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Rocky Mount Evening Telegram Newspaper Archives Jul 8 1960, Page 4

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Rocky Mount Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - July 8, 1960, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky july 1960 something big for a fact those among us who like to think of something really big for Rocky mount should have their fondest dreams come True when the results of a visit by a local Man to Utah Are turned into reality later this we Are referring to the Mission to Utah now being performed by Harold local Rocky mounts Young Man of the year and an Active officer of the childrens for Minges has assumed the responsibility of bringing Back to Rocky mount the giant holds of a diplodocus which will be erected near the museum in Sunset Park and which should provide a prime attraction when it is since the Dawn of history Man has been intrigued by the idea of and both folklore and legend Are full of the Only As apparently have been animals and not according to the and the diplodocus was one of since the holds were cast and the huge erected in a Utah town the site i has become a Mecca for a throng of tour our own museum headed by president and director Mae were Alert enough to discover that it would be possible to borrow the huge holds from the Utah museum which they much of the groundwork was Laid by Minges and Bell and through the generosity of the former the rather expensive business of getting the holds to Rocky mount has been min Ges also is going to lend a hand in getting the Skeleton a task which doubt less also will require the efforts of a great Many interested once our own Dinosaur should prove quite a drawing card As it stands in the Park some 80 feet Long and towering some 30 feet in the congratulations to those who carried on so Well to May All those who Are asked lend a willing hand in producing the finished it really should be quite a treat for Young and old alike to visit the Park and see this giant when it a chinese torture tobacco and foreign markets what is the Outlook for tobacco in european markets the overseas markets remain under threat from less expend Leaf produced in other and the development of the european common a Trade alignment of six poses another danger to Leaf Export mar these Are the observations of president of tobacco who has returned from a three month tour of Europe to look Over the Hutson finds the cigarette manufacturing Industry generally in healthy condition cigarette consumption continues to in crease at a rate of about 5 per cent a but use of tobacco in Europe will not be if larger this year than since Many manufacturers Are using slightly More Leaf than they bought last the reduction in stocks May mean an increase in exports to Europe if the 1960 crop has enough of the Export while some makers gave an encouraging Many others Are continuing to shift from Leaf to More Neutral and less expensive Leaf available in com Peting Many of them experienced difficulty obtaining adequate sup plies of the Export grades on markets last Many of them continue to Point to the improvement in the Quality of the Leaf produced outside the and the generally lower prices at which this for Eig grown Leaf can be negotiations Are under Way to seek a change in a proposed 30 per cent and Val Orem import duty on tobacco which the common Market nations have announced for tobacco by the depart ments of state and agriculture Are Active in the Hutson Points out the 30 per cent import duty would be Damag ing to tobacco for three it would tend to encourage production of tobacco in the common Market american being More expensive than Leaf produced in other world would be placed in an unfavourable competitive position by the percentage and other countries would be encouraged to join the common under the Greece and tur both important tobacco have indicated interest in joining the com Mon in thinking historical Book review by an old reporter gallon for both senators f Simmons and Leo responded to the while representatives Alfred Zeb Ulon Robert North Carolinas role in the estal1shment of tue great Smoky mountains National Park by Willard Badgett As appeared in the North Carolina historical review continued the real reason for this Resolution was to insure the election of Dawson and both of whom had manifested an Especial inter Cost in the Park Dawson was not Only largely responsible for the establishment of the com but was an influential Fig ure in state politics and a resident of an Eastern the proper geographical distribution of the commissions membership was considered an important Factor in winning statewide support for the Park which was generally Vic Wec As of value Only to the Western several including Felt that Brooks ought to be placed on the commission for two main he was keenly interested in the Park and possessed the Savoir Faire necessary for the successful conduct of ted ious negotiations that would be required for the acquisition of Park the Park and Charles Abernathy took up the cause of the great smokes in the As a member of the House committee on the Public Abernathy in particular played a key role in the ensuing Neotia on january sever Al members of the Park commis led by Squires and met in senator Simmons office to plan their Thiras Fol Lowed by various conferences with representatives from tenets cd and which resulted in an agreement to place the Shenan Doah and great Smoky mountains Sites on equal footing in their campaigns for National representative Temple revised his Bill in accordance with this agree the Temple enacted in to Law on february provided that the Secretary of the Interior should determine the Boun Daries and areas of the proposed National Parks of the Smoky mountains and Shenandoah regions receive offers of land and Money do nations for these projects and re advocates in the legislature port i findings to the de that the Purchase of these lands Secretary was also authorized to would probably require generous appoint a commission of five financial Aid from private sources members to undertake