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Reno Evening News Newspaper Archives Feb 23 1888, Page 1

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Reno Evening News (Newspaper) - February 23, 1888, Reno, NevadaSubscribe for the Gazette and Stockman. Daily Gazette has the largest circulation. Vol. Xxiv. Beno Washoe county Nevada. Thursday february 28, 1888. No. 1-20. A woman s another wonderful discovery has been Marie Ami that ton by a lady in this county. Disease fastened ils clutches upon her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests but her vital organs were undermined ind Teai h seemed imminent. For three months the Coujil Neil incessantly and could not sleep. She Boink it of los a bottle old. New discovery for and was so much relieved on taking first dose that slept All Firlit and with one bottle has been miraculously cured. Her name is mrs. thus write w. C. Hamrick a co., of Shelby n. Get. A free trial Tio Ilo at Hodgki Sou a co s Drufes lore. Rhe verdict Ina Nimons. W. D. Suit druggist Bippus ind., testifies i Cau recommend elec Rio bitters As Best remedy. Every bottle sold Lias Niven Relief in every one Man took six bottles and was cured of rheumatism of 10 years Abraham Hare dry Irist i Luvilla Ohio affirms Best Saline Medicine i have Ever handled in my experience electric thousands of others Bavo added their testimony so int the verdict is unanimous that electric bitters do cure All diseases of the liver kids mrs blood. Only a half Dollar a bottle at a co a drug store. V trifle with any Throat or lunch disease. If you have a Coupe or cold or the children Are threatened with whoop ing cough use Acker s English Rem Edy and prevent further trouble. It is a positive euro and a guarantee it. Price 10 and do cents. A pin Moi a druggist. Indigestion or constipation. A few Hamburg figs Are All that is necessary for Trio our of the severest of indigestion or constipation nud one taken occasionally will pre vent the development of these Ftfe dec ions. To at ail drug Itata. J. J. Mack co., proprietors s. F. That Are fretful peevish Cross or troubled with Windy Colic teething pains or stomach disorders can be relieved at once by using soother. It contains no opium or morphine hence is Safe. Price 25 events. Sold by w. Pin Joek druggist. Suicide. Or. Flint s i Art remedy has saved More lives by i imply use and has Kepi from suicide or the insane Asylum More victims of a Provis disorders than All the physicians with their Pel run to Lions of Tiwi taunt. All druggists. Sloo. With each Buttle or address j. J. Mack co., s. Tho children. Thar Are especially liable to Sud Den colds coughs croup whooping cough Etc. We guarantee Acker s English a comedy a positive cure. It Savos hours of anxious watching. Sold by Pinn Iofik druggist. A farts. Allcock s Are the Only genuine por Ous plasters. They act quickly and with certainty Aud can to worn for weeks without causing pain or inconvenience. They invaluable in Cas w of spinal wonk est kidney and pulmonary malaria ague Cako liver complaint dyspepsia sinus rheumatism sciatica and Ner debility. Other plasters Blister and into Sun Ilio skin so Ottiar the Pures closed mid Ofinn cause serious in jury. Ami risk Lilii Ali and waste time and to Kiev by inferior Pla hrs mail to sell him the of All cock s. Of th8 this life Are sorrowfully let Alono on account of dyspepsia. Acker s dyspepsia tablets will cure dyspepsia indigestion and Constina Tiu ii sold on a positive guarantee at 20 and so con to by w. Pol water storage. An old trapper out its advantages a Quarter of a Century ago. The following which was undoubtedly related by t. D. Parkin son of the Nevada land and cattle company is printed in the san Francisco bulletin now that the question of water storage and irrigation is attracting attention on All sides the following account of Tho cause which led to the starting of one of the most important Schames on this coast will be with interest. The gentle Acker s baby Man who related the incident is