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Reno Weekly Gazette And Stockman Newspaper Archives Apr 25 1895, Page 7

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Weekly Gazette And Stockman, The (Newspaper) - April 25, 1895, Reno, Nevada Mir new Youk april p. President of Fie Sulli 1 a civic us invt by was arrested to Day on a charge of giving a free Paas to one Frank 8tone in violation of lie Commerce Law. President wan arraigned Wefun a med states shelds. We was represented by Frederick k. Coudert. Huntingdon admitted hit identity. He wan taken before judge Brown of the United states for a warrant of removal to Cal Tae indictment against Huntington we found March 26th in Sao fran Cisco a certified copy of which wan to United states District at Sorney Macfarlane who notified the Railroad president to appear before the states and 1 bonded. Whoa Huntington was arraigned Shields said the Only question he could enquire into was of identity which Coudert for Huntinton maid would be admitted. Toe order was then out holding turn to await the Issue of u warrant of removal. The counsel then went fore judge Biown of the United states District court and the hearing Wai fixed for next thursday at s o clock. Huntington in the meantime Beirut allowed to go on Hie own recognizance. Hunt Lugton said to a reporter after the proceedings before commission i Shields 1 have known Frank Young Twenty five years. He is a Francisco lawyer. I could not him a wicked Man because a wicked Man could not do things thai Way. He is an innocent kind of a fellow. 1 suppose he started hit thing because i piqued him in Flo i Way or other. How i Doo t know. I May him h pass. Prob hut i give out so Many passes t Don t remember a third of them. Passes usually out an us a Rule not Good outside the and i mip pose his pass a not to stamped and he took Adan of in. I Don t know anything about the matter beyond that for 1 dont pay any attention to such things la fact i Dou t care u Tnp ence one a or the other. It Don t amount to any thing anyhow. Really Don t know what action was taken in the court this morning some routine business 1 suppose it but i die not pay any attention. Tiro made among High and l6w arid criminal procedure is not con joined class. I Don t know what will be done. I guess Frank got a Pasa All right but i have no time to attend to All the details. 1 have too much Eue to do. I the Root of the whole matter in tile fact that Oliou i became president of the Southern Mai Road i Dis charged Twenty three Imin in san franc Ido who were a a far As i could Dee Mere political agents and go be two ens for politicians. They did no work for the Railroad that i could discover so i Cut them Olf. Perhaps they Are hungry now and have got to make a strike i a celebrated i by cubic and associated i Marseilles april the Case of John l. Waller formerly United states Consul at Tatua Tave Madagascar recently sentenced by a French court martial to Imp icon Niento for Twenty an was sex Olun ivly announced by press and who arrived Here saturday on Board the Steamer de nah is attracting considerable attention in View of the fact that it Haa been an pounced that the United slates ambassador has been instructed to in quire into the matter. Waller was manacled while on Board the de nah but was allowed to take two hours exercise daily on deck guarded by a Soldier. Upon arrival Here he was lodged in jail and deported. He will eventually be imprisoned on the Island of Corsica. During the voyage Waller frequently asked to be allowed to write Bat the French officials declined to Grant bin request on account of nil refusal to agree to show them the letter he in tended to write. When before hip court martial Waller u is claimed refused to speak in French and the services of an interpreter had to be employed. Waller s Nephew 25 years of age is said to be implicated in the proceedings which led to his condemnation and was condemned to expulsion from Madagascar. He embarked As a second Claas on the de nah but landed at Zuni bar without having Able to communicate with his Uncle. For the present Waller is to be incarcerated in fort St. Nicholas at this port. It is thought he will again be called upon to appear before a court martial. April correspondent of the Lempea at Tamata Tive Mada Gascar states that John t. Waller formerly United Stales Consul was indicted on two violation of the order of admiralty govt innit correspondence and secondly writing to the enemy the evidence the correspondent adds showed that Waller entrusted to an i Ficor of a Steamboat a Bulky letter a which was Pontod at Natl addressed o a. Leseur merchant Auta Lavivo unfortunately it appears the eng Lish mail was not dropped at atom indy. But was landed at Tamata Tive the envelope attracted the at Tention of Tho authorities opened t and found it contained particulars regarding the strength of the French Garrison the number of sick important outposts Etc. United slates ambassador Anstie of Hay denied that he had received Washington to in the Chicoi re con fill Jet pm m by Cable and axum cited j april follow ing is the text of tin statement issued by the japanese government denying that it has concluded an offensive defensive Alliance with China and declaring the commercial advantages secured by j than will also be enjoyed by other Powers under the favored nation treatment misapprehensions Are reported cur rent in Europe regarding the terms of the Japan China treaty. It Haa been represented that Japan