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Russell Union Newspaper Archives May 28 1908, Page 1

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Russell Union (Newspaper) - May 28, 1908, Russell, Iowa Be. Six vol. , Lucas county lev 1 a -1 a amp Day May 28, 1908 no. 6 graduating exercises Russell High school an annual event in Russell which is eagerly looked Forward to by a great number of our people is the graduating exercises of the Russell High school. So Many of our citizens in fact the larger number have the Best interests of the school at heart and lend Aid and encouragement to the institution by their presence at the graduating exercises. The class which received their diplomas last Friday evening consisted of eight members Eva Esther Worts Helen e. Werts Cylc s. Jower Mary l. Boyd Guy w. Smith Geo. W. Calvin Ralph Huston and Homer Jeffries. The exercises of the evening formed a program of extraordinary Merit and was composed of orations of the graduates instrumental solos by mrs. C. D. Smith and miss Harriet Delano and vocal solos by mrs. J. D. Curtis and miss Hazel Werts. The audience which greeted the class was a Large one filling every available space in the Church and chairs were placed in the aisles to accommodate the vast concourse of people who were present to do homage to the class. It was an intelligent audience composed of the friends of the school and of advanced education. The class colors were Gold and White and were very prominent throughout the Church. The motto Quot rowing not Drifting Quot was suspended above the Rostrum with Gold letters upon a White background. The decorations were artistic and unique and were favourably commented upon. The program was opened by an instrumental Solo by mrs. C. D. Smith who rendered in a most charming manner Quot Marche de graduate Quot a piece of her own production. The ii in Nebr was keenly enjoyed and displayed the talents acquired by the performer. While she was playing the March the class entered and took their places upon the platform. Each boy wore a Large White Rose the a lass Flower while each girl member carried a Large bouquet of White roses and were attired in White. The class As a whole made a very pretty attractive. Appearance not judging exclusively by the personal charms but taking the intellectual and cultured appearance of each As a truth nation. Rev. A. H. Stote of the Baptist Church stepped Forward and invoked the Blessing of the divine being upon those present those who took part in the program and especially those who Are graduates. # a Homer Jeffries was the first one of the graduates on the program and he gave a thesis that was filled with Good and wholesome thoughts. He had a Good delivery and spoke in a Clear tone with splendid emphasis and was distinctly heard in every part of the House. He took for his subject Quot Success Quot and his oration was Well received by the Large crowd present. Icyle s. Bower held the strict attention of her listeners during the time she delivered her oration. She was absolutely self possessed and appeared perfectly at ease upon the stage. She took for her subject Quot life s Mirror Quot and her oration follows in full. She said Quot Down through a Grassy Meadow Between Moss covered Banks Hung with Flowers flows a gentle Brook in whose Calm Clear water is reflected the sky with All its changing hues. Sometimes the Brook sends Back a picture of smiling skies with feathery Clouds floating peacefully amid the Blue but when the storm icing arouses himself and in his fury sends Black Clouds rolling Over the sky the reflection in the Brook is changed. The once Bright and Beautiful picture is now one of deepest gloom and the Sunshine once reflected so brightly has Given place to shadows. So like the Brook our lives reflect the Sunshine and the Shadow. When we smile and Are Happy the brightness of our lives is reflected All about us and comes Back to us with renewed glory. By making other people Happy we receive much pleasure but when we become despondent and look on the dark Side of life it casts a gloom on our lives and on the lives of All those about us. Sometimes we May be discouraged and think it matters Little whether we laugh or frown but if we remember the Good a kind word or a smile often does it will help us forget our own troubles. Often in this Busy world there Are Loyal hearts which if warmed by the Sunshine of love would like Flowers Blossom Forth in rare Beauty and shed their sweetness All about them. If we have More Confidence in our friends and Trust them As we should they will in turn Trust us or when in trouble if we have loved our friends their love will strengthen and help us in the dark time. There May be some people so embittered against the world that they believe and Trust in no one but we Seldom meet with such people. A great Many Are Only waiting for an Opportunity to bestow Faith. Since our deeds so greatly influence the lives of others let us keep a guard on our thoughts and actions. If we keep our