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Reno Evening News Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1884, Page 2

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Reno Evening News (Newspaper) - February 27, 1884, Reno, NevadaReno evening Gazette to Day s news. Oven Ink Osc ept sum in a. L. Fulton proprietor Allen i. Ujj siness manager rate of subs nip lox your m mull mini Nilly by Currl i Ratib of tilt sinc. For month weekly Moi Tii 1 00 above rules include both leg in and the c. P. R. R. Settles i Califon a. Another Sololi Trinu match Wop Hesmat feb Bujaky 27. 1884 like. A Tine portrait of count von Moltke is the frontispiece of the March Anil miss Helen Al smear gives an entertaining account of von Moltke s Lile his daily routine is described As follows Winter and Suimei Moltke end a study it Tho stroke of 7 v m. Here lie dunks his morning Coffee smokes a Cigir Ami Antes until the stroke Lii Busi Nesa letters Are brought to Bun which lie reguls and dist Trees he then exchanges his dressing gown for his uniform Anil is read it 1 to receive his adjutant to hem their reports and Issue his orders. While at work lie partakes of a simple lunch and when his adj Tants Are gone iesuuiij9 his writing until the stroke of 2, when the work is pushed aside he then the higher officers of the Start and listens to their be port this ended which maj be longer or Shorter too ording to Chr on instances Moltke goes Foi a walk it is no in frequent thing to encounter him in the Busy streets of Berlin peeping into the shop to in flows which appear to have an attraction for Alai. At 1 he takes i. Frugal dinner in company with ins family and the Hoiu of dinner for them the happiest of the Day then the Taei Tuin Man becomes loquacious and delights his he airs his charming cheerful talk from 5 to 7 he again devotes him self to writing from 7 to s the newspapers Are perused. At 8 he once More rejoins his family it the Tea table after which follows a game of whist in which the great strategist 13 naturally a proficient the game Over the evening is generally ended with music to which is devoted. At 11 he retires to rest. Try ii to squeeze minister Sargent out. Death of minister Hunt apr Keg dispatch ifs to Tup ga.7kttp 1 some of the state papers seem to be worried for fear that governor Adams May fall heir to a seat in the United states Senate. The fear is unwarranted for the gentleman will never get there no matter what May happen at the state let isl iture never select him a represent div of the Battle not be required by the people of this stale in any capacity after Hub present term expires the re Brant Washingion iebruaiy27 the committee on pubic lands to Day considered Tho Foi failure of the Northern Pacific Laud Grant son moved that All lands contiguous to that portion of the Road not con by rusted wit Biu be time specified in the act making the Grant be fun routed brents offered a substitute declining the forgo Cluro of lands Between Wallula to and poit Lai a Oregon and of the Grant on condition that the Road be completed within two years from january 1st, fss4, and that be unsold lauds should be sold to citizens or those who have declared their intentions to become citizens in quantities oot exceeding 160 Arres and at a Price not exceeding 82 60 per Aore Scales offered an amendment ing for the forfeiture of land along bide that portion of the Road not tin imbed to Date. A vote on the Vairons Poponi tiros was postponed until to Morrow. Members of the com Mittee express the opinion that the proposition of Scales will Bej passed. Before adjourning the committee agree d co report a Bill providing for the forfeiture of the land Grant to Back Bone roads Henderson was not pres ent when the latter subject was voted upon a lords he was present to Dav and cast the deciding vote in the affirm alive. at Phil i Ebi uary 27 the a teamed by Riih Down aimed from live Pool ult i a "0 Dav by 1 a Bruiy Oili a very heavy Gale i nine on the Waves running very High Aud Maui aug soveral sea into smashing the Compau iou Uay and Captai room and carrying away four boats 1-Obrimry 1-1 the Gale increased m Furj and Vewell