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Rhinelander Daily News and The News North (Newspaper) - September 23, 1950, Rhinelander, Wisconsin Pauk ithe Rhinelander wis daily news september 23. 1950 the Rhinelander news 1lniv criminals link with politicos Side glances and the new North published every evening except sunday by the he in Eilander publishing company Rhinelander Wisconsin Clifford g. Ferris. Editor and manager Dewitt Mackenzie editorials topics of the week half v to. Than Hole of in occasions recurring from time to time. When use will be found for ,1 planned organization to Deal with cml i urn cies this an a of off luckily in a it Marat in sense at the get time Iff s in a it not tin next time it it did because the he of the luckily it a Well As a swerved from a course d have brought it into lated re Inola ride i As there would be Little confusion Rick in the car struck she Nile old which Well of to More f Dis Rotor stat Pratt eyes on november Wisconsin Kotcis Hai heir preferences in t sections and All eyes he by election i int and ail indications j Republican Vich Ory in i r finals with a c Ronam Dpi i d it sound Type Vise nary v Are on Ber. Int toward the no venation of the state govern a come to up if Cati who written on the basis o in the Republican and gubernatorial races a than to per cent of the went to that poll cast in the. Republican col re Rioca Rhine Natl it Peop invest Stabl to the Republican party must against complacency and not a a the primary results As putting the november election in the bag it so by n ted that in the 1946 82 pc cent of the t v to cast Ess i 11 b 11 c a n that Gopp it ret in 1948 was about second of a 1 u s Washington Nea in addition to having broken vip one major gambling Syndicate in Florida and causing a big group of county officials to be indicted the. Senate committee investigating organized Crinitt in tin u s has gotten a new accurate picture of the nature of criminal activities in the Rountr it the group headed by set Estes it Fauve cd Venn has confirmed much of w hat has been written about the ext Stenc Quot if by syr Dicatos which operate on a nationwide basis this confirmation is important to Calist Many Law enforcing agents have Fred to play dont the interstate c Larneter if the is vicious criminal organizations it has been charged that the list if the words powerful National syndicates i just an excuse if local Law enforcing officials for not cracking Down on local Crimi conditions inc. Communication affected a committee spokesman has this to Sun about the existence of indicates then criminal organizations have succeeded in monopolizing c train of the channels of interstate communications and Commerce by nears of viol act briber corruption and intimidation it is Clear Marcove that there an several Strong and powerful ram nation with lines of int a Elal Enship Between them which makes it feasible at least occasionally to Combine their activities Quot perhaps one of the most significant my of the Committer is the Way the gangsters have gotten into legitimate Busine Quot Rudolph has a v the it v s chef counsel save a Lawless individuals frequently using their criminal organizations have engaged in various legitimate enterprises where they use the san tactics of in imitation and monopolization which characterize their criminal activity s Hailey explains in a report that the have particularly been attracted enterprises n which Large amounts of Cash Are handled or which have had Black Market profiteering potentialities such As hotels. Restaurants night clubs meat and provision companies liquor stores Beer and whisky distributorships and Small steel companies Quot it is Cas it to charge that criminal elements use bribery and corruption to buy Protection from state Cit and county officials it s another thing to got the facts on it is ii Kefauver s committee has done just that her is a typical example of one of their findings Melvin .1 Richard a councilman of the City of Miami Beach testified that Phil Short a lieutenant of the Miami Beach police Force who formerly had been chief of police admitted to him that he had orders from the City manager to refrain from raiding gambling operations Short admitted to Richard that the operations could easily be closed Down and that on two occasions they had been closed Down but he stated he had been ordered to allow the gambling to stay open Quot criminals have influence. It is this kind of thing that the committee is determined to expose in Many of the big cities of the country and the Story of the inroads w hich criminal influence has made in politics Dot s not Stop Al the City level the Committer has found specific evidence has already Bern gathered