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Reno Evening Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 25 1884, Page 3

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Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - April 25, 1884, Reno, Nevada I ._.___. evening Gazette tkiday.apb1l 25, 18m f o to j. Pollard for All kinds of fresh meats. He has everything in that Lino that can be found in the country. Call and the electric lamp at Nasby i 27 commercial Kow. Thermometer at 7, it. 11, 1, 46. 53, 56, d7. Robert Glen the old time Nevada Printer leaves next wednesday for Washington territory to accept a Hoe position on the press. If Abrahams Bros of the White House clothing store see fit to sell goods cheaper than other competitors whose business is it Martin Augustine Are still receiving Large lots of groceries pro visions and hardware to replace the goods that Are going out daily. Nathan who has been in san Francisco buying his Spring Stock of clothing came Home yesterday. He bought a whole train Load of goods. Miss Villa Hunt will close her dancing school for the season with a Bonbon party on the evening of May 1st. Tickets her Soiree As usual to Morrow evening. Thistle Dew whisky for which a. Dudley co. Are sole agents in this place is fast superseding the old brands it is More Likely a healthy tonic than a beverage. Jake Becker keeps the Best of everything the thirsty can desire the Way of drinks and sets a lunch that cannot be excelled. His hair Minento Beer is always fresh and Good. At Leo. Becker s Pacific Saloon and brewery they Are always Busy dealing out Bis favorite Pacific Beer. The lunch is equal to a Square meal Luuis thrown in with the Beer. His wines liquors and cigars Are of the finest brands. Henry Donuel of Bridgeport Mono county cal., arrived last night and took departure for Che East. He proposes visiting his who Are living in Marion county Iowa. He carries with him several Rich Quartz specimens from the Mizee in the Vicinity of Clinton and Sweetwater. When the Queen of Tahiti passed through Reno the other Day she had occasion to few Miriall pertaining to a lady s wardrobe and called at Levy s dry goods store to Supply her wants. She found what she wanted and expressed Surprise that a Small place like Belo could support an establishment so extensive. 8he said she paid More for the same article in new York than Levy j asked Here. Justice is. A derision affecting the con tits tonal Ltd of the statute of it Lxi Tren Hundred Anil sixty one. Many old settlers will remember Bennett Justice of the peace of Washoe township from 1862 to 1865, whose decisions if not always governed by the strict letter of the Law were at least in accordance with Justice and equity. In 1864, when Tom Fitch was a member of the bar of Washoe county he often fell into Justice Bennett s court. On one occasion Jim Pierson proprietor of the Pierson House sued Jake Ackerman lying Jake for a Board Bill. Jake employed Fitch to defend the suit and the Case came on for hearing. Pierson acted As his own attorney and testified in his own behalf that Jake owed for Board. When was the debt asked or America tub Cox Isu champions. Fonda to Aid the Pamell Polly in parliament. A late Chicago dispatch says the following Are the essential portions of a circular issued to Day from the Headquarters of the Irish National league of America Charles Stewart Parnell has pub judge Harris of the Carson in Tea returned from san Francisco the morning. Hon. W. E. Prine of Franktown among the arrivals from Call fornia to Day. Mrs. M. C. Lake left last Evenin for a month s visit to friends i Oakland and Han Francisco. R. H. Lindsay and m. C. Lak went to Carson this morning on business before the supreme court Trenino coffin United state District attorney for Nevada a in town yest erday on Legal Busi Ness. H. E. Stockwell formerly of the ibid path lyceum Bureau is in Beno with a Large Stock of books h is Selling. Uncle Isaac Barrett and his son Ben returned from san Francisco this morning. The new goods they brought from below would make a ship Load. Albert e. Ross and family de parted for their Long Valley Home yesterday mrs. Ross and the Chil Dren having quite recovered from their late illness. George Bailey the Modoc cattle King accompanied by his Niece returned from the coast yesterday morning and departed on the n. O. For his Pitt River ranch. L. Abrahams of the White House clothing store arrived from the Bay this morning. He has been selecting from the san fran Cisco Market such articles As they do not import from the East. A we will have a storm to mor Row said a Farmer to a Gazette reporter the other Day. Said the reporter it is As Clear As a Bell i can t see any signs of a storm what do you base your opinion on do you see that flock of blackbirds huddled up Over there by the asked the Farmer Well whenever you see those Birds moping around like that you Cau bet a