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Reno Weekly Gazette And Stockman Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1900, Page 1

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Weekly Gazette And Stockman, The (Newspaper) - January 4, 1900, Reno, NevadaVol. Xxiv. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday january 4 1900 no. Pcbu8h1d thursday. Gazette publishing ptjbl1shbb8. rat i year by Dally year by earner per Ink Parta of advirt18ino Bath we dlr. Month Oil investment. Bar Vitris. Will have International live stuck exhibition to december 1900. Wall treat Stima Esol nest Etolil the rtt t Canso who wad shot id Carlin two wee Tiroui am both to i unit e Lioti 1, recovering. The has adult need celibacy i i r the among the latin at it Rico nations. R. Herz a Bro e Allver novelties so Low in or Len Bat a few Dollar will buy real Many presents. The properly of the old Creek bin Lii company was Eold by the sheriff of Eiko county yesterday for 35 to misty judgment it obtained by Cory Broe. It Hae Long been the habit of the economically inclined to turn their Dri lies and make Brand new ones of them hot it Only lately in Reno that property have taken to turning their lid Walke. Charles Emerson a will Clitnon id Ibe Railroad Eardeal Wynn Cinocca cot Tirle Diehl jr., about the face with razor in Ibe Railroad Saloon at that place tuesday evening. The injuries not very two fourteen horse teams from Fulton Taylor a Boras works at Valley arrived to Wynne Mecca toe Day eve Long loaded wild i of of Boras Fulton a Taylor Promise to become the Borax Kings of the Al Fly coast. George a. Campbell a former member of troop m. Torrey i rough riders is confined in jail id the oily of Mexico. He bus appealed to Cap i tin coi and lieutenant Henderson who will Endeavor to secure Hie lease through the Nevada Rupee Seton tires in Congress. Hot or cold weather not seem to have any on the Sale of the celebrated Anheuser Baueb Beer. The Monarch unloaded its fourth Carload Tojay and Lent the Gazette Force a big foaming Backet Lull As they a avs do. Peel Al Tram. It is aimed Tui n special rain will a ran from Orson and Virginia cd the evening of january 6tti, in Otti that tils people of Ihone towns who Onva an Opportunity of hearing Maia Nevada. Rahmim of Arvd by ii pm cart file Oil Ana improve ment Crim pay. A pipe line seven Milee Long will carry Oil from the property to on the coast division of the Southern a a flu Railroad. Thirty five Miles will deliver it at Salinas where the sugar refinery in using 1suo barrels of Oil a Day. Oae Hundred Miles farther will land it in ban if the company s property has been pronounced by experts to be one of the finest undeveloped properties in the state. Oil Haa been found North East and sooth of of and every Indi cation on be property Points to the one conclusion the presence of Oil near the Curiaco. Them a hardly a doubt but that the Stock we Are now offering for a share will jump away above Par within ninety Days. Oth companies have mails enormous pro its. The Hume Oil co. Bold Lor now Sells for Lelma Oil co for cannot be bought to Day under new York Stock marketed at and now brings the Southern Pat i Fly Oil and irn pro vement company offers the same Chance these companies Bave offered and those who Aiu enough to anticipate the will reap the re Ward. California is about to experience a repetition of the Pennsylvania of Boom. Fortunes were made there in a Day Small investments netted thousands. You May do the same. Our stockholders represent men in every walk of life. A Lew of them Are Hon. R. Sadler governor of Nevada Hon. J. A judge lieutenant Gover nor of Nevada e. To do Zuelly pres ident of Donnelly Djune co. Hoo e. A Kalley Surveyor us Peru of Nevada h. J. A idler president of Mau Sadler co. Gar be Baker attorney for Southern Puci Liu co. A w. Wright pre Iilo Iilo j. W. Wright co. J. F. Plan Leinan of s Ebe Bros pc Plageman u. E. Both i president of Judson me. A. Leonard Sao Benito f. P. Mccann manager of Mau Sadler co. The above list guarantees the com Pany and the Businesslike manage ment of its affairs. The properly consist of 320 acres of selected of land in Sao Busuito county California upon which Active operations will soon commence. For further information Addrean the Puffke of the com Pauy or our local h c. Cutting big Hakes the hair grow. Clean the complexion. And whitens the hands. Preserves and beautifies the skin of infants and children. Or slim. Brim Dhoti kit ill. Lemdon Ronis d. My c. Coif. Ioil ii. 0. It a. It Only thu so. The easter press Das been fall o Galet Utthi us Lute that senators Jone and Stewart Bro acting with Ibe re pull can in everything. To find on the