on corruption among state officials further there is evidence linking Washington officials in the syndicates however the committee is particularly silent about this aspect it the Case the significance of the surprisingly effective Job the committee has done in the first few months of it existence is that it has found a method of investigation which produces results and the fact that it is a congressional body with the Power of subpoena and the authority to look into any suspicious activity of underworld characters regardless of whether that activity is covered by Federal legislation a made it Strong enough to Cope with the powerful Syndicate Bosses. Allies plan Aid for hungry Asia sorry buds Vout it Underw Steht Christian science Monitor one of the greatest humanitarian problems of these hard Days is How to Deal with the hunger which holds millions of asiatics in its grim grip this in t a seasonal emergency. To by overcome simply by shipping Grain to afflicted Arras the plague is More deep seated than that it lies in insufficient food production. Due among other things to antiquated agricultural methods Lack of fertilizers and insufficient irrigation. Accordingly America and British Commonwealth nations Are swinging into action to boost food production in hard hit places thus attacking the source of the evil special attention is being paid to countries where hunger creates conditions favourable to the spread of communism. The u. S. State department is considering a plan involving expenditure of $300 million annually for four or five years it would include help for Pakistan. India. Ceylon. Afghanistan. Israel and Arab states of the Middle East meantime in London a Commonwealth conference has been working on similar projects for Southeast Asia. One must have visited tilt hunger areas to get full understanding of what they mean. I have travelled in most of the territory being considered by the state department and. Believe me. Conditions frequently Are appalling. Take for instance the Indian subcontinent which includes both India and Pakistan. In that vast area there arc literally untold millions who almost always Are hungry. Generation after generation goes from Cradle to grave undernourished despite government efforts to meet the situation irrigation projects have been developed in strategic areas and Progress has been made in agricultural education. However. The it problem is an ancient heritage that is too big for Quick solution. Some 400 million people dwell on the Indian Peninsula about 300 million in India and too million in Pakistan. More than 70 per cent of the population secures a a living Quot from the land. Ninety per cent of the people live in villages of which strange to relate there Are 700.000 an idea of what this staggering figure Means is seen from the fact that there Are Only about 10.000 incorporated places under 1.000. In All Continental u. S. Primitive conditions. I have visited Indian villages. Conditions Are primitive and in w Many cases the squalor is terrible. It in t uncommon for the Farmer to keep his cow or other animals in the one room mud hut which his family Calls Home. With rare exceptions the farm or is in the hands of the Village Money Lender who has provided funds to buy an animal or some implement and exacts enormous interest. The rate averages As High As 35 per cent yearly compounded. As much As 75 per cent is charged it sometimes besides that there Are t taxes to pay. Naturally All this keeps the unfortunate Farmer in dire poverty. He and his family Are Lucky Tow get any food at All. Leave alone enough to fill their bellies. Next two big the Racket world. Mysteries of and it i Ive in Igov that Wever. In. 48 the 9 per cent >4 do 4 the rep of the r Cen general jul icons exec won Sheboygan press to save lives prepare now he inv High to. That ii have poor fog is a condition tin pit St with red u v minus primaries too. The ote was Low. Probably i cent or even less of Vertial vote in the Gen a the percentage of total will be much higher. Or Tad Appl and that and heal Stert near Alo Bier 1948 ate As at Lea Arr. The Nard a Irv or one is Oclair a Sod that Pilot the. Or the ins t or led change Active i which by Thos Tion. A measure of w pushed when a c representation is taken is to be seer where voters this Durn turned Thun fluoridation of the to foundation is in endure it has been i Aith and it Nta years. It has actin a Paigr skillful St a wok Ider i Autho i pushed r health a can b live Gams in bet Drin s Teeth the Sable suggestion that ant ii g it can have -.fir. It yet by appt a. To a. Tonal emotion,.ism of have Dpi iced the you Stevens Point of to effects. More ties. Recognizing the a prom am a i adopter g r