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Russell Union Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1924, Page 4

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Russell Union (Newspaper) - June 11, 1924, Russell, Iowa The Russell Union under new management l. E. Robison editor publisher published at Russell Iowa every wednesday. Entered As second class matter in the Post office at Russell Iowa under the act of March 3, 1879 31.50 per year in Advance single copies five cents each Russell Telephone no. 37$50.00 Reward in i fail to grow hair Oriental hair Root Hail grower world s greatest hair grower hair on Bald Heads. It must not be put where hair is not wanted. Cures Dandruff and All Scalp troubles s1.75 per Jar. Agents wanted prof. M. S. Crosse 523 main St. Winnipeg Man Correct English monthly Magazine authoritative exponent of English for 22 years edited and founded by Josephine Turck Linker famous Avold authority on enl is willing to pay it autos Iii Tioy to make Money o a ours lint in you have .smartness., Lui Opl Quot Wil time to you with their Money. Send 1� cents for Sample copy Correct English publishing company Evanston Illinois agents wanted everywhere sometimes la Zombor Young folks when Yon t by Iliou Seoul furniture that it is probably going to be with you for a big a risk fear of bankruptcy is nil that prevents capitalists from organizing pedestrian insurance companies. Test Quot sneeze Quot Gaa Trio Ciao Nipal warfare service of the Iii Tail states army is experimenting Illi Quot sneeze Gas Quot which May be mixed with illuminating Gas so to ave lives by warning room occupants of the escape of dust particles a count of the dust particles found in air at the top of Washington Monument has been made by the United states weather Bureau every Day for the last s Mineral wealth Alaska 1ms produced nearly half a billion dollars Worth of minerals and 07 per cent of this Bas come from her deposits of Gold capper and Silver. No Hope for pedestrians Magazine writers Are telling How fear May lie overcome but even after Reading to lung articles pedestrians will till have the Shivers when in the midst of tie raging transcript. Cull your poultry i will cull out your loafers and All i miniature hens and guarantee you will get As Many eggs As before culling. Thirty five per cent of your flock in t Worth their feed. I culled Over 50,000 last year. Sam Gardner Russell Iowa phone 0111-86seacoiv like pork meat of the dugong or sea cow tastes similar to pork and is enjoyed by the natives and Whites of Western Australia. Thousands in mines. Coal mining always will be a Haz Radous calling says nature Magazine. It keeps 700,000 men under the face of the Earth deep Down digging drilling and blasting their Way into seams of we wish to announce to the people of Russsell and Vicinity that we Are ready at All times to serve the Public in a satisfactory manner both in workmanship and a material. You Are Welcome to Call and inspect our work at any time. Clariton Granite and Marble works o. D. Harding prop. Make allowance for a and allowance must be made for a wind of about seven Miles an hour from the West at the average Altitude used in the transcontinental mall service flights of the United states Post office department methods primary business of Law is to prevent by fear primary business of religion is to prevent by world is so unjust at rare intervals a liar tolls the truth and then is shocked to Lind that nobody believes City use of lard till after the Glrst Quarter of the nineteenth Century lard was Only used for culinary purposes and As the base in various Hospital Bellevue Hospital in new York City is probably the oldest Hospital in the United states. Its history runs Back about 185 volcanic origin South Africa is of a volcanic origin and the land in the Vicinity of Kim Berley is so sulphurous that even ants cannot upon Good Guesser the missus Quot Mary please explain to me How it is that i saw you kissing a Young Man in the Kitchen last Nighti Quot the maid Quot sure i Dunno How it is a am unless you were Lookin through the London had a Good Start it was raining and two boys were trying to hit upon a game that might suit the circumstances. One said to the other Quot i know Alf. Let s see we can make the ugliest face said tie Ether Quot look at the Stan you be got Quot a Pearson s weekly Hij in in in id i 0 m m 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mettling Druff store is the Best place in town to buy things to make your Home a Nice place to stay it is the Headquarters for every thing for Home decorations such As paint varnish Wall paper and window shades. In the jewelery department there Are Beautiful Patkins in Plain and decorated China Cut , silverware mantel and Cabinet clocks and White Ivory sets. In the stationery department you will find Quality stationery for your correspondence Fountain pens Ever Sharp pencils and a Good selection of books for your entertainment. We solicit your patronage and can assure you entire when you Deal with us Quot out of sight Quot some Mou Quot said Uncle Ehen Quot has such deep thoughts Dat Dey is Scusa ble in l a does t ill ways Pear to kno Viii Kiy but Dey s Talkin bout Deir i a it a Quot washing i n evening Star. By Sitalo Bones found i Alo Bones have recently been 1 in a Cave in Maheur county ore., 100 Niles further West than any evidence of the occurrence of Buffalo heretofore. Always the Way curious fact about Leisure is that one forgets All about the grudges to a mild t gratify when he was so Busy lie did t have time. By Karin c. Sundelof five