truth about the matter a Ein zen o Reno wrote to n Friend of ble a clerk in the Treasury department at Washington and a Man close to both Jens and Stewart the clerk wrote Tea senator Stewart went Luto the Republican Camm at the beginning of Ali session and has acted with them eve since. He Ulso Oaid that Serato junes to the Republican Tuufoua expressed a wish to be considered a Republican now hence Forth Rind forever. I heir labor. The on regulation of Tei books for tin school of the 8uti adjourned yesterday after adopting several text books. Prof. Cusoli Inao of the department of literature of the University proposed a system of English like Rattre preliminary to the Woik of the University and Krucli will to hereafter requirement Foi Entrance to thai institution. The new catalogue which will be issued in Lew Days will Bear this As an Entrance requirement. Several of the com Mittee departed for Sacramento to attend the Oali Rornal slate Institute now a be Satou to that City. I i Kepi Ilease 1s the boat teacher livery Leit Mon til a of bar a Pasella la the voice of to 700 and you May Lake this Medicine with pet feet Confidence that it Wilt do for you Whatt Baa Tolono for others. Quod h i link Eon Bill Oranesa ale lie Amhe. Mme. Nevada royally greeted. Jle Tripoli on w Fork pleased win her slim glib. The new York press says it u about fifteen years since 5mma Nevada Sang in this City so to he present generation of concert stoers she is a stranger. She had no Eason to complain of her Welcome ast Iii it in the metropolitan opera Pooce at the first of the Everlea of san Day night cancer s under the manage ment of Charles l. Young. It was a Homecoming of More than usual interest. Nevada who is a native of California ban built up for her self in Europe a reputation which has become world wide. She is known there Ai one of the greatest operatic of to Day. The great theatre was crowded with by tar the biggest Bour eat any of the sunday night concert in the metro Politan Tobii season. All the other soloists were americans with one exception and they were All Good. Nevada has High pure a voice of exquisite Quality and of quate though not great Power. The popular mad scene from Lucia she Sang in a wholly admirable Way. The audience was exceedingly enthusiastic and crime of mingled with Ibe storm of applause which followed Ibe end of the song. Her other her was the Ball from Delibe s lakme the concert served to introduce o Mew York a Young american pianist Buel birr Nam who Boa aroused much enthusiasm in the West. He is Only a boy and Bis playing of men Delft solid a Caprice o Brilliant was a of work. He has Nisi durable Power but has a tend to Lii Waimer the instrument. Anna e. 0 ten the violinist did excellent work in Brucoli e Conceta in pm nor Mike Kosu Lii de made a Good impression in o by Verdi and an English Eon if 8m nor the italian baritone received Hearty applause the program was too Long and Ibe encores made it still Emma Nevada will appear at Mckissick 8, Friday Jan. 6, Jolo. This will open the new year Lor Reno in a musical Way with one who has let both continents wild with her voice court. To blogs were especially quiet to judge Linn s Temple of Justice yester Day. The More Nople Aamot features were absent the a were t scow Lioi attorney or sorrowful prisoners by the Monotony was broken Only by to More pleasant features in the form o two Aalst marriages. Both couple were from California and the judge in Bis Good natured Way bid them god Speed on their return and Hope they would Send Many others. A Beautiful spectacle. The cold fug which has prevailed Here for the last flan Days gives a de posit of Frost on the Trees and Shrub Bery every morning an Inch in depth no More Beautiful eight is to be seen than the tree bordered streets with their frosty Feather fringe. It is Lik a Peep into fairyland if the Gazette had a poet on its staff a Yuuki be commanded to sing a song of the fros land but he in get get cold be cared with local applications a they cannot reach the heat of the disease Ca Tarrh is a blood or constitutional la ease and la order to care it you must take internal remedies. Hall s Catarrh cure la taken internally and Aota directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Ball i Ca Tarrh cure is not a quack Medicine. I was prescribed by one of the Best phys olans to Tbs country for Yean and a a regular prescription. It is composed o the Best tonics known combined with the beat Brood purifiers acting directly on the mucous the perfect Bombl nation of the two ingredients u what produces such wonderful results id curing Catarrh Send for testimonials free. F. J. Chunky a co., props., Toledo o sold by drug Gula. Price 