soother at hand. It is the Only Safe now in the City and vouches for its truthfulness. Since the time of opium or morphine but gives the child which he Speaks he has successfully natural Eatter Compain. Prise25cent. A ferried out the which then _ _ i seemed to him but Tho visions of a w. Pinniger druggist. T. Weak minded old Man. To had been describing a great dam that he had built for the storage of water for irrigating purposes was asked How he came to turn his at Tention to that in such an out of the Way place and at a time when no one else seemed to have Tho Light of such a thing. He replied As Fol lows it was brought about in rather a Peculiar Way and though not much Given to Romance and senti ment i can certainly attribute the result of our works and the efforts of Many years of my life to an incident that happened which i will relate. Away Back in 1862, when the mining craze was upon us when countries were Only explored for hidden treasures and agriculture was at a discount on the West Side of Tho Rockies my duties As county Surveyor called me to a Section of country near my present Home which at that time was occupied Only by hostile indians. On even no after Baring finished the work of Tho Day and while our party were discussing the question whether we would awake in the morning with entire scalps there appeared among us As though dropped from the grizzly headed old Man in the garb of a trapper. On invitation he settled himself before Tho remains of our frugal repast which seemed to affect him to such a degree that he continued with us while in that District during his stay he save no account of himself or his Busi Ness and not until the last moment when he was about to leave did he unburden his mind. Taking me aside one morning he revealed to me that he had a project in View and that there were millions in it nothing would satisfy him till i consented to go with him to the spot where he could better explain. Alone did .1 accompany him for so he would have it and As he plodded silently by my Side for he disdained the Saddle i must acknowledge that at times i had j misgivings As to my own sanity in placing myself in the hands of a Crank. The Indian Trail we had been following for some hours led us through a deep Canyon through which flowed a rapid Stream of considerable size. Upon reaching the Summit of a High Bluffton stopped and pointing to a Large Valley above announced that this was his find. Never shall i forget the astonishment that overcame me As 1 listened to this old Man s burst of enthusiasm. The visions of wealth he had in View from the impounding of water for the reclamation of the great arid Plains below made the stories of Tho impecunious owners of feet values seem insignificant. I will not pro Long the Story by giving the details of his argument. I listened to him throughout and though the practicability of the scheme i feared his Days would be numbered before this system of reclamation would be brought into practice. I was a Young Man at that time and being a civil Engi Neer the old Man s visit strongly impressed 0 a. 31, i Colony company. 940 lots from 50x150 to ten acres Are of r Sale in the Home of the the Vine Olive Obank Lemon fio in fact All kinds of Fruita. H town lots and la enquire of the Colony for circulars maps Etc. Re n Butte California. Lois by the acre per acre j enquire of agents Gazette office. Hotel8. New management Lake House Chas. H. Stoddard proprietor the beit hotel in Nevada. The company guarantees satisfaction to purchasers. Water is abundant climate even and healthy. Mean 58 summer 70. H h lots in an monthly instalment until paid for. A hotel Given away for 3al h h 0 miscellaneous. Pacific lumber Wood go addbk3s. To Hokki location of Mill Cli Toh Oak. M. E. Fred a. Taft common Lambor Cebu off and flooring Bevel Edge and in Solo biding Clear and a Laaied Lombari Sal Road fancy and common Mould Nga brackets eur. Stock raisers store a Martin proprietor in general merchandise dry goods and fancy goods. Summit