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Rhinelander Daily News and The News North (Newspaper) - September 23, 1950, Rhinelander, Wisconsin The Rhinelander daily news thirty third year no. 159 and the new Noeth Rhinelander. Wis. Saturday evening september 25. 1950 8 pages today Price five cents reds bolstered for Seoul defense yanks seeking to Cut off other reinforcements Allied marines Bat today against red division rushed up Southeast Korea Tokyo pitied for Seoul reinforced by a from the old beachhead. American forces drove hard to Cut off other communist reinforcements for the besieged capital. The u. S. First cavalry division smashed 35 Miles out of the Beach head and occupied Sangjun a Junction on one of the two main routes to Seoul. Allied fighters and bombers attacked retreating reds All along the bulging Pusan line. At Seoul. U. S. And South korean marines clamped prongs North and Southwest of the sprawling City of a million. The Northern thrust carried into the outskirts under heavy red artillery fire. The a a lines were reported within two Miles of the heart of Seoul. A Marine intelligence officer told acc i respondent Reiman Morin the leathernecks had captured reds from the North korean ninth division which raced More than 200 Miles along the twisting Valley roads northward from a Man to Seoul. The red ninth previously was reported opposing the u s. 25th division. The intelligence officer said also that a red regiment the 107th. Was reported to have entered the capital from Sari on 90 Miles Northwest of Seoul it evidently skirted marines who blocked the rail and in Highway routes Northwest of the City after crossing the Han River. Ii Loody Battle shapes. Thus bolstered the communists appeared to have More than 15.000 troops at hand for the developing Battle for Seoul a struggle expected to be the bloodiest and most destructive of the War. % in Moscow the newspaper Pray probe of hears sons Draff record aim of senator Senate bloc Battles to gop senator who blasted Marshall Calls Pearson sob defeat red control Bill Bonner is a f. Fellers aide denies saying Hitler did Reich Good Washington Pic Bonner f Fellers above Republican National committee official has denied a syndicated column by Robert s Allen quoting him As telling a group of germans hero that Quot Hitler did Germany a world of Fellers said Friday he has instructed his attorneys to bring immediate suit for damages. Allens column he said was a a vicious Allen denied misquoting Fellers. He said six germans and their american guide told him the Story and that he took it to Fellers who confirmed it. In View of Fellers rental cop chairman Guy Gabrilson telegraphed gov. Dewey of new York that any further action would be unnecessary. Dewey As head of tilt i party had demanded Fellers by fired if he made the remark attributed to him by Allen. A in a dispatch from its correspondent in Korea said pillboxes barricades and tank Points Dot the populous inflammable City. The correspondent reported every Home in Seoul Quot must be defended As a three thousand reds were entrenched on 700-foot South Mountain inside the City. Artillery in a Public Park on the Summit roared at Allied marines pushing on and into the City. Morin described the shilling As Quot heavy and in City a outskirts. Gen. Macarthur Headquarters confirmed the leathernecks were in the outskirts of the City. But there was no confirmation of a Pusan radio report that South korean marines occupied Seoul s West Gate prison of soda Mun. Soda Mun is Southeast of two Heights captured Friday by american marines commanding the North-0 Vest entry into Seoul. The Hills were designated As 296 and 388. Because of their metric height. The Marine spearhead on the soul ii West pushed on from the Shell shattered factories of Young Dunno on Seoul s suburbs toward ruined railway Bridges across the Han. Yong Tungpo was secured Friday after bitter Bayonet fighting. The Tokyo spokesman said the eastward Advance continued South of the Hail against Quot minor resistance Quot indicating that the americans were advancing around the Southern end of Seoul at some distance South of the River. I on the marines right flank the u. S. Seventh division drove eight Miles beyond captured Suwon along the major route South of Seoul. Suwon and its important Airfield fell to the infantrymen Friday. Trap closing on foe. Big enough to land c-54 transport planes the Airfield was used july i to evacuate civilians from othe onrushing