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Russell Union Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1924, Page 7

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Russell Union (Newspaper) - June 11, 1924, Russell, Iowa The Russell Union r m m % it of romantic Sally one he loved s is in to t j to by Jane Osborn six of a 1924, Mcclure newspaper Syndicate it was after supper one fair june evening that Roberta James blithely announced to her family assembled on the front veranda that she was engaged to John Kellog. Quot so that s that Quot commented brother Bert looking with considerable admiration at his pretty sister perched on the railing of the veranda. Quot now i suppose pop will have to Shell out for the Quot pop Quot smiled soberly and said he was perfectly willing to do ills part if Roberta was quite sure that she had chosen the Man who would make her Happy. Mrs. James uttered a dozen Little half sentences. Quot Well i never Quot Quot so it s Jack Kellog and All along i d thought Quot Quot if it s going to be a fall wedding i supposed Quot every one seemed perfectly Satis fled and quite merry Over the situation All except Little Cousin Sally sitting in a great armed porch chair gazing off dreamily at the Rose tinged Western sky. Quot i Don t think you re a bit interested Quot Roberta pouted to her Cousin. Quot and i was going to ask you to be maid of Quot interested Quot exclaimed Sally almost in a whisper so Low that Only Roberta heard. Quot i was just so thrilled i could t say anything. To think that you Are really engaged. Of it is so romantic so wonderful i almost feel As if it were i. I never knew any one very Well who was engaged. Don t you feel All queer and As if you were floating on the Clouds Quot Sally s Large dark eyes beamed with misty happiness and As she spoke she interrupted herself with soft Little giggles. Quot you funny Little romantic baby Quot said Roberta. Quot of course i Don t feel a bit different. I be been nearly engaged before. This is just the same thing Only this time there s the wedding and everything to Quot but to be in love really and truly in love Quot breathed Sally. Quot you re positively mid victorian Quot Roberta assured her. Quot girls now a Days Don t feel about love the Way they did when grandmother was a but As the Days passed Sally who made her Home with the Jameses continued to be Quot mid vector inn Quot if taking a romantic interest in the engagement of her Cousin Roberta indicated such a state of in ind. When she saw Jack Kellog come into the Garden or on the veranda where she and her Cousin were sitting she would always hurry away fabricating some excuse about muffins to make or a letter to write. While mrs. James and Roberta made lists of the guests who would have to be asked to the wedding and discussed relative merits of caterers and dressmakers Sally thought Only of the great and wonderful happiness that Roberta must be experiencing just to be engaged. She made Little bouquets of wild Flowers to leave on her Cousin s Bureau before she was going out with Jack and timidly Lent her volumes of poetry with slips of paper marking the most romantic love passages. If Roberta seemed of these sentimental acts on the part of her Twenty year old Cousin. Sally put it Down to the preoccupation of being in love. Roberta s birthday was approaching and while various members of the turn by were choosing for their gifts such useful things As tablecloths and Kitchen utensils Sally had plans quite different. She was putting herself in Roberta s place and had decided to give her what she herself would most value if she and not Roberta were engaged to Jack icel log. To this end she went to the Home of mrs. Kellog Jack s Mother. Quot i m getting together a Little album for Roberta Quot she said. Quot i know she will prize it More than anything else i could get her. I be pressed Flowers from the bouquets that tack has sent Era took them when Roberta was t looking. When Jack did t know it i took some snapshots of him. They came out beautifully. I found a dance order for a dance that Quot Roberta and Jack went to just before they were engaged with Jack s name Down for half the dances. Roberta had thrown it away but i fished it out of the rubbish. Now what i want to get is some photographs of film when he was Young. I la have them reproduced and put them in the books with any other Little keeps Nice that you could mrs. Kellog listened attentively and As Sally finished her explanation the elder woman s eyes filled with tears. She brushed them away smiling. Quot i could t help it Sally dear Quot she said. Quot it seems so wonderful to think of someone Loving Jack As much As Roberta must. I be always treasured All such Little keepsakes of my boy and i am so glad that the girl he is going to marry takes the same interest in him. Of course Roberta does t know you Are getting up this Book