Plumas co., Cal Ano a full assortment of All kinds of goods it the lowest Market values. Call and be convinced. And provisions groceries n. Bak Rutton Succes for to Pruner bake Leszl. Keeps a nil hip to family obucekie3 mud of kerb charge. Delivered at residences free of Ami flu a Bio in s and he pm s of the Rosit n net alien Ned n d i Al tin Etc by it to Mhz i Fig to Fowe i Sand Igor a co t the client Iii is Cou a. Croup. Holds Bro Noettl a pneumonia who Ping u my n i Ottier Throat mud i in troubles. Other a a Limo is so c Siul in curing in ctr Nruh a Fluor Dpi to con. The Enon Annj in ecu site Sun Riard Ca t r Ine to firm Ihler m refs. Suld und j a flute y guaranteed by us do b. Emitter at 91 a package. Three for fit a ablate ii combo Nuu a of cum Abi Eiene a Finis. The heal by and ing by in Thi world for piles 1 ulcers and -11 Krupi Iun m thu skin. T Rusc 2 cents. Fold by win. It nuts r. All genuine Able icon prep i to 1 -1.3 b a the Rue film lie alg Mitiu of Fryer. Eur of fuck Mon i can be quickly and m in i cur to by mid i g the powder to be iou and with Kier s True enu cough . Sold by is m. Iii sgt a. A 1 v Al Liao Ablene pre ring he to i by Stout Tuure f. Fryer. _ _ s perfectly sword to before . Com. J. D. Crawford. One of the worst c1ses. We Bave been Sellon your i Ichiba rear dish and have the first complaint yet a purchaser. One of the worst of s Rovula i Ever saw was cured by he a of ova bottles of Cuti Coka , car Irutha Ano on to cur v map. The snap takes the cake hero us a soap. Taylor , Dru Koginu Frankfort Kin. Siscro Plutt ithe Hitko. And Humours with loss of Hilr and eruption of the positively cured by cot Zouha and Stop externally and t a Sicura Resol vent internally. Send for pamphlet. Comic Rora a buddies old every where. Price r. Cd Ticulka Stafan beaut Lder. 2fi-ts. Cd Rooha the new blood per liner Pottar duo and Bosold. Les. Blackheads skin Blem Isles and baby Humours use co to Cuba Hoap. Uterine pains. Weakness instantly relieved by Tascu Laura Ter a perfect an Luote to pain Matlo nand we Kness. Anew instantaneous and plan kill Long plaster. Zieds. Sold soap. Era Olvett to. Prepared by t e Portia add Chi Loai. Of. For Bow to skin Dis Page h and in Rio Bonito Colony lands famed for Richness along the Feather Kiver. Groves of Mammoth Oaks of surpassing Beauty Best of soils for oranges Lemons Hijra peaches Cher Ries and All tropical and other fruits. O Bonito Colony lands Are located in Butte county California and along the prettiest part of Feather River. They Are about eight Miles South of Oroville three Miles from Gridley and two Miles from Biggs on the Oregon and California Railroad and seventy three Miles from Sacramento. There Are growing on the lands White Onk Trees some of which Are thirty five feet in circumference. The soil is a Rich Sandy Loarn and cannot be surpassed in productiveness. Citrus and All kinds of deciduous fruits Ripen Here to perfection. Rio Bonito Colony lands Are a Garden spot and Are certain to a the most popular for Homes of any to be found in Central California. Beautifully situated on the Bank of Truckee River three blocks from the Central Pacific depot. Best accommodations in the state. Terms reasonable. Free bus to and from depot. The table will always be supplied with the Best the Market affords. Alb fifty cents pub week. Wilela Melof Bof do Llam int thai is Tala Coinman for intr Par for Sale. One Hundred tons of le20 of qbas8 o. C. Eos8. Farmers attention a Man and wife desire 81tua Lions on a ranch. La a Pood housekeeper and the bus bund la willing to Luin Bis hand to anything. Botn competent. Apply to Penilla. Pyra mid Bouse. The r Hotali in a Flat Sucht rooms attached Flani 8iuiabo every attention paid to Lafayette House. Opposite depot. Testimonials on the land by leading Bette county citizens and others. I have been Over your tract of land on the Feather River a Hundred times. There is no better land and no better place fora Colony in the world. John s. Gilson Iteal estate agent Reno Nev. As Good