red hordes one week after the invasion of South Korea began. With the seventh division continuing South and Tho u. S. First cavalry and the 24th divisions driving North the reds were rapidly becoming trapped in their Retreat from the Southeast beachhead. Macarthur reported the red withdrawal whether in flight Olin an Effort to shift forces for the defense of Seoul was costing a heavy toll. His summary reported 5.920 red casualties and 685 prisoners on All fronts for the 24 thorns up to Friday Midnight. The first cavalry s rapid Advance to sangju�?35 Miles in 35 hours accounted for Many of the red casualties. Non Stop Jet flies Atlantic in to hours t weather Limestone or Force base. Me. 0p� an Oil spattered Thunder Jet fighter plane Here is proof the Quot flame throwers Quot can hop the Atlantic in one swoop if they re refuelled in flight. This one did it Friday complot j ing the world s first nonstop inter j Continental flight by a Jet aircraft. A companion plane came to grief j Over Labrador but its Pilot Para Chute safely. Col. David c. Schilling flew his single engine f-84 fighter 3.300 Miles from Mauston. England to Limestone in ten hours and one minute. Headwinds kept the fort Leav-1 Epworth Kas. World War two Ace from endangering the 1949 record set by a pan american airways strato incr that flew 3565 Miles in nine hours 16 minutes on a 110 mile Tail wind. Schilling landed tired but Happy at this Northern Maine bomber base to said Quot everything went perfectly Quot on his flight. Air Force officials in Washington said his flying mate. It. Col. William d. Ritchie of Pine Bluff Ark had trouble refuelling from a Tanker plane Over Goose Bay lab., and apparently did t get enough fuel to carry his ship through. A Rescue helicopter from Goose Bay picked up Ritchie unhurt. Both Veteran pilots were on a Mission to give Jet refuelling techniques an acid test. Air refuelling already is Standard practice for bombers. Prichard doubts 29 places have slots Madison up the Federal government Quot must be in error Quot on its count of Slot machines in Wisconsin David Prichard director of the state beverage and cigarette tax division said Friday. The internal Revenue department had reported earlier this month that Wisconsin has 29 establishments paying Federal taxes on a Coin operated gaming Quot i can t figure out where the department got that Prichard said. Quot earlier this summer we knew of four slots and we nailed those in a raid at Pichard said his records show 14,-6c9 amusement devices such As pinball machines without payoff in the state. He said he was writing fed Washington p a sen Mcmahon a Conn it says or intends to press for a Senate inquiry into i the world War ii d raft records cd three sons of publisher William Randolph Hearst when Congress meets in november. William Randolph Hearst. Or. Publisher of the new York journal american replied Quot the draft records of my Brothers and myself air. I believe available for inspection by sen Mcmahon or any other interested parties Mcmahon offered a Resolution to authorize the Senate armed ser vices committee to investigate the i selective service records of William Randolph Hearst. Or. And his Brothers John and David As Well As j those of Leslie Gould financial Edi 1 tor of the new York journal Amor can. And Serge Rubinstein of new York. Mcmahon told the Senate he had been Quot scandalized Quot because the j o u r n a Ham rican printed Quot the fraudulent charge that i intervened for Rubinstein in his draft Rubinstein was convicted of draft dodging and served two years in the Federal Penitentiary at i Weisburg. A to was released in 1949 Quot for years in their sordid newspapers. Tho lira rats have advocated Universal military training for every american boy apparently Foi everybody except the heal Mcmahon said. Quot the hearts pleaded to their draft boards that they were needed at Home to support their William Randolph Hearst. Or. Replied in a statement issued in new York by William h. White editor of the Hearst newspaper Bureau there to charge As senator Mcmahon has that there was anything irregular is. It seems to me. To impugn the honesty and integrity of the members of those draft boards in which he and his Brothers were registered Quot sen. Mcmahon or anyone else i Welcome to investigate the records to their heart s Content it would appear though that senator Mcmahon is not As sanguine about publicity on his own background Quot Gould said if Mcmahon is interested in his draft record. Quot i Sug he ask Ray draft he added that Quot As to the senator s relations with Serge Rubinstein whom i exposed theres the Mcmahon said that or did represent Rubinstein in an immigration Case before his election to the Senate. But he said he Quot never had tile slightest connection Quot with Rubinstein s draft Case. He said to had Given this information to the journal Menean in december. 