer stranger will you play a game of Bra g j y i do Noi know the game was the reply. Will you play Spragues i am ignorant of that also a game of All furs v i must acknowledge to you that i am not familiar with any game at cards Well St Ranger will you Lake a drink v certainly with the greatest pleasure the couple according l y repaired to the bar and after touching1 glasses the Wol Vereen eyed the Yankee closely from head to foot and said to him stranger you am a Clever. Fellow but know Devilish Little. Pneumatic Mirror. The e attention of Tho Royal institution was called of to a new process for converting p late Glass into con vex and con Cave Mirror by a most simple process. An Iro n Case Bein g provided. Circus a r plate of Glass is fixed into it and made perfectly Ai r Light leaving a chamber at the Back full of common air. By drawing ont that air either with an air pump or the Mouth the pressure of the atmosphere on its surface immediately converts it into u concave whilst blowing More air into the chamber makes the Glass assume a perfect convex Mirror. Or. Naysmith Ori Guinall y brought this subject before the Birmingham association and explained the process last. Lirida a at the Roval institution. The subject was made perfectly Clear to those present. Or. Naysmith stated that whatever uses this discovery May be App lied Tohe wan Perfec to y willing to devote it at the altar of science and Dou b Ted not that it would prove valuable for astronomical and other Purpo. Ses. Valuable in . Couture Brotherson Bordeau Glass blowers have j ust introduced an important improvement into the Art of blowing Black or bottle Glass by using a flexible tub worked by Machin Ery ? for injecting air into the parcels of Aid Metal instead of letting their men continue to blow them by Mouth. An ingeniously contrived cock allows them to consume j ust As much or As lit t be air As is wanted. These gentlemen have declined taking out a Patent for their invention and in a Spiri Ted manner have made it Public the number of revolutions the paddle wheels of the British Queen performs in coming from Portsmouth to new York is now ascertained with great Mccury by Means of a clock attached to the Machiner y. Durin g her rec ent voyage from ports Moul the number of r evolutions were Lino Hundred and ninety one thousand tight Hundred and of r to eight. Diameter of paddle wheels thirty one feel. J our of com High water calculated too. Sag Harbor. J Sun Sun Moo n i h i go april. R uses sets sets water. 1 wednesday 5 44 to 16 5 4 9 2fj 2 thursday 5 42 6 18 sets 9 57 3 Friday 5 41 6 19 8 10 to 344 saturday 5 40 6 20 9 Soa j 14 5 sunday 5 38 6 22 10 49. L i 59 6 monday 5 37 6 23.1 morn 12 45 7 tuesday 5 36 6 24j 0 1 12 348 wednesday 5 34 6 26 1. 3 419 thursday5 33 6 27 1 52 2 48 10 Friday. 5 32 6 25 2 31, 4 12 a l m a n a. This paper will be published Semi weekly every wednesday and sat urday on Tae following terms subscription $3 per year. Weekly on saturday $2,50 Ier Vear. Advertisements one half i of a Square will be inserted one week for 50 cents a whole Square 75 cents and for every succeeding Inser Tion 25 cents Large advertisements a the same proportion. Those who advertise in no other paper will be entitled to have their advertisements in both papers at the same charge All communications must be Post paid and directed 10 the Edi or of the corrector Sag Harbor. Interest charged on All delinquents. And no paper discontinued until All Arrea rages Are paid except at the option of the Edi Tor. T e a m s. I j o mothers and a nurses. The passage of the Teeth through the Gums produces troublesome and dangerous symptoms. It is known by mothers that there is great irritation in the Mouth and Gums during this process. The Gums swell the secretion of the saliva is increase the child is seized with frequent and sudden fits of crying watching starting in its sleep and spasms of Peculiar parts the child shrieks with extreme violence and thrusts its fingers into its Mouth. If these recur sary symptoms ate not speedily alleviate spasmodic convulsions Universal y Supervene and soon cause the dissolution of the infant. If Moth ers who have their Little babes afflicted with these distressing symptoms would apply the celebrated american soothing syrup which j has preserved Hundred s of infants when thought past recovery from being suddenly y attack d with that fatal Malad y convulsions. This infallible Reed y has preserved hundreds when thought past recovery from convulsions. As soon As the syrup p is rubbed a the gum the child will recover. This preparation is so innocents efficacious a wonderful change was produced and after a few application the child displaced obvious Relief and by continuing in its Usei am glad to inform youth nid has comp Letel y recovered and no re current e of that a jul comp lain t has since occurred the Teeth Are emanating daily and the child enjoys Perfec t health. I give you my cheerful permission to make this a kno a Lodgment publican will gladly give any information on this circumstance. A gentleman who has Mada trial of the celebrated soothing syrup in his family i n Case of a teething