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Reno Evening Gazette Newspaper Archives May 8 1901, Page 4

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Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - May 8, 1901, Reno, Nevada Marion Fitzgerald by Allan c. After two weeks spent in new Yoi w or. And mrs. Fitzgeral returned i Detroit. Or. Fitzgerald was very proud of his wife and was Ever watchful of h Comfort. Several Days had passed s i quickly that he Hail hardly Given n Vada a thought until picking up Detroit evening paper his eyes of upon the following dispatch. Virginia. Nev. Jan. rhe Many friends of Marion Fitzgerl ire anxious for his return to Neva-1 or his name will be presented to the legislature next tuesday for the i Nitt states senator ship. But. As or. Fit Terald was recently married in Detroi t is doubtful if he returns in tinn that he will be elected and Almo unanimously. There can be but Litile doubt. The Mohawk and Deer i transcontinental railway company i making quite a bitter fight again Lim. But it is thought that its lion will not amount to much. Fit Jerald is exceedingly popular in Neve la. Particularly in the Western part he state Anil representative men in parts Are favouring citation. It Only the political Bosses want him Defeated. If one can Junise in he expression he hears the people Nevada propose to have their own or once regardless of consequences falling his wife he handed her thaper containing the dispatch. Anti Reading it carefully she said. Marlon dear you never Spike of the matter to . My husband for states senator Why i want him Darling you have him Ana pol lies or position can never come n Iween us. My life shall be devoted t you. Dismiss the subject from you mind for there will nothing c Jmc o he said As he stroked Hor hair. Early wednesday morning a mess in ser boy rang the Bell of the mansion and announced that he had Telegram for honorable Marion fit Jerald. A servant took the dispatch received for it. And went to the dining room where the Fame were at breakfast and passed it to Fitzgerald. He opened Ami read i ind passed it to his wife without Coin ment. She read it aloud Carson Nevada january Imp to the honorable Marion fitzgeral Detroit. Michigan. Legislature today elected you states senator practically unanimous for the term beginning March 4th, ind ending March 4th. Pleas. Acceptance. Charles e. Langdon. President of the 3eo. 1. Lammond. Secretary. C. S. Vivion. Speaker of the House n. W. Rolfe. Chief clerk. Well. Marion Are you going to inquired his wife. I must consider it a Little Clear an will talk with you about it after break Well boy a United tales Sena worship is a pretty Good Sah Jasper Underwood particularly at this time when the Standard Oil com Pany and the sugar men Are trying to grind their tools on the Federal grind Stone. That Mohawk and Deer Kur transcontinental railway. I under stand Are pretty Friendly to i Niti states senators just now too. I would consider it Well before Marion s Pride was a Little Hurt or. Underwood s Blunt speech but h replied that he would the Subj i 3ue consideration after consulting i wife s wishes in the matter. Chapter Viii. Going to their rooms a Ter breakfast Gertrude said Marion dear you Art not going a accept that Nevada senator ship. Alf you United states senators and their wives Are obliged to entertain Exten sively and while a woman should pay ome attention to social functions think there is other work for them to to that is More profitable and bet calculated to stimulate happiness than to spend one s time in so called first society. While i feel deeply the Honor conferred upon you by the Nevada legislature i feel inclined to the belief that we would be far happier if you declined the Trust. It is not wish to shirk any responsibility however. And i am willing to be governed entirely by your own Good judgment in the matter. I Only thought that politics Are sometimes very corrupt and a politician s life would be repulsive to your Noble True Darling polities arc sometimes corrupt but what professions or Call ing is not free Pientl lowered by com ing in Contact with Little men who make their living by their w its it run along the whole Gamut of human Endeavor and bad men can be found in every calling. The social functions of a United states senator Are Guage by his own love of society and As you know tastes run in other Chan Nels. I really do not think you need fear of being killed by society. Of course we would be expected to enter Tain at dinner parties and the like quite frequently but that would be