1948. But that the following february the paper printed an article by Gould Quot attempting to i link my to Rubinstein s draft and he said that now Quot the Hood him Hearst press has announced a mucker Campaign to defile my Honor and my Public career Quot in a series i of articles by Gould to begin sunday. Actress Paris bound to wed Errol Flynn new York Ltd it a red haired movie actress Patrice Wymore. 23. Left by plane Friday for Paris where she will marry actor Errol Flynn. Or. And mrs James Wymore of Salina Kas. Were at the Airport to see their daughter off. Forecast for Wisconsin fair Ana Cool tonight and sunday. Frost tonight with freezing temperatures Northeast and North Central portions. Low tonight 27-32 Northeast to 32-35 South and extreme West. High sunday 58-62 North 62-66 South. Rhinelander weather a maximum temperature of 68 degrees was recorded Here yesterday with a minimum of 46. Last night s Low was 35. The Reading was 40 at 8 of clock this morning and 45 at to. The prevailing wind is from the frosty weather hits the Region by the associated press summer bowed out of Wisconsin and the rest of the country this morning and left a pleasant Day for the Start of autumn. Although some sceptics might argue summer never arrived it officially is a dead Pigeon now. The autumnal Equinox occurred at 8 44 a. In. Cost. At that time the projection of the Equator crossed the suns Center on the Earth s southward swing from now on Days will be getting Shorter and nights longer. In Dutiful Observance of in Pond. Ing fall the Mercury last night got i Down to the freezing Mark in Northern Wisconsin. The overnight Reading was 31 at Park Falls Anc 32 at land of lakes. Temperature Over the rest of the state Range upwards to 52 at Menomonie. The prediction was Frost Likely Inland in the Central and Northern portion of the state tonight Ann sunday fair and not so Cool. Gop candidate for governor is dead Washington v sen Jenner a and it called columnist Drew Pearson a revolving s o. to 1 Day because of an attack which he said Pearson s column will make on him tomorrow. Addressing the Senate. Jenner quoted the column As saying he was Quot put in the Senate Quot by Quot the former treasurer of the Kun Kins giant Iii Indiana. Bob Lyons Quot when Pearson heard about Tenner s remarks he said the senator apparently could dish out criticism but take it Quot tins Drew Jenner said. Is a self appointed self made Cross t d. Dotted id. Double documented super superlative revolving s. O b Quot Jennet said he considered the attack a real achievement Quot since criticisms by Pearson have generally been reserved for presidents of the United states Quot Quot think of the senator added. Quot two american president were liable to find any other words to describe this propaganda peddling prostitute than by calling him a s o Pearson later said Quot after launching one of the most unfair attacks at Gen Marshall Ever aimed at a Public figure calling him a a living lies and a front Man for traitors Jenner now rants. Raves and winces when lie own operations Arr exposed. A hit dog always howls Quot Jenner s statement about two presidents apparently referred to brushes Pearson had with presidents Truman and Roosevelt. In August 1943. Roosevelt called Pearson a chronic liar without mentioning Hun by name. Last year in february Pearson had criticized maj Gen Harry h. Vaughn presidential military aide. President Truman said in a speech if Ain s i b thinks he can get i any member of Tho presidential staff or Cabinet changed by a smar Taleck crack to is mistaken. Again Pearson was t mentioned by name but there was not doubt his i was the target. Yanks mistakenly bomb British Force Southeast Korea plan a photographer said american planes bombed and strafed British ground troops by mistake today while trying to give them close in air support. The combat photographer Gene Herrick said he saw the incident from a command Post 400 Yards away. Herrick said casualties among the British apparently were heavy. Some were badly burned to said. By jellied gasoline