child wishes us to state that he found it entirely effectual in relieving pain in the Gums and preventing the consequences which sometimes follow. We cheer 1 Ull v comply with his . Fri we believe it is generally acknowledged by those who have tried i that the soothing syrup for children cutting Teeth Odvert used in Ano ther columns a highly use ii article for the e Pur poses for which it is intended. Highly respect Able per so sat any rat who have made use of Ito not hesitate to give its Virtues the Sanction of their a Mes. Joslon traveller. A a severe Case of teething Teilh the still Sner complaint cured by the infallible Ameri can Soo Hiag by r up. Mrs. Mcpherson Reid in at no. A mad Ison Street called a few Days since at the med ical office of or. A. A ans 100, Chatham Street. Y., and purchased a bottle of the syrup for her child who was suffering excruciating pain durin g the process of dentition being momentarily y threate Ned with convulsions its bowels too were exceeding Loose and no food could be retained on the stomach. Almost immediately on its application the alarming sym turn s anti Rel y ceased and became quite Nat ural. As a tribute of gratitude for he Bene fit afforded the child the Mothe r came of her own accordant freely sanctions d publicity y to the above. Be particular in App lying m 100, Chath am streets there Are several counterfeits advertise d. No other place in the City has the genuine e for Sale. C important to generall y suffer r much uneasiness trom cd i lii.8 of their Teeth. Wire Ever dangerous or fatal symptoms att end this prices s of Nat ure they Are produced Invar Abl y from the highly irritated and inflamed Conditi on of the parts therefore the principal indications of cure Are to Abate the inflammation and to soften soothe and relax the Gums. If that is Effelb or. William e vans soothing syrup for children teething. Ted the infant is preserved from subsequent fever info adulation spasmodic cough twitch ing of tendons croup canker and con Vul Sions display ing their fatal consequences. If mothers nurses or guardians have their babes tortured with painful and protracted dentition and this notice attracts their Atten Tion they should not be deterred from Purcha sing a bottle of the american soothing syr up for children teething the incomparable Vir tue of which in completely relieving the most distressing cases when App lied to the infant s Gums As directed is invaluable. This remedy has restored thousands of Chil Dren when on the verge of the grave to the embraces again of their distracted Parent attacked with that awful and mor Ferous Mal Ady convulsions. The n children begin to be in pain with their Teeth shooting in their Gums put a lil Tlle of the syrup in a Tea spoon and with the Finger let the child s Gums be rubbed for two or three Minu Tes three times a Day. It must not be put to the breast immediately for the milk would take the syrup p off too soon. When the Teeth Are just coming the rough their Gums others should immediately y apply the syrup p it will prevent the children havin g a fever and under going that painful opera Tion of Lan cing the gum which always makes the next tooth Mutert Yardch h come the Oug some times causes death. Re entered according to Art of con Gres. Be p articular r that the � Label on the Box expresses such. The genuine is vended by agents Only. �5 so a at 10� Chatham Street new York. Agent o. 0. Wickham & co. Sag har Borl. 1. Benzli screw for Sale by Dering & co. Nov. 12th, 1s38. Foj Jve coloured s l j f p Erst us ree d and for Sale by n. S. Lester. N e w Mackerel codfish also Indian meal fir St Quality. J no. Beckwith g t. Or. Frederick Crocker 3 sur g hoj y demos to has removed his office from the Exchange building o the rooms Over Tiffany & har t s Sto re situated in major Hildreth s Brick building. Sag harbor25th a pril1s39. Jyo Tjce. The e firm of Reeves & , was resolved by Mutual consent on the 14lh october last. All persons indebted to said firm Are requested to make immediate pay men tand All having demands against stare requested to present the same for settlement. Reeves & Pelletreau Sash Harbo nov. 1. 1839. Of Anson s. Brown announces to his Fri ends and the Public that he has just arrived from new Yor with a Choice Selec Tion of goods which with his former Stock comprises an excellent t assortment Tor the season consist tin g As usual of dry goods of almost every description Groce Rie crockery hard ware81c. A. A. His goods were bought with due reference to the pressure of the Tim Sand will be offered at or precede Ledly Low prices Sas h a ibo nov. A 1839. The subscriber respectful l y informs the p Ubl in that he has recent y opened a shop in main Street Sag Harbora few doors nor t r. Of a. S. By own s store and offers his ser vices in rep Airin g watches clocks & jewelry which he will Endeavor to do faithfully and Tunc dually at the usual p rices.1. A. Hallw0rth. July 1st1s39. 1g to feathers. Live geese Feather for Sale at the Feather dressing and up Holster s establishment. Enqu ire at the Book store. August 14. To cast steel shovels & Spades for Sale by Dering & co. March 21, ;