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Reno Weekly Gazette And Stockman Newspaper Archives Oct 15 1891, Page 1

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Weekly Gazette And Stockman, The (Newspaper) - October 15, 1891, Reno, Nevada Vol. Steno Washoe county Nevada thursday october 15, 1891. No. 2 and published Erbby thursday. Allen 0. Bragg editor and Tro Krietor. Subscription Kates weekly one year by mall Dally ene year by mall. 6ioo ally. Foy Carrier per Wetyk to All parts of Bono. .26 adverb Tsisina Bates weekly one month one Dally one month one Saarne. 2.50 Brevi ties. Fully matured bananas Are grown in Phoenix Arizona. After a Man has held Sun office for two Yeats in Kansas he is called a barnacle " about 300 tons of Borax passes out Over the g. C. R. R. Every month to the marts of Commerce. The Virginia chronicle says a Case of diphtheria has appeared there and is to pronounced after examination by or. Harris. Order for 300 combination and cattle cars As now being tilled at the machine Shaps of the Southern Pacific company in the Truckee Republican flays the dairymen Are getting ready to move Over the mountains. The exodus will commence in about ten Daya. A Bald headed woman is unusual before she is 40, but Gray hair la com Mon with them Eailler. Dial Dpi so May be prevented by using Hall s hair Kenower. The Alioe ice co. Has acres of land along the Truckee River just above its works. The reported consideration is which shows that real estate along the River is table. If you have made up your mind to buy Hood s Sarsaparilla do not be induced to take any other. Sarsaparilla is a Peculiar Medicine possessing by virtue of its Peculiar combination proportion and preparation curative Power Superior to any other article of the kind. The scientific expedition has returned from Alaska. A Large collection of botanical specimens was made and photographs of everything of interest were the most successful feature of the whole Uip was i the breaking through the mount St i Elias Range a feat never before accomplished by Man. Eugene j. Gregory of Sacramento been in Monterey searching for tiles with which to restore Suiter s i orc to its original condition. Or malaria of Monterey offered to give him the rooting of Hia House free ing that he considered it an Honor to be Able to assist in the restoration this will Supply All tiles necessary the restoration of the fort is Progress ing satisfactorily or. Gregory sums. Flies on Hek. He t him fill where von i Fly time the Luy Oconney v al., tails the following remarkable ton some thai u or four weeks off i lady in this Vicinity became Loht in i Ohton. Report that Oduin Booth is loj ing his mind is based on the follow ing told by a Man who met him in Boston. He said i met him on the Street saturday and accosting him la told me he had been looking for stat Stiert for inlay fifteen minutes could see that his mind was wander ing and he had lot his bearings s i offered to twist him to ins Destina Tion which 1 if that is to i taken As an Indica Tion of Cimini so then the same charge would Lav against any stranger Caugh wandering around the crooked am bewildering cow paths called Street in Boston. The impression prevail ing among the people of the far we is that to reach Bunker Hill Monn Merit a stranger needs an expert guide even after he nets in full sight of i of no Booth is not. Crazy if tha is the Only charge against him. Ref Mefi t n fur Sale the people s advocate at Austi has taken pains to Van Vitas the cattle Kut to find about Lisov Many goo fact Are for Sale Thia tall in a n rims of 80 Milt s of Austin ant lint that it loft Good steers the years old and upwards Are Here of Sale. Forty Bays of sixty i a important measure that would totem to need up Luna Ilon. Editor Gazette on Page 19, statutes of 1h91, in an act limiting in duration of the sessions of the Nevada which provides iat no regular session shall exceed Orty Days and Section 2 of said act takes it effective on april 5, 1891. N Page 199, same statutes is a pro a used amendment to the Constitution f about the same effect As the above statute which has to be voted on at he election e accomplished by unlimited action in the part of the people for the Stor be and distribution of water and the reclamation of arid land and that we mail with satisfaction the evidences of presented that the state is about o enter upon a new Era of improve nent. Resolved that we heartily endorse he platform adopted by the irrigation Congress of seventeen states and territories in session at Salt Lake Ity Utah which requested the con fess of the United slates to Grant in rust upon such conditions As shall serve the Public interest of the state and territories excepting Mineral ands for the purpose of developing irrigation to Render the lands now arid Ertile and capable of supporting population. Resolved that whereas at the last session of the legislature an irrigation a was passed providing a first step that a petition be presented to he Board of county commissioners a the county in which the land or the greater portion thereof is situated signed by a majority of the freeholders of the proposed District owning lands susceptible of irrigation from a com Mon source requesting to Fis the boundaries of such District and to Call an election and providing that n such i election if two thirds of the Are in favor of forming the Dis trial. It shall be organized Asani Riga District Ami also providing tha Sui i isl riot Hli Ull be divided into five divisions by the county commission1 cars at the time the boundaries Are and the election called and tha