bombs. Others wire wounded by strafing. Herrick said he saw about 40 wounded returned to the Advance Post. Tho British were Clements of the 27th brigade which includes troops from the Argyll and Sutherland highlanders they were among 1.500 British reinforcements who came to Korea aug. 29 from Hong Kong. Herrick said u. S. Air support was called in As the British soldiers were attacking Hill 303 near Taegu against stiff North korean resistance the Hill is five Miles West of the nabbing River. Herrick said he took a number of pictures of the incident but set aside ins camera to help carry litters of wounded Back across the River. The photographer said that while 1 he was helping to carry a wounded British Soldier across a tread Way Bridge spanning the River the reds opened up on a litter column with a 76-mm. Self propelled gun. One of the British soldiers wounded in the air attack was killed by shrapnel from a red Shell As he reached the East Bank of the rive i Herrick said. Some of the British troops Wen angry but others including pvt Arthur Holmes of Liverpool were philosophical. Holmes said. Quot its just one of those tilings. This is something that could t be helped up to now the yank air Force has Given us very Good passage Over veto Likely $17 billion Bill to re Arm u. S. Sent to White House Mother 27, Dies in Antigo crash Washington it a 17 billion erne Gene it Money Bill to twp meet costs of rearming this nation and its friends was on president Truman s desk today in practically the same form he had favored it was one of the last enactments of the vacation bound Congress stripped of a tight ban on economic Aid to foreign countries trading in military goods with the soviet Bim it boosts to approximately $60 billion the Cash and contract authority voted since the first of this year and it raises to More than $100 billion the Cash and contract authority. Including National debt interest payments and other fixed costs running to about $8 billion a year. Voted since the 01st Congress convened in january 1949. The emergency defense Hill was abandon Doc plea made to state democrats Oral authorities on their report. Inn la Daylight saving time ends sunday new York Pic Daylight saving time ends at 2 a. In. Tomorrow sunday. If you re in a Daylight saving area turn Back your clocks one hour before you go to bed tonight. You gain that hour s sleep you lost last april when Quot summer time Quot i went into Al feet. Denver of a Ralph Carr. 62. Twice governor of Colorado died Friday night and the state s heir information publican party was left without a i gubernatorial candidate for the general election in november. Death resulted from a foot infection complicated by diabetes and a heart condition. Truck kills boy near Neopit Neopit in a Albert Brown. Jr., 6, was killed Friday when struck by a truck after he apparently had run out upon the Road and then St u in i lied. B-50 with 16 on Board missing Denver j i an air Force b-50 bomber with a Crew of 12 and four passengers aboard was reported trussing today on a flight from Goose Bay Labrador to Davis Monthan air Force base at Tucson Ariz. The plane which left Goose bag thursday night was to have entered the u. S. Over Michigan and land at Tucson Friday morning. The plane had a 17-hour fuel Supply for the 12-Houi routine training flight o Konski missed vote on red curb me Osuri Washington up a Here is How Wisconsin congressmen voted Friday when the House overrode president Truman a veto of an anti subversive Hill republicans for a Byrnes Davis. Hull Murray Smith democrats j against Biemiller. Not recorded As voting Withrow Oblocki Keefe i Konski. By the associated press a Long time Democrat has railed upon state party leaders to abandon the democratic organizing committee Quot the Doc Quot merely a is the Republican voluntary organization in evading our election Milwaukee atty William Rubin said in letters to Carl Thompson National a and Awty nominee tor governor and to Jerome Fox. State chairman of the democratic party. Tuesday s primary election proved two a hints Rubin said. Quot that the democrats resented Tho action of a few organized labor and farm leaders to draft one from the Republican ranks and hoist him upon the party As a and that votes cast for Daniel Koan. La vein Dilweg and Charles Greene Quot Are Strong expressions of disapproval Quot of the Doc. Hoan and Dilweg were unsuccessful in seeking the party s u. S. Senatorial nomination while Greene lost the gubernatorial