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Russell Union Newspaper Archives May 13 1920, Page 3

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Russell Union (Newspaper) - May 13, 1920, Russell, Iowa The Russell Union Man i knew copyright by Dodd Mead a co., inc by Holworth Fly Hall Quot once i loved Morgan of Byra ouse n. T., a failure in life enlisted in the of react legion of the French army under the name of Henry Hll lard is Dos figured by shrapnel. The French surgeons ask for a photograph to guide them in restoring his face. In his rage against life he offers in derision a picture postcard bearing the Radiant face of Christ. The surgeons do a Good Job. On his Way Back to America he meets Martin Harmon a new York broker. The result is that Morgan under the name of Hll lard and unrecognized As Morgan goes Back to Syracuse to sell a mining Stock. He la determined to make Good. He tells people of the death of Morgan. He finds in Angela Cullen a Loyal defender of Dick Morgan. He meets Carol Durant who had refused to marry him. Is chapter . Quot and. And i want to thank you now Quot she said in a tone which would have fallen As a Blessing upon the ears of any other Man alive Quot for speaking As though you loved him. And for All you did for him. Perhaps you know already. Perhaps you can t know. But i m trying to Tell you because he was. He was one of my very Dearest his brain snapped he Bent Down to her. Quot you loved him too Quot be said uncontrollably. Quot yes Quot she said. Quot once loved him too Quot a a a a a alone in the appointed guest room of the Cullen Home for or. Cuzen had been As Good As his word and event a car to fetch his visitor s belongings Hll lard lighted a cigarette an acquired taste but advisable As a minor deception since he had been notorious for his taste in cigars and grinned expansively. Leisurely he began to undress but before his shoes were quite unplaced he sat Back comfortably in his chair and meditated. Quot All Serene so far Quot he said. Quot but when Carol came in. Quot he Shook his head vigorously. Quot Well it s Over anyway. The doctor Quot Hil a sift s face darkened. Quot there s the Man i want to get at 1 pious old hypocrite 1 and he did t think i deserved to be in the family sort of hate to let him Maka Money out of this Deal but it s All in the game. Coals of fire i but ten thousand s a lot from the Doe tor Well say ten he closed his eyes dreamily and his thoughts reverted from doctor Durant to the doctor s daughter. Quot Carol Carol Quot he murmured. Quot one minute there i thought i d crack. And i was one of her Dearest friends i was was i and she loved me once. Once pity it was t twice 1 pity she and the doctor did t say so the night they kicked me out so neatly. Well. Business is business. After they be made their Money out of it and found out this Man Hll lard s some Little Gold plated whirlwind All by himself. Gad can t i see their faces when they get the truth of it Quot with the cigarette drooping from his lips he stood up and swept a Clear space in the table. From his suitcase he exhumed a Tablet of thin transparent writing paper of a kind not sold in a America it was the paper on which the letter to Cullen from Elchard Morgan had been written and it was sheer Luck that Hll lard had brought the remainder of the Tablet from new York with him. He tossed a Blob of Ink from his Fountain pen and inspected it critically. Quot too Black Quot he decided and went to the bathroom where he half emptied the Reservoir of the pen and refilled it with water. Quot that ought to be just about right. Sort of Pale and mysterious and he seated himself at the table took the pen la his left hand and inscribed circles on the paper scribbled meaningless sentence and laughed gently. Quot funny How some people can be ambidextrous and take so Long to realize it. If i had t caught a Bullet in my Arm and tried to write left handed in the Hospital i d give myself away up Here in no time. Writings too blamed distinctive. But As it is left hand very Large and Plain. Is Henry Hll Llardi Quot Here he shifted the pen to the other hand Quot and rights and Small and Curlice is poor dead Picky Morgan one of her Dearest friends i m glad i killed tha Chap Ofey he never amounted to a Hill of Beans anyway. But this Hll lard person a live wire boy a live wire and with a Grin of sardonic humor he wrote on the Flimsy paper slowly Ana. Little irregularly As though in physical discomfort Quot Neuilly 7-19-15 Quot no matter what you Ever think no matter what you have Ever thought have loved he grimaced pondered diligently and made a correction. Quot i have always loved you More than my own life. You said my ideals Hau Patten do you than i so now 1 Don to aeon it i think they re almost what you would have them. And it May be that simply because of that the loved you More every Day and Quot Hll lard sat Back and his eyes were softly Luminous. Quot suppose by the Luck of the very Devil i should fall in love with her again