storm will be Fitch in Cross examination. In the Spring of 1862, and he never paid a answered pie Sou. Then your sail Miteb addressing the court we move to dismiss the Case and ask judgment for costs. From the testimony of the plaintiff himself the action is barred by the statute of limitations which provides that All suits for the recovery of Money on contracts not in writing must be brought within two years next preceding the time the cause of action arose and it is shown by the in contradicted sworn evidence of Pinion himself that the claim Jug now two years and four months pie son address is the court. Your Sah Pierson i Ain t no lawyer and i m glad of it. If i was a lawyer and Ever got so Low Down that i would stand up in a court of Justice to defend a Lazy whelp like lying and try to cheat an honest Man out of a grub Bill just because he had waited Over two years to get it i would go off and join the diggers. What can this Greasy missourian eat my grub sleep in my bed drink my whisky and then get a one horse bamboozle judge into the belief that be Bill is too old to be Good if that is Law it Ain t no Justice and this is a Justice court your Honor you must not take any Stock in what this Feller Fitch says anyway he Ain t no lawyer he s a newspaper what does he know about Law does it follow that because he is a big liar he is a Good lawyer he better go Back to Virginia City and stick to his old Trade. We won t have any foolish Ness Down Here. If men Ain t got no Money to pay their grub Bills it s All right but when they stand Lily declared that in order to secure a sufficient number of eligible men to carry of to Victory the struggle of Ireland in the British parliament a fund will be required to enable men who could not other Wise leave Ireland to reside in London and give their attention to parliamentary duties that it is a requirement reasonable and just As will appear from a Uriel stateroom of facts. Unlike members of our National Congress the Mem Bers of the House of commons receive no salary. Of its 640 members All but a Small minority chiefly Irish Are in the enjoyment of in comes without toil either As hered itary landlords Pla Cymek under the Crown of agents of monopolies. The Irish National party can carry probably seventy seats in if the fund required is subscribed. Some const tue quiet will provide for their own representatives. A greater number will be unable to do so because the vast majority of electors Are themselves bread win ners while the land which in the chief source of profit is held by resident landlords or absentees who will Combine to carry As Many seals As possible for creatures of their own. To meet the lawful expenses of the approaching general election and to assist in formation of a parliamentary party the Irish National league of America invites contribution from the supporters of Charles Stewart Parnell of his policy and of his purpose which is to recover the right of the Irish people to make their own jaws on their own soil. Subscriptions May is sent to the Rev. Charles o Reilly d. D., treasurer Detroit Michi Gan. Eugene Kelly the new York banker has authorized president Sullivan to head the list with his subscription of valuable inc of Kra. An old prospector discovers up Aud say that because you trusted pm too Long they Dou t owe you any thing e won t stand it. Do you hear we won t stand May it please your said Fitch i do not wish to reply to he gentleman. I will rely upon the statute and insist upon my to opinion of the court. It is the opinion of the court that the statute of limitation is unconstitutional. I think the longer a Man owes a debt the More he ought to pay but your said Fitch the supreme court of this state has already upheld the constitutionality of the it Don t make no difference to replied the judge the supreme court Don t have no jurisdiction Over this court. Judgment for Well your returned Fitch Good Nat redly i admit that under certain Circum stances the decisions of the supreme court would not be applicable to Justice s courts that is to say Here might be some justices whose intellectual capacity was so imperfectly illuminated that the obtuse Egal propositions embodied in the opinions of jurisprudential writers could not be made applicable or in ther words when a Justice is a fool there Are no precedents which he is obliged to follow. These Etu arks of course Are not intended or you judge Beurett i Only state hem As abstract principles of of course not said the judge the court will now stand and Coal vein free from John Poe is probably one of the most indomitable prospectors in this part of the country. There is hardly a Gulch or Mountain in Western Nevada but what be has traversed and has pointers on. Last summer be was prospecting through a Tubinas county and made several important discoveries in Quartz which show up flattering am athlete whom i he w the Day must yield to. Mcmillan the athlete