has secured the two per cent and Valorme due on imports instead of a specific duty nod formed an offensive and defensive Alliance with China. The Commer Cial concessions obtained by Japan beyond those already secured by the treaty Powers under the favored nation clause comprise the right to Navi uate the Yang tee Kiang to Chang King and also the Woon song River and the canals leading to Soo Chow and Hank Chow and the right to import machinery and certain goods free of duty and establish factories. These concussions Are not exclusive to Japan Bat they naturally extend to european Powers by virtue of the favored nation clause. In securing these privileges for All Japan expects the approval of All the Powers. The reported offensive and due naive Alli Ance not exist. The Imperial proclamation Junt leaned exhorts the to moderation at the pres ent juncture of the country a history. By associated press. I Pittsburg april almost the entire by rhiness portion of the town of opposite Pon on the Monongahela River was was destroyed by a fire of supposed incendiary origin which broke out at 4 o clock a. M. The loss is variously estimated at from to the Borough is wholly without a Para ii and the fire brigade offered Only slight resistance to the flames. A High wind drove the Ore up the Mil Luide and everything in us path was destroyed. The town is panic stricken owing to a Lack of water and fro apparatus. Little insurance was carried by Tho property insurance premiums almost prohibitive. Up a an Hove. Viv associated press. Wasi Noton april Telegram received at thy Navy department an bounced the sailing yesterday of Admiral Meade h Squadron from Colon. All the vessels started for Annapolis Hoing to Kingston from Colombia tue Cincinnati Atlanta and heading for key West. Secretary Herbert says one of the ships will be sent Buck to Colon soon 1 but the movements of Meade a squad ton is regarded an showing the administration has absolute Confidence that in the affair the Bris ish government will take no Steps in Mica to american interests tall Nutu he -3y and associated press. I so. Putin Kibuka april 22. The Job Voe a Cmya ways in return for the support of Germany and France in jus so s opposition to the cession of was Tong Peninsula to Japan by the treaty of peace just concluded with Russia has agreed to support German demands regarding Ger Inan commercial interests and also action of France in indo Caina. Dec Ilion Kever Seit. Aimino cited press.1 cd Ioapo april appellate to Day reversed the decision of Superior court in the mandamus of Murray Nelson against the of Trade instructing the lower restore the wealthy operator pm membership in the Board. Noon expelled for an alleged violation Board s rules. A Mew Field. Press. Washington april ser Conara Seiner Roosevelt has de to accept the police cd minis for the City of new York him by mayor Strong. Jato Leevelt intends to hand to his to president Cleveland in Days and Early will in is new duties Iii Norm. By associated april offi Cial of the Washington and Columbia River railway company is authority or the state Mont that has Ooin Pany is contemplating an Extension of lines during shia season. The new lines Are o extend from Dayton Washington o Grain City and another Branch will tap the John Day Region both productive countries. The Extension reach California and if so will reach that state through Modoc county and the Sacramento Valley and thence to san Francisco. Theodore Wilcox vice president of the Washington and Columbia River Railroad company has gone to Europe and it is intimated that his visit is to arrange for funds with which to construct the Road. To tempt to blow b associated press. I St. Louis april Early this morning an attempt was made to blow up the residence of Henry Knopke in emt or. Louis dynamite was used and the front of the House was badly wrecked. That it was the work of Triko employees of the Tudor Iron works in generally conceded. One of i he occupants of ill House was j. E. Junes of the r blur Mil who and charge of Tho Ilion men to to tic the Planco w by associated Washington april 22. The wed Ding of Hon. George Nathaniel cur son m. A. And miss Mary Leiter was celebrated at St. John s episcopal Church to Day Inid Brilliant scenes and in the presence of such a distinguished assemblage As Cabinet officers diplomats governors and Bishops As gave the event the Char Acter of Public ceremony. The Church was filled and sir rounded by a curious crowd. The Ushers were Joseph Leiter brother of the Bride and Frank Curson brother of the Groom. Mrs. Cleveland occupied a seat in the Forward part of the Church. The president did not appear As it is an unwritten Law that the executive shall not attend private social events. The wedding party moved up the main aisle to the Chancel where Bishop Talbot and Rev. Or. Macclay Smith officiated. Tho Bride in White Satin and rare White lace carrying a Cluster of White orchids was on the Arm of her father. The bridesmaids. Misses Minnie and Daisy Leiter wore Pink tulle gowns with Large Pink mull hats and carried bouquets of Pink roses. The Groom and mrs. Leiter sr., and James and lady Miller and lord Lamington the Groom s Best Man Joseph Leiter and Frank cur Eon completed the party the marriage service of the episcopal Church the wedding party withdrew to the Leiter residence where they were joined later by relatives and intimate friends for the wedding break fast. Nobility by Cable tend associated press London april St. Church West