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Russell Union Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1924, Page 8

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Russell Union (Newspaper) - June 11, 1924, Russell, Iowa A i t 0v it in Veloni Iii it of Tiu. I in a s Virtly nov of the Comiti crucial i i Coli Iviry. Avillion the. Jinni Hulian your years a it Ilio j Fri a Tui ers com i icily o l Lii Iii o who Liuigi aided a Iii i envy Quot urn big tie War in ii in till Yii Telep Boue a a Vii in it in a group of Abolin u a 0. Ii in-1. I Jioio an army of More a a Vasilio Lii atrial in i 0 a l Aio 81,000,001. Ile. American pub-y.? at Leasi iritis Solo Nicl parts a Liat lapped tie a Liat l ii Industry i indie aloud by the statement that expenditures for research by one of the Large manufacturing groups during the next year a will exceed the amount of the total sales just four years ago. The Industry is so new that the government has been unable to take a census to determine rank or proportions. Congress has not had time to Frame legislation regulating it. Its past events have been kaleidoscopic and the Industry now is described by some As in a state of flux Althou Glt there Are Gro Wing indications that it will Settle Down. For with the changing phases there is a distinct movement in the direction of standardization a american Bankers association a journal. A a in a ii a air Mei Pjaca e e a a a by Banks lesson via by j. H. Puelicher chairman committee on Public education american Bankers association. Viliy open a savings account in a savings Bank he won her Back to life by Martha Williams a 1 �21, Mcclure Cwa paper Syndicate Quot Grizold Gruzel i say where is g. Re a i y k Piff a 1 i i pm sip is Jii in s set aside by keeping expenditures below income i which is essential to individual As Well As to a business Success. Account accurate record As applied to Sav i i is in a it Bank of deposits and withdrawals showing also earnings from interest savings Banks will open an account with one dollars the amount most depositors have started with. Sayings Bank a Safe place to Deposit savings where Thoy will earn interest the Bank gives 3 tie depositor a pass Book that is an account s Fusic or l ook showing deposits interest credited with g drawls and balance. Many Banks not called a a savings Banks now conduct savings departments. @ a savings acc met in a Hanic indicates and encourages Thrift is an essential Aid to Success. Unlike Money hoarded Money Tho Bank is Safe ii rom loss by fire or thieves earns interest and is a i to use by tie Banks in developing the Community. @ a a Fhi or Quot Keri Chi for heaven s Sake Don t Tell your maw Slie la want to buy it and Wear it to the dinner table. Ash just indignation Quot she s the most conceited person i Over Quot that s exactly what she said about Quot Well i have Iny opinion of people who talk behind one s Luck is l Riili a Iii lil and he had d Noling of a r Klu cuon Iii .i.s. He vral cd hopi rewards i a Aivil a lion ten Yards fru Iii slipped in some Iran i Jiewei. Nino to r ? a on a Dixie a on die iia Iii a. He it Llie Impi in a i a i sort of saw Lejat in a Lei la i v i Myrv Ali kit your Luck Quot had the Best of him doctor i told you a month ago that if you did t give up smoking Yon j .Ould be dead in a fortnight. How Many have you smoked since then i alien to enough to prove you in the wrong. The direct route Quot Uliey say she spurned his offer of Quot it s True. She found that he was it i it pending upon n Rich undo so Sho married the Whiz a hoop a Juiia. I a i Licati d you re 12. .1. A in do Woi Iid you Lille my Shiw Quot a inks i .Ould t 1 and la Ilii r s reisent. Wiiiiam Rerp i or Ilene Iii a up Lii s ii so a rigid father a Vish t. A. In of it i Ai Tot gee i wish i did t live with an old maid i d like to learn u few i Eai Juss words ��?1�o0 lbs a you can Aljilji in Lilis collision in the a r Gnu a eur i i Ove an Alley 1 a 1 a a a Iii a Llie collision to Jolt u ally y know. A in r i Lri t no s now a us. Or ii i i 1 ii lid Lii Iii in a inflict �oi1 a ii nil. Iliev. Up in Oiven silence is Bliss Quot Sam in Quot Yuu Solc Nily swear to Tell Len Listii flu Liole Truiti and nothing list thu Tiuch Quot Quot All dues Quot Weil Sam what have you got to say fur Yiirs Elf &Quot,7imliiwolf All dem Lim Itati uis you put nil me All Don t believe a any Liin at Ali to rills Uluth. Inilisi Tient Grize Quot Acton shouted the dim vaulted Hall answered him in echoes. Quot plague take that girl Quot he Quot up coded stalking to the path leading around l ack. Almost at the end of it he found something that set him fuming a Beautiful girl prone of tie turf smothered it seemed in puppies of just the tumbling age. Eleven of hem six weeks old sleek saucy Happy. One nestled contentedly under the playmate s Chin and others industriously fought with tangles of her Brigit hair three