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Reno Weekly Gazette And Stockman Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1900, Page 2

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Weekly Gazette And Stockman, The (Newspaper) - January 4, 1900, Reno, NevadaKef no weekly and Jan Patty 1800 an important discovery. At Vert Moo it Quill do of a Coil of tone at a Wal. Ai Tbs to j a men end wife bin name we have forgot came of a trip last t Ommer pm irked their it Moo the Hill Juat Mil of Verdi. The Man immediately went to Prospe cling and discovering Coal sinking. He Shalt about Twenty five feel on the if rage and bin turned the wind Ltd. Their have been re warded by four fool Coal ledge of to Una Lily. He been offered Voltr atom of Money or Bis hot . He will Coo Lnu development work and open of mine that will line the Truckee Waltl Bills and make of Reno end Verd Piti Borgi. The discovery is of be greatest in penance Loihle Section for Wil cheap fuel coupled with oar water Power fat Letim it is Board t attract from All Over to United Stales. The Coal will be hipped Tihe water land and la get company in a Day or two m a lest of Iti Quality several Small Tec it have been Mode at the in Sacramento and other places and it been pronounced Coal of Bugli Grade. _ a Mim old Man. Laid oat three dare with Tim Sollivan a resident of Ock 66 year of left last saturday or the mountains for a Load of Wood. Wae found the tuesday following with a broken leg. Or. Boll Van had partially loaded the Wagon with Wood and handing on the wheel fixing same portion of Load when the team started. The movement threw him under the wheel a Boob paused Over and crushed leg the Bonee protruding through the Flea. Real Liing Liis condition be dragged him sell a Short distance to where be had left some gathering it into a email bundle be crawled no a Bill nearly a Hundred to a pile of to id. Obtaining some of the Small Crapa be managed to build a then making bed of the Hay he wrapped a Gunny suck Cru find injured leg and Lay there with neither food or water until found on tuesday noon. Or. Sullivan it about 2 o clock saturday afternoon when the Accident occurred. He waa scantily dressed the weather Verv cold and Bow be endured the terrible buffering in a mystery. Ige harvesting be6un. At fro Arr k a splendid a the to Rockho rep Blean there a decided Elmange in the weather yesterday. It Turne warmer Elo oiled up and Organ to rain in the afternoon and con aimed until an Early boar ibis our rink when there was a fall of temperature Aud it began Snow log Mil Baa kept it no Almest All Day. The iceman have been having everything their own will have some fighting to do though they All seem to be so shunted tha they can contend Luck Neafolly against the ele there a been considerable har vested already. At Prosper Creek they Are running fourteen and fifteen Inch ice to Dav and have most of it in. At Boca they have been Ecra Pinit off the Snow to Day and will begin if the a Lively imagination. Only Tala and Mai bus a tryday a Accident ticket agent w. D. When questioned this morning regarding yesterday a Accident at said there wan no troth in the journal s report this morning that three cars two of which rolled Down the embankment bruising Many of Hie and badly in Junior a coloured or. Phillips Taid that but two left the one a Standard Pullman and the other a ton risk. That they did not Roll Down the neither did they tip Over and better still no one bruised or even shaken of. He said that the track torn for quite a distance and one broken rail had to be replaced. There was no Effort on the part of ant one to suppress the acts whatever the Brooklyn says Emma Novada the Pelota Donna made a Macce Gifol re entree More to new York audience at the metropolitan opera House Lait and her reception Wae a to leave do doubt that Abe gave much lion to a Gal Bering Bat filled the a Dot opium. Mme. Nevada wan Cen Ter of Ioie Resl and we recalled again and Midea sri pending with three or four Eno Orea after each appearance. Her program numbers wait the mad from Sotl the Bell Long from and these gave Opportunity display of a Graceful fluency and ease of execution and a await of tone Bat certainly charmed bar mme Nevada ii a Colatra Singer of pronounced ability with a capacity or delicate refinement of in a Blob bore hat been very Little if any Orange Ince Wae Beard in the Metropolis a dote year 6be will appear at