minister this afternoon hoc. Miss Julian feel daughter of Viscount late speaker of the House of commons was married to or. Rochfort Maguire the Young Parnellie who represents the addition of Clair in House of com Mons. He bus become very wealthy through connection with Hon. Cecil Rhodes primer to Cape Colony and rothschilds. There was a Large and fashionable attendance. The Bishop of deny and rap Baoe right Rev. William Alex Ander assisted by the Dean of Canterbury officiated. Criminal 1-1 in-1. By associated press. Ottumwa april Ter g. B. Ai Cfall has had James p. Seevers editor of Tho times arrested on a charge of criminal libel at Oska Loo a Moth men Are Well known throughout the cause of the arrest was rhe publication of charges by Seevers alleging official Dispi honesty by Mcfall while mayor. Rhe Oil Market. By associated Pittsburg april and activity seems to have gone out of the Oil Market. It opened this morning with bid offered to without any sales. Only barrels were som the Oil City Exchange again made a reduction on credit of 5 Cento to an old turf Man Sulci rates by associated april Scattergood aged 49, known by nearly every to roman from Maine to Cali fornia committed suicide Early this morning in the club Boose at old Pront at the Breeze race track by shooting. Scattergood had been ill and it is believed he was temporary insane. Tennessee rur Noreem Vree by associated press. I april House to Day adopted by a vote of 43 to so the Senate Resolution declaring in favor of the coinage of Sliver at the Latoof 16 to 1. Will . By associated press. I to Ixo sing april siege Nab taxi d wednesday at 11 a m. For thu i Xee ution of or. Buchanan his wife was with him Over two hours Venter Day. He made her Promise to go to Albany this morning and governor Morton to Grant him a re spite of 30 Days. Lawyer Gibbons Buchanan coun Sel stated this Forenoon that be did not see that he could do anything More for the condemned Man. Wrath of Mir Tonert Hamilton. By Cable and f press London april Robert Ham Ilton whose death was announced this morning is understood to have Beer mainly instrumental in framing the first Home Rule Bill. Sir Robert Hamilton was born in 1836. He was under Secretary for Ireland from 1883 to 1880 and governor of Tasmania from 1886 to 1893. By associated press. I april the murder of Watts Murphy which occurred a few Days ago near his Home about fourteen unites West of this place was a prelude to a Quin triple Lynching Date saturday night or Early sunday morning. Four men and two women All negroes were arrested by neighbors of the murdered Man. They acknowledged the guilt. They were All in a Field together when a dispute arose ending by one negro knocking Murphy on the head with a limb of a tree. The others beat him into in sensibility after which Thev carried his body to a log Heap. The women hastily gathered brushes and piled them upon the body and fired the Heap. One of the women says the victim turned Over after the hair had All been burned off his head. Wood was added to the until everything was consumed but the heart and liver. The murderers were Cal Johnson Fred Douglas Jim Welbourn Jim Jer Igan Mary Davis and a woman called Sim it is said struck the blow which felled Murphy and it Capo at Ter being taken into reciprocity . By associated press. I a Sainton april reciprocity Between the United states and Hawaii in the shipping regulations has recently been brought about by the action of the Treasury department in giving hawaiian merchant vessels the same advantages enjoyed by american ships. The hawaiian government has already planed United states ships on the same terms As its own. Hastings the hawaiian charge Here says the new arrangement proving satisfactory to ship masters of both countries. Itch sort unverified. By Cable and associated , at the Japan Ese locution Heie it was stated that nothing is known of the intended action concerted or otherwise on behalf of the tar East. Ii was declared that there was no foundation for the state ment that great Britain was trying diplomatically to secure advantages for herself in that Quarter of the world. A National Hauk. By associated press. 1 Washington april the comp troller of currency has directed in Spector Dooly to take charge of the first National Bank at Willia Matic Conn. It is understood the Bank s embarrassment is principally due to a transaction of the cashier who died some weeks ago. The capital is 000. Native special to the Oakland april 22. Oakland pre sents a scene of gaiety in Honor of the grand parlor of native sons. Busi Ness houses and residences on the line of Parade Are handsomely decor ated. Including the delegates it estimated that about a thousand strangers Are in town. Bar Silver u or la India. By in hic and associated , april dispatch was received from Simla this morning from sir Kobert Lowe commander of the British expedition against Umra Khan confirming the announcement that Christal fort had been relieved by col. Kelly. General Calva Cruiz flying column had reached and the n in body is following rapidly. A has been caused in military other Cir cles by the Dij corp re by sir Robert Lowe at Mian Talai of letter to Uvira Khan from a Bombay firm offering to Supply him with every kind of modern weapon arid enclosing a photograph of Quick firing guns. Tie wheat Market. By associated press. 