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Rocky Mount Evening Telegram Newspaper Archives Jul 8 1960, Page 8

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Rocky Mount Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - July 8, 1960, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky july 1960 museum notes a Dinosaur soon to arrive Here by Mae childrens museum director Harold Mingus has left on his trip to Utah to make arrange somebody goofed Clifton Doles and a Edward inspect the result of misdirected Poison in a Nash county Field near Gold they had been spraying a Cornfield to kill weeds when some of the Poison drifted Over to a nearby Cotton Field and killed the plants it hit Telegram photo by Kille brew prisoners fool the Jailer Halifax Jailer Jack White fax main Street from the head was somewhat surprised according to when he found two female Prishey met Pettiford behind the owners an investigation who works part time showed an empty wine bottle the Halifax county Abc Hind the came a co pleaded not guilty but judge w Bernard Allsbrook ruled him Guil Ernestine prayer for judgment was con Halifax enjoys Fine collections Nash Abc men smash big whiskey operation a Large whisky Plant capable of two 2rogallon upright wooden making 200 Gallons a Day was two 400knllon 57 strayed by Nash Abc officers in bal Ricl 2500 h f Griffins township at 2 three other illegal Opi vats an Doubler a 50 rations were erased by Abc a 300gallon pre wednesday and j an upright almost officers said the still had been 200 pounds of and a dozen Robert Durham will be ordained in sunday service ments for the Transfer of the at its wooded site four Miles North f diplodocus Dinosaur holds to of Nashville for about three weeks Rocky soon shall have and was discovered on a routine officers up Cal demo our own giant near the museum when the Plant Wassing the Huye its location for All to running and no one was seen came As something of a Surprise Ever since the Dawn of i near since they had traversed the same the operation was composed of Man has been intrigued by inc idea of folklore and Les end Are full of references and modern movies seem to be following the very Likely the Fossil Bones of extinct elephants or perhaps of some of the Large dinosaurs were the proof by which ancient and medieval Man confirmed his be Lief in Cortez trusted Fol the Conquistador Captain Bernal Del mentions confirmation of the existence of giants in his account of the con quest of his obviously based upon the Bones of an extinct is As Fol lows they said that their ancestors had told that in former times the country was inhabited by men and women of great Sta Ture and wicked manners in order that we might judge the a week a new path was the Abc men said it led into a wooded area and ended at the whisky Plant on the Banks of a Abc men believed it had been in operation either wednesday night or thursday since the ruler in the Doubler was still Littleton and mrs it was estimated that four Cody Robinson and their oneyear1 men were required to run the old Hofve Arllano no whisky was found at or Littleton has new principal Rived Here where Robinson will assume duties As principal of near the in the other Abc Littleton High school and confiscated two Complete 55gallon Whitakers Baptist Robinson will teach English outfits in Jacksons town or the High ship and destroyed a 60gapion1 the Robinsons Are from drum Rig in South Whitakers lne in urn Halifax the county Abc Board has proposed a situation that would put the sheriffs department in the same tangle it was in before the tix collectors office was this the Abc Board in formed the county commissioners it will pay sheriffs deputies who assist in enforcing liquor Laws until More Abc officers can be this idea parallels the arrange ment some years ago under which deputies helped collect taxes and were paid when Tho tax collector was the deputies continued getting he extra last a county citizen challenged the authority to pay the deputies and a juror develop chairman of the recently croat Kobert a native of Jed Abc Rocky will be ordained in tort the commissioners a replace men a special service sunday at who pastor of Thompson said until a new offi Halifax sheriff aids Abc Board will direct the Ordin bulk of these they brought us the Bone that had belonged to s but taught in the on the service and deliver the ser schools last he taught located two Miles the service was authorized cer is his Board will need help from the sheriffs de some were used to Mam from the men Rachel Brady two negro and trusty testified tinted upon payment of costs but Daya great part of that amount that there were giants in the county recoils court the sentence was suspended be collected later through tax but that they were 8iant animals the South Whitakers still the ordination will take they have both taught in located behind Swift Creek at 11 Peacock one of so that when the j Abc men destroyed six barrels Durham will Halifax county has placed up Riffitt it was As High As a he worked on his masters and 200 Gallons of Mash at the collected All but of its i middling sized l was the degree at East Carolina College the plants Copper fittings tone Between the knee and the in Greenville last on i were j hip a Jonal foundation Grant and five barrels and Iso Gallons Mission Field upon gradual fron evidence we know will continue his work on the Mash were destroyed in Coopers Sqq u Tir Namuco r 199 tax Levy of county commissioners were told tues place resume study at the William Carter College in with plans to Era fund