Mckissick s nest Friday evening. There have been Over 300 seals sold already a Boob As Loiet her a picked Boose. Standing room will be at a Premium. It la Sel Dom that Reno bus the Opportunity of to any of the Gremitt sin Gen of age and should improve this Opportunity. _ _ Union Pacific select excursions leave Reno every saturday in charge of experienced conductors. To change of can to Chuago and ouly one change to new York Boston and other Eastern Outlen. Latest improved Pullman tourist sleepers upholstered in Rattan and lighted with pm numb Gas commissioners meeting. The Board held the Vint of the year. The Board of commissioners held Ite regular meeting last tuesday. In Early part of the session the re of the county officers were considered. The treasurer s re port showed to Ibe trea Inry at the close of Boi Ireci dec. 086 08. The of the Coooer government for the Laet Quarter waa 80. The sheriff reported collected for during the last Quarter 07026. The soul. Of Ibe poor farm re ported the average number of for the year 1800 22 8-10. The of running the Hospi Tal for the year outside of the salaries of the physicians and Tor surgical dressing was 80. P. L. Lonigan and James Smith of Buffalo appeared before the Board and or. Flanigan asked that or. Smith be appointed sheep inspector. Or. Coalts waa appointed. The Board then went to the work of allowing Black Patti Troa Ladarre. The Premier coloured company of the world is coming to town. Black Patti Tro Badoun the greatest and funniest coloured show on Earth will be the at traction at the of Kissock opera House next monday evening Jan. 8tb. Pat Rons of this booze anticipate the com ing of this incomparable organization for occupation of the stage Guaran to evening of exquisite pleasure and enjoyment to All who May attend the performance. Coon songs Bock dancer cake and operatic ingeniously blended and cleverly interspersed by the merry singers Dan and of the sunny running Ibe ice to Morrow weather fair. They have Uelva and thirteen Inch ice there. None of the Ponds on the River were cutting tie morning. They will probably to some crap into Morrow. D. M. Dysart began work in Mountain Ponds this week Anil prob ably has most of it housed Conner ice company sent o i. A but Crew to i Crape Enow from lie Pond to Day p. Seniv bad stored about tons on lower Pond when the lorm began. He in now waiting for the weather to today a rain will make a crop of ice exceedingly doubtful this season. The men will have to work Bard to Lave the crop already Frozen. If it should Clear of to Oigt cold they would have no great trouble but unless it does it is almost Safe to say this crop will be a total failure. He will Hub packed House Friday a lash the new York drama pc juror Savaii at Ibe metropolitan opera House of sunday evening mme. Kronma Nevada made Ter first appearance in fourteen years to this pity before an need for Tebee excursions and vied on the Union Paoillo Overland leaving Reno at a. In connection with through Pullman and Only three Daya to Oblo ago four o new York or Boston twelve hours than any other line from California. For tickets Sleeper refer vat Lons and farther particulars Call on w. Phil i a agent so. Fao. Co., Reno d. W. Hitchcock general agent san Van Olsen Cal. No. 5, westbound passenger met with an Accident last tuesday one mile East of Vista. One first class Pullman and a tourist car on the rear of the train led too truck caused by a broken rail. The passengers were Tiane fired to other care tit. Derailed can left Aud the train proceeded on weit. No. 0, passenger we Bald Foi one boor and a half Pend ing the Clearing of the tract rot mate. A be Reberto stallion see years. Color Grey weight 1706 rounds Pec feet in All a Good foal getter. Any Paity to to Purchase a bom will please Addiese Louis govern 047 e. Hail too ave., Sio Moo Cal. Deum wanted. Information Roger dog the where of Charles Martin Hallner hit Champaign Illinois about ten years ago. J. E. 1 Iii. What a at Iiah a grand for and condom Poloni used through the world for half a Century Baa cured innumerable Oak a of incipient Eon an option and relieved Many in advanced Ata Gaa. wild the a will refund your Money. Proa 60 and 91.00 g. J. Hodge Naon druggist. 