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Russell Union Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1924, Page 6

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Russell Union (Newspaper) - June 11, 1924, Russell, Iowa Hwy it a warm Mem amp a the Russell Union suffered since y0un6 girl words failed to express Benefit received from Lydia a. Pinkham s vegetable compound Greenville Texas. A Quot words cannot express How much Good Lydia e. Pink Nam s vegetable compound has done forme. Every month i would have cramps and headache Ana i Felt like i was freezing to death. I suffered in this Way from the time i was a Young girl and All the doctors said was operation. For months i had a tired sleepy feeling All Day and when night would come i would be so nervous i could t stay in bed. Our druggist recommended the vegetable compound to my husband and he a bought four bottles. I have taken every one and i think i have a right to Praise your . B. Holleman 2214 e. Marshal Street Greenville Texas. For fifty years Lydia e. Pinkham s vegetable compound has been used by a women from girlhood through Middle age. It is a dependable Medicine for troubles common to women. Such symptoms As mrs. Holleman had Are relieved by correcting the cause of the trouble. For Sale by druggists everywhere. The Cuti Cura toilet Trio. Having cleared your skin keep it Clear by making Cuti Cura your everyday toilet preparations. The soap to cleanse Ami purify the ointment to soothe and Lieal. The Talcum to powder and perfume. No toilet table is Complete without . Not so Load Quot Jack s got a new Siren for his Quot really. What became of the blonde one Quot a London mail. Women need swamp Root thousands of women have kidney and bladder trouble and never suspect it. Women s complaints often prove to to nothing else but kidney rouble or the result of kidney or bladder disease. If the kidneys Are not in a healthy condition they May cause the1 other it organs to become diseased. Pain in the Back headache loss of ambition nervousness Are oftentimes symptoms of kidney trouble. Don t delay starting treatment. Or. Kilmer s swamp Root a physician s prescription. Obtained at any a drug store May be just the remedy needed to overcome such conditions. Get a medium or Large Eize bottle immediately from any drug store. However if you wish first to test this great preparation Send ten cents to or. Kilmer amp co., Binghamton n. Y., for a Sample bottle. When Ivr iting be sure and mention this , improved fruits increase Trade stomach Worms in sheep Are menace american Farmers adding to income from various crops sold abroad. Successful fights made against rats prepared by the United state department of agriculture a comply exam to North More to kill a flies they spread disease placed Quot any where Daisy Fly killer attract and kills All flies. Neat clean ornamental convenient and cheap. Lasts Al sea Json. Made of Metal f can t spill or tip Over / will not soil or injure anything. Guaranteed. Daisy ply killer at your dealer or 6 by express prepaid 11.26. _ Harold someks.150 de Kalb ave. Brooklyn . Nerves warn woman of Earth s shocks Quot an englishwoman of Peculiar sensitiveness has for Many years past been Able to report almost every earthquake in All parts of the world before any news came in Quot writes prof. 1-1. H. Turner in the quarterly review. Quot she suffers from a curious nervous tension As though under the influence of electricity which almost incapacitated her while a it lasts but leaves suddenly. She has consulted several doctors but none of Vliem has been Able to relieve the woman had a Quot bad attack Quot on september 0 last year. On september 11 came news of a considerable Shock in India two Days previously. Quot the testimony is unexceptionable and indicates a line of inquiry which has hitherto not been explored. It May Supply unsuspected information both to seismology and to physio passes it on Quot wonderful conversationalist she Quot Quot depends on whom she talked . _ in t to of the internal parasites common to sheep the stomach worm is a real menace to the farm sheep Industry. While the parasite is found in sheep of All Ages lambs Are principally affected. The older sheep although showing no symptoms of the parasite Are usually responsible for the spread Many years of the disease. The worm is thread like usually somewhat coiled about an incl in length and from a Reddish to dirty White in color. The parasite May be found in the fourth stomach of infected animals at any time of year. The pest is transferred to healthy animals through pastures. The eggs which Are excreted from infected animals in the fees Hatch in from twelve to Twenty four hours. In ten to fourteen Days the parasites reach the embryo stage crawl to a Blade of grass where they Are eaten by the sheep. There Are no visible diagnostic symptoms by which one can distinguish the disease from other internal parasitic diseases. A postmortem examination of a sick or recently dead animal will show the presence or absence of the parasites. If present the Worms will be found and Sprinkle in the foot Bath Allen s foot ease the Antiseptic Healing powder for tired swollen smarting sweating feet. It takes the friction from the