hearts pure and stainless their purity will enfold our minds and throw their reflection on some life near us. We May think it is of Little consequence How we act and think but every deed and thought will be brought Back to us just As they have been Given. All about us we May find lives so pure that we May say As did Longfellow Quot men whose lives glided 011 like Rivers that water the Woodlands darkened by shadows of Earth but reflecting an image of such lives As these make the world the Beautiful place it is. If we would be like these we must keep the Mirror of our lives Clear and flawless by allowing no deceit and evil to enter our hearts. Just As a Mirror May be greatly marred by Only a Small ancient of carelessness to May a Little thoughtlessness mar the Mirror of life. Not Only in our actions should we strive to do our Best but also in our work. When in our daily tasks if we wish to receive Good from them we must put Forth a great Effort. What time and thought we put into our work will be Given Back to us in the same measure As we gave it. Thomas Gray when writing his Quot elegy Quot did not Stop when he had written it once but worked diligently for years putting his Best thoughts and language into the poem. And is he not repaid for tha Effort he put Forth he became noted for this one poem his masterpiece. He spent time and labor but the amount of Good he received for it fully repaid him. Not Only should we do our Best for our own Good but also for that of the world. We sometimes think our efforts Are unappreciated by the world but let us not be selfish in regard to this for if we give the world our Best work the Best will come Back to us just As objects Are reflected in a Mirror. Quot it is just the same in the life of the King As of the slave. The mirrors of life make no distinction but Send Back the deeds of each with equal measure the Rich Man escapes no More easily than the pauper. If the life of the wealthy person has not been what it should have been with his opportunities will he not be forc Iby reminded of it in the later years of his life perhaps the beggar Hap had few opportunities but has made the Best of those few surely he will be rewarded for his Effort. Quot and now we see that our lives and the Way we live them count. Life is the truest Mirror we can find in this j world for it reflects our thoughts deeds and actions better than any j Mirror reflects the objects placed before it. Our failures and Slio rcom i Ings will not be hid from View but will be brought Back to us urging us to a greater Effort. If our duties Are neglected now the results of this neglect will come Back to us in later years marring the Beautiful surface of our life s Mirror. Let 11s make Oil lives such that the reflection of Thorn will bring Joy and happiness instead of pain. If we have Talent let us use j it to promote the welfare of our com a try and to throw a gleam of Sunshine into some darkened life which has i known Little else but sorrow. For n this sin and sorrow darkened world we will find Many opportunities for helping some one. Quot there Are Loyal hearts there Are spirits Brave there Are souls that Are i it ure and True then give to the world the Best you have and the Best shall come Back to you. Give love and love to your heart will flow a strength in your utmost need have Faith and a score of hearts will show their Faith in your word and deed for life is the Mirror of King and slave tis just what Yon Are and do then give to the world to o Best Yon have and the Best will coma Back to you Quot . W. Calvin delivered his oration in a masterful style. He is a Plain speaker and delivered some excellent thoughts. He chose for his subject Quot at the Foothills climbing Quot As this subject Cornea into our minds we Are Apt to ask ourselves this question Are it climbing for higher am nobler things in life As we look out find make plans for our future lives let us Stop to think As we we ought to have secured Ndini Fatiori enough to put 113 on the foot . The question now is Are we go incr to Olioli or Are we going 1.0 Tro Down Iii miss ii \ i. J 1�ok v i r i t 1 i it Werth 0111 m the graduates to audience. She eject a of a Fisic Quot ii t attention of her delivered her Orali received by those y. By in the lovers of r of l my s a i Al is at ii. Quot Don la Xvi he l Omi Quot a Quot ii of the dec it Wing was a. Vocal i Werts with Aliss a Linitz. She i my. To my i-�v., and her in elicited rap almost in appeasing a i v in. Rii i to e i i it on his chosen topic and v illustrated Liat. He had Given Urie Niobe than Hasty considerate a splendid a to voice Well modulated . A i be with an earnestness that Midi due i uis close application to the he took for his theme Quot Rule led Quot and his oration follows be Civ his tioi1 Anc Suo it. Here we see two paths leading out before us one starts t rom the. I oot Bill and leads up to the Mountain top the other leads Down into the Valley. And As 1 watch the course of a Imit travelling 011 the latter path. 1 see he Lias no