the invest such As the they be by this time the North the world today by James Marlow Harry Truman nimble As Ever lived that As a former state superintendent of Public instruction Well known to Rockefell lers general education would be a valuable asset in secur ing a donation from the Rockefeller the organizational meeting of the Park commission was held in the sir Walter hotel in Raleigh on october state senator Mark Squires of Lenoir was elected chairman and Brooks Secre the most pressing task of the group was to persuade Federal officials of the desirability of a National Park in the great Brown and the candidates it could Well be that the outcome of the domination at the democratic convention will hinge on californian Edmund Brown and what he decides to do about that states 81 Brown has potentially within his hand the deciding fac Tor As to whom will be nominated in los the Only question now in the minds of the democrats How Long he will hold out in the favorite sons rival Camps contend they have John Kennedy stopped Short of a first ballot but his supporters claim they Are sure to get a surging assist from Brown was reported to have told a prominent Democrat Active in the Adlai Stevenson that he thinks there is no place for favorite sons in the Conven that May be but Brown has not announced this publicly perhaps he is adopting a Waitan see the governors personal influence is Baid to extend to about 20 undecided Dele Mike Monroney says that no matter what Brown does nobody has got this Ball game he credits Kennedy with Only 604 of the necessary 761 for the if Brown does not break the favorite son restriction that now holds the delegates to Brown has been the target of terrific pressure in the Days prior to the conventions it int a new role him he was under similar Strain in the weeks before Caryl Chessman was sex but now the political spotlight turns upon him As the party awaits his it is possible that Brown will hold the states votes from Kennedy on the initial this could be a blow to Kennedy Hopes of steam rolling what promises to be a rip roaring meeting of How much influence does Brown have within the California delegation As an indication that Brown finds something less than har Mony within his spread Eagle Glenn Anderson announced his support for it was regarded As significant that an Derson said he was making his announce ment because it is apparent the Cali fornia delegation will be released from its favorite son commitment at a very Early stage of the this is exactly what Kennedy rivals do not they want to see Kennedy blocked through at least three with the Assumption that his support will then begin to Dis it is no secret that the Hopes of those opposing Kennedy for the nomination rest delicately on the belief that Brown and David Lawrence of Pennsylvania would hold out against a Parade of their delegates to Kennedy on what could be the Al important first Roll Washington a former president a nimble can hop in opposite directions without losing a minute in Union to radiating for instance a week ago he said he was re signing As a Delegate to next weeks democratic convention in los now Hes having second a week ago he implied John and front runner for the democratic presidential was too Young and inexperienced for the and it was Truman who announced in 1956 that Adlai Enson win the presidency but three Days later said he Coul As it turned Stev Enson just last on a nation wide to broadcast in a room Carolina Park advocates were convinced that their Hopes were nearer realization than Ever be while the Secretary of the Interior investigated the various Park the North Carolina Park commission intensified its Campaign to win Public support for the project within the one Kistler of mor observed that the right people of the Western part of the As a general do not want the Park in the great smok at the same time an in said he had quit As a Delegate to Young and immature for the pres in front of the to Camer As he gave this unasked advice to Kennedy who has been in con Gress 14 years Are you certain that youre quite ready for the country or the country is ready for you in the role of president in 1961 i Hope someone with the greatest possible maturity and experience would be available at this As More Likely candidates than Kennedy apparently on the ground they were More experienced and suggested among others two Minne he convention he inv it was rigged by Kennedy a reporter asked him what Are the if under which you would change your mind and attend the convention the Snappy enjoying sensation he was shot Back there Are no but thursday he said he had under consideration a request from Missouri James Blair to attend the convention As a the governor told Truman its your duty to at and who last saturday said there were no conditions under which he would now said f Haven made up my mind about going As a in last saturdays broadcast Smoky a committee of Cractic but emotional report including j de that the commission was being and was selected to plead played for a Bunch of suckers by the cause of a National Park inthe National Survey Brooki and prepare reports for the sought to temper Squires out Interior they were and to maintain Harmony convinced that All North car among the various Park Lina must agree on one Park site in he assumed the Rule of and press it to the utmost rather peacemaker More than once in a Effort to secure a National in he conferred with Secretary work about the inde pendent course being pursued by Virginia in the interest of a Shenandoah despite the previous than risking everything by seeking too i in the matter of a National Park in he Southern appalachians was championed in Congress by several Southern Dele Gallons and particularly by Repei agreement to cooperate in the is tentative Henry Temple of to abolishment of two Brooks chairman of the plainly told the Virginia delegation Survey committee created by the that its activities threatened to Secretary of the Interior in defeat the whole Park program for packed with Truman i Truman implied Kennedy was too rehabilitation task president Eisenhower echoed the senti