from each of these divisions one director shall be elected the five Formin a Boardo of directors to control nil n business in the Zifcu Ramg t i Innis of the Nuci Iii and such District is Whei big animal simply in the position of s Public corporation but without the Power to adopt any plan of storage irrigation or reclamation or to inc or to Issue any Bondi without a of a majority of the voters of the District and i Lukkas it is essential that such ass Lrichs shall be organized comprise in a less clively the land of reclamation within reach of the fou Grout Rivers of the hum Huldt thu Truckee the Carson and tue a Vikor of incr that plan May to prepared estimate made uni propositions for actual reclamation submitted to a Vole of the people in the rusted. Now therefore this convention without committing itself to any particular plan of reclamation and Wilh itself to the question As to Walic Glicr any Bonds shall be issued in Iheson various districts or whether the amount shall be greater or less recommends to the people Liv ing within these various districts the immediate organization of water districts in order that they May secure a position which shall enable them to do effective work. A excitement. A Little Gas was allowed to escape from a citizen of Carson who had Over loaded his stomach with Bug juice at this Point in the proceedings interrupting the convention in its work for several minutes and finally culminated in the Carson Man hitting a Humboldt lawyer in the belly with a chair after which he was removed from the Hall by several of his friends headed by Farmer Treadway but As the old gentlemen is not As Spry As he used to be his Jint Witer having partially dried up. The old Man fell Down in the aisle and was run Over by half a Hundred excited men. The excitement finally subsided when sen heir water rights at which they would Ell to the District when formed. He Aid if they refused to sell nothing effective could be done until the legis nature authorized the condemnation of All existing water rights. He con ended that it was essential to the economic use of water that it should e owned by the irrigation District to formed in their municipal capacity be spoke at some length about the agricultural capacity of the state and particularly the Opportunity for irn rating by Means of the Rivers above named that there was land and Waer enough on those Rivers alone to support from half a million to a Mil Ion population. He predicted that the water would at some time be stored and properly distributed and said that it depended upon the people he Selvea whether it should be done n the immediate future or by the next generation. Salto the Resolution asking Congress to donate the lands to the state for irrigation purposes he said he did not take any part in the debate on a ads Central Ami Wesler Titus. Who will enforce and not i he vital pro visions of the interstate Commerce a. The convention made a special re quest of general r. M. Clarke to at tend the Omaha convention on the kith As a repro Sensitivo from Nevada. 3 iveral other were asked a go but it was finally left to the governor to appoint five gentlemen who should signify a desire to attend. After a vote of thanks to the officers f the convention and the citizens of Carson generally the convention adjourned without Date. Be cent Salt Lake City that if the us when granted could be properly controlled and administered by the state they would be of enormous Den eat in Aid of irrigation that be would act in the matter in the Senate As the people of Nevada desired that if they believed they could use the land when granted for the legitimate purpose of irrigation and keep them out of the hands of the monopolists he would cordially work for the Grant that he desired every citizen of Nevada to think the matter Over and let him know their general desires and if the Grant was made what restrictions they thought necessary to prevent misuse of the same. E. F. Deal explained the pro vision of the act providing for the formation of districts. General Clarke showed that the present Law simply provided for the storage of the surplus Waters. R. L. Fulton made a practical address in which he said that the people organized and that it had just been that they were organized fur peace laughter and he did not see Why an organization for Iiri gaming our and lands could not be effected and thought it Best to make a beginning. Or. I Ulton advocated the holding of irrigation meetings in every county in the state in order that the people Nii uht be educated up to the a Eccl Miv us i in movement and the Sugges Tion met with mud favor. He was followed by lie menant governor a Mij cide b. F. Leete j. A. La grave Evan Williams and m. S. Bonnifield when senator Stewart offered the following resolutions which after some discussion was adopted Wii Kakkak it is essential for the purpose of economizing the water of any irrigation District that May be formed that All private rights to the use of the water shall be extinguished and that All the water of a Given Stream shall be owned and controlled by a District As a municipal Corpora lion and distributed among the Zirri gators by persons elected by the peo ple of the District and whereas the irrigation Laws of the Lassle Biou of the legislature provides for the Purchase or condemnation of All water rights and other property necessary for the use of the District with the proviso that existing water rights shall no be acquired by con damnation and , there Are Large numbers of water rights held by private parties in every District which can be formed in the state and win