Large Rivers there Are live Rivers in the world which Drain nearly 1,000,000 Square Mill s. They Are the Amazon la rial Obi Congo and Mississippi. Quot a. Only Why does t some shrewd boarding a a Mise Landlady Sii Denly act Viire a for Imine l y advertising her place As a Sunit Arlum for the cure of obesity knows the time a musical person is one who recognizes Quot the Star spangled Banner Quot be fore everyone stands up. / it pays to Trade at Mettling 0 0 h 0 0 is i a. Us Lett min George Russell Iowa go to Glacier Park this summer and refresh your soul. Here the Rockies surge and toss in the wildest and grandest confusion of Mountain grandeur in America. The Mountain sheep pose at the Edge of space and the blackfeet indians pitch their Tepee where their forefathers have lived for can tunics. Two we Lis or even less in Glacier will remake you. Your Burlington tour of Glacier May embrace Scenic Colorado without extra Cost free Side trip Denver to Colorado Springs and return and Only Lor s4.50 More Jiray include transportation to the gateways of Yellowstone and. See it the Cody Road very Low summer excursion rates. Stopovers anywhere. Come in and let me lick Poi. Plan a wonderful vacation . The National Burlington route m. J. Kenton tic let agent Park line founded on Security built on service the old Bank in Russel what a Good Bank connection can do for Youa checking account with this Strong Friendly institution is one Metlio Esting the value of a g Ood Bank connection. It not Only offers you the safest most Businesslike Way of handling your personal funds but will demonstrate How this Bank proves a Friend in heed. And a Friend in this is the sort of cooperation that appeals to you we invite your a savings account today Russell state Banka Strong state Bank capital amp surplus $00,0.00.00 i the girl in at Squirrel coat a co 102-1, m Cluro news nor Senrt Liuo Amy dash had crimped and saved and tolled for love of a Michaei dash Ever since the Day he had led tier to the altar she still loved Michael. She delighted in their children Norman and Amy. That Michael was a Busy did not worry her. That he often did not come Home from the Olyce until 11 or later she took As a matter of course. A she thought of him now As she hurried throw Ger her shopping. A woman bustling by paused to grip her by the Arm. Quot Amy Why Amy dash As i live i Haven t seen you for Ages. Rio s Mike and that adorable Lite boy of yours Quot Quot Emma Jane Pierce they re Fine every one. And you achy you look wonderfully Well. I read in the papers of your marriage in England. And now you have a Small daughter of your she s a treasure Quot cried her Friend. Quot but come let s have lunch together and talk Over old so Uliey wended their Way towards the ambassador. The Winter wind blew Strong and Amy shivered slightly in her soft Latue Boll a coat Wiki its Fox trimmings. She could not resist a sidelong glance at her Friend s Hudson Seal with us expensive Squirrel Collar. Quot just bought it at Blanks Quot explained. Jars. Pierce noticing her Lance. Quot they re having a Sale. I could t resist this. Only $425. Great bargain Don t you think Quot Amy agreed. She had let Hor last year s coat do for this season and put an exceptionally Large sum in the Bank towards the new Home. Her heart warmed at the recollection of Michael s Praise Over her Economy. It had been Worth while. Slie gazed speculatively around the restaurant. Almost every woman there wore a fur coat. At the table next to them sat thu be girls. Two wore stunning Sealskin Coats but the third a Latue blonde with almost Golden lashes and eyebrows and eyes like a Sapphire sea Drew More than Ordinary attention with her Beautiful wrap of Rich Squirrel. Mrs. Pierce ordered lavishly. Quot this treat is on me dear Quot she said. Then As she put aside the menu she fixed her Bright Blue eyes on her guest and went on Quot yes de and i Are As Happy As the Day is Long. As yet we have Only a Small cottage but de is saving to buy a Lime. While babe is Spuill we have room enough and there is no hurry. It s easier for me this Way and i just love it. A woman my dear should do her Best to make Home Sweet Home for Hubby but when she makes herself a slave for him she s a Little fool. Don t you think so Quot this was said without a Trace of self consciousness and Amy pondered. She pondered first Over the oysters then Over the Chicken salad and dreamily she put the whys and wherefores to Seuier Over the tall slim glasses of chocolate Frappe. Emma s Point of View had never struck her. She had been so intensely interested in keeping Michael dash Content that she had never considered herself. Suddenly a name spoken in a Low Well modulated voice came to her ears. Had she not known it so Well she would never have heard it and she strained every nerve to listen and at the same time pay attention to her Friend s vivid conversation. She glanced toward the next table. The girl in Gray Squirrel was gone. Quot is us Congress 0000? yes. Well i for or. Dash. Of Mickey is it you. This is Midge i was just in to Blank s. They re having a Sale you know. I bought a Squirrel wrap and had the Bill sent to you. All right. Too far what do you mean. Take it Back. I will not. All right i la see you later about it. Amy dash s heart froze. To All outward appearances she was her own Calm unperturbed Little self but Hor soft Gray eyes had a hard glint in them As she followed the Little blonde Back to her own table. . Pierce still chattered on. She had heard nothing. Any dipped her lingers daintily into her Lingor a owl dried them excused him Selc and went to