predicted , snout Stevens Point Wii ref decision. It was 63 per cent for the a whole. St two other factors should republicans to be on their i against complacency and to j i a fighting Campaign the substantially Large vote to. Schmitt of Merrill polled in i a a a a his Ace for the gof gubernatorial a rumination although Walter a Kohler or. Won handily Schmitt mad a stronger showing than was will expected my Many who voted for Schmitt May go to the other Side in in n vember at any rate his stand a the or. Many issues was far from the cop in Point and in his Cam aut talks or sounded much More on. A a dealer than a re pub in is i icon. Jcj a a another Factor is the Victory of themas e Fairchild in the demo sciatic a t. For nomination for u s senator remember in the cop cd 1948 of the stat. Fairchild a dem . Won the attorney Gen. Era ship the Only member of his. V Parte the win a major state office w Ion t think those factors will a a a affect the indicated gof v in november but As we red above they should serve a n a g to the Republican not to take a gop sweep in i reral elections for granted. _ t in. H and hould Spur them to a greater Effort to convince the Vot a f that their candidates arc better lit t h id the reins of governor it a a record Herald. Voting names a Orr is i the Community s Mary s Hospital we noun com it Tiit it with the construction of a. A to House it Laurel \ Arr Plant and provide , for it i Wane the comr Ani that includes a Lair Northern Wisconsin a the increasing it nnand., mar the institution and has in a. The Way these d round Bien met in space that. Over taxed they have by because the operating Undt i took the additional with courage and Forth with willingness to Wor harder and harder. It will ooh news. Indeed ii the instruction is Prima. Election in Michigan demonstrated that voters in have an Affinity to names than q Jalifi cations of Candi stale senator William c Van. To scarcely campaigned t whelming Choice of re for lieutenant governor id of four. No it re is retired Holland too m a to i no relative of states senator Arthur Van g a ode from the magic there was Little to which to a his Large vote except pin hah it had the sup Kurt of the in that Quot because he is. A. An anti horse bet Legi la the Ines ted Espoo voter Lieut had a go the name Smith a chord with we George Smith w a car t governor despite ten a. Ident of wis additional it Noin the be my of the i for the huns ii Intuit b a in if Patien or n but the id a in three years coming Here a a Warren r. Smith was or or a. Wisconsin pm he had Little trouble win office of Tate treasure it it Thoma a. Sunit turn the a Lait of it Bab the of it. Imm windstorm that nage South and a it Der there was talk in organization i the red Cross Frame lug with emergencies of interest in in Ilian it Hies in the state offi Tunny to get Down to been pointed out the mutinies Are busying with civilian defense Are lagging it perhaps found that Soonei or late in and state authorities will be p on the pressure it this area. Is already a substantial Bod holding that a Etui it no a Ai eventualities til t Jar Row c another in voters. A Martin a of of Sauk Charm Narnst a Young at had fair Cirild pm if Rhine etting up r within for Deal e Active oppor is. It a me Corn ionised vans. Man will b a. National Ittin ther of ii unti a Thi Mil Waukee Lead in favor return of Kair an St tilt nomination of Vandenberg Michigan first experience a voting a Young mar of it Xii action c hanged his name u Phy and went on to win the Nant governorship on the uht of that name those Wert the government s master civil defense plan. Released to the Public monday emphasizes the principle of self Protection by the individual extended to include Mutual Elf Protection on the part of groups and communities the plan was drawn up by the National Security resources Board after considerable research and is intended to serve As a guide to Congress and state and local government1 in determining the part each should take in setting up Protection tor the Home front the plan defines civil defense As Protection of the Home tront by civilians acting under civil authority to minimize casualties and War damage and pre serve maximum civilian support of the War Effort. The civil defense system should provide the Means whereby this country if suddenly attacked heavily and without warning could get up off the floor to fight Back. It is assumed that any attack would be partially successful. The Board asserts that whether it would succeed in destroying America s i seductive Power would depend in the main on the organization and functional efficiency of the country s civil defense As outlined by the Board the Federal governments responsibility is to