More were mumbling taper fingers two played tug of War with the hem of her Short skirt a final pair had dragged off her shoes and Lay gnawing then happily a Yard from her feet. A Quot All ready i perceive for tiie Ashley Garden party Quot Acton hissed severity was Bis sole defense against helpless laughter. Impatient Grizel accurately Bliss Waring of tile Pines i eed one Finger Shook it at him and said rather indistinctly Quot in you see this is Ever so much More Quot i forgot you have a fur puppies Quot act i Flung Back eyes hardening. They had noted upon tiie Cli Aken Finger a Stringo new ring one truly magnificent set with a Diamond of the purest water Cheek by Iowa with a Ruby real Pigeon blood in Hue. Quot such Darlings i adore them. Wish you liked them Grizel murmured drawing a second whimpering mite to nuzzle under her Chin. Quot but since you Don to also since i gave my sacred Honor Promise to show up at the Ashley function i la break my heart by leaving them can you wait three minutes while i dress Quot Quot you mean thirty at least since you need a Bali a shampoo Quot Quot and a fumigation i know you d say Itiat if you Grizel interrupted her eyes dancing then to the privileged Pup still close to her breast Quot he hates us tip toe Darling but Well return Good for evil run along and love his shiny shoes until i come she Sot Down Trio Pup and darted away. Acton Felt like kicking it until the Small beast waddling toward him lifted eyes so full of Appeal he stooped to Pat it instead. And when it .Ould hive made free with shoe tip he feuded it off gently saying Low Witalij smile Quot no need of hating Yon a i toe because of hating tiie fellow to brought you and your Mother her Quot the fellow tip Lawrence Famini irly was essentially a Doggy person Luid Grizel s latest most helpless captive. Barring brains he had everything. Naturally he wanted Here site was like glancing water diamonds ice in Sun Sii Iuey Wii Tever sparkled and was clean Cut at every Point. She Wii kindly tolerant withal even of stupidity to a certain degree. Beside la Iii she ran True to name became Inyim Tient Grizel openly at times All but rudely. Yet relenting came in a Liili she made amends to her victims. Thus they remained victims without Ali ugly losing self respect. Acton had put tie Case rather Well quoting Quot there s no living with thee nor wit Luitt thee Quot but Grizel had Only smiled at him with tie ghost of a frown lie Lind. She told herself As yet she loved Emily to be loved with yet Dainty preference amongst Ike lovers. Acton had been first favorite until the Advent of tie Doggy nmn who was so kind so gayly generous so naive in All attitudes she found him really fascinating. So she had played with him much As she did with his dogs taking interludes of boredom As tie Scot one Onnist pay for that special form of diversion. He danced passably wore clothes As a became their Quill to spent or gave la visibly yet with Idun ostentation Luce she .Ould not be ashamed of him in any company. Nebulous by Sho know his Obj ctr Matrimony. Lore , her mind ran Forward to the Winter wit i her aunt and City delights theretofore barely glimpsed. .Ould Tivey Iio Sibly include a True Prince charming who .Ould shake her from her a a ise of merry criticism unless he came she .Ould not think of marriage at last not for years. Dad was adorably indulgent what time to was Hong a and Sho had seen no House Tiit Appi died to her More than the Pines she was sole heir to it and a comfortable competence besides. Sho looked had at it lovingly As she Iii red away in Acton s roadster it had never slowed fairer than in tie westering Sii Sidne. Sonder Leim Amazie and her i Arvily were loafing Ull Over Steps and grassed terraces. Grizel whistled Suthy to them so softly they did not he a Al e care of her Quot he said to Law a a i Liccy then faded into merciful in ii is loudness that lasted Many hours. A a month later they lot Hora see i ii Izely prone on an air mattress done Iii in splints and braces seemingly All hut her eyes the gnome like ghost of lie girl Iio Reine inbred so dearly incr voice came to him Low and faint Quot i org Leo me Joe for making you so , you had to he fell on a Lis Knees touching Iier Itan aged lingers saying Between Solis Quot i need id giving if anybody. But All that Waits till you Are Slie answered nothing but he Trio unlit her eyes smiled at him us the nurse led him away. Six months he wailed hoping fear a ii a at last despairing tie due tors Reat and Small said impatient Grizel .Ould never walk again possibly never even leave her you ii of pain. There i Ere. Said the kindly world outside it uld be a mercy if the Shock ended Quot . So far Slie had not heard of her father s sudden death still less that Iii ii fairs were so hopelessly Laii led she might if she lived on be almost a pauper. Her friends of course .Ould see to it that if she