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Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - October 15, 1915, Reno, Nevada F Page six Reno evening Gazette 15.-j915 Back to Panama to hold nine Miles of slipping mountains Uncle Dan Wheeler is dead Washoe Pioneer s career ends the late Daw Al c. Wheeler from a drawing by Boyd Moore Courtesy of the is news letter Down Cvine with one Man both broke. At Cox s bar a Crew of miners were working in a Hole about of feet deep and had to move big boulders on the bed Rock. Dan asked for work. A Small Man in the pit said we Are paying this chinaman a Dollar a Day to hoist these rocks you can have his the Small Man who spoke was Dan u. Boyd so Long treasurer of this county. Death occurs at St. Francis hotel at noon with his wife and his sons Carl and Donald at his Side body will be brought to Reno tomorrow morning successful career of one of Nevada s great citizens comes to a close Luik a Dan Wheeler died in ban Francisco at noon today of pneumonia Llis wife and his sons Carl and Donald were with him when the end came. Or. Wheeler with his son Carl went to san Francisco on business a ago and the Day after their arrival there or. Wheeler took cold. This rap idly developed into pneumonia. The Best medical attention possible in san Frrancisco was obtained and on tues Day it was reported that Uncle Dan would recover. Mrs. Wheeler and his son Donald Laiful joined Carl at the bedside in the St. Francis Hospital before that when a or ious Turmin Atoji to the illness had looked for. Tuesday it was danger was passed and friends in this City were so told by Tel Ephone. The news of his death came there fore As a great Shock. Daniel Wheeler will accompany the body to Reno where it will arrive to Morrow morning. At the elks Home and around town the news was received with great Sor Row for no Man in Nevada was More truly popular More cordially loved by everybody than was Dan Wheeler. In 1871 he was married to Sarah e. Ridenour. Sister of John Ridenour and she survives him with four sons two daughters and six grandchildren. The sons Are Carl Donald Park and Mack the daughters Are mrs. Hugh Senseney and mrs. Mae so fridge and the grand children Are Gwendolyn and Jack Wheeler Muriel his kill Nell Selfridge and Dan Senseney. A sister mrs. Mary Loder also survives. The sturdy generation that gave Nevada Fame is fast passing away. Daniel c. Whose death was mentioned in the Gazette of yesterday was born in the Village of Warsaw on Avite woman Creek now renamed we Honda and Tuscarawas River. Tho country was new in 1s40 and the boys worked on the farm. There were few improvements nobody bad Cook or Par. Lor Tovet but every Homo had a live place or two and a bake oven out in the Yard. There was a pole ladder instead of stairs and the water Supply Camu from a Spring a couple of Hundred feet from the House. Matches were a rare luxury and Tho family sent two Miles to borrow fire from a neighbor. Vas a big Lof schoolhouse within reach and Dan received a Good education. The father of the. Family married twice and 17 children graced the Home. Only one is left. Mrs. Loder of Reno of Dan s Park Wheeler who had a ranch on the Truckee below Clark s station is a half brother. Or. Wheeler the elder came to Reno and died at thu Home Mill Street at the age of left Ohio in us to Cross the Plains for California in a party of nine with three Yoke of oxen and one Wagon. They wore three months on the Road from Atchison kan., to Salt Lake City. It was the year of the mormon War when Albert Sydney Johnson marched an army into Utah. Emigre i Linn was virtually suspended that outside of the troops. The indians were1 very bad in 1s57 and 1s59, Hue in 1s5s there was peace. The party saw a great Many and they often camped to Gether with no friction. Still two men of cent guard every night until mid night for six weeks. When near Silko the men went to sleep and Tho oxen disappeared. Everybody was scared believing that indians had stolen the Stock. One Man struck out in the Moonlight and another who did not see him Start walked Down a dry Gulch and when they got sight of each other l hey supposed they had struck a War rior. They began shooting and Yelling and ran for Camp without doing any damage. One of the men was Spence Gregory who was the first conductor of the Virginia Truckee Railroad. They found no one until Uhny reached the Truckee and were nearly starved. They caught quo Wees and made for the mountains As the season was grow ing late. Near Glendale they found Dick Martin in a Stone Cabin who now lives in Reno. They were hungry and Dick said he had plenty to eat but it was All gone. And his partner Austin were milking cows and packing the butter to Downieville. They 1m in Muk in abundance and thai was a life Saver. The litle. Party where Reno now stands but kept going and found a House at Crystal Peak. In dog Valley they got