comparatively easy for one with such charming manners As your own dear self possesses. I really think it is duty to answer a Call so spontaneous As the one from the Nevada Legisla Ture but i am willing to place the Matte. In your hands and will be satisfied with whatever you decide of Marion love How generous and kind you Are. I too think after More mature deliberation that you cannot afford to ignore the Honor so graciously tendered you. Tes Marlon accept it by All Means. I am not at All afraid that you will become smut Ted by poli tical Marion clasped his wife to his bosom and kissed her. Stroking Back her hair with one hand while he held her Cheek in the he said Tou Are a dear Good girl. But i must wire acceptance to the Neva la legislature and shall ask you to it asst in framing a suitable Tele Marion seated himself at the table ind wrote the following Detroit mich., january 19th, 1881. Of honorable president of the sen ate Ami the honorable i of the House. Nevada Carroll . a. A Man would in be careless if e Ilid not Aii Creciat in a most Thor Vanlier the great Honor you have inferred by electing you to the. United states i feel deeply gift thu for the Clidence you Luke Rej toss a in and ill int Xor to you thai at Confidence has not been misplaced accept the Trust with some misgiving to ability but shall do the Best in Power for the up build of Nevada. Mining has always been considered the Only calling one could engage i in Nevada with any degree of sue Ess. But our state i am confident As agricultural resources which will by i i thy the attention of the whole peo v and Nevada s live Stock interest. Fart taking first place of import Ance. C1 will leave for Home the Latte it of lust week when i to j All and Fay in person what a neglected in tills Brief dispatch invite the of the legis Lii re and their friends to the Arlington deep Apple action of the Honor conferred May by Unk in a Glass or Roderer. Mrs joins in wishing the pc f of Nevada All the Prosperity thei torts entitle them to. Again thank you. I subscribe myself Marion Fitzgerald. Ringing up a District messenger. Itzgerald gave the dispatch to bin. Ith a live Dollar piece to pay the. 11s, and in less than thirty of thai time the Telegram was rear i both houses of the Nevada ire. It was received with great ont ration of satisfaction and the Gisla Tui adjourned to take a Glass f wine with senator in the fore part of the second week allowing senator and mrs. Fitzgerald i Rived in Carson. They were met at he depot by a committee if citizens Mil escorted to the Arlington hot. Here they pc Jit open House for Sev Al Days after which they went to ii Ginsu. The senator was engaged of that time until late in february fishing up the business of the con. Irginia. Preparatory to turning it Over 0 his sue lessor. When Congress was ruled to order n March 4th senator Fitzgerald was to be sworn in and immediately ook his seat. The other senators wer. Lad to meet the senator from Nevada congratulated him upon his elect on. The senator spot two or three months of the session in. As or. War put it. Learning the but 1 Man of his great natural ability Coluci lot help list be an Ajit scholar. The tier senators found that the new Viator from Nevada did his own Hin intr and could express Thos. In a matter of fact Way that As at once logical and convincing soon became one of the most to plur senators on the floor and so Lely patterned after mrs. Fitzgerald n nearly everything from a dinner arty to an evening costume at the he arc. She soon became the Matron Ell. Of Washington society. Senator Fitzgerald was an untiring for the betterment of Nevada condition. And so earnestly did he Laboi hat it became a common about he lobbies of the chamber that Neada had at last a senator who Looker Itei the state s interest. During tin Ummer recess of ingress senator Itzgerald and his wife returned to Nevada. The senator put in Hare Vork on a speech that he intended to i Livi r in support of a Bill he Hac crafted during the Early Days of the Vinter session providing for govern nent Aid water storage in the aric1 states. His wife was of very great Issis Tanc e to him in his work anal Nade More than one suggestion that Vas taken by the senator. They spent thanksgiving Day in a inline and then started for the eat of government at Washington. Senator Fitzgerald answered Roll Cal december 4th in the Senate of the noted states. Leaving the Senate chamber one Day after the Holiday recess he complained one of his colleagues that he a not Well. The senator with whom he was walking offered to a of