76c. Hall s family pills Are the Beo. Yon never know what form of blood pots ii will follow constipation. Keep the liver clean by slog Lluli Early risen and you will avoid trouble. They Are famous Little Pill for Conul Pitilon and her and do we roubles win. Pino Gor keeping it quiet. Marr Lauri Mil should be matter of Public record. It is a bad habit that California Ople have of coming to Reno to marry and keeping it quiet until och time Ai some newspaper in Call wires one of the local papers in Ieno asking about a certain wedding a month or two ago an Oakland paper ired the Gaza Tab about a wedding hit had taken place and asked that his paper Send the particulars. We started out to search of the particulars and it was with the greatest difficulty hat we got them. First we went to be county clerk and found that a License Hud Heen ipg und re so and so to wed but beyond that we could out but Little. Finally the minister who performed the ceremony acknowledged marrying them but no until after we had nearly run our selves Down Bunting no what should have been a matter Nies an adjournment was had to the ban Quet room where an elegant Baune was served. At its conclusion tin ladies of Adah chapter presented mrs h. J. Rosae past Matron with a Gold jewelled 6-Point itar. The Happy event closed the evening s entertain ment and All who were Fortunat enough to be present went to thei Homes Happy in the thought of having enjoyed Molt thoroughly a pleasant evening. A Stuky. The Board of health of san fran Cisco Hare Reno guided the the spells Reserve old government whisky upon recommendation from the Moa prominent phys Loans in the army a Well As phys Cani in City Hospital As the purest non adulterated Salmo Lent. They re commend of family use invalids and Oon Valea cents. Sold exclusively in bulk by the Monarch co. Reno Nev no23m the fire ordinance. He Baa Taat Way in the Heel Way at the last meeting of the town Anmis Blonese Perm Iemon wac ranted to g. W. Manpei Tore instruct be shed in the rear of a building est to the journal office the Fol owing is the clerk s in bib Tinoteo Ade at the time the Board ranted or. Or. Mapes appeared and asked permission to extend rhed on second Reeback of journal Affine asking o raise shed higher than Jost what the permit granted gives or. Mapes the right to do is not quite the former shanty was a Little Leai d bitched onto the rear end of the i gilding about 8x12 and about nine Imort Voct i Jami. In the care of Calaban is. Mcgain which was tried yesterday before judge Mack the court ordered Tea the Lien which Calahan had placed on Mcgain s mine be foreclosed for the sum of the court then adj inned until january 2d. Bide str jetted. In the bankrupt Sale of j. A up Eoo a Stock of or Cherie Alt bids were rejected. The greatest amount offered was pne entire Stock May be sold at auction or other bids May be entertained. It is More than Likely in any event the Stock till be dispose of within the next week. In party barries in Steno. Eugene v. Duprey the san fran Cisco attorney was married at to Riverside hotel this morning. The lady s name was not obtainable. Or h. H. H Iden Summit alt., i think Kodel dyspepsia cure is a Lendt l Medicine. I prescribe it and Confluence in it grows with Eon tinned it i Ste Ubai Yon a and que lowly and to win. Pinniger Drog Glit mme Nevada. Ken get in height. Eing enlarged this to a Little Leac to if Structure about 2i20 feet and the roof from nine feet o ten or Sheen. In fact a building Akes the place of a Little rat Lin trap of contrivance that was stuck on to the ear of the build me. A floor about 2x20 Leet has also been Laid. It is All Rong and should not have bean slowed. The ordinance on fire limits save hat no building shall be enlarged Ith other than Brick Stone or Iron or combination of these and that the Root of no building shall be raised. The Jazetta personally in not in created in the subject of fire Ordi auce any Mare than any other tax payer who has property liable to Burn p. But As a servant of the whole peo Ile it thinks it a newspaper s duty to All Public attention to the careless manner in which the fire ordinance in informed through the almost criminal in clue of election of the g companions of it. Lose , no. 1927, were elected at thursday for the ensuing term j. L hash president miss e. Bra Shaw vice president Are. M hash historian w. A Coppersmith Secre tary Clayton Jennings orator w. W. Ryder Porter b. C. Shearer treasurer g. A. Robinson outside guard j. F. Stewart inside guard mrs. M. Assistant treasurer mrs. B. O. Shearer assistant orator j. A Talbott vice president w. A Phillips examining Poy Slun r. B. Hawcroft director Short w. G. Coane director Long installation