Quot he said aloud. Quot suppose i should Quot he tossed away his cigarette and rested his head in his hands. Quot of Carol i did care. His shoulders Shook spasmodically then All at once he Flung himself out of the chair and took to tramping the floor in a Hurricane of emotion. His face was set in Granite he caught sight of it in Mirror halted and himself was stunned by the transcendent mask which covered his soul in revolt. The work of the surgeons was not far Short of miraculous he could t upset it not by any Effort of his will. The eyes might Flash or lower or chill the other features were still Calm and Strong in their splendid glory. Even now the face which he saw reflected in the Mirror was one to convert the most hurried of All passing strangers a new. If unformed Assurance in the brotherhood of Man. Quot you dirty blackguard Quot said Hll lard. Showing his Teeth. He went pensively Back to the letter studied it gazed at the floor. Quot but after All Quot he said Quot no matter what she or anybody else did to me. And if i can kill two Birds with one Stone and be what i be wanted to be All except this Damnable Way of going about it. She acted As though this infernal lying letter would please Here that s not the Point it s a quicker Way to get at the doctor. ,. Well it gets her a letter i never intended to write. And dugout s War Cross too. That la make it All the la give her that. Angela was going to have it still. So i was one of her Dearest friends was i what s that Worth to Henry Hll lard bringing Back the news from the front Quot he in laced scornfully. Quot ten thousand dollars Hope. And the doctor make Twenty out of it. Gad that s turning the other Cheek with a vengeance hanged if i of a t almost wish he d lose his Rotten Money but that can t be helped ill get some satisfaction he reread the unfinished note folded it creased it heavily for verse mall tude an i gave it the final examination. Quot business. Is business Quot he said musing. Quot that was a pretty sporty thing for me to do. Tell her there was a letter. Bit of a Chance too. And after smashing our engagement she could stand there and Tell me. Of rubbish so suppose we say. Fifteen thousand from the doctor but confound it the better Salesman i am the More i get out of him the More he makes whew where s the satisfaction in that. Quot his pupils had narrowed again giving the lie to tie sweetness of his Hilliard was staring fixedly. Smiling Mouth. Then the smile faded and Hll lard was staring fixedly at the document in his hands. Quot i wonder who in Thunder that Man Armstrong is Quot said the masquerade who had prided himself that he no longer cared. Chapter v. He wakened Early and in that state of half conscious revery which has less of worldliness in it than perhaps any outlier state of human existence he Lay vegetating subtly aware that he was very peaceful and Content but presently when his brain had yawned and stretched itself and begun to set about its usual functions or in other words when Hll lard was sufficiently aroused to resume his usual introspect ulveness he was extremely unhappy and not in the least vainglorious. scow Letl and struggled to re Mem Hor what it was that had risen out of thin air and angered him last night at Tho Verf instant of his dropping off to sleep. Not the Cuzens nor Carol himself nor Armstrong ,. But wait a moment who was Armstrong whence and whither Armstrong a newcomer to Syracuse that is within two years and already proprietary Hll lard frowned and rubbed his eyes and wondered anew. He was a trifle amused and a trifle ashamed of himself was it credible that he Geould be jealous of a Man who had merely appropriated what Hll lard had no further interest in How inconsistent. And yet How superbly characteristic of human nature Hll lard chuckled to himself in recognition of it and dismissed the proposition As unworthy of further attention. Dismissed it yes. As a child dismisses a rubber Ball with an elastic Cord attached to it from below stairs a japanese Gong chimed softly and Hll lard without delaying another instant leaped to the floor. Half an hour later bathed shaved and dressed he descended complacently the second Day of his remarkable performance was begun. The Cullens father and daughter were waiting for him. They greeted him cheerfully and glad that grief had t Clung to their eyelids he would have Felt depressed even although he would have sensed the hidden compliment. Quick to grasp the nearest handle of diplomacy he saw that cheerfulness on his own part would help the situation for now that his duty As a courier was Over there was no need for Long protracted melancholy. It was a cheerful Trio then that sat Down to breakfast there was no exhilaration about it but at least there was no somber Cloud of mourning. Angela behind the co fee us had occasional moments of pens Veness but that was to be expected and condoned indeed Hll lard held himself to be greatly favored by even this. She was imaginative and Hll lard s pose was calculated