1c Ike la Teeth South form to attraction absolutely irresistible. Year s company is of the same Standard of last season excepting that lie personnel has been farther embellished by the addition of Many new and accomplished per by Riners and a repertoire of the latest and brightest in Coon songs Buck dancing and cake the operatic Kaleidoscope also new and meritorious. Death of Ben banter b. E. Banter an old and respected resident of Reno died at Bis borne at sunday morning after of suffering. Or. Hooter was born in new York state and was about 63 of age. He a wife to mourn death Ben Hunter a Man of Many Sterling qualities and although out of Active business for Many years he will be remembered As Active in Bis time in ill the walks of life. He left an insurance in favor of Bis wife of new Wroe Ery More. J. E. Jones co. Have Laid to a Stock of groceries hams Bacon lard etc., in conjunction with their floor and enjoy a Floe Trade the reason for which being the Low Price at which Are told. Death of Tom Handera. Thomas an old timer Well and favourably known in Western Nevada died at cd Alsville plants county of Deo. 26th. Tom Sanders was a Veteran of the mexican War and death will be regretted by Many. The Vercra Mather has found that her litle Are improved More by the pleasant syrup of figs when in need of the laxative effect of a gentle remedy than by any other. Children enjoy it Aud it Bene them. The True remedy syrup of figs is manufactured by the califor Nia Fig syrup co. Only. Curse of overworked womankind Are quickly and cured by Clover Root Tea the great Wood part Ner and builder. Honey re if not Fatwa Story. 35 Eta. And m Ota. 8. J. Hodge Naon immense audience that completely filled the auditorium. The Fanzoi Prima Donna the mud scene from and be Bell Long from Lak with All the Grace and technical skill that characterized her former performances Here. Her voice retains Ite pure Bell like qualities her tones were perfectly produced and her trem were executed brilliantly and with extraordinary accuracy. The Elinger appears to be at the of her Power having the Fresti voice of youth and the breadth of feeling that belongs to artistic maturity. Her were enthusiastically Emma Nevada will appear at me Friday night to a packed Bouse. Many Are coming Gina and anon to hear the celebrated Prima Donna. By Hep Boberek. Bishop h. J. Babcock he has been promoted floated in on a wet Cloud Laet right. He reports Church of l. D. A flourishing. When Quee toned by a Gaz Btty reporter about Coo Rehman Roberts be absolutely refused to be interviewed but Ibe Gaza Tab Man got Hie Roger in to deep that the Bishop finally said be guessed a Man bad a right to if he wanted to exercise and concluded by Gaylog that Roberta could Hare Many As he could manage and it was business but a for him one woman at a Tima suited very Wall. The Bishop will return to the bosom of Church after gelling proportion of liquor in this county. Water and dirt Puakea mod. The weather decidedly wet and getting Wetter. It has rained almost Continuo Only since yesterday morn log. The Avreet ankle deep in thin mud and it is Good swim Ming in the Middle of the streets. Our graded thoroughfares Are a credit to every town the size of Reno and plenty of rain brings out their Beauty As nothing else will. But water and Adobe mixed will make mud and mud the. Going bad but what Are Yon going to do about it from present indications the Gazette waa steam boated regarding the Coal find at Verdi. To one from Here been Able to find out anything about it and the people of Verdi know nothing about the find. The Accident wan attributable to no one Wae least bit and no Oue tried Hii press any information. The Facie speak for themselves so All is Well ends Well Buck . T Tull a color will appear at the opera House a Vii week. Black Patti and the greatest and funniest coloured show of Earth is implied in the name Black Patti Trou the attraction announced for monday january 8tb. The Fame Aud on parallel Success of this merry band of Ebony fingers dancers and Fon makers Baa been earned through the wonderful talents of individual performers and the extraordinary excellence of the stage performance. It is said that the supreme Merit of the performance ban never been approached by any company irrespective of race Creed condition or Colorio this or any other country. The Public s acknowledgement of this claim is qual Flad by picked jammed and enthusiastic audiences every where the company appears. The company and performance this season is in Advance of that of last season and Jolly merry musical treats Are in store for those who May have the