establish a National plan with accompanying policy and to Issue information and educational material about both it would provide of ires and facilities for schooling and raining provide co ordination of interstate operations furnish sum of the essential equipment. Ara advise the a a Tate concerning the establishment of stockpiles of medical Rand other supplies needed of the time of disaster. The responsibility of the state a it is to provide leadership and in Ermion in All planning for civil defense and direction of operations in an emergency. The Tate is the key operating unit the Field army of civil defense. Or. Our Tate governor Renn Bohrn recently appointed colonel Ralph a Jolson. Madison a member of the National guard As director of civil a fms he is working with a com Ilce of legislators and civilians in re a ring the state set up the Matte Jai contained in the report of the National securities resources boar hould enable colonel Olson and i committee to quickly organize the Tate to Cope with any possible emergency. It the responsibility of each i tut. Rid county to operate it civil defense. System under appropriate ordinance under the guidance of the Tate the communities should make us a Mutual Aid pacts arid other arrangement with a Are considered Nevi Ary tic a should provide adequate Taff arid facilities for train my. A sure their share of the financial ability. And participate in the Stair program of organized Mobile support. No one ear. Be certain which Community lab attacked. That is Why it is eni Iai that neighbouring Cornmon be prepared to assist the Penna of any Community that May be Attar a a a it hould not to necessary to Vait for instruction from a Central authority. Local governments in mobilizing and organizing their resources and Tion and fire guard service emergency health and Ansa Tion and Many. Related mind vets pen or cd by Tho red Cros. Or other agencies it also recommend that the individual be encouraged to equip himself with tools supplies and other essentials for the preservation of himself and i family. It is recognized that some aspects of the civil defense program will require expenditure of Federal state and local funds but it also should be recognized that much of the program rests with Volunteer workers and can be set up at Little or no Rod and without waiting for action by Congress or the state legislature. For instance we can Sec no reason for Delav in establishing a comprehensive program for training in first Aid that should apply to adults and students particularly those in High school. We have no doubt that Tho schools will co operate fully once such a request is made. There Are a number of things for the people of each Community to keep in mind one is that for the first time in 136 years an enemy has the Power to attack our cities in Force and that for the first time an attack May come suddenly with Little or no warning. The Srb believes that through a comprehensive civil defense program it should to possible to reduce casualties by More than 50 per cent. Civil defense. It says could spell the difference Between defeat with slavery for our people and Victory in a War thrust upon us. With this in mind. Every Community should get it program under Way at once. It should not be a program of half measures. Switched. A the caravan plodded past the new Oil refinery in Arabia one of the Dro medaries apparently affected by Gas fumes began to cough and gag the Driver rushed Forward. Began beating the animal with a switch while a Yankee Workman called. Hey what s the big idea a Quot Quot sir Quot replied the Arab. Quot i am merely teaching my Carnel not to More and More urgently the task of curbing inflation appears As an International assignment. That fact cannot safely be lost sight of even in these Days of political and military planning by the big three and Tho 12 Atlantic pact members meeting in new York. For impelling reasons of Solf de fens As Well As altruism for americans the speech French Premier Bene pleven delivered on this subject in Brittany deserves emphasis. It has come at just the moment. Moreover to refocus attention on the warning of the International monetary fund that rearmament confronts Europe with economic dangers which can play Light into the hands of world communism. Premier pleven urged that prices of raw materials be controlled by Etc National agreement. He tied this approach frankly to Francos needs. Prices in France arc very sensitive to the costs of imports. But that is True in much of Europe. And so is the fact that Quot monetary stability is As absolutely essential for National defense As the development of War Materiel and effective. tile cock munits have been making capital of the