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Roswell Daily Record Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1982, Page 1

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Roswell Daily Record (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Roswell, New Mexico sunday id Ait kit Cor 6 50 inside today daily record 55 Roswell calf Roper wins National Page 3 Region re Losos traffic problems under Page state missile test Page 11 Page 17 Walesa talks with a Page 32 sports a new nil Page 17 vistas far City week Page 33 weather fair through monday winds today from the Southwest at 1020 Miles per hour High today upper 60s Low tonight mid 30s less than 10 percent Chance of Page 32 274 new Mexico 88201 november 82 pages today Reagan nears Okay on my Washington a presi Dent Reagan is hoping the latest plan for Basing my nuclear missiles will be Able to survive both a soviet attack and congressional Reagan is expected to announce monday that he has approved an air Force recommendation that the 100 intercontinental weapons be clustered in underground shelters within a 14squaremile White House and Pentagon officials the announcement was expected to come a few hours before Reagan gives a nationally televised address on arms control monday reagans my known variously As closely spaced Bas ing and dense comes in response to a 1 deadline set by Congress for proposing a Home for the then con which begins a Lam Duck session will have 30 legislative Days to veto the a vote that is expected to be it has forbidden the Pentagon to set aside Money for Basing the the question of now and where to deploy the missiles has been unanswered since the weapons were first proposed in More than 30 different Basing plans have been even though the weapon system has no More than billion already has been spent on research and develop the Pentagon has set the total program Cost at about but critics say the final Price could be double supporters of the program say the weapon is needed because increasingly accurate soviet missiles have made the current Force of minuteman and Titan intercontinental missiles vulnerable to destruction in their each or missile will have 10 warheads and will be highly while the my is scheduled to go into production next the dense pack base wont be ready until in the Reagan proposed putting the first 40 missiles into existing minutemen but the idea was turned Down cold by con although the president could make some Las minute the version of dense pack he is most Likely to approve would put All 100 missiles into an area about 14 Miles Long and a mile dense pack backers say the missiles would be saved by a theory which holds that incoming soviet missiles would Knock each leaving some my weapons Able to another option is to build More than 100 silos for the leaving some of the shelters Emp that would make it More difficult for the soviets to target the say my dense pack has Many As have All the other Bas ing twins born by Candle looking out a Lone figure strolls outside a hot air balloon being inflated in a Field across from new Mexico military Institute saturday mor As balloonist prepare for the fifth annual Roswell hot air balloon invitational rally next saturday and balloonist remember Cathy Nelson photo Are scheduled to lift off at 7 from the launch site on the East Side of main near the Nummi about 2030 ballooning teams from around the state Are expected to participate in the colourful weather new York a a woman too poor to pay her electricity Bill delivered a baby herself by candlelight then called for a neighbor to help with the other i worked by one in the bedroom and one in the said sue the neighbor summoned into the darkened Bronx apart ment wednesday night by Joan Willis delivered the girl tobacco but was unable to Cut the umbilical Cord and came pounding on tobaccos she said who was eight months could not afford her Utility tobacco said she had to administer Mouth to Mouth resuscitation on the second twin and when it she i started crying after the boy was born and i told the heres a child born in tears and she the twins were taken to Jacobi Hospital and were listed in fair condition history official time out by Hugh Mulligan a special correspondent san Diego a seeing next years calendars on Sale in a downtown Bookstore reminds us that 300 years have gone by since Pope Gregory Xiii gave the or most of a 10day vacation from from to there were no no no fires or no Kings were no armies no governments no ships were no taxes no crimes com not even a titillating Palace scandal to satisfy the cravings of the new Breed called whose Art or Scourge was just being launched among layabout in the taverns and cof fee and everyone had an Alibi for not sending out Christmas cards on those might have been the 10 happiest Days in the history of the world too bad they never sex they just fell from the Calendar All in a As if rip Van Winkle had been caught cat napping ahead of his by papal Gregory Xiii advanced eternity clock 10 declaring 5 to be 15 and wiping out the Days in Between in order to bring the old Julian which had ruled the civilized world since 46 into sync with the solar he thus blew the whistle for history longest official time come to think of 46 also was quite a the longest on in order to Correct earlier time keeping Julius Caesar had launched his Calendar by extending the year 46 to 445 this should late news in Brief Chaves county commissioners will meet in a special session at 4 monday in the Chaves county commissioners con Ference located in the basement of the Chaves county to open bids for the Sale of in Bonds for the juvenile detention the Bright Side Boston a the 99th game of the tradition Laden har Vard Yale football series was delayed for five minutes saturday by an unexpected intruder publicizing another academic the Surprise interruption came As the