and to deputies assisting the tuesday that Robert avid d p taif d in on Good of real estate or other Means of Many 1orts but not Man the 47year old Halifax negro s offered them a drink of wine while i Haylor for two cars they were on a Mission on Hali solicitations not approved by state three counties join in project earliest giants among the Verte same Grant this Robinson is township by Abc officers thurs it 11 pm Zicai Kiai iia Cuil Wiik me Sci Ini the orb backbones animals were 196061 budget but no figure was the former i Day Copper fittings found j miss Sarah daughter of in the wooded area were conf is but no still could be j no arrests were made in any of for several tips enter had conducted sit in demonstrations at various downtown stores in an attempt to get service at Allwhite lunch and Duncan Robinson the pharmacy exams decided giants of the they appeared son of and Brice Robinson the Early in vertebrate Over of the Board decided that each of three Hundred million years ago in they Are members of the its five members will serve on the the devonian period of Earth his presbyterian planning Board which will be they were huge fishlike1 the Robinson family will reside Gani Zed by the county commis Are you one of the thousands of North carolinians who receives a shiny new Penny and an envelope Jackson the Northampton full of White and Blue stick county commissioners tuesday ers for air special delivery indicated that they would Particio packages and with Halifax and Warren chances Are they were mailed to j counties in organizing a planning you from the Federal association body to control zoning of property for 1729 f the Gaston like sinners of Northampton Washington the of asking for your contribution to this of Roanoke the Board has the youve read j when it is created by the con of a dam across the River by the Virginia electric and Power and Warren counties to plan and have Teeth but Blad Elike Bony control zoning of property Siv plates which served thee same Pur rounding the Gaston Lake when the largest of these Arthro it is created by the construction Dires attained a length of thirty of a dam across Roanoke River weighed probably ten tons by the Virginia electric and pow1 or and for a while were the or undisputed rulers of the Waters the Halifax county soil con where hey ser vation unit was allocated at the end of be devonian to employ a Secretary for the these creatures became creatures with tremendous the Home previously occupied and gaping jaws they did not by former principal and i Faymond Gilbert and family on College Street in Chapel Hill Twenty seven candidates for North Carolina pharmacy License passed their Fin Al examinations and 35 passed the first part of the it was announced Here today by the Board of John Robert Bowers of Bethel coming i and the True fishes took it also agreed to include in the since Tlle during the Long history areas firemen slate meeting la Grange the la Grange work scheduled on Highway 48 Roanoke rapids the Highway commission will open was one of those who passed the bids in Raleigh on july 26 for the final replacement of the old Chocky Ottel those passing the first part of Bridge on Highway 48 and the wid ithe examination included from this Ching of Roanoke Avenue Over area which the Highway j Sylvia Mcade Bonner of Green the Low bids will be reviewed Ville Hugh Mercer Pine by the she at its August 4 meet tops and Sarah Jane ing at new j the two Lane Road will be co those passing the first part of Vertex into four lanes and a curve the examination will serve a years which has caused a number of Aci internship before being Given the budget woo each for the Scotland of giants have frequently j Volunteer fire department Wilt be i dents will be final ask the Man from equitable about guaranteed income to your family Hicks Agency Hicks Hicks Don Carter Tom Joyner North Carolina state i in a routine meeting Halifax Enfield and Weldon and some Are still to the third quarterly meet of Public which the Board asked Morris departments to Aid them in us millions of years ago there was iin8 o the Eastern North responsibility of chairman of the Northi combating Rural fires a tendency toward gigantism Amon Gremens association Nas the of Tau Maui m me combating Rural fires Littleton Wawara Gianuso among All organizations soliciting funds Ampton county steering commit will receive for that purpose the snark but there is an july Narf has a ppr Prant tee to name fireman sub comi j Mous shark alive to Nav whale Earl Kins and contributions has never grantee to name a1 fireman sub com rom Halifax county and de a License to the Federal association for stated Ellen North Carolina Public welfare to this organization does not meet the minimum standards required for licensing to solicit funds in this we have repeatedly requested this organization to de Sist from fund solicitation in North Carolina yet it continues to circulate appeals for the Federal association for epilepsy rehabilitation Center is a Small local institution in Lees called the National childrens rehabilitation this Center is licensed by the hos Pital Board of the state of Vir this Washington Organiza despite its name is not a National organization in the Field of stated the association has never qualified for licensing in North Caro Lina in accordance with provisions Mittee to meet with representatives of the other two Marvin Newsome of representing the Littleton develop ment said such a meet of general 80 through Section 108 ing will probably time this month Roanoke be held some probably in a radioactive