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Ripon Spur (Newspaper) - February 22, 1856, Ripon, Wisconsin Do Lac co. Wisconsin. March 6. 1 s3?. Lilith a co. Iso Randolph St oar authorized agents to receive i Advertis scents Tyr tic Homo Leip for Raymoin name. Boozy of Princeton mar Quitte izod agent to pc Cevic for Trio Auu Laymont of trios am. Chief Justice l a Whiton. A special despatch to. The. Tribune from Lecompton feb. I9tii, gives the following version of recent affairs Kansas. affray took place Here last night which sheriff Sherrad was killed and three others were wounded. A meeting of Geary s friends was held at he Capitol to sustain hts course and sex Madison feb. 28, 1857. Dear Home if the Devil is dead As some people arc unwise enough to imagine he has certainly left a numerous progeny who bid fair to to worthy of their ancestry and who clearly Demon. Strate the fact that virus and blood can tie 14th inst her a vices Are Oliree both to transmitted to another Genera a a tar Tymn Cei Vadby the India at Isom the Lilica Itice Wisconsin. of inc Niagara. Halifax feb 28. The Steamer Niagara arrived Early this a. M., route for Boston. The Niagara left Liverpool the afternoon nine w k u w la ainu Bijur Ifcic pres,.lhc,opinions of the outrage lotion vitalized and invigorated by the 1 Portland. She reports a very Boister him. She Rand and ins ends came Arm i transmi8sion Whoey Omav double this que passage. the loll exchanged de to break it up. When the resolutions has not Gen the do dec pc d a mfr. J signals with the Steamer Kangaroo were read Sherrard declared that any a proportions Iri a legislative lobby und West. And the Legi Laturo itself and had better the Artie arrived nit 2 a. It., 13th, take a trip to such a modern a Andoniu and the Persia at 2 a. M., Mth making at the earliest possible moment such i t h o run a Little Over nine Days. She l \ i a _. Late president. Uia Tion of a new. Ruler archival or Republican is occasion fora Nind version by the people and the perhaps it i s Well so far As concerned it being one of Marks which p Fiat to four country. Tion of administration As been for Good or. Evil of. Food for reflection and by do Welling thoughts bub contemplating the mighty it experienced by the ple the late and ministry Ilin. Pierce. No Man Ever administration under be auspices and certainly left it whose exit Hai Cau Sal a feeling of Relief to the Vasci Laling and easily de himself to be taken pos the nullifying interest of p be used for base purposes Asl aside whenever he was Ful. At the Onset or. Pierce e honest and administer it faithfully but he lacked is Backbone to stand up influence brought to Bear he found it Chepultepec no restoratives to a trips of the fainting. Hence feeling of Relief at the sex i presidential career disposed to be charitable Pierce and leave him to privacy Over the evils he Asten upon the coun by. A disposed to be Censori him for Prosl Luling his station by uttering a Slan i great majority of the Isle so Low that it would i Eric St political drab to old up Tho weakness of air. J warning to politicians we he Mantle of Charity Over. His aspirations before 1 upon him were for free were fanned into a Blaze one voting for them was a liar and a Coward. The excitement grew intense Sherrard Drew his pistol fired and Woun ded a Man named Shepard. Miscellaneous shooting then began and was continued for some time. Or. Sherrard was shot through the head by a Young Man named Jones who came from Penn Sylvania with the governor. Sheppard has two bullets his thigh. Jones was arrested by a bogus sheriff and the meeting was thus broken up. The governor called out the troops to prevent his being lynched. The governor also organized a company to defend self but disbanded it at dark last night. More violence is apprehended As great excitement still x5t oilman who great swindler which we spoke of last week has been arrested new Orleans and is being brought Back to Milwaukee. Tho theatrical company of Lauri site be Twat Jar Are creating quite sensation at Madison. They have introduced a new local play