Price rises which have occurred since the outbreak of War in Korea. In All this the United states has a Central responsibility to discharge. We pm w that to say this risks Boring Many american readers who have watched their country bearing responsibility after responsibility Ever since Hitler broke Loose in Europe. But there it is. After All. An economic responsibility is Only part of the american Burden a american troops Are offering their lives in Korea and the number of them in Western Europe is to be greatly increased in the next few months. Those who say that All this is not really America s business will find the communists the first to agree with them insofar As president Truman s program for dealing with inflation i actually keeps Down the Cost of j things Europe must buy in Tho United states for rearmament it will make a vital contribution in the struggle against communism i there but americans should not be led to assume that global defense of Freedom can be assured with limited sacrifices. The stepping up of defense plans in Europe is already imposing burdens there which May have to be passed on in part to the american people. The reasons for this Are As Complex As economics itself. They can be covered in a general Way by saying that though production in Europe is now higher than before the War there is much less flexibility in the european than in the american Economy. And the cutting Back of living standards which is now called for by rearmament has to begin i at a substantially lower level. Therefore the Point at which economic readjustments must be made in Europe is nearer to the it Point of political upset than in the1 United states. Upsets if they came might lie More violent and dangerous. The Battle against inflation like the contest with communism can hardly be fought successfully on a dozen separate uncoordinated National fronts. That is the meaning of the pleven speech and the monetary fund report. In economic As in military defense the West is being forced to find new bases of Unity. Erskine Johnson death Date coincidence when american boys Are dying in defense of their country no Union has a Light to strike. Sen. Wayne Morse in. Ore Quot. The Rhinelander news and the new North published by the Rhinelander publishing company daily except sunday and Legal Holiday at Rhinelander. I. Entered a mail matter at the pot office in Rhinelander wu., under the act of Congreve of March j. Is79. Member of the a a Oci ated pre. The a a Oci ated pre is entitled excl Alively to Tho use for republication of All the local new punted in Thi newspaper a Well a All associated pre new dispatches. Member of the Inland daily pre association and the Wisconsin daily newspaper league. Subscription rates by Carrier 0 cent per week by mail. In Oneida Vilas Forest Iron Lincoln. Langlade and Price counties. $7 per year. Six month. $2 three month elsewhere by mail $11 per year $5.75 six months. $3.25 Throe months by mail outside United states rate on application. National advertising representative Wisconsin newspaper markets. 536 w. Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee and the Northwest Dally press association Palace building Minneapolis. Hollywood Nea there s a shudder coincidence in Quot the Devil and Daniel Webster the Wal tor Huston film that being reissued. As the Devil. Huston receives a letter signed in blood from a Man i offering to turn his soul Over to i him. The letter is dated april 7. Huston died almost six months ago i on april 7. Mem will reunite the entire cast of Quot father of the Bride for the sequel. Quot fathers Little i in which Liz Taylor will have a baby. The publicity boys Are hop i my out loud that Liz. Will announce j Quot Nicky Hilton s Little dividend Quot to help exploit Tho picture. Jack Carson can Stop worrying about his first night club engage i Merit. He was a big hit at the i Shamrock in Houston. Mem will give Kathryn Grayson a sexy Campaign As a result of Quot grounds for As the studio puts it j Quot she s always had the Chassis but 1 j we never turned on the . Night club impersonators Delight in impersonating Danny Kayo. But can they top this Danny will j impersonate himself in Quot on tile he plays an entertainer who does impersonations of film stars including d. Kayo. A Wilshire blvd. Drug store has a display of Jaik Rosenstein s Book. Quot hol i Lywood leg around a photo i graph of Ken Murray. Murray wrote on the picture Quot Jaik just read your Book. When i Are you leaving town a tides out for Arlene. Among the Long stemmed film i dolls applauding a 1951 bathing fashion preview were Ann Sheri i Dan. Arlene Dahl. June Haver and i Esther Williams. June told me she s completely recovered from her see