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Reno Evening Gazette Newspaper Archives May 8 1901, Page 2

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Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - May 8, 1901, Reno, Nevada Tinq ivc nine a Watt Mno Nevada Reno evening Gazette published every Day sunday excepted. Gazette publishing company publishers. Bears the Allen c. Bragg. Editor manager i signature of Castoria for infants and children. The kind you have always bought miscellaneous. Subscription rates. Year by 00 per week by Carrier. 20 year by mall 2 00 wednesday May 8, 1901. The Carson Appeal has an editorial on lotteries and the methods of lottery companies situated in san Francisco but doing business in Nevada which throws much Light on the Way lotteries Are run. Doubtless its editor is Well posted on the subject and he forgets to be ashamed that he was one of the loudest advocates of just such a thieving combination for Nevada. He was on the inside of that scheme and we be Lieve that is where he got his know ledge of the dishonest methods used by lotteries to so indie the people. We believe that lottery companies Art All alike and shall never cease to be thankful that the Gazette did its Best and aided by the better element of the state succeeded in beating the band of conspirators that sought to establish one Here under the Law of the state. However the Sale of tickets from other places ought to be stopped and the publication of lottery ments in san Kra Tisco papers ought to be stopped. As a member of the press committee during the late unpleasantness the editor of the Gazette wrote to san Francisco Dally asking their support against lotteries in general and our own proposed lot Tery Bill in particular. At that time the editor of the a peal was using All his Little influence to establish the immoral thing in our very midst that he is now trying to kill at Long Range. The Roll of Honor men the Appeal and one of two other state a i pers Are so bitter against need not feel ashamed of the stand they took last Winter for it was on the right Side and All of the Good people of the state were i with them. T however this is what the Appeal says for some weeks past the authorities of san Francisco have been endeavouring to prevent the newspapers of that City from publishing lottery advertisements. They keep right along however doing so and circulating them in Nevada. These advertise ments Are Worth a year to each paper and they Are in no hurry to give them up. There is never any men Mcclon made in the san Francisco papers of these cases. The Stockton evening mall however keeps the farm. Ers of the san Joaquin Valley posted. The chronicle Call examiner and even the highly respected bulletin pub Lish lottery advertisements. They Are circulated All Over Nevada and it is in Nevada that the lottery companies gather their greatest Harvest of in Tims. Most of the companies pay no big prizes anywhere. They scatter the Small prizes of a and but the big prizes never go to anyone except the confederates of the company and the Man who receipts for a Large prize gets about ten per cent of it. It is a common thing for the companies to keep about one Hundred num Bers out of the wheel when the drawing takes place and these numbers Are duplicated and sent All Over the country. Of course they draw nothing. Some of these bogus companies have no raw Ings no Headquarters no responsibility. Here is an item from the bulletin. It throws a strange Light on the lottery question that the 1380 lottery tickets found in the Possession of George i son a notorious character arrested yesterday by Captain Wittman were bogus was the bold defense made by him this morning before police judge Canalas he Hopes to escape on that ground. Although he was willing to plead guilty to the offence charged if he could have been assured of a nominal Fine. Upson has served Many terms in the county jail for manufacturing bogus lottery tickets. It is his method of making a living and so Clever is his Handiwork that it is next to impossible for any one but an expert to distinguish it from the genuine tickets. His place of business is at 131 Montgomery Street. He is a photographer by occur Patio Patlon and he employs the Cam Era in making his fraudulent certificates. Now the above item is a cunningly worded affair to make the Public be Lieve that the defendant was counter Felting lottery tickets. He was More Likely Selling bogus tickets with the full consent of some swindling com Pany who prints two kinds of Selling the bogus ones to the Public and reserving the genuine ones for the police when they make their periodical raids. The Appeal sees none of the moral papers of this state lifting a voice against these swindles which Are robbing the citizens of Nevada out of a year. None of the Gazette s immortal Roll of Honor made an at tempt in the last legislature to legis late against this miserable gang of thieves who Are running the swindling lotteries of san Francisco. There is a stringent Law against newspapers circulating lottery advertisements and the authorities of Nev Ada. Should see that it is