1 Chicago april started up wildly to Day opening at 1% higher and advanced before 10 o clock. Heavy realizing on the bulge knocked one Cunt off the Price but the Market remained very Strong. Partridge was again thought to be covering and the Bull feeling was helped by to Strong cables and the expectation of bushels decrease in visible Supply. May opened at 81% sold from 60% to reacted to 61m Corn was Strong following wheat in fluctuating which shorts covering freely. Oats were firm. 91 Cook by associated press 1 Denver april general Mccook retired at noon to Day from command of the department of Colo Rado on account of age. The Cere monies were con fined to band shaking and congratulations a Telegram was received from Washington directing colonel Thomas Ward the adjutant general to transact the routine business of the head quarters until a commander is regularly assigned to this department. Of Ponert to for ree coinage. Associated press. Louisville april poet Rinto an interview with James b. Mccreary to Day in which he de himself unalterably opposed to the free coinage of Silver. This utter Ance was brought out by senator Blackburn s stand in favor of Silver. Mccreary says "1 favor an International agreement consistent with sound meth Odd but to throw open the taints of his the world is simply by Cable and associated London april application by the counsel for Oscar Wilde to have his trial set for next postponed on the ground that h is lawyers Hud not had time to acute pains require prompt Relief the Best remedy is one that can be used immediately and by anybody. Allcock s porous plaster meets the Case exactly for All sorts of pains and aches As strains lameness of the Back or limbs. When yen Day you Euln the Puller. Don t be duped into it Lite. Allcock s Corn Shields Allcock s bunion Shields no equal a a Relief and cure for Conn and bunions. Brand Retro s pills purify the system and thus remove the cause of Many diseases. Easily quickly permanently restored. And All the train of evils from Early errors or later the results of overwork is Knott worry Etc. Full a trough development and tone Given to Levery of ran and portion of the body. Simple Nat ural methods. I Mundl Ato improvement neen. Failure Impo Lilc. It Ronces. Book explanation and proofs scaled free. Erie medical co., Buffalo . Fits cured from u. S. Journal of it done , has without doubt treated and cured Moreau Oteliu any living physician Hove heard of Casc of cured by to. prepare for the defense and that the lends with a Largo bottle of his absolute Core free to present Ante of Public feelings would Multi a fair trial Impo Ameible was re fight d. To Day Wilde s Home was Eold by the sheriff in the presence of a crowd of curiosity mongers. A i or Moizul opinion. By associated press. 1 Washington april 24. Senator Voorhees said to Day that it was True that he had written a letter to Enzone dibs expressing the opinion that the supremo court will reverse the action of judge Woods and Grant Debs and his a writ of Hareas Corpus. The senator said however that this was merely his personal opinion and that he had no information concern ing the views or opinions of the supremo court. With forgery. B associated press. New Yoke april Alonzo j. Whitman who is being held in the tombs to await the arrival of in offi cer from Fannu Ioco with u War rant charging him with forgery was arraigned this afternoon and remanded without a hearing until to Morrow. Tiu morning sheriff Mcneil of Danville n. Y., was of hand with a warrant to Nirska Whitman for perjury in that City if to should Bodia charged. Dresa. We adv so anyone we wig a cure to add Cro. Piot a. B. P. D., 4 new verb you can get Korry i Sadon m ilium till Sci Ivoin 1 end arc in oven and ii Lunid Ivory find Uro a retired for murder and treason by Cable and associated press. Seoul april trial of Yili Ryoshun formerly Corean minister to Japan who was arrested april 18, charged with murder and treason was begun Here to Day. A number other officials Are implicated much Tiu i Reimt. By Asur cited new York april jury in the suit of the Dueber watch Case company up. Tha american watch company for -1500.000 damages on the ground of conspiracy announced to Day that it was unable to agree. The jury it was said stood 9 to 3 in favor of defendant the Duber company. The american watch company was a Trust and boycotted every firm that bought from the Dueber company. Attempted train wreck. By associated press Miles april. At tempts were made last night to wreck the Hig four train the courthouse five Miles sooth of Benton. The Harbor train struck a Dummy car placed on the track and the front of the engine was damaged. Two Miles further on the train struck a pile of ties and was delayed two hours. This was at the Sod us curve the Moat dangerous part of the Road. Men ration granted. By Cable associated press London april to Day was granted a judicial separation from his wife on the ground of Legal cruelty. Her suit for restitution of conjugal rights consequently failed. Scientific o Abieta Balsam Tor the Curt of i taste breath Parnell worse. By associated Bordentown n. April mrs. Delia Stewart Parnell is growing weaker and or. Stipps the attending physician Haa Given Opall Hopes of saving her life. And Stock raisers store r. Martin pop Bieloh in general merchandise dry goods and fancy goods. Summit Plumas co., Cal also a full Rich Ormento All Goodr at the lowest Markei Gall and be convinced. .novl-tf.1 of up gel dipping sure cure for Scab Price s16 per Case. Is Toobert Beale co., Solo Adeoti 418 California St., san in spa Peri is Paperi

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