to Appeal to a Lively imagination. He treated her not As a Young girl but with the respectful deference which belongs to a mature woman a mistress of a household and a hostess in her own right. She was charmed and captivated and so was her father most assuredly he was so charmed. In fact that instead of leaving for his office at half past eight he lingered until half past nine so captivated that As his limousine Slid quietly Down the Long Steep Hill of James Street he found himself ascribing a new degree of credit to Dicky Morgan for the simple reason that Dicky Morgan had gained the full esteem of such a Friend As Hll lard. A mighty Nice Young Man thought Cullen. A Man of soundest judgment through and through. A Man of Brilliant intellect and razor edged analysis. Had he not said and furnished illustrations from his Broad experience exactly what Cullen himself had said. In regard to labor and materials and transportation and production these half a dozen years Qullen sat Back and smiled triumphantly. It does a Man Good to hear his pet convictions approved expanded and Laid Down As axioms by another Wise Man. Back on the wide veranda Angela had curled up comfortably in the Hammock and beside her Hll lard was enjoying a cigarette. He was enjoying too this rare interlude of respite he looked across at Angela and thanked his stars for the. Invitation which had made this quiet hour possible. She lifted her eyes caught Hll lard smiling at her and blushed furiously not for any shame accruing to her but because she had arrived at the age of easy blushes. Quot i. Suppose you re going Over to Carol s pretty soon Quot she said constrained to say something and grasping at the first available idea. Quot so anxious to get rid of me Quot he asked amused. Quot of no Quot horror was in her tone and mortification. Quot Only. I wanted to talk to you before you saw Carol. Because Carol does to Don t think Shell exactly feel As i do about this. I know she won t. Quot maybe it s because Dick and i were chums and she and Dick were. Of you know. It s do Ferrent. You ought to take that into consideration when you talk to her i mean. I Don t mean i Don t care because i do terribly but ii can see what it meant to Dick. And i know How he d have loved it and picked this out of every possible Way to. End things but Carol. She s Quot How Quot Hll lard s voice was even but very Low. Quot older Quot she said looking away. Quot and. And they were going to marry each other some Quot but was t that broken off Quot Quot yes but she was Quot waiting Quot Quot Why of Hll lard s breath quickened. Quot i should have guessed that this or. Armstrong Quot i Quot of but that was t until she thought Dick was t Ever coming Back. And besides she in t really crazy about him just Hll lard compelled him self to relax. Quot so you think Shell be. Hurt Quot Quot Hurt Quot Angela s voice was thin with emphasis. Quot rather Quot if there s anything you think i d better say or not say Quot he Rose out of sheer inability to endure this ingenuous estimate of Carol s heartache. Quot perhaps you la Tell me because it s time for me to be going Angela had risen too and stood beside him. Her features were com Posea but still suggestive of inward emotions a Little too tender to convey. Quot if there s anybody in the world Quot she said Quot who could give Carol any Consolation just now. It s you. I Don t suppose you Ever were a minister but you look As though everybody could come to you and Tell most everything and you d help. Anyway you d t�7 to. So i wish Yoti d ,. You d sit and listen. Carol s got to talk to somebody and when you re Hurt tie Way she is you can t talk to your family. And you were a Friend of Dick s. And. She swallowed and went on More slowly. Quot you can use your own judgment of course but if i were in your place i d Lliel Quot he repeated aghast. Quot Yea i would he. He must have sent her some word or. Hll lard he must have Quot she was desperately serious now and thoroughly aroused. Quot it Means the whole world to her it s everything Why even i be got More than she has and she was waiting for him to come Back to her i d lie myself Black in the face but to Tell her something Tell her anything 1 could think of to make her believe he had t stopped caring it can t do any harm now. It can t Hurt you. And 1 won t even ask you whether you do or not. Only you re Here and Shell Trust you Quot Quot will she Quot Quot How could she help it and. Hafl that 0 All please Don t let her think he a in in t care Quot Hilll Artl stood irresolute chaos in his brain. Quot ill. See Quot he said with difficulty Quot ill Quot won t you Promise me i won t ask you afterwards if j our Quot Quot does it mean so much to you Quot Quot Ever and Ever so much. Won t you please Promise Quot he gazed at her a moment yielded with a show of reluctance. A Quot very Well i Promise. Because pc be asked it. And because it s the detest most generous most thoughtful thing i Ever heard of in All my Elf amp. And after