shoe prevents blisters and sore spots and takes the sting out of corns and bunions. Always use Allen s foot ease to break in new shoes and enjoy the Bliss of feet without an ache. Those who use Allen s foot ease have solved their foot troubles. Sold everywhere. Trial package and a foot ease walking doll sent free. Address Allen s foot ease Leroy n. A Quot talk Quot with eyelids detectives in Canada Are being taught a code by Means of which they can communicate with one another by dropping raising or other movements of the eyes and also How to Quot Tail Quot secretly by Means of Finger touches by twisting of a Cigar fingering of a Mustache and twiddling fingers behind the Back. This is being done according to popular mechanics Magazine so that they can Transfer their thoughts when in the presence of criminals or prisoners. It is declared that communication with the eyelids can be As rapid As the Ordinary Man typewriter. Each year adds to the income which american Farmers Are realizing from i various crops which have been introduced from foreign countries and developed and fostered by the United states department of agriculture and i the various state Experiment stations. Some of these crops have been Here that we Are inclined to look upon them As our own. Most of them however got their Start in some other country. Raisin Industry grows. Take for example the Raisin Industry of California which Lias grown to such great size in recent years. Varieties of grapes were introduced from Europe and tried out under Pacific coast conditions. For Many years the department has maintained experimental vineyards in1 various parts of California. Within the last three years it has acquired titles to two Vineyard tracts one in Napa county and one in Fresno county which Are exclusively devoted to the problems of grape culture in that state. Research work by department and the state Experiment stations along with others have helped greatly in making it possible for Raisin producers to develop the product which is now an important campaigns put on in new Jersey and Massachusetts. Prepared by the United state department of agriculture noteworthy anti rat campaigns were conducted during the latter part of january and Early in february by county agents l. B. Boston of Barnstable county mass., and Elwood Douglass of Monmouth county n. J., in co operation with the biological Survey in which outstanding organizing ability was shown by these agents. The Campaign in Massachusetts was noteworthy from the educational Side in the Quantity and Type of newspaper publicity Given it in addition to the destruction of about 10,000 rats. In new Jersey in a Well organized and Well conducted Campaign 40,000 rats were estimated to have been killed at a Cost of .$275 to the county conduct ing it or about seven tenths of a cent a rat. With the average rat causing a loss which has been estimated to be $2 a year the theoretical saving of i?s0,000 in Monmouth county gives an approximate return of about $290 on every Dollar invested in the Campaign. Near or imbedded in the Walls of the. Fourth stomach. In general the symptoms of internal parasites of any kind Are a dullness or Lack of Thrift in the animal followed by diarrhoea. Eradication requires a combination of rotation of pastures and medical treatment. Infected pastures May be made Safe by keeping sheep and cattle off from them for a year. Burning Over the pasture or cropping it one season is also satisfactory. Oftentimes infected flocks that can be moved every two or three weeks to non infected pastures show marked improvement. There Are three different medical treatments that May be used satisfactorily namely the Coal tar creosote the nicotine sulphate and the Blue vitriol or Copper sulphate treatment. In Case any of the treatments Are to be used the flock should be fasted from twelve to Twenty four hours before treating and for four feeding baby Chicks is important work hours afterwards. I liar once a great patriotic crowd gathered it music Hall and when asked to sing the National Anthem it was discovered everybody present knew All the enquirer. Confidence is half of Conquest Only the first half. But Good business rules a successful business Man submits these Quot four Cardinal rules in business Quot which Are Good in. Any line of work the Square Deal. Live up to your word. Discourage gossip and encourage loyalty. Promote the most efficient Man. Had some experience Quot is his wife an experienced Cook Quot Quot Well they say she used to roast her first Factor in our Export Trade with a number of countries. According to the department of Commerce for the eight months ending with february 1924, More than three millions pounds of raisins were marketed in China which is More than four times As Many As we marketed in that country for the same time the preceding year. The Trade with Japan is about twice As great As that with China and Canada which is our biggest purchaser used practically thirty million pounds of our raisins during the eight month period in 1924. Within the same time the United kingdom took about fifteen million pounds. Apple developed. The Apple May be taken As another example of a fruit not native to tills j country which has been developed