he Teh phone. Taking Down the. Receiver she called her husband s Ollie in a voice loud enough to be heard in Taos nearest at hand. She noted with suit Isaac ton that the girl in Gray Sipi Zirel turned Sapphire eyes upon Hor. Quot or. Dash please. Mickey Diu this is your wll e speaking. I in just going Down to Blank s. They have a Sale you know. I am buying a Hudson Seal for Only f or Hundred Twenty live. I la have them Send the Bill to you. All right. Thanks. No that s All today dear. Quot about face Amy Leroy you Lite fool Quot she told Lum self As Sho went Back to Lier table. Quot Kee up with the times and the modern girl or you la lose your a Lickey. Stick to your Little House. It s Good enough Ull the children Are the girl in Gray Squirrel left her table and half Len shed luncheon paid her chock and departed. Any watched her Willi half veiled Muse Mont. Tia coat she knew would be returned before night. And it was to t. Quot where Are you going now dear Quot asked .mr.s. Pierce. Quot to a Quot Sie replied Nily Quot to have a look at Jioie loud ii a i the attitude of the american Bankers association on co operative marketing favors proper organization to facilitate the orderly movement of farm products but holds that the cooperatives Are As amenable to economic Laws As of business Ana cannot to used to gain special benefits for the Farner contrary to the influences of Supply and demand and other Normal factors. This View was formulated recently by Frank w. Sim monds of the association before the National Council of Farmers co operative and marketing association Ai Washington. Quot it would be unfortunate for the Farmer if he becomes imbued with the idea that co operative marketing in itself is a Panacea for All agricultural ills Quot or. Simmonds said. Quot cooperative marketing Well organized and wisely managed can be most helpful in solving Marcet problems. It May prevent untimely dumping it May secure better credit facilities it May extend existing markets it May even create new markets but obviously its. Operations will be As amenable to economic Law As those of other business enterprises. What it cannot do Quot co operative marketing cannot prevent other countries with cheaper land and labor from Selling in foreign marts at a Price unattractive to us. It cannot successfully Over ride the Law of Supply and demand or maintain for any length of time an Artl i facially High Price by withholding a product from Market or unduly limiting production. Sane orderly marketing must be accompanied by sane or Derly Quot we May wisely take a Leaf from danish experience and emphasize Elia client economical maximum product. Tion of Standard Grade products for however important co operative marketing May be in solving the exigencies of the present time it is Only one link in the Chain of agricultural the american Bankers association or. Simmonds said believes that solutions of farm problems Quot should be sought through private Enterprise and. Not through government Aid Quot and approves the endeavours of Farmers for orderly talks Tea on investing in iwo a gages Quot aunt emmy what do you think of mortgages As investments Quot asked Ethel. Quot first mortgages generally speaking Are sound investments but not a a first mortgages Are Good Quot unit Eri imy replied. Quot you must exercise care and discretion. If you know All about the property or if you Are Deal Irig with a financial concern that has a reputation for Success and honesty you should be Safe. Unit it is Well to seek advice before investing. Go to a our Bank talk the whole thing Over and be guided by their advice. Real estate transactions Are Tricky. Better be Safe than sorry. If there is any question As to party Walls or if the building on property should be even a few inches Quot Over the lot line you would undoubtedly have trouble Quot even guaranteed m mortgages should not be bought on Faith. Never buy a mortgage without knowing the value of the real estate it covers and of the property in the Vicinity. Be sure a Good lawyer looks out for your interest. With your Small capful there is too much risk in buying without every safeguard. Quot remember that taxes and insurance must be paid regularly when they Are due. You must know that they Are paid and remember too that the property you lend Money on should be Worth considerably Mora than you Are Quot what about second mortgages aunty Don t they earn More than first mortgages Quot inquired Ethel. Quot sometimes they do. Second Mort gages Are Good investments under certain conditions. But it is not advisable for an investor of limited Means to buy them. In Case the first mortgage should be foreclosed the Holder of Tho second Moi Gage should be in a position to protect his interests iry being Able to. Buy the first mortgage. That Means you would have to have Money on Quot of aunty Quot exclaimed Ethel Quot you rather frighten me about Quot no my dear Don t feel that Way Quot said aunt emmy. s All a matter of care and knowledge of conditions. Even if you Don t know about them yourself you can protect yourself by Takens the Quot a Dolce of Flur Bank re a poor Outlook Quot papa gift Jack ii Ink for my hand Quot Quot yes and i guess that s about nil of you he coi ild support. I found out that his salary would lust about pay your manicure and Glove the circus lady Arhat Are those huge posts tent poles Workman naw lady them s the toothpicks for Tho , sit Down 3 Quot papa what is a Lullaby Quot in Laby my son is a song that keeps the Klmle Usuke while pull nor one kid to Aseep

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