that can t we be Tamly friends Quot flushed perplexed honoured she gave him her hand with a hesitancy which betrayed the deep sense of compliment she Felt. 1 Don t think i could be prouder of anything that could possibly happen to Ine Quot she Saldi vas it Worth the blatant Mummery head conceived and executed was it not Worth that and infinitely More he was proud of his Friendship a i. And she shared that distinction with no one else in the entire universe. Proud of itt Hll lard was fulsome by abashed. Abashed yes and simultaneously glorified. He had come to make the City proud ignorantly proud of the Man whose deeds had merited no renown. Here at the very inception of his plans a seventeen year old girl was proud of him As he was. Courage. Inspiration. Resolve. He had won her respect by tie Promise of a lie and in this instant he vowed to deserve by other and in Cre slug lies if need be the prestige he was unalterably committed to gain whereby the past should be As nothing and the future should be a magnificent Citadel of reconquered dreams. She was proud of him and she had approved the lie in behalf of Dicky Morgan s memory. Unwittingly she had sanctioned the very purpose of his coming and the method of his approach. She had confirmed his own intentions and Given him the will to Advance. He was to act As the stanch defender of her playmate perished and to make of himself a new and a better Man worthy of the eulogies which As trustee he now accepted for Tho unworthy Morgan. He consecrated himself to this end. Told himself fiercely that he would succeed. And she was proud of Hon it was another Omen. A a a a a a it was eleven o clock to the minute when Hll lard not quite so Blithe As a wedding guest and yet not altogether As doleful As a Mourner waved his hand to a slender girl who stood on tie veranda of a House diag Oquilly across the Street and went slowly up Tho Durant Brick walk. He had anticipated the effect of this pilgrimage upon his nerves he had discounted it and Angela s advice had Given Hora an artificial stimulus for tie moment nevertheless As the front door opened to my and he saw Over the head of a smirking. Maid sei Vaut a hallway Anil a Vestibule unchanged his breath came a Little faster than usual and his Cheeks went a Little Darker. It was. So to speak a return to a shrine and a Normal Man might easily be pardoned for a Little sentiment on Tho Side no matter How often he had Clinn ged his religion during the meantime. The maid having deposited blk to the living room disappeared in a Quick flurry of skirts Hll lard standing at the end of the Long High roofed apartment found himself surrounded by a thousand goads to remembrance. Not an item was out of place not an item was otherwise than As he had often recalled it his memory had been photographic. At the opposite end of the room flanking the Black marbled fireplace was a Graceful Swan necked sofa beautifully carved and splendidly Ziy bolstered. Doctor Durant had one remarked that Carol represented Tho fifth successive generation of her family to be courted on it. And evening after evening in the Ages that had gone before Hll lard had sat there and dreamed and loved and sometimes when Carol had slipped away from him he had sat there and dreamed an from Forth Vemma a word of help to women of Middle age from mrs. Re key. Morse i was 45 years old Lydiae. Pinkham s vegetable compound carried me through the critical period of the change of life in safety. I am Over 60 and have raised a family of eight children and am in Fine health. My daughter and daughters in Law recommend your vegetable compound Andl still take it occasionally my Belf. Yon Are at Liberty to use my name if you . Ali Beaney Morse Oklahoma. Change of life is one of the most critical periods of a woman s existence. This Good old fashioned Root and Herb remedy May be relied upon to overcome the distressing symptoms which accompany it and women everywhere should remember that there is no other remedy Inion to carry women so successfully through this trying period As Lydia Pinkham s vegetable compound. If you want special advice write to Lydia e. Pinkham Medicine cb., confidential Lynn mass. Your letter will be opened read and answered by a woman and held in strict Confidence. Quot Carol Quot loved and smoked while she played Chopin and Rubinstein and Moscow ski to him. And the piano somewhat Battle scarred but withal a master instruments was still Over in its accustomed place with the Quot military polonaise Quot perched open on the rack. Then his pupils narrowed to Gray necks of ice for memory by one of those tricks against which there is no defense told him that he stood in tills Saipe position. In exactly this same spot when two years ago the doctor had pronounced his sentence and Carol in terrible silence had then and there confirmed it. His imagination conjured up that scene again his blood chilled he could fancy that Carol and the doctor were actually before him and that he was staring at Vliem in the flesh