to i a High state of commercial perfection. It is largely because of Plant introduce i Tion and improvement together with development of effective cultural methods Lii luding the prevention and Contr l of destructive diseases and insect pests that it has been possible to build up an extensive Trade in this fruit a Trade which is increasing greatly. The Export of apples in the eight months ending with february 1924, was 4,719,371 boxes and 1,088,114 barrels a movement much in excess of that in 1923, according to the department of Commerce reports. Although the Apple was not indigenous to this country so far As the list of modern varieties is concerned those which figure extensively in our commercial Trade Are practically All dodder dangerous Weed in Alfalfa and Clover dodder the parasitic Weed which starts from a Weed but soon detaches itself from the Soli to live entirely upon the juices of the plants which it attacks is dangerous in Clover and Alfalfa Fields and according to a. C. Arny of the farm crops Section at University farm at St. Paul has obtained a foothold in a few sections of Minnesota. Dodder is a Plant with stems about the size of the Lead in an Ordinary Pencil Quot says or. Arny. Quot these stems twine around and take their food from Alfalfa and Clover plants. As the dodder plants become mature they turn a Golden yellow and Are easily seen. They should be watched carefully and destroyed before they have Opportunity to produce seed. Quot Clover and Alfalfa seed containing dodder should not be purchased or planted anywhere in the state. Particular attention should be Given to keeping Fields free from dodder in All seed producing if a Man deals in merchandise his Success comes in Middle life if in i ideas often not until near death. Appalling problem confronts americans life tables show average health Span extends Only from age 18 to age 31�?earning Power dwindles r rapidly after 40clean House essential for Success with big a clean hog House is the first requisite in connection with Rai a a healthy crop of pigs says the Nebraska agricultural College. Merer scraping shovelling and sweeping he dirt out of a shed does not make tint shed. Safe for new born pigs. Round worm eggs and filth born disease germs which Are the sources of our most destructive pig troubles Are microscopic in size and thousands of them of american origin. May be contained in the dirt and j filth which can Only be removed by q t3prmirpmprlfc for washing. The Only Way to destroy &011 requirements Lor worm eggs is to Boll them. A Good disinfectant will destroy the germ which cause Bull nose Mange pig typhoid Etc. To make the hog House Safe scrub it with boiling Lye water j the Lye will Cut the dirt. Then Spray All posts and Walls with a solution of liquid Cresol is 30 to 1 and put in fresh clean bedding. Health physical Freedom and full Vigoro end at age 31 for Tho average person. Maximum usefulness ends at 40. These facts shown by the United states life tables 1920, form the most appalling problem every human being has to face what axe the years after 40 going to mean to you will they be Worth living can you earn your Way during those years not if you Are Quot Tho average what sort of person is Quot the average individual Quot in America to works hard. To eats unwisely. To loads his body with drug stimulants which appear to give Energy but actually borrow this Energy from his own Reserve. Age 31�?and he begins to slip. The Reserve strength which his body sought to store up against these later years has bit by bit been robbed. Age 40�? he suffers loss of income. Ago co what remember Tho simple Laws of health which everyone Learned in school. Avoid stimulants. Avoid the sleepless Houts upset digestion warning headaches taut nerves and Muddy complexions which so often accompany Tho use of the drug caffeine. Caffeine is classified As a Poison. Miiko Btry Hnin it is sometimes Iven by doctors in cases of heart failure. Tho average cup of Coffeo contains Tho usual dose of caffeine administered in such cases. Tho alarming foolishness of taking this Poison regularly into the system is borne out by Tho frightful limitation of health and usefulness As compared with the length of life. Tou need Tho digestive Aid and Comfort of a hot drink. You can get such a drink without drugs. You can get it with a flavor which millions of people consider More delicious than any other. You can get it in a form which contributes rather than robs Reserva strength. Change to Postum i whole wheat and bran skilfully roasted with a Little two evening. Nothing More. A wholesome drink an enjoyable drink. Try Postum for thirty Days you can t rid yourself of Tho effects of a habit of years in a few Days. To will Start you on your thirty Day test with a week s Supply a of Poston a free. Either Postum Cereal the kind you boil or instant Postum the easiest drink in Tho world to prepare. Either kind costs less than most other hot drinks. Just indicate the kind you want for your week s free Supply and to will also have Carrio Blanehard famous for Trio goodness of her Postum Bend you her own directions. Arc you interested in Tho Yeara after 40? accept this offer now i teak this out mail it Nowd Horning makes Stock farming