entitled Black Hawk written expressly for this company by Nelly wild Wood of fend do Lac. Accident at Pic eos. We learn that a Man by the Nann. Of Edson was kicked the forehead by a horse one Day last week which was a very Seri Ous and almost fatal blow. The horse kicked him the forehead while he Vos assisting the Blacksmith to shoe him. Uay with Uio remains of Board. Jar. skate Washington March 3. Turks or s proceedings passed fortification Bill and for construction of Penitentiary Nebraska and one Kansas. The Navy appropriation Bill was also passed. Weller presented a communication office and promising to try to Fril Fil its duties. the Senate a very Long discussion took place upon the Indiana Sunn trial acquit themselves with Honor which reflected great credit upon their u Chr. The exercises of the evening were lecture by. H. Foster sniper intended of schools of no Prutkin the Reading of the Eureka journal of education Sci monthly periodical supported b the members of the school and Victory address by l. K. Bho lit a s Udint after the following pre Amble and resolutions were offered by i. R. Bromley and unanimously adopt from vice president elect accepting the who scholars � � Al t a. L a whereas the Winter term of Thi school being now closed we the Stu dents of the Eureka Public school take this Opportunity to express our regard to the teachers for their untiring and persevering efforts made for Oure o s o. Elect the of the Judici Pertev Cong Enoris i a Mit will give him some Conception o f logged 362 Miles 5 successive Days. To take pcs Moj. A of "0 the Wrath to come and the Justice of it infliction. He would moreover learn the lamentable fact that one Knave the lobby does Moru to control the legislation of this state than a thousand of the honest people at Home. Not that i wish to say that the lobby of this year has More influence and control Over the legislature the that of former years for i am told that it is much less Power Ful than formerly but that now As and dust fag the passage she averaged 340 Miles per Dav. The Hermann having been repaired sailed from Southampton the 13th inst., for Berlin and would leave South Ampton for new York the 25th inst. The Steamer Constitution from new York arrived Oft Cowes the 10th, and proceeded the same Day to ant Werp. ,. Committee proposing to take testimony 1 be Toiveo that the presort term a. Was Laid the table by five majority been one of great Benefit to us and at therefore no action will be had there Uri buting the improvement a Hare made a great measure to the i Stem Zatic and Well directed efforts of our appropriation Bill came Rochers. Together with their abilities to up instruct we would tender to them our Toombs submitted amendment to learn Al gratitude for the interest they give it. Gen. Scott the arrears of his until next december. The Arn v pay. This is the claim which Secretary Davis refused to allow. The Steamer Cadiz sailed Liv-1 Cass and Cia ". Opposed Tho Amend Ever it has its infamous motives and crp�o1 the l l the for now York villainous instinct its corrupt and Cor t a Cambria had sailed for Marseilles rusting influences beginning with o take her place the Concord and , the Tiger and the Ani i Aust run a Linc i ment. Butler advocate it. Amendment adopted by 5 majority. Have taken our welfare. Resolved that we deeply appreciate the interest manifested by our parents friends and patrons providing Many conveniences for our education Superior Jenny respects to bosc provided by others our neighbouring districts. Whereupon Tho following resolutions were presented to the patrons and a it is not intended daily news passe 1 other a mend uts to the Bill were cd opted with a Hearty Good will Mals generally and ending corrupt ". ,. I Send out any troops from England Tom inn who inn or Hilf. A Drift a t o1" Ivy action Here nothing but purity and Justice should have controlled. Charges again3t the so peril fee Fejt Persia this announcement we make with the most entire Confidence that it of Public instruction. I be foun 1 to do Correct we believe charges have been made before the to