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Rocky Mount Evening Telegram Newspaper Archives Apr 24 1960, Page 11

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Rocky Mount Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - April 24, 1960, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky april i prehistoric Dinosaur to Tower Over City giant animal four times taller than Man outdoor replica to be constructed at museum by Oliver Williams Telegram sunday editor the childrens museum is starting a project that is sure to attract attention for Miles it May become a landmark throughout the stats and live Rocky mount the title of Dinosaur after Small head while the diplodocus is one of the largest of All it has one of the smallest Here museum director Mae Bell Points out to Gar land Kic Cloe features of the diplodocus Telegram photo by Killebrew the museums flirting with the idea for several is planning to Start constructing this Spring a giant out of replica of a diplodocus a Genus of the Dinosaur which once lived in the Wyoming the idea has been kept a strict secret of museum directors who were intent on not letting the cat or Dinosaur out of the bag until it was certain that the local museum could obtain holds to cast Vertebra of the prehistoric the unusual attraction is to stand beside the museum in Sun set its Skull which rises 21 feet above the ground is sure to startling sight even to tourists travelling along in you would have to go to Utah to find another just like at Utah Field House of natural the first such replica of the ancient diplodocus was erected Here is How the idea jumped All the Way across the and rights to build the second one granted to Rocky museum director Mae Reading in the curator Maga Zine of the american museum of natural history Learned How the staff of the Utah museum had utilized a set of holds that had lain dormant in the base ment of Carnegie museum for 40 ten sets of the holds were made from an unearthed prehistoric prehistoric Diplo to be constructed by the childrens will stretch 76 feet across Sunset it will be cast from holds made from Unea thened Skeleton at the insistence of Drew Carnegie after the original fossils had attracted the Atten Tion of museums the holds were shipped around the the first going to eng land because King Edward Vii had requested k the director of the Utah mus Eum described in the curator How his staff had utilized the forgotten set to construct a replica of weatherproof mater the article ended would anyone cast the twelfth in the Rocky mount does the unusual ending caught Bells and Slie immediately contacted the museums Board Harold who is always eager to undertake unusual who could not follow the idea by rushed to the museum to reap the article and see pictures of the upon he met Garland another naturalist and Board who decided to make the vote unanimously in favor of inquiring about the diplodocus it was decided to write to the Utah but to waste no time and run the risk of allowing someone else to Lay claim on the Bell telephoned Rocky it turned was the first to respond to the and the Utah director assured the local museum that the holds would be reserved provided the museum Here would transport them and agree to pass then on to any other inter ested there were no other stipulations and no other than involve Harold Minges became Busy figuring ways to transport the holds to Rocky the which consists of 600 separate pieces would re quire a Large the Utah staff but no larger than the trans port we have at the Minges assured the local travelling is difficult Here Dur ing the the Utah staff al so but it will Clear up in the Minges again Board ready intent on overcoming All obstacles As Well As furnishing a1 Light casting Cement for the Job Minges quickly convinced museum directors the would be unique and a big drawing card for the Rocky mount at the boards approx he and Bell began Mak ing plans to get the holds to Rocky including a trip to Utah in Early june and a Quick dispatch Back Home so that construction can Start during the l the local museum plans to Fol Low procedures similar to those four times taller than this giant replica of the ancient dip lode Cus Dinosaur which stands 21 feet tall was constructed by the Field House of natural childrens museum plans to use the same holds to struck one it will be the second out door Model in the photos Cour Tesy of Utah Field House of natural his used at the Utah Field each individual Vertebra will be cast of a lightweight combination of Cement and Aragonite a Calcium the 600 sections will then be assembled on a steel the giant Dinosaur will stand four times As tall As the aver age Man and will stretch 76 feet across the museum As in a will be erected around the attraction to serve As a Buffer zone for the Utah Model was constructed at a Cost of around but most expense involved labor which the staff hired to do the casting and assembling materials Cost Only Minges feels that the local Model can be constructed by Volunteer labor mainly himself and his employees and he plans to furnish cementing in the Job consumed the most of 18 but again Minges found ways to Cut Corners and time by casting the Vertebra in an Hookon Type heavy holds the diplodocus replica has drawn considerable attention around the but Many groups have not been interested in building mainly because of the problem of transporting the Utah museum and Utah Lions club raised enough funds to transport then from Carnegie museum to now they Are willing to give them to a who will haul them off and agree to pass them on to another interested the original including the ones Rocky mount will were cast shortly after the turn of the after initial act they were not used until the Utah institution Learned about them in after Rocky mount builds the twelfth the local museum plans to a fuss the holds on to the next group that makes satisfactory arrangements to acquire and it is possible that the thirteenth replica follow on the heels of the already two inquiries have come to the childrens asking who has them next Polaris missiles favored by Elton Fay Washington a the United states could bolster the land defences of its nato allies with Mobile Polar is missiles within th3 next two or three says Secretary of de sense Thpmas Gates he believes the eventually will have a Range of up to be delivered to americas Western european allies even before the 1963 Date Lauris nato military has whether this is done will de Pend on agreement by the North Atlantic treaty organization for eign and defense ministers to buy the Polaris the like other ballistic will mount Hydrogen this would raise the question of How the warheads would be since forbids releasing custody of nuclear weapons to any foreign a Gates said he not con template asking at this time that the Law be one would be for i countries which have developed nuclear land and make their own warheads and fit them to the Gates told a news conference perfecting the Polaris expects increase the Range Miles from the Range weapons which will be used in the first Polaris firing Summa Polaris weapons have been feed but have been neither Aff Cepter nor rejected by nato a separate missile weapon Cussion