county. Land As there is in Butte John Bigga. As Fine a piece of land As there is in this county. First class for cereals and fruits. L. D. Freer judge Superior court Orovilla. Have lived on this land for nearly Twenty years. No More healthy Cli mate in tha world. M. Bias or. Biggs. It will produce without irrigation any of the fruits grown in any part of the state of California. Arg ii. No Richer land can be found in All Register. As Fertile and valuable tract of land As there is in Butte county. Just the find of land for fruit culture there is none better. Jacob Busick Gridley. It is All splendid fruit land without irrigation. We. Shah by Biggs. I regard your tract As the Best body of land in California. Geo. W. Cum. Battle Mountain Nev. One of the finest bodies of land in he world there is no Bottom to the soil and every Inch of it is Rich. Mercury. A body of land As valuable and Well adapted for All purposes of agriculture especially fruit raising As any land g. K. Smith banker Biggs. Mown to me. With proper cultivation it will raise All kinds of vegetables fruits and vines. W. A. Snip be Nelson. My Orange Trees on land within a mile of yours have done magnificently. They began bearing the third year from planting find Are now hanging full of splendid Golden fruit. Tiros. Hutchins Gridley. I cannot speak too highly of the merits of your soil none better in the state for Stone fruits. The oranges now growing in my front Yard Are of As Fine flavor and the Trees of As Thrifty growth As i have Ever seen anywhere. John s. Hutch Zinb. If your land were in fruit bearing Trees the land would be Worth and would pay a Good interest on an invest ment of per acre. Our Orchard of 75 acres adjoining your place this year yielded at the rate of per acre. John c. Gray Oroville Jas. Hen Nigeb Gridley executors Hilger s estate. On such land As yours All kinds of fruit do Well. A test of 75 of my Apple Trees showed a yield Laet year at the rate of per acre. There has not been even failure of my Apple crop in 30 years. Phillip Hefner Central House. My Orchard is 27 years old and adjoining your land which is exactly the same As mine. The net average yield per acre without irrigation has been not less than per annul. I have not lost a fruit crop in 27 years from Frost or any other cause. D. Street a Biggs. I know the great capabilities of your As a fruit ranch. In five years after planting that land in olives would yield fully per acre in Oil and will increase year after year until its annual yield will exceed Johh c. Ebay dist. Att y. Ali la Chapelle proprietor White Cooki Only employed. The hotel bus been Iho Rongay Over hauled and rofl Ted. Fine rooms and Good table. Sar Lioom. Meals 25 cents Beds 26 and 50 cents. Olve Sacal. Ool5 livery a d feed6tables. Reno livery stable. John Pothoff Peop a successors to Hammond a Wal 80n. Finest livery teams in the state. Best buggies Saddle horses con stantly on hand. Horses boarded at most reasonable rates. M.opf08ile the Eureka stables. A. Benson pop Fileto. Dealer in and. Feeo and Sale stable. Slock corrals and Scales. Trans Lent Stock carefully provided for. A urges to suit the times. M. J. Curtis architect 4 Bui Reno Nevada plans furnished and Esti mates Given. This Section of Butte county is one of the Best in California for fruit Cul Ture. Such land As this if set out to fruits would at the end of three years t is estimated be Worth at least per acre. At this rate Twenty acres in fruit within three years would be Worth the managers will take charge of the setting out of fruit Trees for purchasers of land and at the actual Cost of doing the same. Land is now for Sale in tracts to suit at per acre on easy one third Cash j balance in one two and three years at eight per cent. Per annul. Ticket to Biggs. Fare from san Francisco from Sacra mento stages from Oroville to Biggs pass the land daily. Send for circulars. Address Youj stg managers Bio Bonito Colony Biggs Bette county cal., or Reno Nevada. For Sale at a bargain 13oo Angora