does she Quot of course Roberta did to assured Sally and it would come As a wonderful Surprise. Out of her treasure Box mrs. Kellog brought a dozen or so pictures. One showed Jack is a , round faced baby. Another was a snapshot of Jack at eight a funny Little boy with a tooth or so missing from his smiling visage. After some hesitation mrs. Kellog parted with a lock of Jack s baby hair. Two or three Little coloured sketches made by Jack in kindergarten. There were other keepsakes that no one would have treasured but Jack s Mother and the woman who loved him Best. Sally s face beamed with happiness and gratitude. Then As she wii about to go mrs. Kellog stopped her. Quot you May take these things Quot she said Quot and you May put them in your Little Book and give them to Roberta on conditions that if their engagement should be broken i could have All these things Back again. You Promise Quot Sally s pretty smiles vanished. Quot you Don t think Quot she queried Quot that Jack would of mrs. Kellog i d never thought that anything like that could mrs. Kellog might have made some explanation had it not been for Jack s Entrance into the room at that moment. Blushing Sally hid her treasures under the cover of a Magazine lying on a stand beside her. Quot what s up Quot asked Jack sinking into the shelter of a Low armchair beside his Mother. Quot you look a guilty As a couple of thieves. And Sally you deliberately tucked something in that Magazine to hide it As i opened the door and now you Are blushing to show me that there s a mystery in the Quot you la know All about it some Day Quot laughed Sally. Quot ask Roberta on her Quot i m not at All sure i. Shall see Roberta on her birthday Quot said Jack now looking knowingly at his Mother. Quot the fact is that Roberta in t quite so much interested in me now As she was a few weeks ago. You see Quot Quot Jack Quot warned his Mother Quot Are you sure you ought to talk about it now you and Roberta will doubtless come to an understanding. You Are still engaged Quot Quot not in the least Quot corrected Jack looking up quite innocently first at his Mother and then at Sally. Sally Laid a hand quickly upon the Magazine that hid her Little treasures and then in spite of an Effort at self control the tears came into her eyes and she covered them with her other hand to hide her confusion. Quot How dreadful for Roberta Quot she said. Jack Kellog was not Long in explaining that Roberta herself was responsible for the situation although he agreed with her that their engagement had hardly been a Success. Sally listened in amazement and then rising to go she placed the Little packet of treasures in mrs. Kellog s hands. Quot ill take them Back Quot said Jack s Mother tenderly. Quot but perhaps some Day you will want them again. It seems somehow As if you ought to have Sally went sorrowfully Home. The air Castle she had been building around Roberta and tack had fallen to the ground like a House of cards. Then she began to wonder what mrs. Kellog had meant about the keepsakes. In her room she looked Long and tenderly at the snapshots she had slyly taken of Jack Kellog. One Day a few weeks later after Roberta had announced her engagement to an old flame Frank Demming a Jack Kellog called on Sally. Quot Mother told me about your asking for the keepsakes Quot he told her. Quot i know that you were interested in them Only because of Roberta. Roberta would t have Given a snap of her Finger for that Little Book of yours even if we had stayed engaged. But you thought she would. And i be been thinking about you nil the time. I be been finding out that it was you Sally and not Roberta that i have wanted All Quot i m afraid you think i m dreadfully romantic Quot said Sally. Quot Roberta always says i Quot of course you laughed Jack Quot that s what makes you so so Sally had a Chance to finish the Book of keepsakes for herself. A 1u24, Western newspaper Union All higher motives ideals conceptions sentiments in a Man Are of no account if they do not come Forward to strengthen him for the better discharge of the duties which devolve upon him in the Ordinary affairs of Ward Beecher. Tasty titbits Home hints and diet it is pleasant occasionally to Surprise our family wit i some Choice dish when no company is expected. Here Are a few Worth while banana select six Ripe bananas rub them through a Sieve add a Pinch of Salt the grated Rind of a Lemon and place on the heat. When the boiling Point is reached add to it Tablespoon Fuls of cornstarch mixed smooth in a Little cold milk and stir while adding to the boiling mixture. Cook for eight minutes stirring All the while. Remove from the heat Cool add two tablespoonfuls of Lemon juice and serve Well chilled in Bouillon cups. Parisian two table spoonfuls of butter in a Saucepan add a quart of Green peas mix Well then pour on enough boiling water to barely cover them. Add Salt and