had Canvas bags tilled with Oil Hung Over the Side of the vessel this preventing the seas from breaking Over tiie ship Hea weather continued until uie capes were reached. Looking after the Washington 1 a Bruiy 27. Monsou Cli airman of the and me Vns committee i reported a Resolution directing the Sei retail of the Treasury to Iii Orin the House Bow much Mone is now in Tho Fie Smy of the United states under what Pio vision of Law la is Theio it Lainon and How much in mow of Tho in Rient receipts expenditures ind liabilities of the Treasury Ian to applied at this time in liquidation of that Pait of the Public debt now payable about embarrassing Lus department adopted is on speculators. , february 27 Leferrec uttered a Resolution to Dij reciting tie speculation and Gimbl ipg in line Iuan Faun produces by con doling the Market value of these pro ducts and directing he c a Minitte on Judi Corv to propose a Bill prohibit due the pair lose 01 Sale of wheat Coin Cotton provisions 01 other articles 01 Wales also a Bill authorising such governmental Tintori Zience As will give stability to the i ice of these commodities. Cox of new and Kutheis objected. Passed the Mai into. W february 27 the Bill repealing the test oath Winch passed the House has passed i the Senate alter being modified by a amendment proposed by the Senate judiciary committee prov Hung that no person who held a commission m the in ipod slates aim or Riave before the was after Voaid engaged in Uil Haliy naval 01 civil Seiv Icem the so called con Oderto states shall be appointed to and position in the Arm 01 Navy of the United states. Len incl to death. J Mich february 27. The examination of Judd touch Loi the alleged shooting of detective been continued until Mai he to. Blown Tai Iod to appear. The clothes Brown Woie when he was shot consumed in sunday s fire three bodies have thus Lai been found in the Luis of the discs Titus die a number of Botzes have been by ought out. It is believed that six 01 seven persons Weie burned to death a Sti Umei Cut Down. In Oak i Ebi nary 27 the Steamboat Olem land of the Stearin Coli . Was run into Aud sunk Eaily tins Moi Imp off Robby s beet by the Cunard Steamer Ceph Aloma Iju Ginyei Chas and Henry Oieu a deck hand were drow tied. The rest of the Crew were picked up by a tie body of Feltz was Reco Voied tie Ceph Aloma was not damaged. Hot Burtlon in w Reading pa., february 27. Notices Buve been posted in factories employing 800 men Anno Uii cing a reduction in wages of 12 per cent. The reasons Given Are the com petition and exorbitant duties on the Weimer machine works at Leb anon employing 700 bands Bas reduced wages from to 12 per Coul. Liu Noreus of Burns Inak Nga speech m the Assembly bums having Learned tins i oiling of the Bur Loque left the Assembly chamber declaring it his intention to Pio Tiue a weapon and Foilb with punt line with a Bullet on sight the hip nth Washington rebid ii 27 a cablegram by the Secie Tonij Osbu Gefrom St Petois Uig in to uniting the dealt of minister Ici int says he died from drop a super Moncad by chios us Infra nation of Hie liver. On temper Are. New York february 27. To Sands attended the mass meet ing last night to favor the passage of a High License Bill. Henry Ward Bevc Ber said he did not believe it possible to enforce a total abstinence but that it would be a Good thing to up some of the vile places now flourishing la the Metropolis. Hta Alea Anent the Indiana. N. M., feb 27 a terrible Scourge is among the Zim indians. Over 100 children have died with measles daring the past Mouth. The disease is still raging. The scenes about the villages Are sick the extreme. Spa Perl the Moa Rasim canal of hemp. Minneapolis february 27. Efforts Are being made to renew the Nicaragua canal Schemo in opposition to de Lessep s proposed casual and general Rosser of this City has been offered the position of chief Engineer. He Saiu from new i Ork on March 8tb, for Nicaragua to look into mutters. New York Law makes . N. Y., february this morning considerable excite ment w As caused among the members of the Assembly Over a difficulty Between assemblymen Howe and barns. Howe at a banquet last