Good Fortune to listen to them at me Kissick s next week. Ini an is t Ness neither Nort finial not Masc Otic. Habif Asp Buji for and children Elba kind too hate always bought bears the signature of a perfect remedy for can slip fion. Sour . Worms convulsions of evens Oess and loss of sleep. Thus Ingle signature of new Vork. In use for Over thirty years Ai b irm Ujj doses exact Cost of Vba epee. The bin Tom the a Lacueia the local markets Are very Satis factory to the producers and not particularly depressing to the consumer. We quote flour in car Loans when butter Choice Dairy Creamery eggs fresh ranch More Ponti no at 35 cents. Potatoes Are Good property at from to per ton. Onions Are quoted at first Quality baled Bay of car. Beef does not seem to sell for any fifty eight years old. It s a Long life but Devotion to the True and Prosperity of the american people has won for it new friends As the years rolled by and the original Mem Bers of its family passed to their Reward and these admirers Are Loyal and steadfast to Day with Faith in its teachings and Confidence in the information which it brings to their Homes and firesides As a natural consequence it enjoys in its old age All the vitality More than quoted at a month ago top steers and vigor of its youth strengthened and ripened by the experiences of Over half a Century. It has lived on Ite merits and on the cordial support of progressive americans it is the new York weekly acknowledged the country Over As the leading National family newspaper. Recognizing its value to those who desire All the news of the state tie me not been Amie to leave and nation the publisher of tra weekly Gazetti and Stockman heme since but is getting along nicely your own favorite Home paper Baa entered into an Alliance with the a u. I Earthla Baek a. Ii. Manning fell on the ice Christmas morning injuring Bis Hack. He not been Able to leave its and will soon be about again. Turned with disgust from an otherwise lovable girl with an Offen breath. Karl e Clover Boot Tea Pui Ifim the breath by its action cd the bowels etc., a no h ing else will sold years on absolute guarantee Price 26 Ota an Soots. . Hod Klo Aon _ the Sale of e Tunica at the Reno Post office was the Grey est in the Bis tory of the town every month but August 1899, showing marked improvement Over 1898. The total reached a against for the previous year. Aero nov Jan. I i by Rev. G. H. Jones Robert h. Parker to Wezit Willott. Reno nev., dec by Rev. G. M. Newt mad sen to Lindbeck. Al new York weekly Tribune which enables him to furnish both papers at the trifling Cost of per year. Every Farmer and every villager owes to himself to his family and o the Community in which he lives the support of his local paper As it works constantly and until singly for his interests in every Way rings to his Home All the news and happenings of his neighbourhood lie doings of his friends the condition and prospects for different crops the prices in Home markets and in fact is a weekly visitor which should be found in every wide awake progressive family. Just think of it 1 both of Therie papers for Only a year May begin at any address a. It a a Wrob publishing of. Reno. Nevada. Write your Wauie Aad address pm a postal curd Send it to Geo. W. Boat Toom 2, trl Hurin Buu Ling now York City am a Sample copy of the new York weekly will mailed to Yon. I a Cobb a in Ohk fake laxative Bromo quinine Tab lets. All refund the Money of to Fatu to Oure. B. W. Grove s Sig nature on each Box. 26o. Young croup the terror of thousands of Oung because la to Atco Lalog and frequently fatal. Shiloh s cough and consumption Core Aota like Magio in oases of croup it Baa never been known to Tail. The worst Kaaea relieved immediately frhw26 Ota., 50 Ota. And 11.00.l Hodg Suwon Drog Glat. Reno nev., Jan. I 1900, b. E. Hunter a native of new York state aged 63 years 4 months and 23 Daya. Poor blood when a horse is poor in flesh a new harness won t give him strength. If your strengths easily exhausted work a Burden nerves weak digestion poor mus cles soft if you Are Pale and worn out the trouble is with the blood. It is not so much impure blood As poor blood. Pills won t make this blood Rich nor will ters nor tonics any More than a new harness will give strength to the horse. Scott s emulsion of cod liver Oil is the Best remedy in the for enriching the blood. Scott no new York. 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