aim in life cares not what Hgt it does has no ambition to succeed Ini no future plans and at last Hgt it Hunts in the Valley a total failure in life. It is True there is pleasure and ease at list but it is not the Quot True pleasure Ner the lasting ease a Fow As i Waie i the nuts on the upward path. I see him constantly on the climb foot step after foot step and not discouraged by the hard places lie also Baa a plan or put Terr out to follow which will Lead of Success and higher ideals. Then As i read of the a real men of today who have been successful in the was of financial affairs i Lirui thai most of them started in life Poer in this worlds goods but Rich in ambition. Thev went into life with a determination to will. Null Metillia Mill Vito started l o earn hey it -.yhc. A. Junial inn at two dollars pet a eel Ami Lias kept climbing until lie holds the present position As the greatest Railroad magnate in the world. Andrew Carnegie at first a poor boy has been steadily climbing w. A. Cark the Copper King who was at first a farm boy then a country school teacher for two years and then started into mining and i could name to Ian others. But Here we american people often make a great mistake when we judge people by their financial , when we speak of a certain Man we often hear this question. How much Money has he or what is he Worth this is not the Best was to judge a Man the Best question to ask is what has he done for the world or for Mankind Are his ideals Hie i what has been his course from the foot Hills -1 such men As William Shakespeare who never was a Man of wealth has done much for the world and his name is Ever held High because he has Given the world the Best of its literature also John Milton of the Puritan period who left much l or which we love Liim. Then again what what would this world be without music what would this world be if it had never known a Mogart or a Llee Hoven now we will turn to the ones who have Given us great inventions As Thomas Edison the Marvel of electricity Alexander g. Hell inventor of the Telephone and Morse inventor of the Telegraph. Shakesphere once said in his writings that the world would be girdled in 110 minutes and Morse has made this possible As it is done in less time than that and now we May come to the present time. We have our president Theodore Roosevelt who has been Elpiner Mankind All through his administration. I have Only named a few of the Host As there Are Many and 1 think you will say that the Best Way to judge a Man is by what he has done and not by what be has of material wealth. Our character Lias much to do will this climb if it he Good Steps w ill not come hard and it will lift us to lieu her ideals. Successor the Mountain top is not reached in a Day or a year but As Holland describes it Quot heaven is not reached at a single bound but we built the ladder by which we Rise from the Earth to vaulted skies and we numb its Summit round by round Quot a a i gaining Success the Little. To in is it what leads us slowly on and what t to put into a thing will be me Sun Back to 11s. Our great men did not wait for a Luck to Spring up thereby Takii a Fortune but. Liev did the Miriall Thi Well Day by Day. So we Mav -.j. A 1 a son from this that the Siguil Whir leads us to greater ones and in we a a not do Hie Small ones Well we Cap do the great ones at All. Now we i path shall it be the one a a a a a a a a Down and spoils our characters in. Last leads us into a total failure in. Or the path that is and ban a i cd Nib but leads to higher a a no.1-, things and at the Verv top we see to word Success. Does this not. To Vav i. 01 the work and Haven we Liv i it happier Lite so let us All 0i100 e t a upward path and Success uni fail lir soul d is the keynote of in every nation nations visa no �1. Cordingly As they use their h to a in ruling. Our nation f nay. nation that Cou Ufi shines upon can Stop Tor Ware a a try Hail it has supreme i u. H us. J or two a a a Quot a Vale and i a a a other a Tili. A a As our nation uses it in a a of it Isicc loyalty of Citi or a a a wait patronage from other to it ��.-,�?�, the United states has wok. It Init cup of position and Krowk. in is. w its name in 1 a Quot .,.vay Oder heering Rille to be to under the Quot feet of Kilss. it a Yaj fifes. Docs not go Forth unt1 be a de Sirj nth of the Arviv and 011 nations and place under iks Power but is always i Jert to protect the lie first started his weary Way. But. The Man who neglects his character and does not try to hold himself High in the estimation of his Fehlow men always caries a heavy Burden of disappointment and grief and on his journey to Success often has to Stop at byroads such As ruin intemperance and larceny in which sometimes he becomes so imbedded and fixed he has not the will Power to say 110. Then there is the Man who has reputation but 110 real inward character. , reputation is what a Man is tii Sukut 10 1 i among his fellow non but character is what he really is. A Good motto would be Quot i will Rule self and