More pleasant feeders shipped to Market often sustain losses from fighting in crowded cars when not de horned. In Short de Horning is one of the Little jobs that makes farming More pleasant and profitable and one that should be done when there is least danger of the wounds becoming infected. Plies tend to irritate the exposed cuts and sometimes cause trouble. Extremely cold weather is also unfavourable. Consequently the humane and economical method is to treat the buttons when they Are first found on the head of the Young calf. Good crop of soy Beans soy Beans Are very similar in their soil requirements to the common bean but Are frequently grown on poorer land for soil improvement purposes for feeding purposes they can Best be handled As a Hay crop planting from six pecks to two bushels per acre with an Ordinary Grain Drill on clean ground. If ground is weedy Drill in rows Twenty eight inches apart and cultivate using one Bushel of seed per acre. For Hay soy Beans should be Cut when the pods Are formed and beginning to fill. They can Best be Cut with a mowing machine. The crop is cured for Hay in much the same Way As Alfalfa is handled allowing to Wilt in the Swath and throwing into windrows or Small Cocks for curing. Anthracnose is dreaded disease of Watermelon Anthracnose is the most dreaded of All diseases on the Watermelon crop. It first appears As Small dark spots on the old leaves. These spots spread very rapidly and soon cause the whole Plant to die. If one Vine becomes infected the whole Field May soon die for this fungus is spread by wind rain and insects any of which May carry the organism to uninfected plants. From the infected vines the spores of the fungus fall on the Young melons if any and these in turn soon show Small scabby spots which make the melons unfit for Market. If infected melons Are shipped the spots May spread so rapidly that the whole car will be lost before it reaches its destination. Feeding the baby Chick is important because of the fact that a Good Start Means Good growth Early maturity and healthy Stock says a. H. Hall Extension poultry specialist at Clem son College who suggests below when How and what to feed the Young Chicks. A Good Many people make Ai mistake by feeding the baby Chicks too Early after they Are hatched. The Chicks can go without food for at least 48 hours after they Are hatched. During this period they Are allowed time to absorb the Yolk material left in their bodies and to put their bodies into condition for receiving other food. The first food that should be Given a baby Chick is Buttermilk As it is a Good protein and also contains much lactic acid. The lactic acid forms an unfavourable medium for the development of White diarrhoea. White diarrhoea is one of the most dreaded diseases of baby Chicks and to guard against this disease Buttermilk should be kept before the Tiby Chicks at All times. After the baby Chicks have had a drink of Buttermilk the next feed should be Given As a soft feed. Hard boiled infertile eggs mixed with an equal part of Cornmeal is a mighty Good starter. The eggs furnish protein and the Cornmeal furnishes heat and Energy. When the eggs cannot be obtained it is a Good idea to Start the baby Chicks off on one half Pound of meat meal mixed with five pounds of Cornmeal which can be fed Damp with Buttermilk. After being fed either of the above mixtures for one week the Chicks should be gradually weaned off to the regular mashes and scratch feels. A Good scratch feed consists of the following 1 part Pinhead Oats 2 parts cracked wheat 4 parts cracked Corn the above should be fed As a scratch feed and the baby Chicks allowed to scratch in the litter for it. The dry Mash should contain the following parts -40 pounds Cornmeal 20 pounds wheat middling 10 pounds wheat bran 10 pounds finely ground Oats 15 Prinds meat scraps b pounds Peanut meal or soy bean meal the above scratch and Mash feeds can be fed to the baby Chicks until they Are three months old. After the Chicks Are three months old they can be placed on the regular scratch feed and Mash. Fertilizer is important largely for Plant food Plant food makes the fertilizer. In other words fertilizer is important largely for the Plant food it contains. Thus it has become the custom to speak of a fertilizer As a "2-12-2 or a "4-8-4,&Quot referring to the proportion of Plant food it carries. Doubtless there Are few outside of the wholly uninitiated who do not really know that fact. Still it May be helpful to state again that in the Symbol for example "2-12-2,&Quot the first figure designates the per cent of the ammonia the second figure designates the per cent of phosphoric acid and the third the per cent of Potash in the fertilizer. Postdmcebealco., inc.,,Mich. I want to Makoa thirty it Lay test of Postum. Please Send me cos. Or obligation one week s Supply of instant Postum. A Cheek which Job Tom Ccu cat. A Yau prefer address City state. Gnu Ca Moines 2c a a i he a quoth quote quoth live Stock notes to make the hog House Safe scrub it with boiling Lye water. The Lye will Cut the dirt. A a horses like Alfalfa stems. Refuse from the cattle Racks is very acceptable to horses. Blogs can be fed economically and do Well even without pasture but they