Pepper the heart of a head of lettuce finely minced one half of an onion minced Fine a sprig of Parsley also minced. Simmer until the peas Are tender then stir in the Yolks of two Well beaten eggs. Reheat carefully not to curdle the eggs. Currant one cupful of crushed Ripe currants one cupful of sugar two egg Yolks a Pinch of Salt two tablespoonfuls of flour and one tablespoonful of cold water. Mix All together and Cook until smooth and thick. Cool and fill a baked Shell. Cover with a meringue made from t a two egg Whites beaten stiff and three tablespoonfuls of sugar added. Dot with pieces of marshmallow and Brown in the oven. Fresh fi6h a two Pound fish clean remove the Bones and Cut into Small sized pieces. Prepare one half dozen potatoes sliced three onions also sliced cover with boiling water and Cook All together with the fish. When All Are tender season with a slice or two of Fried Salt pork Cut into Dice add a quart of hot milk and As Many milk crackers soaked in hot milk As there Are people to serve. Season Well and serve hot in soup of habit that prove hard to break among those present is rear Admiral Niblack u. S. N., recently retired. After More than forty years of service in the Navy one of his first acts is to buy himself a ticket for a Nice Long ride on a steamship. It s an old Story of the Hack Driver jogging around town in a Hack of a Friend who is working. A new York Clienter manager had his father a Westerner come on for a visit and took film to a frolic at the lambs club. At the first intermission the old Gen Lamun said Quot you say these men on the stage and in the audience Are All professional actors and theater men Quot Quot that s Quot and this is the one Day in the week they have off Quot Quot right again. Sunday is Thill Only free Quot and they get up shows and rehearse and put them on while the others sit out in the audience Quot Quot sure Why not Quot Quot now i know they re crazy let me out of Here. I want no More of them. Suppose the Telegraph linemen s Union had a Holiday would they All put on their climbers and Start to stringing wire All Over the country would the sewer diggers benevolent association at its annual Outing loud up with picks and shovels and Start running ditches All Over the picnic Grove Young Man you re in a crazy business with crazy people and you la come to no Good. I m going Home slut sailors when they have Shore leave do like nation s business. Cowardice asks Quot is it Safe Quot expediency asks Quot is it politic Quot vanity asks Quot is it popular Quot but conscience asks Quot is it right Quot seasonable Good things it is necessary to plan our meals a Day or More in Advance if we furnish our tables Well a and economically. Stuffed steaks. A instead of the usual hamburger Steak try preparing them thus season the meat Niter grinding it and put a Little into As Many greased Gem pans As needed on this place a layer of seasoned bread crumbs they May be seasoned As for poultry stuffing if desired then cover with another layer of seasoned meat. Bake in a moderate oven. Turn out on a hot Platter Garnish with Parsley and serve with n Tomato sauce if desired. Roll Jelly three eggs heat lightly add one cupful of sugar a Pinch of Salt and two tablespoonfuls of cold water. Stir in gradually one cupful of flour sifted with two Tea spoonfuls of baking powder. Bake in a dripping pan in a moderate oven. The pan should be lightly greased. Turn the cake out on a Towel wrung from cold water. If the edges Are Crisp and crack trim them. Spread the cake with Jelly and Roll in the Towel while still warm. Nut sauce for ice until it threads a Pound of Maple sugar and one third of a cupful of water add one half cupful of Almond meats coarsely chopped and serve hot poured Over Vanilla ice Cream. Mapleane May be used with Brown sugar if the Maple sugar cannot be obtained. Steam a Quarter of a cupful of raisins two tablespoonfuls each of sliced Citron and candles cherries Cut the fruit into shreds with scissors before steaming add to the custard and freeze As usual. If one cuts up the fruit the Day before and soaks it in Orange juice to cover it is most delicious soft and Well Flavoured. Krummel one half Pound each of dates and walnuts through the coarse part of a meat grinder or better chop in a wooden bowl with a Quarter of a Pound of figs add three tablespoonfuls of bread crumbs the Yolks of six eggs Well beaten then the stiffly beaten Whites with one Hulf cupful of sugar. Bake very slowly in layers. Jut together with whipped Cream. Soft Honey a teaspoonful of soda into a measuring cup add five tablespoonfuls of hot water then fill up the cup with extracted Honey. Take one half cupful of softened butter and one egg. Beat Well add two cupfuls of flour and a teaspoonful of Ginger stir All together and bake in a slow oven. A by Inez Searles Willson yla. 191 4, Western newspaper Union braising braising is in