Pauy senator Fitzgerald but hat gentleman said it was not Neces he would Call a cab and go to ils residence on Pennsylvania Avenue a Little rest he would All right. He was driven to his ome. Arriving there he stepped from he Carriage when mrs. Fitzgerald came o meet him. Why. Marion How Pale you ook. Are you she anxiously inquired. The senator informed her that he Vas not feeling very Well but he guessed that after he rested a few minutes he would feel better. Mrs. Fitzgerald him by the am and assisted him to the sitting room where he threw himself on a Couch. He soon Trew faint and his worried wife said would Telephone for a physician. The senator thought it would be just As Well. Mrs. Fitzgerald returning to the Couch from the Telephone found that her husband had fainted. Now thoroughly alarmed she watched for the coming of or. Beveridge. Marion revived from his faint presently and said dear will you kindly give a Glass of Appel Linaris water i feel slightly just then a servant announced or. Beveridge. Show him. In was mrs. Fitzgerald s command. Or. Beveridge walked in Felt of the senator s pulse and asked him if he had recently partaken of Rich food. The senator informed the doctor that he Hod not. Presently the physician turned to mrs. Fitzgerald saying Madam we will excuse you for a moment of and mrs. Fitzgerald left the room. Or. Beveridge listened to the Sena Tor s heart beat and then said it is As i expected. You have a very serious heart affection senator and must keep yourself very quiet. I suggest that you retire at once. O do not exert yourself the least bit 1 or your heart cannot stand much of a Strain. Shall i Call your wife and As Sist you to Inci us yes if you please replied the Sena Tor. Mrs. Fitzgerald and doctor Bev i i 1 Cige assisted Marlon to his room up stairs and or. Beveridge then said now senator let your wife and myself do the work and you do the resting. We will soon have you com j after getting the senator to bed the physician wrote a prescription and left after giving particular instructions that he should keep perfectly quiet and i not exert himself at All. Not even to attempt to raise himself up in be 1 without assistance. As the physician went Down stairs mrs. Fitch build followed him to the i Lull below and asked if anything per is ailed or. Fitgerald. I cannot Tell just yet. He h Art i trouble but 1 cannot say How serious it is. I will Tell you More when 1 see him this or. Beveridge visited the Home of he Fitzgerald s about a o clock that vening and after a thorough examination he requested that mrs. Fitzger Ald be again excused. After she had left the room he addressed himself to one senator senator 1 fear you have a very ser Ous and complicated heart trouble but i do not wish to alarm you in Lees Sally. I would advise however that you arrange your business affairs at once. Not that i thing there is any immediate danger of death but it is ust As Well for a Man of affairs to be very said the senator. It takes no longer to do it now than it i will tomorrow or a month from now 1 ind. As you suggest it is always bet Ter to have one s affairs in shape even f you Are Well. Will you Kimelly Tele phone to 1264 Pennsylvania Avenue and request the presence of judge v. M. Sanderson this certainly 1 will and the doctor went to the Telephone and ailed up judge Sanderson. Informing that senator Fitzgerald desired to see him at once at his residence. Mrs. Was suspicious and asked or. Fitzgerald wanted to see More Sanderson for. The doctor told or that the senator desired to do a ittle business and he had Given his consent if the senator would allow him the doctor to be present. In less than half an hour judge Sanderson and was shown at once to the senators room. Hood evening was Fitzger ild s greeting As judge Sanderson step i along beside his bed and took him the hand. Judge i desire to make will. I ant to leave everything of v miscellaneous. All it sumo the Quaker medical and j j surgical dispensary. All classes of legitimate adder tale tots. Not exceeding six lines inserted in this column for fifty cents per week. All Over six lines will be charge 1 de pro rata. In you have an Thino to sell or want to buy the Gazette s fifty cent column is the place to let the i people know about it i Lawn sharpened and repaired. C. Courtois. 