not be ruled by evil a person who makes a Start in this world and does not know whether he will Rule or be ruled and Trust to Luck for Fortune and Success never goes very far because he has 110 Confidence in himself. But let a Man say Quot i will accomplish this task before i begin another Quot and the Bright Star of Success looms up before him growing larger and larger every Day and the once seen Star of failure Falls in the rear and is finally lost from View and henceforth everything he try is Success. Some of us have a Long life before us and and others not so Long but All should follow this motto always straightforward and faithful constantly looking for now things to Rule and above All self Rule. We have ruled our books and now stand on the verge of stepping into a wide world fun 1 of traps and Pitfalls for the Young and inexperienced but Success is sure it we try to use the Best of our ability and whatever profession we follow do the work with a Happy heart and willing hand always ruling Powers and things that at first seem very difficult and almost impossible and never ruled by temptation or by things that we know Are disastrous to our life and nation. Mary 1. Boyd Lii a delivered an oration that was filled with Salut Ferous ideas. Her treat Rig Quot. A a Standard i eau of Hev subject showed. A a a 7a l to la a cd uti Linin of a a. Al -r.-.,�. /�-.l---h i Aie who have ruled Ana Fulik racers. Men like Washington Lincoln and Mckinley have made our a riot what it is. They stood sturdy through the tide of Battle and War a of their nation and now their Are on every Tongue and praises go up to their Honor. These men not be tempted to do things ays inst their will and Liev stood for Hie right and now receive their Reward. But not Only in the past have we had men of ambition and desire for holding the nation 011 its Standard 0 Prosperity and Power but also in tie present a with such men As president Rose. Elt at the head of our nation we Nojd not fear for its safety. In the past present and future the unit eco states has fought., is fighting and will fight the great disastrous reptile anarchy. Will we Rule or be ruled if i this question of any one present they would say Rule. Why should we Rule because it is for the Good of the people and if anarchy can not be stopped by words severe treatment must be the result. The people will soon become awakened to the fact that unless the Stern toot of Law and Justice is pressed on the Throat of the dreaded reptile and the life crushed out., our nation will become so infested with it we will be in peril of our Freedom. Our nation Quot in be said to stand As a tree firm sturdy and \ with the life blood of patriotism and loyalty flowing freely through trunk branches and leaves a it let anarchy like a grub Start its Powers and Workings the tree will and before we realize it the a stands As a Rotten Hull Ami with 1 a first slight wind it will Sway and a Quot l will it be thus people for the Ike of your forefathers who fought a i us won the just Bailes of the Rev Quot a a tonary and civil wars and obtain l for you your Freedom do not take Hack seat and let your Nuion suffer it before it is too late anarchy Quot leu foothold sri to also soil i Ulo Hgt Shewn Quot a to Ryous 01 us in. Ever Yuan life. Has any reason to say "1 have Liu o in this seme say. Can never become inst it a of a thai she had Given it Miili study Kyd was Huatt Yuul a oui try to 110 Quot i i a Stop think Oom Ider Are you v. Human Benir will a human soul on Are. you Lavi a Chi u a r to build and Temi it Taf oils to Mas-1 if the thai a or is to Iery a a voided you have the Makim o a Man a Irue worthy and respected Inan one who will pass through life with a Burden of business pm his Back hut at the end of the journey he is As Strong in mind and will Power As when sympathy Vith Lier Omav her Tion follows in full. Quot life s voyage Quot Quot life is a journey Onward we go through Many scenes of Joy and truly life is one continuous journey from the Cradle to the grave. It is indeed a strange and mysterious voyage that we Are now embarked upon. The scenes which we pass by Are Many varied and change Ful. No person can Tell just when he will reach the end of his journey. For some it will come soon others May in a few Short years be swept against the great Breakers of sin and be dashed to pieces. Still others May go on until in Triumph they reach the other Side of the Ocean of life. Having battled with the fierce winds of time having resisted temptation having borne up under great afflictions Uliey Are Safe at last. Having fought a Good Fig lit having conquered sin they Are now sailing 011 the peaceful Wateree of eternity. We will now watch the ship from the beginning of life from the development of life in the rudest stage in the Savage to the highest achievements in the arts of civilization. We will now follow its triumphs to the end of life. Some one has said Quot the vanity of human life is like a River constantly passing away yet steadily coming 011.