will be held on january a 1900. An unreasonable kick. There is much dissatisfaction on the part of some in reference to the open Ingol the Box beet for Emma Nevada oiling to the fact that they came too late to procure tie Best beats in the House. It should be borne in Tulud that when the Boxe beet opens the first to come is the fret to be served. Whenever an attraction of this Char Acter comes to town there is always a Rush for the beet seats and those who come last Are usually disappointed. No reflection should be made on those who have charge of the Box beet the fault lies with those who Are too a treat in Tel Orr for Friday Emma Nevada in Jan a make bar appear i or a Lor. A net Nee Anili ence. The new York Tribune says of her mine. Nevada has banned Little in appearance Sicin die Sarg in opera at the Academy of music in the son of 1884 5. Her e a still the Graceful girlish figure the Mohilef lace and the gracious Eunile. Hee manner of singing is also same fondness of the half Saioc in passages calling for agility of also transcendental order the same a shed trill the same Jue Nefs of into nation. The voice Hae lost Little 41 its Iresh nees and Beauty and it tie i coed a trifle in volume. It vat ways a email voice a Sweet trickle 4? sound inspired by exquisite lasts phenomenally flexible. Her last night Wae restrained h nervousness until she reached toes cadenza with the flute in Mot Acene from Lucia when est area Vine the pretty memories of earlier years. Probably the site of the room appalled her at the Osteal or when she recovered her self and added first the Badow song frtus. Dinorah and then an English to her Liet there was a decided sign in repose and . In the Ond part of the program she Sang tie Bell song from which wat her Fin St achievement in every re Spect All her tones having Rega Guetl the Sweet Yontef ulness that a Ai been Onu of her charms. Thit she with the old sing to the mocking be wizened with trills Aud by her to if on the Pian Fuite. Tue audience filled the Bouse aug Haj s gala nearly is completion. The new fire Bouse a nearing its completion the lower floor is about finished. The stalls and engine Ata a Are in place and the minor touches Are being put on. On the upper Al Jot he rooms Are framed out Aud ready for the lath and plaster. The Belt Ower Baa reached its full height and very tasty in every detail. Toe whole Structure from Turret to Jonnn Dation ii a credit to Ibe architect and an ornament to Reno. The building will probably be ready for use by the Middle of january. Breach to the any Lam. Fred Anderson a swede has been by ought to the Asylum from hum Boldt county by Deputy sheriff Gatlin. Or. A Wixon Italy Hill n. Y., Sayu i heartily recommend one minute cough cure. It gave my wife immediate Relief in Soffo attn pleasant to take. Never foils to que lowly cure All coughs colds Throat and lung win Hin niger get off the track. A Comai Eck a editor Hay Hart taken a big a genuine Jeck the Ripper Heet it published in Virginia and Ken in a Tho evening report. In on the Gazette s political thar the to r Little says As Lor Fli Migan and fat ringtone that a something a we have no particular in Turret except in Case of the nomination of the for Mer. We bad the Honor to into Roe Btu on a previous occasion that u of Var he ran for a us e or Congreve office we would undertake to Aee that he got it in the neck to fair As Storey county is concerned. Hie own arrogant personality will put the finishing touches on him the rest of slate. We really Hope hell the above declaration will pro bib Settle senator Flanigan for All time we had the Honor to inform him a previous occasion that if Ever he for a state or congressional office we would see that he it in the did you make Eucha Rasa declaration Sonny on an empty stomach or had you just eaten red hot Lom Aien by the Way a taken Flau Igau e contempt for Bim Fay arrogance. Returned from the insult Etc. Prof. A e. Bray returned this morn ing from Sacramento where he time been attending the Institute at that place. Or. Bray Speaks very bit her of the general work of the Institute and of the education pro Potafi by some of the Brilliant minds of the California schoote among which a mentioned pre ident Wheeler of Berkeley and Jordan of Stanford. There wer3 one thousand teachers m attendance. Mut Meribe far in. The modern Priscilla published 110, Boylston Street Boston is Magazine devoted to fancy work. Contains Man debut idol patterns foe lace work and egg editions Lor artistic Lecora Tione that make it in valuable the i he women of the family. Only Jear. What if i pc oppose we will have to let liar news paper Metspa Perl

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