lost but finally reached Webber Lake. Doc. Webber was there with a stage station a band of cattle Atul some horses. The party sold their oxen and Wheeler went to the River was full of men and Dow Neville was a Lively Camp. Dancing was the principal ainu Semont. Dutch girls were brought out from Holland and they Only knew the and polka. They had to learn the quadrilles and so a boy was thought to play Tho music. Lie could Only master Johnny How s your very hotly danced miners ranchers Bankers and merch ants. Most of the girls were accompanied by their Mother or father and Tzyy were excellent girls and hand some too they married off in most cases and some Are leading society Dames today. Each dance was paid for with a four bit piece and the couple then spent half a Dollar at the bar. The girls travelled from one town to an other and were always in demand. John Mackey was a Miner at Cumberland f other of Robert l. And John m. Fulton were in Downieville and George Humphrey ran an express pack train to Monte Cristo. April 10, 1802, or. Wheeler Sta Rug for Nevada. There were big floods the Winter of 1sg1 and 1862 and. To from Anderson s ranch where gov. Sparks lived afterwards to we Delcid in a boat and landed in the Hay mow at. Glendale. For four years he team to Virginia City hauling Liay Wood in jsg7 he went to Oregon and thereafter drove sheep and cattle Down for 25 years. In the Honey Lake and Sierra Valley country were full i nil is of. . Took a ranch at tree. Stone Gates had a crossing at Glendale and a hotel. All the Honey Lake travel Way to Virginia City with loads and loads of potatoes Hay and produce. Len Savage Jim Holbrook balls Dell Ajifu Thomas were neighbors. In 1sg2 a shoe City had men and 50 women. They celebrated Tho fourth of july enthusiasm. Bad men were plenty and there was some shooting but nothing serious. Jim Kinkead ran a Foo Trace and won tulo Frank had a race horse and he and Dick sides made More than All the rest. Jack Foulks Saloon and Jim Roberts a hotel Lemmon lived at Peak inc and w. Lee at Purdy. Frank m. Lee was there. Or. Wheeler made taxi Truckee widows his Headquarters from Cor the rest of his life with ranches sheep arid cattle ranges at different places be Here and Oregon. Few Ines knew the Stock business As did ail no one attend cd to it More closely. He had immense tracts of land including Forest Reserve Railroad leases and lands he owned making him one of the heaviest taxpayers in the state. He incorporated his interests some Yvars ago and was gradually transferring the business Load to the of his sons. It is Only truth to say thac no Man could be taken who will to moire missed than or. Wheeler. Not Only his wife and children but the whole Community will mourn. He never knowingly wronged a Man and his and his conduct made him fronds wherever in went. He was one of most com mini enable men with a through knowl Edge of his state and Hus country a live merest in affairs and a of humor hat gave him and his friends As Well Nany a Happy hour. He was very font of animals and a Favori Ito saying was if i had a million Dol ars and no horse i would be a poor Man in Early Days he joined the masonic Odge and chapter at Susanville and when the elks organized he became a Reading member. His sudden brought a Shock to Nany who knew and honoured him and is memory wll toys be Green in a show. The body of. Uncle Dan we heeler. Who died yesterday in san Francisco Vas brought to Reno this morning1 on rain no. 6 accompanied by the widow ind and Carl. A Large Delikat Ion from the Reno Odge of elks consisting of j. J. Hor an Al North l. G. Beach Charles ivc Urvin Arnold Rev. S. Uns Wortlie de Leeper f. M. Lee Guy it tits Harry Stewart Lute White be toy Pike Jake Wainwright Fred Hedges and met the sorrowing ally at the train and escorted the Ody to the elks Home where it will in in slate until sunday when the fun micral services will be held. The under the direction of he Groe Sejeck o Brien company Vas borne to the Hearse in waiting by i. B. O Sullivan Sam Pickett m. B. Moore Dan Dunkle e. A. Stewart s. H. A Hoeler a. R. Kent and George s. At he elks he me the body was laced in the Large reception room and s guarded by several Brothers of the a ruler by which Uncle Dan was a Gifu item Basr and in whose charitable work in Wuh such a potent Factor. Do Finko arrangements for Tho funeral Lave not been completed but it is in least Jod that the links will take charge f All he was a life Long a soft. There were hotels every three or foul Miles. The first Road to Virginia turned off at Sparks and went town which was a big Tim Ber All around it. The w a Mil Long. Today there in not a House standing and not a tree in sight. In in isl the settlers Prosol Geller j. C. Have Monroe Garner George Alt Jim Sturtevant father of he presen judge Sturtevant of Sau Francl sub Pete Young h. L. Long Ley Bill Darbey a w. Who built his House