Pellet of Radium and beryllium has been found intact and returned to the trucking com Pany that lost a heavy Lead Case housing the tiny Pill was discovered on a Road outside Carlsbad saturday evening by Henry a construction who took it i thought it was a Hydraulic amount from Warren Jack that he had dropped off a officials of Frontier Perforator the t r u c k i n g claimed it thursday and said it was unlikely anyone was co Tami Haney haunt protective Lead opened the prescriptions prescription filled by a registered pharmacist no other but standardized pharmaceuticals l Hicks drug Rocky c filling prescriptions u the most important part of our business phone i miss look Bulluck company for your real estate need buying or Selling we Are prepared to serve you and your family with the Call us for preferred attention Gibson 66121 Robinson ferry Bridge planned Littleton the state High Mous shark alive the whale Earl la Granse Rire shark which May be As much As chief said Lodar that approx mate fort five feet in and weigh More than thirteen tons among the air breathing Verte Brates the tendency toward giant ism soon ran into the problem of along with that of an adequate food Supply have made the life of a land it by 250 firemen from Over Eastern North Carolina Are expected to at tend the the program will begin at 7 in the la Grange school cafe firemen will begin arriving in town in the Early this is the first time in several Ridge from Northampton curls Hill to the Warrenton turned to the water to for that among the air breathing ver Way commission told some gigantism reaches its sex persons Here thursday that it had trems in those animals which re tentatively decided to constrict a Ridge that will Span what will be he Gaston at Robin sons the commission had been urged by people Here to construct the Ersull Nilton note firemen association has met in la Grange and every Effort is be ing made to make this one of the Best meetings of the association in several we j v during the age of Din among dignitaries to be present Saurs three groups of reptiles Beare the la Grange mayor came completely adapted to and rambers of the Board if its insurance write it Standard Uili Thurai Croft Reolfi Home savings Kocky mount folks apparently have won their cattle to have the Bridge built at Robinsons ferry which is several Miles upstream from curls a she drainage Engineer said the Robins tons ferry site was chosen because at that site the Bridge would Cost Only about while at the curls Hill location it would Cost about proponents of the Robinsons ferry site argued the Bridge there would join Warren county Roa Noke township on the opposite Side of the River to the they pointed out that people of the Roanoke township had been isolated from the rest of the county for mayor of declared construction of the Bridge at curls Hill would do the most Good for the most people and tha the additional costs for the curls Hill proposal would be offset by its service to the greater of people and tend to improve the lakes potential As a recreation a Vuk pc of fical from said construction of Virginia electric and Power company multimillion Dollar hydroelectric Plant May be delayed beyond the August 1 Start ing the meeting was called to Dis cuss the closing of a number of secondary roads due to the flood ing of a Large area by construction of the Repco the Plant will be built at the head of the Roanoke rapids the she ruled out the possibility of building the Bridge at any of five secondary roads which May have to be All five roads end at what will be the lakes aquatic form of the Ichthyol Saurs became fish like Stream propelling tails and unlike paddles for the Pleli Saurs rowed themselves about the surface of the water with warlike the mos Saurs were actually nothing More Jhan seagoing in modern times we have the largest of All Mam the Blue whales Lave been recorded up to 113 feet n length and this beats the All time Dinosaur record the Dino Saurs that did not go Back to the water died the whales did the whales solved the pro South san Francisco this Industrial Center wants police chief the worst apparently competitive Examina ten is the worst four sergeants took a written test last August to determine a successor to Louis retiring after 36 everyone a new test was Given last week to the same four men and an added a former sergeant now running a filling again everyone mayor Andrew Rocca and the City Council now Are pondering a third a much of and possibly some of the state Blem of support of weight and other factors that make gigantism unsuccessful on by going Back to the sea Meta Craft classes begin at ten fifteen on july puppetry rehearsals continue afternoons tuesday through archaeological Field trips Are held on sat museum hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5 tuesdays through saturdays sundays 2 to we Are closed on big savings now during our big july clearance Sale mens ladies Wear greatly reduced on december youll be a Winner save now before july 11th and youll still Oarn a full six months Sharo in first federals next dividend hurry i you at first Federal tomorrow saturday before noon or monday the youll still earn a Lull six share in first federals next big dividend payment due to be paid december funds deposited on or before july Lith will earn from july Why not take advantage of these Bonus Days your insured savings earn taster at first Federal open thru 9 am to 4 pm 9 am to 12 noon always plenty of parking space 116 South Franklin Street in Rocky

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