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Russell Union Newspaper Archives May 13 1920, Page 4

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Russell Union (Newspaper) - May 13, 1920, Russell, Iowa I in . Una i the Russell Union Ellis w. Gaddis $1.50 per year in Advance thursday May 13, 1920political announcement for state senator editor Union a i hereby announce that i will be a candidate for the Republican domination for the office of state senator from the fourth senatorial District subject to the will of the Republican voters in the june Prii diary Jas. F. Johnston for state senator editor Union a please announce my name As a candidate for senator of District no. 4. Including the counties of Wayne and subject to the decision of the Republican primary election june 7. This District is the Home of my Early childhood and the place of Ziy Lii Keloug interest. And i prom ise if elected to the legislature to Render the Best possible service to the people upon the principles of the highest . W. Curds. Y a As ? ? i y 1 ? ? y ? ? y s k5s condensed classics the choir invisible by James Lane Allen condensation fit min Sara wart Biseli i x x i i be i 0 1statement statement of the ownership management Cic Pulatian Etc required by the act of Congress of aug. 24. 1912 of the Russell Union published at Lissell Iowa for april 1920. Name of publisher editor managing editor and business manager k w. Gaddis Kussell Iowa. Landholders or mortgagees none. Subscribed and sworn to before a. J. Marshall notary Public. J3, w. letters following is the list of unclaimed letters remaining in the Russell Post office for the week ending april 30. Mrs. Mannery sights e. S. I Moog a. F. Jenkins p. Sale residence 7 rooms with Bath 2 lots 0 jxl20, Fine location f. H. Delano James Lane Allen. Who has lived much in new York City since Issei. Had the Good Fortune to spend his boyhood in a country of surpassing loveliness. To Ivas born dec. 2 1. Is h 1 near Lexington. Kyd a on the old Allen estate. Where his father settled in the Wilder Ness Days. The sheer Charm of the Blue grass Region seems to have Woven itself into the nature of the boy. Wiio was destined to paint so Many exquisite word pictures of his native state. Or. Allen took his Bachelor s and master s Depries in the old Transylvania University founded by Kentucky pioneers. He was compelled by the failure in this father s Fortune to begin to teach at once in Public and private schools. He later became professor of latin and higher English at Bethany College. He never married. In 1888 he definitely forsook academic pursuits went to new York City and devoted himself to writing. By 1918 he had published 17 books. Quot flute and violin Quot a collection of Short stories appeared in 1s01. Quot the White cowl Quot has brought Many pilgrims to its scene the Abbey of Gethsemane an exquisite bit of old France near Louisville. In Quot Kentucky Cardinal Quot and Quot aftermath Quot 1s95-Gor. Allen first really proved his Power. Well known among his later books Are Quot the reign of Law Quot Quot the Mettle of the pasture Quot and Quot the Bride of the his novel Quot the choir written in 1897, is perhaps the most Quot vibrant with the passion of Beauty and pain Quot of any of his happenings a a a its Leoia tijloi1--Wtj a business caller in Chariton saturday. A miss Irene Buckley was a business visitor in Chariton saturday a miss Helen Clark sent the week end at her Home in Melrose. A the misses Orra Phippes and w set a Teater were Chariton callers wednesday. A miss Eihel Mcneeley of Chariton spent the week end at the. G. Elk Vic Neeley Home. A mrs. A Sarah Eckman of Chan Iton spent a few Days last week with mrs. Of Lla eastus. A. A mrs. Ben Overgard of Des Moines came Friday to visit her sister mrs. Retuer Walker. A miss Carolyn Harden who has been caring for a Layman Casebolt returned to Ottumwa saturday. A mrs. George Blanchard delightfully entertained the 20th Century club. A Dainty luncheon was served. A ii. A. Turboff has purchased the business House of the f. D. Mckinley estate located near the baud stand. A miss Margaret Linkh Amarria de saturday from Corvallis Ore. And will again resume her work As piano instructor a or. And mrs. R a. Hassel quist. Of Chi Iriton and son Laurance and wife of Omaha Nebr. Were visitors Here monday. A mrs. Baldridge returned to her Home in Lovilla monday after a Short visit with her son a l. Baldridge and family. Militant Mary Liq Little a to rho so Lassie Cut up a rough in any of a ease do her a foils they a Call be Quot Harum scrum Quot i should say few writers of american fiction Are better qualified to present the Early history of Kentucky than is James Lane Allen himself a native of the Blue grass chose As his setting for Quot the choir invisible Quot Liat picturesque period during Washington so. Administration when