lived in she did not suffer. Acton was f n Liuying her a bands Niue annuity a Sony How lie .Ould not tii Ink of marriage wit ii the shattered Glist of tiie girl lie had loved. He .Ould provide tiie Iii Uney without doing Mure iban Crip uling himself so Tomse who heard Bim said it .Ould be but Rig lit to let Otiis Leip ill the very Good deed. Us pulse was Uick and it came to i in Lawrence. He got while then i de alien a furious Granite Gray. A make Iier a a pensioner i Quot lie cried. A see Yon did first every one. What am i Here for but to love and cherish and fend for Iier if Only Shell let me and i tii Ink she will when she knows the everybody Trio Ugnit she .Ould die of the knowledge but she did not being a thoroughbred. When tip Knelt beside her flanked by All his gift of dogs now tie finest Young things Ever and spoke briefly Diat was in ills Pieart she tried to put her hand in his and for tiie first time since tiie Accident burst into plenteous tears. But she smiled at her bridegroom and the minister from a Mist of lace and Orange til lad insisted on them and Slie Uli eyed his slightest whim. Slut did net Evi it a demur when he insisted upon freeing Iier of her heaviest hamper Ings took her in Strong arms car raid her first outside for Little whiles Liuding Iier close throughout then ventured upon very slow Small journeys about tiie Home. And instead of killing her with kind toss As was tie Proiti Riesy he won her Back to life in till end. Two years from the wedding Day she walked unaided but Only far Mough to throw herself upon her husband s breast and whisper Quot i love you even better than the dogs f. A. B. Toledo worlds lowest Price a fogs make animals Iii fogs cause digestive Trout Les among Small mammals and Birds in tiie London i to the animals losing their appetite and most of the Birds refusing to eat unless there is plenty of Light. Hair of the Dag cloth Woven from combines of dog hair has been proved to be of commercial value. To a , my Ozol mod a re is ii re Iri hit e a iiirii., our on at the service pastur a allium when did you at Teml chair ii last my dear Quot Isiel please sir i came to last be May s matinee. Pianists hands must make wonderful Speed while in Well known pianist Vas play lug a Presto by Mendelssohn a Man in the audience in a scientific spirit Sot himself to counting the notes and the time consumed. The pianist played 5,595 notes in four minutes and three seconds. Now every one of these notes involved certain movements of a Finger a at least two and Many of them involved an additional movement laterally As Well As those up and Down they also involved repeated move ments of the wrists elbows Alto Gether probably not less than one movement for each note therefore there were three distinct movements for each note. As there were 24 notes a second and each of these notes involved three distinct movements that amounted to 72 movements in each second of time. Ii moreover each of these notes was determined by the will to a chosen place with a certain Force at a cer Tain time and with a certain duration therefore there were four distinct qualities in each of the 72 movements in each second. Such were the Tran,9misslons outward. And All those were conditional on consciousness of the position of each hand and each Finger before it was moved and while moving it the sound of each note and the Force of each touch. Consequently there were three conscious sensations for each note. Tier were 72 transmissions a second 144 to and from and those with constant change of Quality every second there were not fewer than. 200 transmissions of nerve Force to and from the brain outward and downward. Trapped by he a the tourist had stopped in a Small Rural Village. He was preparing to resume his journey when he noticed the town Constable watching him narrowly what s the Speed limit Here Quot he asked think Long it Wise to to pc pared Quot never be mind Young Feller Quot i us Urey ulu not Lifar. A j jest Yew try s out o tvs town without Bem How the roadster went Luite mad de lied Contr dashed straight Aluad at file Curvo and plunged violently Hito a finn Stone Wall careened and in cd Lii tie. That Luigi it Bave Siu la ii Leath to occupants it Toul lire Almust in slip Billy but that not dior car Canie to file Rescue. Tip Lawrence caped from it so did a Hulcy in a Wink obey bad Dif Jjo blazing mass and drawn the two in Perii to at Iasi safely. . Was surely Bini ,.Ould break with Dilli culty. Quot Vuu you with sliding gear transmission Only two touring cars now Are Price i under $500. The Complete powerful Overland Withall steel body and baked enamel finish speedometer four doors and 24 big car advantages now is on a $115 More than the cheapest car a gift with starter and Demountable . Overland also builds the world s lowest priced enclosed car with doors front and rear at Only $160 More than the touring car. Prices