came in from Virginia City yesterday and took the Overland train for ran Francisco last night. Just before the train started a Gazette re Porter had a few moment s Chat with him. And by the Way me. Is a pleasant modest intelligent gentleman not Given to boasting. A desultory conversation developed the fact that he came up from the Bay on purpose to wrestle Pasloe but he says it became apparent to Birn As soon As he arrived in Vir Ginia Tubac Pascoe and his friends were determined to have the Best of the arrangements at the match. They would not consent to any Umpire but one of their own Choice and the most be expected Linden the circumstances was a draw. Mcmillan says he will wrestle any Man in the United states on the same terms which be wrestled Pascoe that a Best three in five of the following first Greco roman second catch As eaten can third Side hold fourth Collar and Elbow my Cornish style. He challenged Stu Djou on the same basis but be declined. Mcmillan about two weeks ago in san Francisco made be Best score on record in putting rom the a 30-Pound Stone he put 30 feet and eight in Hes the Best record prior to that was made by Donald Dinnie 28 feet my nine inches a 25-Pound weight be put 3d feet and nine inches the Best record before this was 34 feet and six inches a 20-Pound store Hout 40 feet and eight inches the est record heretofore was made by feet and nine Lichen. Mcmillan is a splendid Ype of physical development. He a Canadian by birth just in his prime 26 years old and weighs bout 200 pounds. Drift Wood. The Spring Rise in the River bringing Down a Harvest to the Al re Wood wreckers. Men Ami boys Are Strung along the Banks of the Truckee and with Hooks and poles Are gathering stray logs boards planks and tree tops. Some 300 cords have already been corralled and the prospects Are still encouraging. Away Down at the Asylum where the chances Are not so Good the Wood having run the Gauntlet of the Reno they have scooped in enough to run the Asylum All summer. Bonk at an clan. To thousand volumes of stand Ard and miscellaneous works. Fine family bibles albums juveniles etc., at 21 Virginia Street. Private sales at auction rates. Sales com Mence at 7 . F. Levy boo. The Utah convention. The Republican territorial con Utah is called to meet at Salt Lake May 1st, for the purpose of electing two delegates to the cd Casro convention which meets june 3d. Narrow escape from drowning just As the gloom of Twilight was settling Down upon the turbid Waters of the roaring Truckee Aery rang out loud and Clear overboard bring a rope the loungers about the Lake House on the South Side of the River and the workmen on the North Side were the first to hear the frightful alarm and gather quickly at the Bridge to rendered prospects but while prospecting through Mohawk Valley and Wil Low Creek last fall discovered a vein of Coal which it is believed on development will prove a valuable find. The formation in which it is traced is very favourable and tests made of the float prove it to be free from Sulphur. The location in which this. Valuable find is made is convenient to the contemplated line of the Quincy narrow Guage. The discovery was made very late in the season and consequently no work in the Way of development has been done but or. Poe quietly interested some Reno gentlemen in the after and he starts to night for the location to com Mence development. Should this prove a veritable Coal vein comparatively free from Sulphur it will be of great value both to the owners As Well As this Section of the coun try for with the narrow gauge extended As now contemplated the facilities for cheap transportation will be Complete. The result of the proposed development will be anxiously awaited and there is a Gen eral wish that it May prove All that is anticipated. Soap Bubble part Lea. Soap Bubble Purtie Sare the latest Vic us Iuka of Coj Xvi our such assistance As Lay in their Power. What is it where is he who is it there Don t you see him now he s going Over the dam he s gone sure no he s up again Quick run below with the and other questions answers Aud exclamations were hurriedly asked Aud answered while people were gathering from All directions on either Side of the River. Men were running and shouting giving orders and Fol 1 Wing the dark object in the River which was being swiftly carried the dark Waters to eternity. Bun to the Railroad Bridge Quick it is the Only Chance exclaimed a voice loud and com manding. There throw the rope and with bated breath the anxious spectators watched and waited. The rope in the hands of one skilled in the use thereof is see circling through the gloom it hovers an in Stant in mid air and descends it catches and a joyous shout Breaks upon the death like stillness saved saved and the steer was tenderly yanked out on the South Bank of the River. The great German remedy for pain. Luling i rant rheumatism neuralgia Lumbirt Bac Kaohu