and feeling the Laah of the doctor s quiet peroration. At the threshold there was a faint Rustle of fabric and Hll lard turned. Carol his hands went out mechanically and hers to him and Hll lard tasting the acid of his somber mood smiled benignly. Quot i must t keep you waiting Quot he said dropping her hands. Quot i be brought you the letter i spoke he gave it to her and Doug died his embarrassment. Quot i m positive it s for you. And i m sure you Don t want anything to prevent you from Reading it at once so if you d rather prefer to have me come Back later for the talk you wanted Quot he was already moving toward the doorway she restrained him gently although her eyes could t be dragged from the folded paper he had Given her. Quot no Quot she said Quot please Don t go. I particularly want you to meet my a user or. Hilliard. He s anxious to see you too. Won t you wait while i Call him Quot he inclined his head followed her with his eyes to the hallway strained his hearing and knew that she had opened the letter As soon As she was out of his sight. His lips twitched cynically and then As he remembered Angela s injunction straightened. After All this much was pure Charity. Down the hallway there was the reverberation of a closing door and to Dick Morgan s wait to be bilious keep Well Enever your a pc to a amps to Flag or a sour stomach and a coated Tongue warn Yon take Carter a Liale liver Ihu Santhe trouble will cease. Good for Man woman and Ehud. For your health s Sake stick to this old tried and True . Small pills Small dose Small Price m. Car Tes nature great nerve and blood tonic for anaemia Nerron Ness Keele Sineas and female weakness. Bes glad Nasi bar a Loafer is a Man who Loans and has no Bank account coughed for 2 years order Iio Denver doctor said she could t get Well in Illinois but she did. Quot i had a very bad cough for two Yeara All the time Day and night could sleep but Little. I tried everything but got no Relief. Finally my doctor said is could do no More for me that i had bet. Ter go to Denver As i could t Uve in Illinois. Then i tried Lucs emulsion. From the very first it helped me. By Thi time i had taken 15 bottles my cough left me entirely. I have gained in strength and flesh and am now in perfect mrs. Alice m. Huntley 1s2 no. Pearl st., Galesburg 111. Build up your system and give it a Chance to fight ofe disease. Milks Emul. Blon costs nothing to try and it has done the work for thousands of others. Milks emulsion is a pleasant Nutry a Tulve food and a corrective Medicine. It restores healthy natural Bowel action doing away with All need of Pilla and physics. It promotes appetite and quickly puts the digestive organs in shape to a Sam late food. As a builder of flesh and strength milks emulsion is strongly ree commended to those whom Haa weakened a and is a powerful Aid in resisting and repairing the effects of wasting diseases. Chronic stomach trouble and constipation Are promptly relieved usually in one Day. This is the Only solid emulsion made and so palatable that it la eaten with a spoon like ice Cream. Truly wonderful for weak sickly children. No matter How severe your Case you Are urged to try milks emulsion under this guarantee take six bottles Home with Vou use it according to directions and if not satisfied with the results your Money will be promptly refunded. Pried 60c and $1.20 per bottle the milks Emul. Blon co., Terre haute ind. Sold by dig Ltd its everywhere a adv. A Square Deal always pays. For musical beginners. Builders of modern hats might Well take a hint from a unique feature in Buckland s hotel in Brook Street now undergoing transformation to accommodate the new guards club. This was a suite of Quot sound proof Quot rooms called the Quot Handel suite Quot after the composer who lived and died in Brook Street for Tho use of musically in Quot dined visitors. This admirable a ran gement enabled amateurs of such \ distressing instruments in the hands of the Novice As the Piccolo or the bag j pipes to practice without disturbing = a Uiel feil0w.kuest8.-l<md0b n. U., Des Moines no. 201920. Get Back your health Are you dragging around Day Day with a Dull backache Are you tired and lame mornings subject to headaches dizzy spells and Sharp stabbing pains. Then there s surely something wrong. Probably it s kidney weakness Don t wait for More serious kidney trouble. Get Back your ii Alth and keep it. For Quick Relief get plenty sleep and exercise and use Doan s kidney Pius. Uliey live helped thousands. Ask your Neil whorl an Idaho Case j. C. Welcome harness maker Montana st. And third ave., Good ing Idaho says Quot. Caught a heavy cold and it settled on my kidneys. I suf Ifred with a Dull backache and my Iback was stiff and sore. The kidney secretions passed too Frei gently and were highly coloured. In used Doan s old Iney pm log and they soon relieved me and before Long cured me of the get Doan i at any Stoie 60c a Box Doan s a a Fly co. Buffalo. N. Y
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