need a great variety of food. A a sheep follow their Leader and diseases follow sheep if Tho master does not follow proper prevention practices. A hog raisers find the Market hard to please a fact which makes hog raising an unsafe business for indifferent men. Good management of the sleep flock requires careful Advance planning. Prepare now for the lambing season. Look to your Sheds and Eini lament. In most cases the cause of undersized nil stunted Colts is the Lack of proper rations which is condition that should not exist whore feed stuffs can to grown bum Antly. Large silage com and common Field variety Large late silage Corn and common Field Corn for Snage have been compared in feeding tests with Dairy cows at the Ohio Experiment station. The Blue Ridge silage Corn yielded More dry matter per acre than the Clarage Field Corn but the Clarage produced More Grain and seemed a Little More palatable than the larger variety. In All the feeding tests the Blue Ridge silage proved More efficient for my Lac and butterfat production. But the Clarage produced the larger gains in weight. The results of the five tests indicate that there is much less difference per acre Between the Large silage varieties and the Ordinary Field Corn than la commonly supposed. Leg weakness in Chicks from Lack of vitamins feeding is a Factor in prevention of poultry disease. A ration should be fed that contains not Only the proper amount of fat carbohydrates and proteins but also the essential vitamins. Vitamins Are Best supplied by Green feed. Green feed should be Given to the Birds Dally. A disease known As nutritional disease results from Lack of the proper vitamins but More important than this is the danger of lowering the resistance of the fowls and thus making them susceptible to More serious diseases says w. R. Hins Liaw instructor in bacteriology Kansas state agricultural College. Young Chicks Are especially susceptible to the deficiency disease caused by Lack of Vitamin d. Weak legs result from the Lack of this Vitamin and this can be corrected by giving Small quantities of cod liver Oil. Direct sunlight has the same effect As cod liver Oil in correcting this condition so that sunlight May be considered a Factor in health feeding. When direct sunlight is available nutritional rickets or weak legs can be prevented if the checks Are allowed to get plenty of it according to or. Hinshaw. Pure bred sires signs Are being distributed upon request of live Stock owners or Extension workers applying in their behalf the Bureau of animal Industry United states department of agriculture has distributed 4,500 farm signs Quot pure bred sires exclusively used on this these sires Are lithographed on Waterproof cardboard and resemble a Metal Tablet. To be eligible to receive and display the sign farm ers must use pure bred sires exclusively for All kinds of live Stock kept is shown by enrolment in the Quot better sires better Stock Quot Campaign. Tills plan of live Stock betterment is conducted jointly by the various states and the United states department of agriculture. A Farmer by the farm he keeps. A turn hens out to pasture. They also Are live Stock. A a though scrub sires will die eventually Why not let it be now a tickle the Garden soil thoroughly and it will laugh with an abundant Harvest. A make your farm and your farming up to Date and progressive and your boys will More Likely want to stay on the farm. A allow two plants of Squash Cucumber and melons to remain in each Hill. The thinning should be done As soon As the plants have formed the third Leaf. A velvet Beans soy Beans or cowpeas a depending upon local conditions and individual preferences should be planted As a companion crop in every acre of Corn. A if lettuce is grown from se6d thin out the plants so As to allow them to be 8 to 12 inches apart in the Row. Use thinning for transplanting and supplementing a broken stand. A thin out the beets and in rants allowing the plants to stand from one to three inches apart in the Row. Also thin out Salsify allowing the plants to stand one Inch apart in the Row. Poultry notes successful poultry raisers Hatch Early for Winter laying pullets. A if the Turkey Hen wants to wean the Brood Early there s Little use to interfere by cooking them together. In such a Case the Hen is Likely to kill or Malin part or All of the Brood. A in getting the machine ready for the eggs be sure that the incubator is running evenly and maintaining a uniform temperature. The machine should be run for several Days before the eggs Are placed in it. A a do not Brood too Many Chicks in one flock because it does not pay to raise too Many Chicks under one stove. I if n great number is to be brooded it will be cheaper in the end to buy another stove i a a i give a flying Start to Little Chicks by feeding them Click grit and sour milk or Buttermilk when they Are first hatched. I a a a incubators should be of Good construction and run where drafts sudden temperature changes and direct sunlight cannot reach them. I a 1 baby Chicks hatched out during april must receive the Best kind of food to keep Thorn growing for it will take a Little pushing to mature them before Winter

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