night made a speech giving a supposed foreign dispatches. Vcci it 111 trin Kiili tul Nuary 27 the Beach presents a Appeal Noe Llie Blue Zickon up 10 then neck i in Aie Linding stolen and Tho sold Iris Arloie to Noeub the Dordoni s and tilth i la Sll oers Are advancing to occupy the Lort erected by Puglia Tlisov waded Bire in rough the to lapses which he Between the Haibi and the the distance to the fort is about four mile it w is Hui t Febi tiny i to Pioci t be r Wenle Cio sum the Tho rebels regard with exultation inn i hiding the forces Liev Aio inn mod that Allah Bas sent All pc v Tor thunk. comments. By in in Nebiu in 2 the ecu thur my Issei Sargent Bas so overline it Thi tit the latter does not wish any lint Bei u must dispense with h Issei i Laker i Asli 1 London v 27 at i 01 Ding to mull accounts biker Pashk Delint Nuin Leicil is i in Loni Aud tour Swiss Milit Al loud. _ Wii Itei Hunt Yentl. Sit 11 rus Una 27 w h Hunt United Stales minister died Llin mini icing at 7 0 Sullivan is to receive Porf ent and Robmson pc cent of the net Pio Flut All Maii Nei of bots Nio being made on Tho result the Cutuli of uis within 10 Days c p. Settles in san to rear unit 2" ies Teidy attorney Uane Ial Mai shall Ort i Ted a arrangement w Ith the can to in paid Kai liquid company we cd settles tile onto verse about Ibal coi portion s tuxes in Elemis of Seille ment a ohcs trip pity nuut by the company of Soo 000 cures rheumatism neuralgia sciatica Lumbago backache headache tool Julie Nuie la Grunt will Tum Lului no. Hour if Luton ail Tiitu Nunin i Ifim we have one of the lajibe8t Uii t 1 v 11 Irth s i in is Oujini i Uichi Liu Oion it my r i my Hui a i inc blot k in bulb 01 up up 5 in i Ltd or hint ill puck in s Ai fait i and u i Loxer Zutl of h 1 a ctn in puck Rufo i b mall or to pms up Pukl it a Tull ins Nursery Stock Viown la in c Iphil Nui Solloi Sacra n i Iilo 11 i i he a Nihil in 1 in l n 10 Len if v had free Ciulo Ull insect to in in l mock Cuil be Prillm in s nil lot Mir plate 1ui" Annj ill ill pm Lvi c Western dispatches. Wholesale merchants Pucula Loi wanting in car Lou i Lota a Pic Lull ii Nihti null for All Kin n i machine Taij Hau dried a ninth Siul other Tusiri w. R. Strong co., o12 j ii Honl sirs mull inn to hum n Korli Wiir. Sin Francisco 1 a Bruiy 27 the Ai Tiu i of agreement Fui a foil Lound Kuodis ont maxims of Queens Bury rules l Sullivan of Boston and o m Robmson Tom Pion Bevy of the old indic club of this Wora signed list no get the men Bave gone into Tram ing Rob thou is under the Tutelage of Muldoon the wrestle to is also u powerful bitter the h or riots great dial of excitement the Terf Zionce if the police 110 k Ako is Nipoti Onod tie icon its will be divided Between the my As follows c he taste of Square and its uses in u Mil enlarged edition. 1 Rice of Book with the California architect and building news 1 year Cut to any address for 5o. Address Geo h. Wolfe 24o Montgomery Street san fran Cisco. New the Public generally i live Mauo Louie Al fictions in in o make room for my Spring and summer goods 1 to i Uiko Furtha i loom i dec led to Clear away some of my surplus Stock very reduced rates Call in and convince b Knowles Bainbridge 3nt3esv. dealers and importers in pieced and stamped tinware hardware crockery Ware Copper galvanized Japan Ned and Gate Iron Ware pumps water pice wooden Ware etc., and a general assortment of household furnishing goods. Sole agents Foi Tho Winthrop Westlake and Wildwood ranges and Clinton Stottmeis. Plumbing and tinning neatly done and All work guaranteed. Prices As Low As responsible House in san Francisco. Ing the Trade a specially. A Lin Ole y co. co wholesale and retail Mio c e us a. 1st 3d- general merchants wholesale liquor dealers Martin Augustine Reno Nevada groceries hardware crockery stoves and tinware Iron steel Cumberland coat plaster hair and Cement doors windows harrows plows All kinds agricultural Ira elements. California powder works and Continental Oil company also manufacturers of tinware Ripe roofing and plumbing .aj1 work guaranteed. We will sell 0-001dj3 Rok c As Low As any House in the state
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