nod. William Sanderson was another unsuccessful senatorial candidate despite Strong backing by the Wisconsin state federation of labor and farm cooperative groups. Rubin asked that Quot Tho democratic party be the Liberal party of the common people without voluntary organizations special blocs or pressure groups superimposing themselves a pm at Madison Friday. Henry Russ said reapportionment w As Quot one state Issue on which the great majority i of Wisconsin voters Are Reuss democratic nominee for attorney general declared that Quot Folio years the Republican dominated legislature has thumbed its nose at the provision of the Wisconsin const i tut Ion requiring Quot while the democratic platform forthrightly Calls for an honest reapportionment the Republican Bosses entirely omitted it from their june convention platform Quot Reuss Aid. Al to list Taft labor enemy no. T Houston pm the Al set today aside for political plans with sen Taft a Ohio expected to w in top Quot labor enemy Quot Billing. On the record the american federation of labors 69th annual convention stood adjourned until 2 p. In. Cos usual hour for starting afternoon sessions. Actually the Al delegates were called together in Houston s High domed auditorium for a morning meeting As members of labors league for political education. The stratagem was resorted to because of the Taft Hartley Law s prohibition against labor unions spending Money for defeat or election of candidates for National office. The league can and does spend Money in politics. Its political activities Are supported by voluntary contributions its educational activities Are supported by voluntary assessments on Al members. A source close to Tho Al executive Council who declined to be quoted by name said the league was Quot certain to name Taft top labor it was expected the league would decide in which senatorial contest it would spend its time and Money. The spokesman said it was certain particular attention would he Given in to 11. Cleared Friday after a Brief but hot Senate fight on an amendment that would have denied u. S economic help to any nation whose Trade with Russia or hoi satellites includes arms armaments or any articles that could be used for military purposes or. Truman personal had attacked the amendment As one which he said would Hurt free Europe More than it would Russia the House refused to approve the amendment and toned it Dew ii j to give discretion in tin matter to the National Security Council headed by or Truman. Once the Council says a foreign i country is engaging in Trade with a Russia that is not in the Security interests of the u a. The exporting country would have to quit 1 such Trade or forego further u s Aid that Compromise suitable to the administration threatened to tall the Bill in the Senate. Aid to allies too. Sen. Wherry Ltd neb it Anthol of the original amendment tried unsuccessfully to rewrite the House Compromise by substituting for it a modified version of his own plan the Senate turned him Down. 39 to 28. And sent the Bill to the president by voice Vot it the Hill was one of the Majot pieces of legislation which stood in the Way of adjournment of Congress until nov. 27. The emergency measure hurriedly written after the communist invasion of South Korea provides an estimated us billion Foi tin army the Navy and the air Force to build up the nation s War potential. And $4 billion for military Aid to foreign countries outside the soviet orbit. Vote sums for dec. There Are smaller sums for the atomic Energy commission and for stockpiling strategic materials that would be vital in the event of War. The atomic Emu by commission Money is to help get Plant facilities started to produce the Hydrogen bomb. The armed services already have been Given More than $14 billion this year in the regular appropriation Bill passed when the Clouds of War were not so Black. That Bill appropriated for All Federal activities More than $36 billion. It l let ii a War profit Bill set Washington a the House ways and Means committee today ordered Public hearings starting nov. 15 on a tax Bill to take the profit out of War. Antigo fan expectant Mother. Mrs Harold Spurgeon. 27. Was killed Friday night when the car in which she was Riding collided with the Chicago and North Western Streamliner. Quot the Flambeau 400.