f. O. H. Toledo. Easy terms that will Surprise you 153-g . Lemley Russell Iowa a Forest country i orests cover a to Laird of the entire area of Czechoslovakia and half of the Forest area is made up of coniferous Trees. That s did Erent it is of course presumptuous to seek to run Osiier ii eople s business but what if Tivey rumble sly run their business Over your affairs houses in Belgium a Woden houses Are rare in Hei Gium. Real estate is High lots Are Small and the Yards a Biclie americans enjoy ire Uii known except for Villas owned l y the Well to do. Protection for apes chimpanzees found on French territory in West Africa can Only be taken by special permits issued thy the government apes must be carefully handled and caught Only in nets or traps. Hopeless he that is not Gallant at Twenty Strong at thirty Rich at forty and experienced at fifty will never live to be Gallant or Strong or Rich or prudent. Two kinds of women \ an Optimist is a Man who believes that Ali women Are Angels and a Pessimist is a Man who believes they Are the kind of Angels with wings. Store Dew in Reservoir an English farm has been equipped with a Reservoir to collect and store Dew in addition to rain to Supply cattle with water. Irrigated lands tiie a wiil Gross and nuns from irrigated lauds in tiie United states la now nearly Ltaif a billion dollars. Early mistakes a successful author will unload his Early mistakes but he Sli.Ould be credited with Triin icing that they Are not. Invisible wire a wire so constructed that it can be made invisible has been invented and Ivyll probably come into practical use for Bell wiring. Fiji ancient Lotas Beds discovered under layers of peat at the edges of the join desert in Manchuria Lotus seeds believed to have been buried More than 5,01 0 years ago were made to grow in the Laboratory at an Eastern univ Ersita. In memory of sailors the Black Scarf worn by sailors in the to nixed states Navy is in memory of the seamen who lied in ii Revius . L Ile four stripes Woven in the Defte of the is Wirf represent four great wars in Iii he the american Navy Haa Par ii impaled. Discovered accidentally tie ability of a rays to Peteh ate solid matter was discovered by Saeei Dent i Brugli leaving a Uey of to a desk beneath Wlinich Milioto graphic plates were kept. When thu it dates were developed the Sladow of flu itchy was seen. Huge gasoline loss the volume of gasoline that is lost ii evaporation in one stage in the Liand Ling of crude Oil is equal to one thirtieth of the country s annual gasoline production. More Power than will we live More Power than will and it is often by Way of excuse to ourselves that we fancy things Are . is Paaaina Whlig like till suing Forest the old Timu i amberjack picturesque uncouth but Manly is going the Way of in and prospector Woods Iii now Denu ind and get the comforts of Clyl ligation. Electric lights and radio sets Are installed in Many lamps. Whalebone l Aleen Alied whip Rebone Grid is in the a Koutlis of Cerli in Wii Ules. It i penitent plates ranging l rom two to twelve feet in length at tii Clied to the Uji per jaw and forma a Irige like Sieve l or Collee Thig and f of. So Fern be and Shoeshine a Paris Isoo Fielack now us s ii palette Wien Slinning women a shoes. The Pai Isian Ponien s shoes vary so Iii Uch Speed limit increases in color that to found it experts incline to lit to Winlon that to get the Righi Bue of Cream to match 325 Iii an hour is tie limit of pus so on Bis palette i a Init a number of slide Al Piilani Spliid but Lime was Dlf l Erent dreams Aud combines them we Iii 20 Niiles an hour on a nil Road in varying proportions Iti ording to was regarded a Rato of Progress the Tono of tie slides with which he that represented the maximum of to Deal. I human script. on Tran no such Luck a zealous but untrained reformer had obtained permission to Spe Aiti at the county jail. A Quot brother Quot he pleaded with them Quot lose no time in turning to the pathway of righteousness Lle member to Are Here today and gone Quot Don t kid Yuri Roseir Quot came a gloomy voice from the rear. Quot i be got eighteen years Here of Tolon. I id hardware in stomach a Kansas City surgeon removed the follow Long articles weighing one and one Liaf pounds from tiie stomach of a woman patient Kory three Iii Ces of Luiis Fri ii Spring mattresses two door ii Doks with Staples it cached four hairpins Luibil Severni Ulber parts of up Iii a. The patient a uninterrupted recovery. The clan flux the clan flux is an Organ like instrument that Days Light on a screen for the i just As music is played into the air for the ear. The instrument blends the la alleles of color and of Lughi inv rising and falling in soft Gradai a now marshalled in Fiill in in Shiv spa nor now fading into Abri pm . Sonatas of Light Aud of color Are thus Mude possible

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