p. Drexler m. Be leg Brown e. Crane and a. At. Lamb Tom Hymers was at Galena Hunter had the station near Springs and Lake had the Bridge Welcl he traded big Susanville Rajsich to Fulle to buy. Wheeler said he crossed the Bridge but did not the halt Dolla toll and still owed in r a Man named owned Thi ground Reno stands on arid Jim Evan o wed the Lake ranch. John Martin father of mrs. J. J. Becker lived near Charley Goodwin the Pete dal ton ranch and had a town Laid on called Truckee City. Holcomb hat u Sawmill Ana Wheeler standing of clubs i won. Lost. San Francisco 113 81 Salt Lake 101 s7 h Angeles 92 Vernon in 101 Oakland is 106 Portland 75 108 .537 .5.15 .410 thursday s games san Francisco g Salt Lake 7. Portland 0 los Angeles Vernpn 9 Oakland u. Face Young soap assisted by ii Sicura ointment will help samples free by defy hold up and keep in Placo nine Miles of slipping sliding Moun is the Job that mayor Gen eral Goethals has just gone Back to Panama to tackle. That is Why he has withdrawn his resignation As governor of the Panama canal zone and become for an indefinite period simply Gen. Goethals Engineer for Uncle Sam. To is going to stay in the "i3ig ditch until once and for All to has conquered the. Slides which time and time again have blocked the Panama canal Bot i before and since its open ing. Practically single handed he is go ing to pit ills knowledge and dogged determination against nature and the in one of the most trouble some spots geographically speaking perhaps to be found in the world. He has been brought to his decision by the latest slide one of the serious experienced in the canal which has tied up More than. 100 ships and will keep he canal closed until no vember even longer unless Goethals adopts heroic methods to Cloar away the thousands upon thou Sands of tons of Earth and Rock. From the time that the work of Cut a continent in two got Well under Way slides have Given untold Trou ble to the engineers. The. Irregularity of the geological formation of the Isth mus is the reason for the big ditch is Cut through mountains consisting largely of sedimentary volcanic Ash. It is of varying degrees of hardness Only in a few sections is of the hardness hat really can be called Rock. In Many places huge deposits of Earth and Rork of varying consistency rest on foundations of harrier Malc Hij. These deposits As the excavating pro Gressed have simply skidded into the canal. In Many crises surface water leaking in along the line where the a Ymir formations meet act As a lubricant i and tints Speed up the the great nine mile Cut at Culbra where the canal plows through to the very Bono of the Continental Divide has Given the greatest trouble. In 1911 engineers had to fight 21 slides and at irregular intervals up to to present one these slides have continued whole Mountain sides simply slipping into the waterway. Sometimes from a height of More than 500 feet Foote sea Jevel. The Cut at Cuc Aracha in the District has Given the engineers their Iron test trouble. Night after night when the men were racing to inish the canal on time As much debris would slide into the canal As could be show eled out by thousands of men during the Day. To this one Cut alone some cubic Yards of material. Had slipped into the canal up to july of 191 of All this had to to shovelled out again. The slide at Cuc Aracha and the Job co i. Goethals has picked out for himself. He talked from Washington to Hawaii and what helped dolt you can easily Darken Gray hair by a harmless Dye. Or Sticky mess Forest Vale graduate audion lamps made possible the Long distance wireless Telephone talk from Washington to Hawaii. He is shown at his wireless apparatus. Below is one of the lamps Whoso lat est exploit is. To furnish music. You can easily change your straggly Gray prematurely Gray streaked fad cd or Wispy hair to an even Beautiful original dark Shade by shampooing hair and Scalp a few time s with q-i3un hair color restorer. Nothing else required. A ban is a Teady to Tise liquid harm less to tie most delicate hair or Scalp. It is not a Dye but acts on the roots making hair and Scalp healthy so All your Gray hair and entire head of hair naturally changes to a Beautiful dark Shade 66 evenly that no one can Teil you have applied cd Bank this treat Merit also stops itching Scalp Dandruff and making Scalp clean and feel Fine. A ban guaranteed to turn All your Gray hair making entire hair evenly dark soft Lustrous Fluffy thick and Money Black guarantee. Big 7-oz bottle Only 50 cents. At red Cross drug Reno no Niin a Oil mown folks a supplied by have you looked under the bed for that 7th Point crowded with flavor 2__ velvety body no grit grumble proof Sterling purity. From a Daylight factory untouched by hands red. Of cinnamon a bums wrapper latin for the of fit 7llt, Point vill it of red Lair. Lewsi apes newspaper

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