&Quot we travel but slowly on this journey the sea at first is smooth now All is Sunshine and happiness there is nothing to trouble us As we Glide 011 through the Clear Waters the Spring time of youth. The Ocean gently bears us Onward now it takes us last Green forests winds through Fertile valleys and Between towering mountains that reach nearly to the sky. Again it takes us amid scenes where 011 either Side Beautiful Flowers Bloom. There is 110 sorrow Here then i y be in a hurry but we Are we Are impatient to be 011 our journey. Hooking Back nothing is to to seen but smooth Waters and Beautiful Flowers. As we look off in the background we can see the Shore from which we embarked. Soon it will be lost in the ili Mance and will be lost forever. Though in our youth we never re it yet we have been slowly and silently Drifting away never to re urn again. As the once loved land fades from our sight we wish we were go on the Ocean which Vas once so smooth now begins to be disturbed. Nov and then we hear a cry from someone who has fallen overboard but help cannot be Given we cannot Stop we cannot even turn around we Are going so fast. On and on we Glide and the Waves mount higher and higher. Aig Aln As we look we see where someone has steered Clear of the jagged rocks and has reached his goal. But on the other hand is one who is perhaps reckless and daring and not seeing the huge wave coming in and bearing Down upon him hi3 bark is dashed to pieces and his cry is lost on the Waters. Then again we see where some Christian voyager gives his own life in endeavouring to save that of another. He obeys the Law of the heavenly father and receives a just recompense. It is Ever thus. Some Are lost in childhood because of no guiding hand to steer their bark Over the rough sea Waters others because they were not destined for the Long journey of life. In manhood and womanhood they Are lost on account of their own reckless and thoughtless actions. Many Are led astray by the search for pleasure. They Are disappointed and from there they plunge into the Whirlpool of intemperance and sin. At first they can see no danger in the voyage they Are pursuing. After a while this 1 dangerous sea begins to exert an influence Over them which Many Are unable to resist. As they sail on the Power to resist becomes weaker and weaker until finally they have none at All. They know their danger see their Folly but cannot turn and Are thrown quickly beyond All possibility of escape. The ship in which we Are sailing contains but one life preserver and that one is a Noble and upright character. Although the sea is now violently tossing us to and fro we will reach our goal safely if we have a Noble upright and True character to Pilot us. It is True that life is what we make it if we steer Clear of the Breakers sin we will reach our goal safely. Y Apfi-1 there Are Many false roads i Jim 3�Ti a j which pc. Reach the end Othour Journo in i her t to a Jil e��1 1. R., 1 Piiru it Flat Orsjo but of it 11 i straight / of. Hon safest Anai us Teal Safe is and narrow Road that let to life eternal. Is voyager upon life s sea to yourself be True and where re your path May be paddle your own Canoe. Never though the winds May Roar falter nor look Back but upon the darkest wave leave a shining track. Nobly dare the wildest storm Stem the hardest Gale Brave the heart and Strong the Arm. You will never fail when the world is cold and dark keep an end in View and toward the Beckon Mark paddle your own Canoe. Every wave that bears you on to the silent Shore from its sunny source has gone to return no More then let not an hour s delay cheat you of your due but while it is called today paddle your own Canoe. Nothing great is lightly won nothing won is lost every Good deed nobly done will repay you the Cost. Leave to heaven in Humble Trust All you will to do but voyager if you succeed you must paddle your own Canoe. The next number was a vocal Solo by mrs. John d. Curtis with miss Marie Curtis at the piano. Mrs Curtis has a Well trained voice of wonderful Power and flexibility and is a favorite with All music lovers in whose presence she sings. Her version of Quot when the heart is Young Quot clearly captivated the audience. Eva Esther averts in a Graceful and self possessed manner delivered her oration. She spoke slowly and deliberately with enunciation that was perfect and emphasis that could hardly be improved upon. She said taking for her subject Quot personal influence Quot Quot As a Little Silvery circular Ripple set in motion by the falling Pebble expands from its Inch of radius to the whole Compass of a Pool so there is Back again in the flowery Fields of not a child not an infant Moses childhood. But it is All in vain the Lilaces however softly in the Bull pleasant times Are past and they Are Rush Ark us it on the sea of time whose past forever. We May look Back but existence does not stir a Ripple by we cannot Stop one moment. As we continued on Page 8.

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