609 Virginia St interesting lecture. On thursday evening May Isth Rev. J. W. Lundy pastor of the first presbyterian Church of Stockton will deliver a lecture on Ireland in the congregational Church under the auspices of the St. Margaret society. The lecture will be illustrated with stereo Palcon views. Irish Mel Odies will be part of the program. Admission 25 cents. M6w for Sale or rent. Two shares of Orr ditch Stock. In quire of f. M. Lee Washoe Bank. Nay die possessed to wife. Oer Naif homers Fitzgerald and should i in away from Home i want to pro for having remains shipped to Virginia cite Nevada for in very Well. Senator. I will draw up it document in a few by desk where you will find writing i said the senator and judge the Quaker doctor has moved is office into the Sund hand building Virginia St. T he will do All kinds of office practice. If you Are sick in any Way Call and he will examine you and then prepare what is needed in your Case. He compounds All his medicines which is a guarantee of their purity. Hellas worked in the leading hos j a petals in this country and Europe. He a Nice i j Naa forty years of Active and continue oils practice in Medicine and surgery. There is no better specialist in the West. There is no need of leaving this part part of the country for treatment when you can get s Good service Here and a in Many uses much safer. He re moves tutors without pain. Treats kinds of deformities and you can take a seat right there at ni0chanico1 a he acknowledges no Superior in the treatment of diseases of women which Sanderson did As directed. Presently he treats without the use of the knife o a turned to the senator s bedside a tortuous instrument or burning caustic. The document he had written i Kex Doss Cial attention. The old doctor gives personal supervision to everything connected with the office and dispensary. A All can depend upon fair treatment. Consultation free. Senator fitzgeral willed his Money and realty to mrs. Fitzgerald and no her sole executrix without oils. After signing the document Fitz Gerald said that horse was soon thank you judge Sanderson. My private Secretary will Settle with chapter in. Off Ioc hours from 8 a. M. To 12 m., 2 to 8 i o anti 7 to b.-3o p. M. Marion rested quite Well that night and seemed Mush improved the next morning he asked his wife to bring ittle Marion to him who h she did Olding the child up where his father Yulii Kies him. The babe put his Chub by Little hands against his father s face and pulled his ears. After a few min utes spent in playing with the child. Marion said to his wife now Gertrude dear give the Little one to the nurse and return Gertrude followed her husband s in Mitru colons and presently returned to j he room. Marion asked to be raised in in bed then he took his wife s lands in his. And said Gertrude Darling i made will ast night. I have left everything i am i of to you and have named j of As sole executrix without of dear Marion Why did you make i will asked Hia wife As she buried Ler face in Hei hands and began to by. Marion pulled her face to his and printed a kiss with a god bless you Lear and fell Back on the Pillow the Senate the next Day appointed a of senators to accompany senator Fitzgerald s remains across the continent to Virginia Nevada. After pronouncing several Heartfelt eulogies Over the loss of so valuable a member the Senate adjourned out of respect or the late senator from Nevada. The funeral was the largest Ever held in Nevada and everybody from the a Gedest Urchin in the Street to the upper crust of social life was there. As he lid of the casket was put in place mat Kavanaugh remarked that what Vas Nevada s loss was heaven s gain or Marion Fitzgerald was one of the Iest men this world had Ever product mrs. Fitzgerald spent a few weeks in Detroit after the funeral then came West accompanied by mrs. Somers and Jasper t Nderwood. The family took up a permanent residence in Virginia , the scene of the late senator s successes. The following Spring mrs. Fitzgerald desiring to build a substantial Monu Lent to her husband s memory gave to the Nevada state University of which was to be expended in building an elegant three Story Brick and Stone building to be used As a Home for poor boys and girls while cleaning an education at that institution. The building is standing on the University Campus today As a Monument of Marion Fitzgerald s Worth As a Citi zen husband father and Friend. Finis. To 4.3o p. M. Female diseases. Pro Lapsus or falling of the Leuch Orrea Kama Catano mrs okla to treat ment by Ely s Cream Balm which u it we it Teot Fod to rough the nostrils and heals the whole or foe which ii Baum it Milf. Diauto Tho . Vise trial Sim by mail 10 Yenta. to Aoloau Donau those who an partial applying i into the nasal passages for
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