rious illness but has orders from her doctor not to dance until january. Shell return to the screen about the ame time. Arlene is still wailing unhappily for the Lush role promised her at Mem when the studio refused to loan her out As Kox Lime in stall Kramer s a Cyrano de she told inc Quot the role was supposed to be in a a running of the but the picture Lins been postponed and i m still sight of the week a doll in ate Black velvet Beanie parading a French poodle on Wilshire blvd. The poodle was i r ring an identical Black velvet Beanie Peter Lawford s big Competition with Sharman Douglas is new yorker Irwin Kramer Boss of the 1 Edison hotel. The marriage of Sally Forrest and agent Milo Frank will come off when Sally completes Quot excuse my dust Quot at Mem. It s Vincent Minnelli s earnings that Are paying the Bills Ai Tho Way Down the line for his family. Judy Garland is still on suspension from Mem. A Hollywood lenser who approached Joan i Fontaine and Collier Young with a watch the Birdie request was turned Down by Collier Young. Joan Vas willing though. Lana Turner is still fuming Over that erroneous report that she will retire and pension off her Mother. There a no truth either to talk that her next film Quot kiss of a million a in which she plays a movie Siren is biographical. News item Quot Al Jolson planes out of Tokyo to entertain troops in Okeli. Columbia. There s your i g for a third Jolson movie. Or is it already being written a Prosperity note they re now using tablecloths Iii the Mem studio cafe. Also a Rose on every table. Well have to think Over the proposition a while Chicago journal of Commerce Rai Irsai i Sal Lei i _ Erat. Tin Day when the late Frank Mur i lie idol of Michigan Den Baun Murphy was almost an Assurance of winning an election Michigan voters eventually turned against the Murphys it in t a compliment to voters when they Are charmed by name instead it q a i fica time of office seekers but it happens every Nowend then Marinette Eagle Star. By i. Tafoi civil defense Are ask d to a Ign to their citizens the Maxim an r a Ponsi by i Ity for Elf mob Eikon the family constitutes the a Fiji individual Elf Prou cd or and hould be educated about a a re they May take individually Loar attack come the Board 11 commend that the individual be Nui a o to take or dining arid i to in -1 Coo i i in i i f i t it text Ion i to i a i a j 1 11 nning in e i even if for some reason you aspire to be killed in a railway crash you la have to travel l,250.0b01000 Miles Cool Ding to statistics and even then you May not make it. The cold emotionless figure Are a marked contrast to the neurotic Hullabaloo which followed four railway traffic accidents of recent Date. I to wort of them was the Coshocton Ohio crash in which the track Tram spirit of St. Louis smacked into a string of troop cars killing 33 of and injuring Many other. As a re ult of that disaster sen. I Ariel Mcyr Ltd Page has demanded that the interstate Cornin rec commission Hale the entire railroading Industry to Washington for an investigation of railway safety practices. It proper and it s just that the Coshocton mashup be exhaustively investigated and it 1 being done How one train can min into the rear of another even in abnormal visibility i hard to understand but the obligation to seek tile cause of individual accidents by no mean1 implies a need to investigate Tho entire Industry the truth is that the railroads Art Lite of St Mode of modern travel known to Man tin National safety Council figure for 1949 Sizov. These fatalities per Hundred million passenger Miles passenger automobiles and taxis 2 scheduled airlines i 3 buses .2 railroads 08 the latter figure represents a distinct improvement Over 1948�?Ts rate of .13. It applies to passenger Only and Doest include the 443 deaths of employees of steam railroads last year. Every time a plane or a train is involved in a fatal the news is splattered All oven tile headlines but tile millions of afe flights arid journeys Are of course unnoticed by press and radio. As a result the rare exception Over Shadow the commonplace Rule in the Public consciousness. Despite Tim most far reaching precautions a certain minimum of accidents in travel cannot be avoided. Safety is dependent on human beings arid human beings Are fallible. They Are subject to traffic mishaps in factories on Street Corners at play and at Home and in vehicles too. If these facts Are seen in their proper proportion there will be less Public hysteria after each highly publicized Accident. Arid there will be fewer senators seeking to grasp the nation railroaders by the Scruff of tin neck and haul them into Washington

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