Llu we May add. The Force already at investigating committee which some Bushfire. Not Advance into the Inte what affect the integrity of that officer. I rior and Tell it evel7 Corl is no made it is said that he has made three. Into to Brineff Boul p0ilc merits concerning certain mailers o the Murray affair to Are assurer to the measure. Iwo of which agree. matters Are Lorms Parl of the negotiations connected Wilh the distr Bulion of Copie we Ich no being carried at Paris by Ysl resolved that we the patrons of the Eureka Public school tender our sincere and Hearty thanks to the Fetich ers or. D. P. Dean and miss s. A. Hunter made a report from commit Steele for their faithfulness and unti Tec Tariff Bill. Ring Energy conducting the school the Senate then passed the House Post Hovito Bill. I Brodhead opposed it and Bigler of penii., made Long speech stating that he should vote for it notwithstanding Many of his constituents were opposed during the term just closed. Resolved that View of the mom deportment persevering Industry and rapid advancement their studies of the scholars we feel honest Pride and Are still to extend to of Webster s dictionaries and certain for Ruek. K h a and lord Covey. There adjourned. Recommendations of school books. J is at pr6/eul every reason to Hope that those Best acquainted with have Groat Confidence his hones integrity and i certainly Hope he Wil be Able to demonstrate his innocence but at present Tho prospects so far As i can Sec Are squally. Or. Barry these will a pm Natl the Mont providing f1 monthly Semi month nes Vinny a i line it of amicable relations we y a Semi weekly mail from the Post master at port Steinly Canada or. J. Henderson Hasab Scon ded with a Large amount of Money which j1-7 of the manner Imd i nmn i to Ron. ,1._.",.i. Officers have kept t Between t l glue and persian gov i Crum mits. I the new european difficulty. Thu Timus after rum Irving that the a sul Klementa of questions to tic committee other Mac speak Latic to the principalities which the state 1 cannot be endangered by such other state officers. Bad come Inlo his Possession through the Post office and he is supposed to have come West. Late Teyv s. The legislature i Ive finally agreed adjourn monday morning next. The report Ems adopted yeas s3 u i c m our Aid for their Advance ment. Tin. Citizens of Eureka have Cvar inn if sled that Lively interest her Public House concurred Senate s Amend schools rarely found other places. T o which May be attributed no Small do free. The character and Progress of t a Thuc school. Lester rounds town sup t of flush Ford. Eureka feb. 28, 1857. Missouri to san Francisco. Jar. Brecken Ridge arrived this morn ing and was the House. Tic new England and Pennsylvania appoint ments the Cabinet Are not definitely settled. Senate has agreed to the House amendment to mine Sola land Bill giving 200,000 acres for Hail Road Purpo i up col notices. Illus Cal notice. Mks m. Wheel Elk of Burlington i teach or of piano and vocal Musk proposes to com Bill avoids altogether the i c their offices and Man Prui Leht manifesto As appeared a few aged the affairs thereof and pay a hand Days b "c1- l to to Niter s is is the i some compliment to the Secretary o f d u t y of Enigl iii to declare positively Range of lands proposed a Bill hereto state treasurer and Bank comptroller. Against a into sizing with Llie integrity to e reported by Congress. Minnesota i think few Public officers have received of Cuili ish pm priv and to acl Wilh is to have the entire disposal of them. I a higher compliment than p i u l by the support of the Resolution lie this is the Minnesota Bill perfected i Al Converse lion. B. W. Smith. Monck a course of instruction Tho Village of Ripon March filth mul Lic Poitr Ontive. Those who have not trim Anta can to a . Appl Cut May be left of tic to Smice of i. Hazen 1 Koloc Roncco Kiir Linclon prof. T. K. Malti the Best assortment of Bry g o o d Sand to lowest prices Antul to to found it olm a a air opposite la by talc of biped. Boots and shoes Large mar tent Olmsted & plate. Old Furuc new Flamm tort at