enforced and the san Francisco newspaper publish tonight and tomorrow night and each Day and night during this week pm can get at any druggist s Kemp s Balsam for the Throat and lungs acknowledged to be the most successful remedy Ever sold for coughs croup bronchitis whooping cough asthma and consumption. Get a bottle today and keep it always in the House so you can Check your at once. Price 25 cents and 50 cents. Sample bottle free for Sale by s. J Hodgkinson loading lie difference in the fuel Bank of Nevada George f. Moritz ssh Eelin vice president r. S. directors. Daniel Meyer q. F. Turrittin Moritz Scheeline p. L. Flannigan j. N. Evans a. G. Fletcher and Henry Anderson. J subscribed capital 00 capital paid in 150.000 00 undivided profits 82 Coal and Wood Are wasteful fads the litter they make is Donbor troublesome in hot weather. Get a Blue flame Oil stove and your Foel will be the same you use in your lamps. It will Cost one half cent an hour and you will Burn every cent s Worth Yon pay for instead of throwing a third away in Viscel Lanequa the kind ton have always bought and which Haa la use. For Over 30 years has borne the sigr nature of and has been made under his per Sonal supervision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive Yon in All counterfeits imitations and just As Good Are Experiment that trifle with and endanger the health of infants and against Castoria do a general banking business. J buy and soil Exchange on an the principal cities of the world. Stocks and Bonds bought and sold on com Mission. Interest paid on time deposits. Agents for the leading fire insure j Ance companies. 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In the matter of the estate of Erwin Crane deceased. Notice is hereby Given that mrs. A. Stiles has filed in this court a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Erwin Crane deceased with a petition praying that the same by be admitted to probate As the last will and testament of said deceased ind that letters of administration with said will annexed be issued to her. No ice is hereby Given that , the 18th Day of May 1901, at 10 o clock a. Of said Day at the ourt House in Reno Nevada has been appointed by the court As the time and place for hearing said petition and for proving said will when and where All persons interested May appear Ana Siow cause if any they have Why said will should not be admitted to probate and letters issued a prayed for. W. A. Fogg clerk. M7td s. Emrich s in like Stock of dry goods fancy goods must be sold regardless of Cost. 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Osborne Reno april is to or Lutol with if too not it lifted go to your drupe1 get your Money Back. Write or illustrated Book on Eoanu option. Without Cox to you. S. C. Wilto co., be Roar. N Don t concerned to not dead letter. Tobacco spit smoke ton can be cored of any form of tobacco noting curly be made Well Strong magnetic full of new life and vigor by taking that makes weak men Strong. Many gain Tea in ten Days. Over cored. All int Guitta. Cute guaranteed. Book or hew York. 49 bids wanted. Proposals for kindergarten building re no Nevada. The Board of trustees of the kindergarten association will receive sealed proposals for All material and la Bor As set Forth in the plans and specifications now on file in the office of superintendent Richard Brown. Nevada state University. Said proposals must be filed with the Secretary of the Board of trustees at s. J. Hodge Tunson s drug store on or before two o clock p. M., tuesday. May 14th, a. 1901, at which time and place said bids will be opened. Each bid shall be accompanied with certified Check for two Hundred and fifty dollars payable to the Secre tary of the Board of trustees As a guarantee of Good Faith on the part of he bidder. The trustees Reserve the right to reject Eny or All bids. Mrs. Maude w. Wheeler Secretary miss h. K. Clapp. President. Reno Nevada May 4th, Bewalda Woltti pm Shareta Candy cathartic cure constipation forever. Me. If c 0. C. Fall Dron Ruta refund Money. Steve Williams agent for the Stern Crescent Whitto Snell and Yale bicycles if you want a Brycle it will pay Yon to give me a Call. Easy terms on All wheels. Headquarters for fishing tackle of every description How investment building soon not Street. One of the pleasant customs that obtained in recent years on easter i m Cormick new big 4 the sending of gifts of Flowers or Choli this is the Mower the world uses. M grass will choke it. 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A stops there All night and with southbound train no. 2, leaving Termo at 9 o clock a. Fare each Way Fine Stock and comfortable coaches. A. Hall Torino agent. C. Vam Loam the Riverside la the Only first Clase in the City Reno Nevada Ferguson Cunningham groceries provisions in. And Grain for fresh fish every Friday morning. Ctr. Cmar Irvil a i sent St. Don Bros. Wholesale and retail butchers Mads of supplying roast my. Ton. Toast of diuss8ed in restaurants and private families in any Quantity Deal co. Co.uwrf.1 Art sem St. Nevada. Newspaper if
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