teams lined up for a kick just after Harvard took a 147 Lead with gone in the second Quarter on a 12yard touchdown pass from Don Allard to Peter a buried Black balloon sprung up from the Field at the Yale 46 Yard the with the letters Mit written on began in the promoting the Massachusetts Institute of Harvard Cambridge apparently was attached to a motorized device operated by Remote officials and coaches warned players to Retreat from the object and photographers converged on the after the balloon had inflated for about a minute it workmen removed the covered the Hole with dirt and the game there were no have Given everyone plenty of time for Christmas except Christ want born anyhow by the time Gregory came along 16 centuries the old Julian Calendar had been losing 11 minutes and 14 seconds a year and Farmers were complaining that the Spring Equinox fell 10 Days earlier than Sun which put the cows or something off their so the Pope called in his a Jesuit named Christopher and the decision was made to drop 10 just like Renaissance Popes carried about Peters Square on a chair seem to have had More clout than modern Jet setters occupying the apostolic despite the primitive global com Catholic nations adopted the Gregorian Calendar almost but various German states timed their affairs with the old Julian Calendar until having broken with didst keep papal time until Russia had to wait for godless communism to come along before adopting Gregory timekeeping system in and Turkey stalled around until 1928 to update its in any october of 1582 must have been a strange time to be alive or even the great Spanish Mystic Teresa of Avila died at 9 on just three hours before the world jumped ahead 10 making her Wake one of the longest in even though she was buried next i always think she would have enjoyed the irony of since time and seasons never intruded on her vision of during Lent one a local Hunter called at her Convent with a gift of some which she ordered cooked up right a Young Novice How can we its Lent is Lent and partridges Are Teresa wiping that penitential Day from the because Gregory Calendar did not receive instant International school Book history was dealt some blows from which it still has not Shakespeare and Cervantes really did not die on the same april As is widely proclaimed from col lege because Spain working off the Gregorian Calen Dar was 10 Days ahead and the Bard of Avon died under the old suffering similar British perversity in matters George Washington was really born on although we celebrate his birth Date on because the russians were so late hanging up the right the great october revolution observes its holy Day on out of deference to a Long dead even before Norman Rockwell and Playboy models began jazz ing up the scroll of Calen Dars fascinated my outside the Short timers Calen Dar on which grunts in Vietnam struck off the Days left in their oneyear was devised by the Early who apparently didst like Winter any More than the rest of their pre Julian Calendar had Only 10 months and a year of 304 their months were november and the last six Cor responding with the latin words for five through grim january and february didst even exist until a Down at the heels emperor added two extra months to collect More taxes and to allow him to stay in office Only real Calendar buffs know that the year 2000 will be the first Century beginning year to be a leap Calendar reformers Are still plugging for a 13moth year to eliminate leap years and provide for months of exactly four that by i get paid by the month and could use the extra injunction is sought Santa fear an at Torney for a los Lunas restaurant owner says he will seek an injunction against the alcoholic beverage control department to halt enforcement of prohibition of liquor bythe drink sales on and members of the alcoholic beverage control commission agreed unanimously Friday to accept any preliminary injunction that would prevent enforce ment of the new prohibition in 14 attorney Les representing Earl an owner of the Luna mansion restaurant in los said he also will Challenge the Validity of the state canvassing boards certification of the referendum the Board is scheduled to meet tuesday to certify the 2 election the question of sunday sales was on the 2 general elec Tion ballot in most at Issue is that the local option vote was counted by whole counties and not by cities that Are separately defined As local option the total Valencia county vote was for the sunday but a majority of precincts in los Bosque farms and in the unincorporated area of the county voted to continue sunday a majority of Belen voters supported the commission chairman Paul Turpen of ppr tales said Friday the commission agrees to injunctive Relief because of the substantial questions of what constitutes a local option District and the Impact on Turpen said the commissions consent to an injunction would apply pending a determination of the Issue in the an attorney generals opinion in october said a local option District was the whole county for the purpose of the referee the opinion was sought by Secretary of state Shirley an earlier attorney generals opinion had interpreted the term local option District in the 1981 local control act As any county which had approved the Public Sale and consumption of any incorporated municipality within such a county or any incorporated City of More than which had independently voted to become the earlier opinion dealt with the Issue of local control Over the issuance of Transfer of in Curry and in Roosevelt were the Only cities that voted on the referendum Independent of a countywide the unincorporated areas of those counties Are dry and therefore Arent local option districts other 13 counties in which sunday liquor sales Are to be illegal Are san san Torrance and

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