the Mississippi was just being opened for navigation and great tides of pioneers were migrating through the Alleghany Highway to Settle the sparsely populated regions of the West and South. Lexington Kentucky chancing to be directly in the path of one tributary of this current received not Only Many of those who were abandoning the cities of the coast for the untried territory of a newer land but also others who having tested out the utopian Western country and left there health wealth and dreams of Success were returning broken hearted to the Homes from which they had come. Hence in Lexington one encountered persons of every class. It was a heterogeneous populace High of courage and Strong of fortitude that amid Clearing in Forest and Cane Brake Laid the foundation of this Fine old Southern City a populace not to lie daunted by discomfort privation or unceasing toil. The heroes and heroines who thus sacrificed their lives on the altar of civilization have the author tells us. Long since joined Quot the choir invisible of the immortal dead Quot but they have left behind them a heritage that has come Down to us through the centuries. Tiie chief character of the Story is John Gray the master in the Little log schoolhouse and we have a charming glimpse of him Quot a Young fellow of powerful build lean muscular wearing simply but with gentlemanly care a suit of Black which was relieved around his wrists and neck by Linen Snow White and of the finest he had a handsome head covered with thick red liar we Are told and was a Man of such integrity As to Render him a worthy descendant Quot from one of Cromwell s unconquerable hymn singing we therefore Are not surprised to find him holding himself aloof from tie follies of the time and seeking out the comradeship of those to whom the finer and nobler things of life Appeal. Yet he is very human a creature of anger passion and a multitude of moods. Moreover it is quite consistent with his character that he should fall in love with a woman whom he idealized Amy Falconer who Quot was perhaps the first Beautiful girl of aristocratic birth Ever seen in Kentucky and the first of the famous train of those who for a Hundred years since have wrecked or saved the lives of she is a coquette vain shallow and incapable of deep feeling and she tosses John s love aside in a moment of pique for that of Joseph Holdon afterwards on discovering that there is a Prospect of John s inheriting a Fortune and becoming a person of importance she shamelessly offers to rid herself of Joseph and reinstate John in her graces. John Gray however is not to to so lightly dropped and picked up again. The episode proves to him that i idol has feet of Clay and with his Faith in her shattered he bids her fare it u. Amy in the meantime Litis made her stands out against a Bac. Found of High born virginian ancestry a background of jewels brocades fans and Satin slippers of balls and minuets of wide reaching plantations and slaves. The major has been one of those who has heroically fought in the revolution and to whom the Southern Beauty out of patriotic gratitude has Given her hand Brave j by following him into the Kentucky wilderness. Unfortunately although neither of the pair confess it the marriage has been an uncongenial one. Both however Are too Nobble minded to do otherwise than be True to Trio Union that holds them together. Yet there is a scar of disappointment beneath the surface and in Tolje woman s heart a weariness and longing that nothing satisfies. During John Gray s visits to her Niece mrs. Falconer Lias become deeply interested in the Young schoolmaster who is about her own age and whose tastes she shares. Between them a companionship has sprung up which each honestly mistakes for Friendship. Amy s attraction for the Man has been an untutored impulse of the senses but Jessica Falconer s Power Over him is one of deep spiritual inspiration. When he awakens to the discovery that in reality it is mrs. Falconer whom lie loves his reverence for her her purity and her loyalty to her husband All bind him to silence. She also loves him but is in Honor bound to give him no sign and hence with their love unspoken he goes East ostensibly to recover the legacy he expects to inherit but determined never to return. The lawsuit for his property a goes against him and he is cast into jail for debt from which Ignominy the efforts of friends release him. He is a proud Man and wishing to pay this debt of gratitude he proposes to marry the daughter of the family that los befriended him. Before the marriage however he tells his future Bride quite frankly that he loves someone else who is not free and it is with this knowledge that she accepts him. While the wedding is in preparation a letter comes to him from mrs. Falconer announcing the death of her husband and in the silent Hope that his Fiancee will