fent rim to to 8ter to olm8t�d & Uin Hypon of Brav 20th. 1867. War China another Rise the gala Market the Suhie Riscen. Will for t Ilert to Tot Uta Rodum Exchange Zooi a a to Kef Dot i at tit following Price. Good Wewt 87 1-2 fit " a a 62 i " Corn stifled 62 1-2 " 4 or 60 " Lurley �i,12 1-2 " " " 26 " 26 " produce and or it Mon old i Ghat mrk to pried. Skeet by Oleston. Ripon of bin by 25th 1357. Fruit Trees for Spring planting at the Ceresco Nursery. Committee of this lat Ter officer i to John Weixiu North who Enn truth i think few Are More Deservin of the Ali Vinces of the Danube. Proposed Union of by who House committee Public i Didato for Junyor of Chicago was elected i it. It Wil l be recollected that it comes i lands and connection with which sub i roads Irot or Spence decl corruption was alleged. All three indebted to Tho finn of & lax hox by note or Book account for the last sum rating breezes of his native i inauspicious moment the ird the chalice he last history will record his w Hope eliminate his Kes Quial Pace. Re Chicago. Large fire Chicago ing lust it 1 o clock. It Street one of the Best Ity. The loss estimated the stores were 150 feet the wholesale Trade. House caught Firo but led. S after Tiro fire broke out last by eleven Ilund Rcd Jiic-1 from political opponents. While upon be the Maike. For wheat i t e Judy pcs of the supreme. Court mar foil and Winter s Trade will Loose Call Jority the Halaney of. The ticket from 1-2 this subject i would say that Samuel dul l nine tenths lower than " Laoo majority. J d. Hastings and ii. A. Tenner have flu a the Asia left. Flour drooping Hie demo i aus. Have nominated f. Conducted the i s investigation such m. Cothren of mine nil Point for chief manner Aslo Merit the thanks of the Justice. Milk out ii a Tirdell Case. A h6w t whole people. The most searching sex with a urn Envor of buyers Quintin ii out former Ralora. Bovi loss a. S. If co. Quote uie Farch next without fail. Lipon fcb Sunry 27th 1857. N20wu wailed Buchanan at nor. sets it f Siw Boford the fifth thou his rooms Are Al the Loimil hotel. Corn a Civ Yolk nows. I new York March 2. I a t tempt was made last evening to nomination of every thing to who minutest Market for generally unchain blow up the store of Macy be Jenkins i ,.j details was ins i Tut cd and the to eople i Eil. I i f u l t o Vejr pct3 f helices. Sirous of purchasing tin Rumor pervades new York thai a Man with a woman bearing a bundle were seen to leave the Bloor y House no 31 a. J. Law Vini ii no u. U l. L l t. J u u i i i l l u l h u t l w u x l i e Luis full a Long Roket 11us do Bond Street at 11 o clock the Niht u i i i of the murder that Thev were Ira ked f0r Suh " work can of he of us the come decidedly easier easier no though and were seen to thro w the bundle state l with the single exception of the returns of the Bank of England still injured. Near Fulton St where .1 Quant i to of gun upon May communicate by ictus Irish i f v a to Man be Rin a bund Ewere May be sure that no Ihirg has escaped l. Lard steady at 00,170. L 0wdur exploded bursting out the uhf kill Milwaukee. The to Osl scr tiny. Such another two the London Moey Mark t has b e a d rear doors and windows of the Low Tell trait is susceptible of into or Story of the building. No one was who the pair judge Potter no single Man the state i exhibited a draw upon the Bulion if messes Dix & Harris the adjoining dwelling their lives. The inst. Into the East River. Were All Miry guess. I can compare with either of them for serve. It is also stated that a brother of Eck Scull work. Fridolv Al l iving Jersey has Yone crazy i to Over his implication with the terrible i by ulc car ufos Cvar hand i crime and his indictment by the grand t strongest wishes or. Hastings t f. I 70 to 100 lots it is offered entire. February 27th 18f 7. a y b e the Republican candidate for . A Secretary of state at the november i Wisconsin Buffalo com to acc lion. If Pur i to of character honesty i consoles for Money closed c it 93394. J Roin the Ilir Airt dentine. Trio Kot Tonit. Pit Trio i Cave of t y is Tipp sed by or iii