goats. Of them thoroughbreds the High Gradei. I Eane half cubs Len balance in Utlz Mouths Munch with approved Curlly. near hum it Plum a co., cat Lei led. Jena of j. R. Kouson. Summit. Munh oho up who Piho Tough taut bios obit Rel loved kor gel Iob i my by of bpm invaluable for ladies and children. You la find it com 10 Eiro late organs Ofton am All and great it Cheeky headache and the that Aad Ever know. In find . If you Are contemplating building have your plans made. Information and probable Cost of building in both Brick and Wood and of building material furnished free of charge. Residence and place of Greet opposite my. 81. Mary i Academy. Jei8 Flata of Virginia City 804 markets. San Francisco Dealba diamonds watches jewelry solid Silver and All Gooda a Flat cime jewelry store hapa Valley wine co. S0cobbbor8 to urdu of a attic Walnea and Bra Adlea. Tala company u on Liml by Well known to Alneada Aad la Gouda Ara Wmma Tod of Lei in Jol stray. Came to my about fir8t of Laet lace Ember one potted cow and i to Poueu Civet re gel ear Allt and under bit in Ibe left. No sight. The owner can Bave the ame by proving property and paying Hargra. We. Merrill Verdi. I Fakir for 8ale. I am contemplating making an addition to my Brick building and so i offer the we Ivil House for Isle to move away. T. Furu shod Toonis. With Board single pasties accommodated at Par month. In quire on the on our Thairel be tween Hula Lon und a Annaton Ktreo a. For Sale or to rent. To for Pam or to rent half mile irom Reno. App y to b. Skete. Second hand fun culture store second hand furniture n Bough and so d. Upholstering and rep Long generally. On Corner of cent r Anil Mccond sironia. Joseph a. Ziegler. For Sale or Trade. H Werner has a number of one Yngong and of Arregea for or Irupe at pain shop k. Hymer so Laule. A Fine Chance for a Good bargain. H. Wehner. House for Sale. Six boomed cottage in the Muni of arable residence Puriton of it no table out in Ortu lot at a mkt to office. Or furnished Coonis i o let. Wei l furnished rooms Simony Anil desirable. Apply to be. C. Bec the premises Corner of Plaza and Var Lnla Street. Jaitt of midwife. Mrs. Anna midwife de sleet in Norm the Public that Ana returned from and again Reed idea prac Ilce in Mer consultation rooms und residence Are at i he Pyramid House can Kolin to Bent. Nicely furni8hkd Rook to rent or without Board in a pro family location West of Mercet two door Tuortu of Benood. Mrs. H. W. Thompson. Notice to hereby Given that i will on and alter Al Ibe Floral Day of Janu Fry 188s, Deltef by own milk collect mar and Bave no partner in Bulu dec29 t g. E. Pics. School. D. Upsun will hold a regular ing Schuol Eveo wed Neoda u r Jay even Luguet at inc Nevada to Aalst. Mem 01 Muaulu in hate Fidance. Sheep for Sale. Twelve Hundred head of Mutton Sneep or Iuan Nev., on line of Central address ua8i3 ranch company dec of Taano. Agent wanted. Wanted. A Good agent to handle books of lie by great or Der. Apply to d. Applet cd co. 3han some my House for Sale or Kent in fourth Street Between Bouton and Elgut Ului room and closeup. North Hup on he or no Siht 0 for Sale 1 of Dairy Cowa 4 milk Wagon. And Lou Tea 4 Nora a 1 Larussi Iso gallon of milk hold Dally. For Tennis inquire of a. T Bice. Noting of furniture. Knew furniture bought la and old new for culture exc kanned or second band by Lieal Market Phi Ald for second Hunu Gooda at l. Lewty omra Ercyal Kow Between Sierra and Vir Glenla Sireen. Fat redaction in or toe. Thle Meek of Kooda Rait to told Nalaa of Harty Dayi in o make for a Nev and larger invoice of food. Mra. Beaglehole Virginia Aseet Between pint Brooking steam Candy Flat Candy Jacl Onla Treab Woody every Kotov Call and get Arloea of Small Quot Tim or by the barrel. Whole Amie Francl Aoa e. Fur sate acres of one land la Valley to. Good improvement. H j All kinds of Dray inc Amie by pre Tudball Klad of Barry Aad on Ilia Thor last not Loa. Atao Wood. Ulcher Ibn. Tala new Saferi
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