ment of most americans in his note of congratulation to alcoholic Anonymous on its 25th this organization dedicated to giving help to victims of one of Mankind most widespread and disabling personal has helped Many thousands of persons regain their places in society free from the clutches of Over in its earlier alcoholic Anonymous undertook the dual task of rehabilitating alcoholics to sobriety and the pub Lic to accepting the organization As More than a passing As it was described As recently As 15 years evidence of a accomplishments is too Strong today for any doubt of its uncounted thousands of individuals who could not control their drinking and voluntarily enrolled for a counselling and treatment Are now cured members of Sci they will never forget the terrible sickness to which they very Likely would have succumbed had it not been for a a More grateful alumni could not be Kenyon a former superintendent of the California institution for men at estimated that each year More than a million women and children run afoul of the Law for the first time because of an alcohol for Many of the first offence proves to be the first step toward Scudder is now an official of the Osborne Assoc a a group working for penal twelve thousand persons attended the a convention this Only met at the last conclave five years which testifies to the growth of this unique society dedicated to the plucking of men and women from delegates this year were handed one of the greatest Chal Lenges in the history of make greater Progress in the rehabilitation of the nations prison of whom two thirds have an alcoholic Lynn around Capitol Square state budget tour budget tour your capital Square reporter will be out of Raleigh most of the time for the next three travelling with the advisory budget commission on its biennial tour of inspection of state the official itinerary Calls for visiting fifty or More including More than 20 separate colleges and 15 or 16 hos and sundry other facilities like deep water commercial correctional schools and historic shrines in which the state has invested taxpayers the half Hundred Calls listed on the official itinerary do not embrace All the Points where state Money has been or which might be visited by the budget we May casually drop in on some of the state outdoor prison Camps and other places not on the base said one member of the budget facilities the Advance notices make it Clear that this tour is for the purpose physical my i the Rocky mount Telegram subscription pricks rate by mall to the Carolines and Virginia i i 3 i to Dally and sunday sunday Only us Dally Only daily and sunday i week we second Lam postage Paw at the a plated Preti if Eicle irtely entitled to of pull Matlob of All news credited to it or net Othen Hoe credited to Tulili paper and Olio to local toted All rights of publication of l to patches herein Are also Rocky North Carol Tia Rocky mount publishing Pool lived Dally w Sway w43i member bar eat advert inf prow of checking on the use being made of and the justification or Lack of it for additional capital investment in buildings equipment and operating sex except As they relate directly to maintenance of equip will not be considered those items will come up later in separate budget request presenta the purpose of the inspection tour is to afford the budget makers first hand knowledge o How the institutions Are using the property which the taxpayers hav committed to their balance prior to inauguration of the budget system in 192 inspection visits were made b special legislative committees concerned mainly with developing the institutions coming within Purvie of their committee responsibility the plan of having one group vis All the study the need of each in relation to the total pro Blem of state make for balanced there have been charges mad in recent years that the Budge folks have shown partiality to the University Over other state sup ported and that Hospital for mental patients have gotta More than fair share of total Stul appropriations for both capita improvements and operations analysis of the record does no justify these appropriations to the in varsity and to the mental Hospital Havi Pyra Mided from thousand Solans Eugene Mccarthy the proponents of a National the Southern appalachians Ami and Orville while Mccarthy at 44 is Only a year older than Kennedy and Freeman at 42 is a year dollars to millions of n percentage basis they have not Yra Mided As much As allocations educational and Hospital serves below the top the balancing Force of the budget set p has been largely responsible for us orderly make up the composition of in present advisory budget com Mission gives Assurance of fair treatment to All lets Ake a look at every member As had legislative experience and very one has proven ability to succeed in private f the six members Are exo Eficio y reason of chairmanships of legislative Money two were appointed by the and both of them had prior exper ence As legislative and As members of the budget com Kennedy has been in Congress two years longer than Mccarthy and in important elective office Many years longer than it was on 1956 at the democratic convention in Chicago that Truman tried to wreck the presidential chances of Adlai Stev Enson who was then the front run Ner for the i dont think he can tru Man Stevenson got the and on 17 Truman stood be fore the convention and Stevenson is a real and i ought to any Man who can take this convention the Way he did should be Able to take the republicans next trouble Truman was right the first As president Eisen Hower proved by swamping Slev Ensor in the november since Truman is just As nimble As Ever it be surprising if he winds up at the convention this year fighting for the Nomina Tion of Lyndon Johnson of Texas although he came out for Stuart Symington of Missouri Long in the Shenandoah Region of Vir 1 seemed to be determined to achieve their goal regardless of the claims presented by neighbouring Over 200 virginians led by their governor had invaded called upon president Calvin and set up a permanent lobby to promote the selection of the Shenandoah such