to run Thron i i Inetor of the Kurtli. The Banc i he Bolu. Minutes it. And the explorer suddenly finds project Init. R f. / i Jal ii to mar civil advertiser of Friday last 27th of purpose integrity of motive and u i i -. To i. \ a _ t ,1 p 11 Sui Nanri t i f s for inc intr act ,.n,.7 la l . Tlicml., Conns inc following paragraph " business u Ite Washington Fob. 23. Senate passed House importation of of of the buying Consin Money at 9y i95c. the Dollar untiring Industry arc proper Qunel Scolie prints statues its., also the House cd or. Burdell As the person he married to mrs. Cunningham. While others arc giving Only 75c. And others still wholly refuse them. We a d o u m e t. This morning saturday Juil Icil act. Will s tand i Bill Cal abolishing Posl of delivery at , a. The House Bill ranking appropriations to the completion of Mili a a1 change and fix the time for holding ,. ,. ,.the joint tary roads Ore Ion was also passed. W?hnhe1kup? ?�vc-Al a antics Shing it the family barely Lllvi-1 no information yet As to what Par i Ruso to for adjournment the second i. Of Jiou iii a inuit. Titular Banks Are embarrassed or Failin of to i was rescinded and our ill for 0rlllencu the sen top a a " f Sta / a fico yen " _ it _ ". 1 1. i Sci Zierl Senate find Assembly do enact As Sperty destroyed is about " so far is our Wisconsin Banks Are of companies sustaining following name dins co of new York concerned this " do Greenhorn voted i. I i a of Nedjo Virnin l la m e Mea a the part of Buffalo brokers is that business would be hurried Forward absurd. The tables from the comp Liat account. I now think it has and troller s Mya � d a wet Lon? Many Elf proc Ltd to consideration of fixing a int Resolution from Llic House increase with the idea inst pay of gun. After Brief Springfield of of Hartford 84,500.of new York. 910, Ual ins co of Chicago do Doof Hartford co 812,000. 810,000. Is 0,000. J i Dimet the counties comprising the-1th. J fourth Judi Cul circuit it the times following Antly Sentinel. A furious d i i f t ing Snow storm has prevailed Here since 11 o clock Hist night and St i l l . The travel is i seriously impeded. New York March 3 him if r., i proceedings were comm need to Day Phu Fonn surrounded three Side by i the surrogate court the Mailer of terror a Piir Trio right and Gulf the or. . Margiue Ful l Idun iii lift Ami Bill Orci Lim Wlms Accas int a minute world. To looks aloft Bueno co a Yot i cd the overhanging dome not Liing 5s Thor but Tho Bright Blu Tow 1 go rom above smiling is it shoot by the unwonted gleam of Trio . Ii looks below Gnu not i meets his go co save new but lie hears a wild Mournful Melody of water Tho mailing of the Stream for Green and sunny Channel left Tho a prior world never More to be revisited. Reader let us Ora moment contract this gloomy mid Placo. With of lick Roiti to of equal notoriety to which t Wanh to Call Yoor attention. & Wooleston b sit rated Ripon Root to Bauo minty Wisconsin is Cor Reethy supposed by Many to be exerting salutary and riving info Gienca through the Esi Tiro diameter of fond lne co., and Northern w wishes to inform his pm Troia. Nil the pub Fuci Ivray that to by band and of cars for let the following Nursery pro Ducu All f which Are Trown Cerceo and Aro Conn Montiy Mii cd to the climate. A pict Frum one to no Yean of l of a food mock and healthy growth. Penn. Both Dur Arfa and St.udard�. , Chat Kolks Cuil jant8, Goose Torric a Ftp Arriea Vittora and Mumm thic a Lunt. Law of Hoopii by Ruam Noth he Plant Diniro und Clin Ibin Hosca act Yuri Etc a All kinds of ornament of Shrub Kry iii cd to that Climuth Choice Tele Tiou of Forest try unit blk for transp Linting. A b. I am prepared to War Niit apply tr0ft the follow iii edit Ion for Twenty Nova cents cry cd. 1 Wilt a Rou to to fill out All Liatis not live the fourth Day of july next after a provided thut i am Latifi by the 10th of the ume inn Ali to be Auni a i not Spring or when called for. Ripon March to i Isit. Ii. Kakku. A 7v2 foliated pet Fox 1. The terms of the .Vfcourt chill be hol Ien Ali counties of Winnie Bingo fond do l , sueboy., ind