economical and palatable Way of cooking some of the tougher cuts of meat and it is a method not As frequently employed in the Home As it should be. The less expensive cuts of the animal Are Richer in nutritive value than the More costly steaks and chops and the question of cooking them to Render them tender and to develop the flavor is one to which the Good Cook knows the answer. Unless properly done braising is nothing More than stewing. It is correctly speaking a combination of roasting and stewing and often frying As Well the meat is cooked on a bed of vegetables from which it derives its flavor. The vegetables consisting of carrots onions turnips Aud celery Are Cut in Fine pieces. They May be Fried gently in Ham fat. The meat is browned Well on All sides to keep in the extractive. It is then placed on top of the vegetables in a pan with a tight fitting lid. The seasoning is added and also a pint of hot water or better of soup Stock. The cooking May now be finished in any one of several ways. It May be continued on top of the stove although strictly speaking in braising heat should be applied from All sides. For cooking on top of the stove the dutch oven that Iron pot with a lid is the Ideal utensil to use. Every family of any size should Hii i n dutch oven. They Era Handy for so Many things. The i raising May be completed in the oven where it is allowed to Cook slowly tor several hours or until the meat is tender. More liquid will need to be added from time to time. The tireless cooker May be used with excellent results in tills method of cookery. A cupful of liquid will be sufficient to add in the first place As less evaporation takes place than in any other method. This is a Good Way to use it if one wishes to go out and let the meat Cook itself. Simply put it in the wireless cooker and forget it until dinner time. We Are Apt to associate braising with the tougher cuts of beef Only. Calf s Tongue and heart boned shoulder of Mutton and veal and Chicken May he Well cooked in this Way. Any meat cooked after this fashion is a very Savory dish. 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The waste silk Only is spun and is used for making cheaper grades of silk materials. Silk is the strongest textile fiber and for this reason it is used in Many scientific experiments Anil during the War it was used for Cartridge cloth. Waste silk conies from the outside of the cocoon and from pierced cocoons those from which the Moth is allowed to break its Way out. For reeled silk it is necessary to destroy the Chrysalis before the Moth is ready to come out. The cocoons intended for reproduction Are allowed to reach full maturity. has a Long fiber and while Trio preliminary processes necessary to get it into condition to spin Are difficult. It can lie made into Strong to inti. Incidentally the difficulties attendant upon preparation for spinning Are one of the reasons for the High Cost of Linen. There Are certain artificial fibres which play n More or less important part in the Industrial world. Asbestos a Pun Glass and artificial silk Are under this head. Asbestos is important because it is a fireproof material and so is used extensively for theater curtains and As covering for Pines. Spun Glass is used for ornaments. Just at present there is a Vogue for Glass bracelets. It is also used in the Industrial arts. Artificial silk is a substitute for real silk and it is manufactured from cellulose of some lend such us Wood pulp. The minor fabrics Are hemp jute and Miniie. The first two Are used for ropes und Gunny sacking Ramie is a filter which resembles Linen Bur it is so ill cult to handle that the manufacture of it has not progressed very fur. The Man wanted John Lee of Franklin n. He a had some matches in the lip pocket of his trousers. They accidentally ignited starting a slow smudge in the cloth. 1-ie suspected from the burning cloth odor that there was a leak in the Gas pipes in Liis store and being unable to locate the suspected leak telephoned the Gas company. Tie Man he sent for was not slow to Tell him that he should have sent for a fireman instead of a Gas Man. Too suspicious Quot i s Power of mind Over matter Quot said Uncle Eben Quot Ain t never yet done me no Good when i mentioned influential numbers in a crap Star. On guard the Best Way to avoid arrest for traffic violations has been discovered by a woman Motorist. Quot another woman and i were Riding the other Day Quot she says Quot and we rail past a Stop Street. An officer stepped out and told us to Stop. There was a baby in the car with us and when the officer started to write out the slip for our court appearance the baby grabbed his Book and threw it into the Street. The Allicer looked abashed grinned murmured something about having one like that at Home and ordered us to drive news. Time misspent is not lived hut lost. 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