Strong support obviously enhanced the position of in Virginia the North Carolina Park com Plachia National Parks Assoc a Mission immediately sensed the composed of representatives anger of Virginias activities to j from North to own cause and turned to the and North Carolina congressional Dele continued consider first the e m p Doughton of banker and Farmer six times member of the general chairman of House appropriations n 1953 and and speaker in Joe eagles of banker Farmer lawyer tobacco Ware chairman of Senate appropriations in 1955 and exo Eficio members include Arhur High Point business and Railroad Veteran legislator with and Senate finance service in both chairman of the committee now and William lawyer Farmer of Veteran senator and chairman of the sen ate appropriations committee in 1957 and Clifton Blue of news paper with seven consecutive sessions As representative of to his credit Moore county others say student marriage what should be done about High school student marriages should they be frowned upon they be looked at with a Grin and a Wink should the problem be consid ered As such and some though be Given to How to make the situation better Gazette staffer Blonnie Pittman looked into marriages in High she found that in Gaston 72 Young couples have married and Are still in shortly Tefter High school boy and girls say i problems Start if the girls dont become preg they find that keeping Lions and going to school mix Ahou like Oil and they suddenly find there trying to learn How to keep House and How to keep up their suggested that representatives from the three interested states hold a meeting in order to Iron out their differences and renew their at such a meeting in Richmond on september made an eloquent plea for cooperation among the proponents of the two and after a full Dis the delegates agreed u Pool their interests and work for two National to promote cooperation they organized the Apas a matter of fact by Joseph Alsop frankfurters views and chairman of the 1959 House finance committee and Clyde har Riss of three times representative from Rowan county and chairman of the 1959 House appropriations no member of the advisory Bud get commission has had less than three years experience in the leg and each one of them has a record of Success in his private it would seem from that background that they will not re commend foolish or extreme polic ies to the next general particularly in View of the fact that Blue and Claniss will be in the legislature and have to support their budget recommend dough Lon and Kirkman did Neft seek reflection to the 1961 parents would like to Lay the blame somewhere but the blame rests squarely on the shoulders they allow their children to go steady at 13 and 14 and then when their Little Darlings come Homo one Day sprouting a glimmering the parents wonder like the old Hoyc been wearing blinders on their parents have a tend ency to see whats straight but they dont bother to look blessed be the Good father and Mother who know where their child is and whats Hes doing and who Hes blessed be that child who knows his parents Are concerned and wh6 nets Gas Onla this was he year when Ingemar Johansson and Dwight Eisenhower both made overseas journeys which were triumphant As the president himself except for the tiresome behaviour of a from disinterested the comparison is James rest on but borrowing from a col league is excusable in this in because the comparison tells so much about the stage we have there Are other in there is the general opinion of respectable re pull for that Nel son Rockefeller must be either a fool or a because he has dared to Tell the Plain conservative truth about the state of our de lenses and our there Are some other to be that any american can honestly for example the existence of currently untapped Springs of National Erv orgy is plainly proven by the Quality of the conceivable next presi whether the White houses new occupant is to be Nixon 01 Kennedy or Lyndon one cannot but one can certainly Tell that this now whichever he May will be a considerable worthy Leader of the United states but All the the first Hal of the year 1960 has darkened by disaster and humiliation and these have been made wors by the torrents of synthetic Tad die poured out to obscure the harsh outlines of Tho harsh fact merely As a counter demonstration it May be pardonable to eel crate the least synthetic thin that the United states has produced in which happens to b a Felix Frankfurter homing secs is a Book without any Para As far As this reporter can re the volumes nearest to Are the books of table talk Ilia Wero fashionable a Hundred year ago the table talk of Samiel for and the mutation of the Rogers Book thai As based on the conversations of ustice but these were Prim dressed and dead As Mut compared to this new Book of verbatim recordings of Justice frankfurters spoken recollections f his this Book one May As Well a it boldly and plainly is Noth no More or less than a new american it is a minor because it is even he Best talk is bound to be unless it is All he because it is inspiring and endlessly All in one splendid the stories Are incomparable there is the too Long for his about How Tho August Henry Stimson descended to calling another Man an there is a later Secretary of in Ley a very Nice very ill equipped for his who warned one of his Assis Tants proudly i can assure once my mind is its closed 1 there is the wonderful de scrip by the wife of the senior Henry of How her vain pretentious but originally Timio husband became first accustomed to and then enchanted by the sound of the human voice when publicly uttered by there is Justice frankfurters own description of a famous american descended from Ralph Waldo through whom the blood of the Concord Sage must have passed without he remarks the jus that being disinterested and having a High sons of Public duly Doest always mean that you pro Mote the Public somebody from Columbia University poked a recording machine at with some he talked his memories into a not initially for publication but Las

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