areas it is necessary in order to put the irrigation Law of the last session in full operation that owners of water rights shall voluntarily sell the same to the District to avoid the delay of further legislation providing for condemnation wherefore resolved that a committee of three be appointed of persons owning water rights on each of the following Rivers namely the Carson the Truckee the Walker and the hum Boldt to consult the owners of water rights on said Rivers and ascertain if they will sell such water rights to the District for reasonable compensation and take water from the corporation bold Buu Lars. The store of i. Hack Leith burglarized and the sure cracked one thou Sand Pollara one of the most daring and Success Ful jobs of Safe cracking Ever perpetrated in Reno occurred some time thursday night when the store of i. N. Bakeless on the Corner of Virginia Street and the Alley running East was entered from the rear and the Safe broken and rifled of its contents amounting to about in Coin and notes to the value of it was not known until this morning when or. Bakeless came to open his store when signs of disorder told too plainly that the premises had been burglarized and robbed. The Safe stands Midway of the store on the North Side close to a door opening on the Alley. As the upper part of this door is of Glass the Safe was always Ator Stewart addressed the Conven Tion. He said that the irrigation Law of the last session of the Nevada legis lature was sufficient for All purposes except one. It contained a proviso denying the right to condemn existing water rights. Under such Circum stances he said that it was necessary to Purchase All existing water rights by agreement with the parties in or Der to give the Law practical operation. He offered a Resolution which was adopted providing for the appoint ment of a committee of three on Pach of the following Rivers namely Truckee Carson Walker and hum Boldt to consult tiie Farmers and see if they were willing to fix a Price for upon May such terms and conditions As be prescribed for other land holders in the District. But the appointment of such committee need not interfere with the organization of districts. On the contrary it is Desir Able in the opinion of this convention that District corporations should be formed having the Power conferred by statute to condemn such property As the Law authorizes and to acquire by Purchase existing water rights. governor Poujade caused a Lull in. The proceedings by the introduction of the following Resolution which was finally adopted resolved that the delegates to the trans Mississippi Congress be instructed to ask that body to demand that the new appointees on the Board of interstate Commerce commission ers will be representative men of the in Plain sight of anyone passing through the Alley which by the Way is a thoroughfare for All the Tough characters of the town leading As it does to the old haunts of the Dumi Monde till we Truk at the Haw first attracted thu attention of or. Bakeless. Laying on the floor were some of the tools used consisting of a Blacksmith s 10-Pound Sledge with the bundle broken Oft Midway Evi Dently done by the burglars to Render it Handy for Short blows two Carpen Ter s Wood chisels one of an Inch and the other about one and three quarters and a heavy Brace and an Inch bit. Hole had been drilled in the Safe door to the left and just on the rim of the combination. In this Hole a Short Bolt had been inserted the head being wrapped with an old White Cotton handkerchief to Nili Lue the Pound of . The combination was then Brunei. I by tapping the Bolt inserted in the Drill Hole which when Donu Roll thu combination useless and the Safe dour was opened by simply turning the handle of the door. The chisels Wein then used in tearing out the Light wooden shelving of the inside mid the i Casum was easily secured. Tim Drill used in Boring the Hole was Evi Clenity taken away by the burglary thus indicating that they were expert thu tools left behind were evidently stolen trom some shops in Reno Ami will be easily identified. Tub Lulu Uilah from the store As they entered through a rear window which t had forced open after trying the rear door which was impregnable being braced with a Board from the inside. Everything Points to the fact of their being expert cracks men and without doubt they were some of the thieves that congregated Here during the fair and who have been carefully Prospect ing the town for without close Obser vation a thief would not select a retail grocery Stoie with the expectation of getting a fat haul As they did from this one. Or. Blameless regrets most the loss of the funds belonging to Washington Lodge no. 25, a o. U. W., which were on Deposit with him. The notes taken will not be of any service to the burglars and will most probably be destroyed. Tins robbery shows the presence of expert Safe crackers in our midst and As they will be hard to locate in a town having a crowd of Dis reputable characters always Drifting through it this should be a warning to merchants and others to Deposit their Coin and valuables in the vaults of the Banks Here which Are As stable and secure As any in the land and provided with every facility for these purity of any deposits. Holl Honor. Following is the report of the an Derson school for the month ending october 2, 1891 schol l. Dip t. 100 hug Ena Pringle. 99 Hatlie Peckham. 98 99 Beuton Sparks. 99 Alfred Peckham. I 97 Clarence Merrill. 98 06 James Peckham. 99 97 number of neither tardy nor absent i. Savaii n. Wright erf

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