&Quot at a City crossing her daughter. Jean. 2. And another passenger. Mrs Glenn Bown. 26. Were not injured. The car Driver. Mrs Merle Rice. 32. Suffered minor injuries Bookie names cops in new York City gambling pay off the Bill estimated to yield Between $5 billion and $6 billion is the second instalment in a Revenue program to help with the Cost of fighting in Korea and building up National defense. Ways and Means committee members said they Are hopeful of having an excess profits Bill ready for House consideration when Congress ends its fall vacation nov. 27. They Hope to limit Public hearings to five Days. Treasury experts and the committee s staff Are at work now and Hope to make recommendations to the committee late next month. By overwhelming votes. Congress yesterday passed and sent to president Truman the first Bill that Calls on almost every american to help pay for the rearmament program. President Truman has told friends he is pleased with the Bill and he is expected to sign it quickly. It Means that just a week from tomorrow the government will begin taking one fifth More taxes after personal exemptions out of All working people s pay. The More than 50 million individual taxpayers will contribute almost $3 bit i lion additional a year beginning oct. I. Taxes on individuals Are incr Cas cd 12 to 20 per cent. Corporations will pay an Esti new York up Artic Karp alleged payoff Man in $20 million Brooklyn gambling Ling. Friday revealed police names to a grand jury probing the cop Bookie graft scandal. Karp. 35. Gave himself up to the District attorney s office and was hustled before the jury where the that attorney s office said. Artie has named names police names Quot Kings Couney judge Samuel s Libowitz set Karp s bail at $5,000 and ordered him kept under 24-hour guard. Police paid $1 million. Karp sought As a material witness in the police Bookie probe was air to he the a Artic Quot of the wiretap recording conversations which police commissioner William p o Brien heard in Sci Bowitz court a week ago yesterday. Karp was named As handing out a share of the $1 million a year Thrift went to police for Protection of the huge gambling ring broken up last week by Brooklyn raiders. Harry Gross. 34. Head of the Multi million Dollar gaming ring is being held As a material witness in $250,000 Bond Gross has refused to name policemen whom he paid off. Some of them he said. Are very High in rank. Acting mayor Vincent Impellitteri went to Brooklyn to Confer with Brooklyn dist atty. Miles f. Mcdonald and judge Libowitz. After the conference. Impellitteri said he was studying Quot certain recommendations made to him by the judge and the District attorney. Quot i am in this picture from now the acting mayor said. Quot what i will have to say on monday will clarify the a a sorry mess a judge Libowitz. Who termed the ease a a sorry also had this to say while this investigation is going on. We want the decent cops to know we arc behind them too per newspaper reports said the resignation of commissioner o Brien and his two top commanders. Chief inspector August w. Flath and William t. Whalen chief of detectives Mav be imminent. Phantom Whistler known police say Paradis. La. Up a chief Deputy sheriff Edward Prejean says the Jig is up for the phantom Whistler. He said he is Quot almost certain today will bring the revelation of the identity of the person who has terrorized an 18-year-old Bride to be with nocturnal whistling of a funeral Dirge and Telephone threats of death. For months the will o the Wisp Whistler has conducted a Campaign to break up the wedding plans of pretty Jacquelyn Cadow. Engaged j to wed state trooper Herbert mated $12 billion a year More. Bargain varieties in ads every Day used furniture clothing household articles and other second hand items Are Good Sellers in the news classified Section but the want and Page also carries dozens of new articles advertised daily by leading Rhinelander merchants. If you Are looking for bargains in Bolh new and used items Check the want ads every Day. You will be amazed at the hard to find things advertised. Get the want and Reading habit. Bolson26. On oct. I. Peace officers Here and in new Orleans 25 Miles to the East have set numerous traps for him but he has eluded All. But now. Prejean says his identity will be revealed and when that happens Quot it will make it pretty 1 embarrassing. I wish i could say More but right now i can Jacquelyn s Mother. Mrs. Clif Ford Cadow. Said the Whistler s Campaign started last february after Jacquelyn met Belsom. At first there were Only whistled Wolf Calls beneath Tho girls window but after her