is shaping up Between the and Britain announced last week that she was abandoning her own intermediate Range ballistic mis Sile the which was being designed for launching from fixed land in the United one argument against fixed missile launch ing bases is that Good targets for enemy what is now contemplated is adoption of the air Force Sybolt ballistic the still in the very Early stage of is in tended to be an air plane launched its Range would be about i l no Sale san s firm that prints address labels sent the North Park Branch of the Public Library a Sample set of the they read l 3795 san Diego nine months to go negotiating disarmament with russians the first aim of Christian Herter editors world was i when the stakes and he a drop in tensions could also but Herter is willing to take precarious balance one year ago is playing Long he also see release a new wave of isolation risks in this he when Christian Herter took risk in i ism in the United so seems i0 the full support of Over As Secretary of state an Accord with the v Jon Herter belief he has been writer assesses the record first Eisenhower indeed his this could Lead to a weakening of nato and by John Hightower a diplomatic writer Washington api Christian Herter will walk out of his of fice at the state department nine months from climb into a Long Black and drive away into the obscurity of private he contemplates his departure from the Power and Glamor of world affairs without of not is the Herter Hall but modesty does not exclude Herter has one overriding aim for his work As Secretary of state Between now and the end of the Eisenhower Era next this aim guides his plans for Tho Summit conference next for president Eisenhower visit to the soviet Union end for other East West negotiations which May he itch wants Start turning Tho course of history away from local he wants to begin to Chain the destructive atom and set the brakes on the nuclear powered machines of he to make a first step disarmament Deal with the soviet no Deal no american Leader has been Able to bring off such a Deal in a dozen years of through working with the waning Powers an outgoing adm Nistra holds guarded Hopes for a he thinks soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev May be ready soon to make a limited thinks the least the United fuses can do is exploit the pos Herter worries about the chances of failure As a Man must other alliances which Are by the extent to which his fellow Flection of the al citizens Carn for the illusory though their Eyet Eye View could largely held together by fear of i Good old Days of Lov taxes and result from the coincidence of two the soviet i no foreign until last the Eisenhower Herter he was guided by the when the Geneva negotiations Tio ship has grown much were on Point of breaking but it is not and never will be in Down without producing a Resolute same pattern As the Eisenhowe Tion for the Berlin Eisene Dulles on the Hower stepped in with a which he had Long to the Heaters at Home Secretary of state Christian Herter and Herter have a bit of fun with their a pair of Cairn in their Washington Herter married his the former Mary Caroline Pratt of a Standard Oil heir in they have four children and is grand a new features photo optimistic there can be no doubt that in the crowded year since the late John Foster Dulles resigned As Secretary of a remarkable change has come Over the tactics of diplomacy and the altitudes of the men who Boss foreign deprived of Dulles advice and compelled for a time to become his own foreign min brought about this revolt but Herter has applauded and encouraged his moves with negotiations the result has produced a series of negotiations Between the West Ern Powers and the soviet Union which would have been inconceivable during the Dulles diplomats describe what has happened by saying that cold War has come out of the trenches and onto the Fields of political Maneu this stands out As the main characteristic of Heaters year in the state the forces which produced the How were actually beyond his the real initiative came from Khrushchev when he threatened in 1958 to squeeze the Western Powers out of Berlin unless they granted some new status for the City or voluntarily the threat of crisis produced the Gen Eva foreign ministers conference which occupied Heaters attention from the Day april 1959 he was sworn in As Dulles successor invite Khrushchev to United this visit and the major now h is a very advice of the Man whom he considered to the greatest Secre tary of state in at Herter has stood the Rig ors of his including far personal Distant remarkably Well the president i role in making foreign subsequent conversations Witer during the Dulles Rule at the state Khrushchev put the Berlin crisis in spite of the fact that he is partially crippled by arthritis and walks with the Aid of on the shelf for months and opened the Way or the impending Summit conference at the Berlin Issue this dominated Heaters first year As Secretary of he feels that although the West was subjected to soviet the year was a successful it was successful it was successful because a Erlin show Down with its potential War Breed ing dangers a but it fell Short of Success by failure to produce a formula for resolving the it also failed to give the Western Powers the initiative in their conflict with the soviet Herter became Secretary under difficult personal he had been in the state department for two years As when Dulles was incapacity de by the presidents Choice of Herter to succeed him was Auto yet the two men had not formed any close personal rela whereas Eisenhower had worked in Complete intimacy with complications the first months of Heaters service As Secretary were badly complicated by this at times it in the Case of the decision to invite Khrushchev to Washington that Herter was not so much consulted by the presi Dent As he was informed of what the president had already decided to Soldier claims Hes innocent a air Force Marcus serving life Here for the slaying of his wife in eng says could have proved his innocence with More experienced a native of Hobbs was convicted of Mur Der last year in the arsenic Deanii of his Mary 16 months who was stationed in also was convicted of committing adultery with Cynthia 23yearold Brit ish Mary mount was granted per Mission to hold an interview with1 the press Here Friday by Secre tary of the army Wilber the now said if Possi ble he would return to England and marry if she were v he said also that with a More experienced he would have proved that he was in uni form and not the Man in civilian1 clothes who inquired about arsenic in a three children now Are living nearby and visit their who Hopes to be granted a new travelling Man Secretary of state Christian Herter leaves the White House by a Side door after a conference with president an arthritis Herter uses crutches at All a news Tea Tures photo their theory works Lap everybody noticed How Well be have and Happy the eight adopted children of and Gerald appeared As they witnessed the adoption in court of a 7 said a in explanation we keep up on the Small things in discipline and things never

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