the second Jlon Wisconsin. Second Imon Uay of the explorer after the Noc Cnaric the Milwaukee & Mississippi Orul a at.stirons1y urge t measure for Tho has been so badly managed for the ins t a. Jansse. Canie a saturday six months that there is Little sympathy with it the minds of those Dos Intres a Modinet shape and passed be by a vote of 46 to 41. It Bill then passed As also Bills Stab a 00.11 Lic additional inn l i c t i t c to a. It and Kansas. Districts be the county of fond dutch Fourtly monday of March and i. County of april and second monday october. La the county of led. A Road no better maimed and it a i prove Les for a commission to examine is requested to furnish All correspond int l i c m or motion of or Wilson president mos to. " Fiji l l Luck i --.xf� to i i no i i Allt a i spot i a i k t log a "iii.\. .i i lers m Kansas. Ula cd than that ought to be to wind us or adopt a diff Frei. Its miserable powerless locomotives its m or Andt t l continue the suits now disjointed array ??1ino t Tomk cver3 Democrat vote dilapidated cars its d t nge of Monts arc fast Bri Rigin it. Into disrepute mid most eventually drive its through i by Imper business into other of arc conservator. Fol 2g. Fins novel Mode of giving a Al ,. F f general Terest o the people of which i would like to speak but space and Lime forbid. I Black Hawk. Leo Slature 5 is a Sample of the acts legislature session at port tint Law is one to this is fro a lican Law which pro the death penalty All chamber door suddenly opened and the Friday night. The of with 01 co aspire or Fere with or overturn the i y i Seo 2. All writs summons indictments and other proceedings made returnable by any Laws of this state now Foroe to the terms of the several circuit courts men " Silan Joe rcturnnb0 to Jim appropriation Bill taken up Ter to f Sia circuit court As the Sam orc Here and amended by creating full Mission fore fixed and All adjournments appearances Nills have been pass i to Persia rec so continuances motions and notices of any pro -. I Cee Diug said court made or taken to any term House. The Case of or. j0 previous or subsequent Date to Tho term of called up and that gentleman after repelling the charges against him Arm. sunday evening last while the Tilc play writ ten by Kelly wid prot Cal no Agai nil the unfairness of the family of a Musson was seated one i Wod of fond do Lac. Was pro Iucci i St str chamber proceedings against him be made and take fur the time herein i and l to holding die terms of said court. N old cat bounded into the room followed Lutr and uie play neither a Success or i � 51c reso1" tons Case of or. Edwards were Laid Sven to meddle with a Consul la is rebellion. Against the bogus Terri rebellion even though a dense smoke which had filled the failure. I think the subject and Inci i to a Case � chamber to suffocation. of the Beds de not As whole Lippy for Success Tlle Tab Chad caught fire by some up be stage. There is too Little the the resolutions for the expulsion of Means supposed to be matches had i Indian character that appeals to the w t It us a. I ,.,,i f v " inc i " Simonton and a. 0, ,. Communicated to the window cart Bias i sympathies of a civil audience o Nup and was spreading through Tho room As � a be it generally successful. But i m. � use Wero Ortt Lutr of f l i. Nett if run. _. _ _ Liot a inf to i � ? _ of tvs a to Cirl a or / l / a viol /�/1 a or to rapidly As the confined air would permit Navy note for the old Tom cat gave the alarm yours Tilv Rcd nearly altogether a few buckets of water extinguished the e. L. R. Principally designed to o Topeka movement and attempts to form a free Tion these Laws offer a submit to there Union from the territory before fire before any serious damage had been d t next considered noted. The House then took up Bill reported by select committee to prefect the peo pc pie build. P � against corrupt secret influences a 3. Chapter sixty live of the session Laws and Lux Irica of life mid enly kids himself a not due standing upon a platform surrounded All bides by a dazzling display of div Good of almost Dlf