give him his Liberty he acquaints her with the change in his prospects. We gather from the text that the girl is unwilling to give him up and As he is too honorable to demand his Freedom he carries out his pledge. All ignorant of this turn of events mrs. Falconer in the meantime is so sure of his love that she erects in Distant Kentucky a stately mansion modelled after the Home of her Early youth. She is still in the thirties and Beautiful and deluded into the belief that at last her dreams Are to be fulfilled she makes ready for her marriage. A paper telling of John s Union with someone else rudely destroys her Paradise. Twice she has missed the prize of happiness. The intense Joof womanhood she is never to know. Quot i shall go softly All my Days Quot she murmurs. Time sweeps on but her Beauty does not fade. She becomes the great lady of the Southern settlement and at her Home Aaron Burr and Many another famous american is entertained. More than one Man lays his Fortune at her feet and goes away disappointed. There Are women who never experience the Heights and the Depths of life. Quot gazing deep into their eyes we Are reminded of the Light of dim churches they Are the women who have missed happiness and who know it but having failed of affection give themselves to duty. It was into the company of these quieter pilgrims that she had one Day Long afterwards when she is alone in her Garden she sees coming toward her a magnificent Young fellow at the Brink of manhood. He lifts his hat with courtly gesture. Quot i am John Gray the son of your old Friend and my father sends me to you to stay if you will let me. And he desires me to deliver this Quot John Gray Quot she cried. Quot you John Gray you take off your for a moment she looked at his forehead and his hair her eyes became blinded with tears. She threw her arms around his neck with a sob and covered his face with kisses. Alone in the Solitude of her bedroom she reads the letter. John tells her that he loves her that he has always loved her and that it is the fire of this love that through the years has kept his ideals aglow. Quot Many a time this Candle has gone out but As quickly As i could snatch any Torch with your sacred name on my lips it has been Quot if Quot he adds Quot i have kept unbroken Faith with any of mine thank you. And thank god Quot thus ends the novel. Quot Karrick a a a i Karrick Karrick is a dapple Grey 9 Vears old and a ton horse and has proven himself a Good breeder in size and Quality. State certificate no. 6523. The Pedigree of the stallion Karrick owned by George Blanchard Russell Lucas county described As follows Regis teen a in the Percheron stud Book of America Breed Percheron stud Book no. 89057 am. 90855 foreign color Grey Marks Star foaled in the year 1010 has been examined in the Ollice of Iowa state department of agriculture and it is hereby Bertig d that the said stallion has been registered in the proper stud Book duly recognized by the Iowa department of agriculture Des Moines Iowa and was examined by or Frank b Perdue veterinarian on March 22.1916 and at that time certified to As being free from All the diseases and unsound Nesses enumerated in the stallion Law. Dated at Des Moines this Twenty fourth Day of february 1920, a. R. Corey Secretary Iowa state department of agric i Quirt. Fbr8read6iscuifccakes Slimm mar for Sale by. Ewald bros., Russell Low Colin no. 145787 do i it copyright 1919, by the Post publishing co. Tho Boston Post. Condensed from Quot the choir invisible Quot by James Lane Allen. Copyright 1s97, by the Macmillan company. Used by permission of author and . Quot what s the matter with this gentleman who is being placed in an ambulance Quot he s a tired business Man who was prostrated in the front Row Quot Quot How Quot Quot he was induced to attend what he supposed to be a conventional girl and music show but it turned out Quot to be a musical comedy with quite a complicated Are. Herald. No kick. Some say we Don t have the great actors we used Quot still there seems to to no general complaint so Long As the Supply of Home with her aunt and Uncle. Major chorus girls remains up to the in irl Quot and mrs. Falconer. Mrs Falconer a Louisville courier journal. Quot Duke is a Black 4-year-old it. 1800 lbs Good heavy Bone built right. State certificate no. 12719. The Pedigree of the stallion Duke owned Byi. Oise e. B Auchard rus 8e., luca9 count. It i it nor bed As follows registered in the Percheron stud Book of America Breed Percheron stud Book no. 1h4856 am. Color Black. Foaled in the year 1�16 has been examined in the office of Iowa state depart ment of agriculture and it is hereby certified that the said stallion has been registered in the proper stud Book duly recognized by the Iowa department of agriculture. Des Moines Iowa and was examined by or. Frank b. Perdue veterinarian on