engagement was announced they changed to an eerie whistled funeral March and Telephone Calls in which the Whistler threatened to kill Jacquelyn. Tile Campaign brought the girl near collapse. She is presently hiding out. Trying to get some rest and recover from the Strain. The phantom Whistler tracing her every movement has warned Quot Don t forget. Pii he at the wed i a. I Lime Langer collapses on floor after plea to uphold president Washington up. A die hard squad of senators fought doggedly in. Hour after hour today against the communist control Bill denounced by president Truman. Their avowed Hope was that word from the people will change the minds of colleagues Bent on overriding the Truman veto the strategy was disclosed by senators Lehman a and Humphrey Ltd Minn it As the Senate talk earned Over from a night Long session into the Bright morning hours senator collapses. The tense All night session w a s dramatized by the collapse of sen Langer in. D i after he had held the floor More than five hours Langer. After struggling to keep his feet sagged to the floor and was carried out of the chamber on i Stretcher he was taken to Bethesda naval Hospital. Quot just Plain exhaustion his doctor said adding that the senator appeared to be in no danger at another Point sen Douglas i cd Iii sobbed aloud while arguing against the Bill it was Learned that several senators opposing the Bill called the White House this morning seeking presidential guidance they were told to use their own judgment that it was up to them. May vote this afternoon. Lehman in one of the time consuming so he caches by opponents it Tho measure offered a vote at 2 p in. Asti. Humphrey talking to i portors indicated willingness to j Settle for an even earlier show. Down. He said the opposition should to through around to a in. The two had similar ideas on reasons for delay. Lehman Airi what his group wanted was a reasonable Opportunity for senators to study the veto message from the White House. He spoke of a vote at Quot a reasonable j time this Humphrey getting ready to take Over the talking chores later in the morning mentioned the to a in possibility and told newsmen Quot by that time people will have had time to read their morning payers and listened to the radio Ana maybe some senators will have heard from the minnesotan however conceded he had no real Hope of upholding the veto. He figured no More than 15 senators would support or. Truman. The Long fight had taken its toll of casualties. Langer. Who will be 64 on sept. 30. Collapsed gasping for breath Asho spoke against the measure. He had started speaking at 9 50 p. In. Last night and collapsed Ashe faced. At 3 18 a. In. Lucas opposes Truman. Douglas was sobbing audibly As he finished an hour and a half speech pleading with the Senate to Back or. Truman they had Little Hope of succeeding. Despite the Strong Tenor of or. Truman s veto. To had used such words As Quot Hasty and ill considered Quot and had said the measure would make Quot a mockery of the Bill of or. Truman s own Senate lieutenant. Floor Leader Lucas in it told his colleagues he would vote to override the veto. Lucas had voted for the Bill when it passed the Senate originally. Supporters of the Bill had been sitting Back determined to let its opponents talk themselves out they were confident they had the votes to write the measure into Law Over the veto. House passes Bill. The House had already override or. Truman a objections swiftly Friday afternoon by a 286 to 48 vote. That was 63 votes More than the necessary two thirds majority the All night talk fest threatened to throw a wrench into Congress plans to adjourn sometime today until nov. 27. After the elections the Senate on Lucas motion reconsidered its earlier adoption of a Resolution providing for a recess today. The effect was to nullify the previous approval of the Resolution but the Senate can adopt it again later. Douglas then proposed a Senate recess until noon with an agreement to vote on the Bill at 3 p in but sen Mccarran Ltd Nev principal sponsor of the Bill objected Douglas suggested the Striate take a breathing spell while a people had a Chance to read the presidents veto message dining the Day Quot we might Well reach a Wiser decision after the people have reacted to the veto Douglas said. When me Canan objected Douglas launched a speech against tic Bill. The weariness uni the our of the is ked to a b Bill in

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