variety embracing Tho pro Duck ions of evry clime. Tio Oriental to Tho sunny Plains of the storied South the wild haunt of Tho Roj Man of Tho West mid the Frozen Ica bound regions of Tho North have All born lipid tinder contribution for this Mammoth establish ment. To looks aloft and although the co can scarcely Eracli the overhanging dome Jet the most by i l l want Din Jinny of Brussels and tapestry Chi ets meets the Eye every direction while beautifully blending like Tho sombre hum the Bouk ground of a landscape painting Cornea the Mot Luxor joins and fascinating assortment of i steady Mindu Csc Ticino that Thomi nil of Man Ever conceived. To looks below of my countrymen what a contrast have we Here. Instead Wyckoff still offer to Beer a i at r3oet Phr embroidered Collan and und no to at Sel Milce Wyckoff s Lacu of All Kinda at Sjol fridge Wyckoff s Fremuth Marioon and belfri06e & Wyckoff Tubor show and Sui Dali to so fridge 4 Wyckoff i. Iriah Lanton All Priow at self ice it jkorr3 a do it fun for 1 willing or Yard at sir Kidoes wreck of s. The 1, us Fiterm for f 1 to silfr1dge 4 tit Kofy i. Every Thant a Good to fr.4 of eight can Hundred and fifty five approved of a Gulf of darkness before him. And the sad and msgr Ivy d 8?m. Cd Phi i a c i Reful Wail of imprisoned Waters that greets pc 4 this act Almli take Ell cataud be Force from and after its Pisa age. Approved february 2m, 18" f Tyvmanspoo or Cpin scr of the Assembly Arthur Mcarth 7jl, got and Prea t of the Senate Coles Bashford. Urcin Public school. The Winter term of the Eureka Public school taught by or. 1. P. Dean and miss s. A. Strelk closed feb. 27th inst. I had the pleasure of being pres ent during the examination of the classes done and we sup Pic that Grimalkin houses that Are Fitt Olivo i of a week or so Asro. P of r � \ f of t i f v Vitomir me Deer having been killed differ it parts Fulla a tend because you can t it unwarrantable of the country Wanton violation of 5, 0vsc�l Tim by a debate fo1eij.of the. Country Anton violation of the Law instituted for their Protection Tho room. Eiller a Pils or teachers until a his cars he now sees u nicely arranged and comfortable apartment fitted up for thee Percsi purpose the most Complete and extensive Assort ment of Gico Mekies Over exhibition at any one establishment since the Days of the Puritan Fath ers farm for Sale. Situated b sold farm consists of eighty acres of Prairie All slowed and fenced with a Good barn 40 by 50 Jeet comfortable Lour and Frame House a got d Well of water two is cow for rain water about Thrifty Init Irka. And two nurseries of Young Tocus Trees. Thin farm will be sold Ata great bargain if applied forsook. For further particulars inquire of tic Bug Eri Ber the pc mics or of Cunt. A pc the Village. Amasa k. Pratt. Ripon Ira Reh 6lh 1s. T. Ii27w4 d Ai a ills. the South iced Lawrence two men Kilm 3d with i to wonder that there Are so Manv measure. animated Ted. Vole finally recon Sid & �7-3�jahe Imi ii the preparations made for the event for none a. S. Ii Oil Dinul surgeon. Not to be Ndoc mtg if Wroot of Sklak Dix t shirt Inoff a. Selfr1doe Winter Sliawa at Cott at Selfridge toting Hjrao Imp Rel and Blackt a Al ? " 6ilfwdqe wacko of Cape for so and Boyzat Selfridge 4 wacko of a knitting or Woolen and Cotton at Selfridge t Wyckoff foil pure Winter i trained for 10� per Fallon at Selfridge t Wyckoff i. Fringe to a Ira Ahti july and velvet Kib Boog a Selfridge we coff a for further Puite Lvi enquire at Thestorf set fridge wacko Era rip no Briary 1857. Juliand car Sale. The following Tot of valuable land near the Village of Jaspon Are very favourable term. Elf of Sec. 19, first rate Prairie l f mile we atom Pipun together with 30. Acre Oah opening. Of acres Prairie a c or see., to 20 acre broke. Of acres Prairie the Oak Oeh Road mile from Ripon. 80 acres opening Whf of s wars Cal. town of life Tormoen. Of acres opening and Meadow we 7 s id town of to Sandalo a first rate Tock farm 40 acre so or of or we 8, it Mondale. F,pon.macnp8�c"astlix notice. Body Huml

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