february 23, 1920 and at that time certified to As being free from All the diseases and unsound Nesses enumerated in the stallion Law dated at Des Meines this Twenty fourth Day of february 1920. A. A Corey Secretary Iowa state department of agriculture. Service fees Karrick $15.00 to insure Colt to stand and suck. Duke �12.00 to insure Colt to stand Lud suck. Will make the season if 1920, if Miles Northwest of . Blanchard. Colin is recorded by the Percheron society of America and Toat his recorded number is 145787 color Black strip. Pedigree foaled May 13, 1917. Service fees $12. To insure Colt a in foal. §15. To stand and suck. Care will be taken to prevent accidents but will not be responsible should any occur. Colin will make the season of 1920, ode mile South of Russell on the Thatcher farm. 0�?z h. Cottingham owner and keeper Stevens county Minnesota com farms splendid soil. Reasonable prices easy terms. Write for information. A thur Woodman Russell Iowa tire Frank b. Perdue d. V. M., veterinarian Russell Howadr. J. A. Mager osteopathic physician graduate of american school of osteopathy Kirksville to. We handle All kinds of diseases both acute and chronic. Prompt attention to All patients and Good results assured in almost every Case. All Calls answered Day or night. Mutual phone 290 Bell phone 67 Over commercial ban Chariton Iowa out a. Or. R. A. Hills physician and surgeon. Culls promptly answered Day of night. Office first door East of photograph gallery. Phone no 10lloyd l. Hook optical shop eyes examined. Lenses ground. Both phones. Masonic , Iowa do j. B. Robb physical and surgeon Russell Iowa use Savage tubes in Savage tires a blow out makes Only a Small Hole easily repaired because the toughness and absence of a rain in Savage Graf quite tubes prevent splitting. Savage tubes in Savage lires offer a combination that insures perfect satisfaction to the user. We recommend and guarantee them. Sipes garage a or. And mrs. Clyce Tabler went to Crest a saturday on business. We play at our House and have All sorts of fun an there s always a game when the supper is done an at our House there s Marks on Tho Walls an the stairs an some terrible scratches on some of the chairs. An a says that our House is really a fright but a says and x say that our House is All right. Edgar substitutes. Meat though wholesome and Well liked by the majority of people is not essential to a Well balanced meal and Many housekeepers who Are interested in lessening the food Bill substitute some other foods equally or More nourishing and at less Cost. Foods to take the place of meat should be Rich in protein and fat. Cheese is a Staple food with which everyone is familiar and one which May be used in a variety of ways. In substituting cheese or any food for meat Especial pains should be taken to serve dishes which Are Well liked by the custard. Spread sufficient slices of bread to Supply the family rather generously with butter. Place in a shallow baking pan and pour Over a custard using one egg for each cupful of milk Salt and paprika to taste. Bake covered until the custard is set and serve at once while puffy and croquettes. Warm two cupfuls of cooked Rice in a double boiler with enough milk to soften it. Add two Tablespoon fails of butter Salt and Cayenne to taste with two tablespoonful of chopped Parsley. Spread the mixture on a plate to Cool then shape. Roll in Fine crumbs which Are seasoned with Salt and Pepper dip in beaten egg and Roll in crumbs again. Cook in deep fat a delicate Brown. Serve hot with cheese sauce. Add a cupful or less of grated cheese to a White potatoes. Cook one quart of diced potato with one Small onion until the vegetables Are tender using salted water. Then add half a can of Sweet peppers Cut in pieces and Cook five minutes longer. Drain and put into a baking dish. Make a sauce of two Tablespoon fails each of butter and flour one Teaspoon Ful of Salt and a pint of milk. Cook until thick then add half a Pound of grated cheese. Pour this sauce Over the potatoes and bake a Golden and celery. Select Short White stalks of celery Vith deep grooves in them. Mix Cream cheese with Salt and finely chopped pecans. Fill the grooves with the mixture and chill. Serve Cut in Small pieces on lettuce with French dressing. Timur Ivy Tisl copyright 1920, Western newspaper Union a crinkly rasher of Hickory smoked Bacon country Emija sunny Sido up buttered slices of nut Brown Toast. And that fresh from the a oven fret Grance which curls up from a cup of Good Quot Rich and Mellow Quot Choco iat is Cream coffees it it Rich and Mellow Quot tried it la Tely now put up Ike you Oeal fruit to retain their Froah flavor name principle. The new hermetic Seal Cartons make a wonderful difference in the taste. Just try one Pound in 60o Xii. Western grocer company
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