a Uichi women. Sore Throat qv1hbt, brains cram Culi brim frostbite. , Tut tit to Tot to Llly Mem dress and fancy goods Silks satins velvets cloaks trimmings and laces miss su8ie Dugan latest no inn i Lomi. Fifty cents per week All claw of legitimate advert Sementi not a smeding Sis lines inserted in thu column for Fittz cents pet week. Brook ins a Fine top Carriage Worth which he will sell for also a open buggy Worth he offers for ap28-lw miss Susie Ducan the leading Milliner of Carson City makes the announcement to the Spring millinery. Miss a. Motley is prepared to the most elegant Stock of goods before presented in the Reno Market and at reasonable prices. Halt from ctn and upwards. Good twirl wanted. A Good girl cow get employ i family. Apply at Gaz Butk office. Apil wanted. Good Irrl Gater. Good reference required. Apl8tf a. T. Trimmed hats and bonnets and other new and fashionable is a w a goods order sent by mall will receive prompt attention of trimmings sent to any address. As Low As any House on the All Are invited to me the new felons and materials. Booms to Bent. Nice rooms in Good location a Nice la Rulure Well Lighte d. K m. Payne. Lost or stolen. From the Gates ranch Mth of april one brow Mare branded 8 of right Sti Outler Whiten Potlin forehead crop off one car one Small fool. Soluble Reward will he paid if returned to the ranch or to Hymer g stable Jab. Lafayette of hotel two Days later Fitch Vas summoned to appear before his Lonor and in obedience to the order presented himself in court he judge said or. Fitch i have Een thinking Over what you said n court the other Day Aud i have ome to the conclusion that the language used by you at that time was not respectful Aud i therefore be you so for contempt of fire in arson. The shoe store of m. Gilligan in arson was entirely destroyed by re Early yesterday morning and he drug store of a. Leu Hart sad certainty of signs in general and of their fallibility in this country in particular the reporter moved on mentally concluding that the Birds could not know As much about the weather a Leunor does anyhow. But the storm did come. A big Hale. Ward Brothers Are about disposing of their Lane cattle interest in the North. Parties from California Are the purchasers. It is under stood that Louis Dean will be the business manager for the new firm nearly will change hands cigars. Ward leave to night i Francisco to close up the was a Frame building. The rear portion of the drug store building was occupied by or. Guion and or. Winnie. The property belonged to John g. Fox. Gilligan estimates his loss at insured for Lenhart loses insured for and Fox loses no insurance. The fire is supposed to have originated from an exploding lamp in Gilligan s store. Boule Bullion. Four bars of Bullion from Bodie passed through last night in the custody of Wells Fargo con. Signed to san Francisco. One of cordially the Bare contained and the order of other three Twenty or 30 common Clay pipes for As Many Young ladies and gentlemen have ribbons of different colors for every two and Are Sepa rated in equal piles Toni which each person selects one and by Matching colors finds a partner so to speak for the the blowing. On a medium sized table stands a bowl of soap and water. The partners in turn blow bubbles trying three times amid the efforts of the others to annoy and Embarrass them. The one whose Bubble re Mains unbroken the longest is entitled to a prize. Some of the prizes Are painted Plush shaving and bad kerchief cases painted Pic Ture frames russian leather toilet eases blotters Plush boxes of writ ing paper and others Are tasteful and useful mementos. The prizes Are sometimes expensive jewelry. There is always a special prize Given to the one whose Bubble has lasted the longest of All. A judge selected before the blowing announces the decisions. After All have blown their bubbles the prizes Are drawn by numbers. Then comes the usual dance and supper. I. O. O. V. Anniversary serial. The Odd Fellows of Reno will have a social and dance at the Hall of Truckee Lodge of saturday even ing the 26th, to which All Odd Fel c a e lows whether of local or neighbouring lodges and All visiting Brothers together with their families Are invited to attend. By an Ogden it axe. The Ogden Pilot says wednesday morning the Frame building adjoin ing the store of Berry Walland of Young was found to be on fire in the upper Patt. Having a Good headway when the alarm was Given it was with difficulty that the entire building As Well As the store adjoining were saved from destruction. As it was the fire was confined to the upper portions of both building entailing a damage of about the Stock of Berry Walland was nearly All removed suffering More or less damage the extent of which can not be approximately stated until after an appraisal. The Cedarville murder. A letter received yesterday by Johnny Cannon from Cedarville states that Beebe who killed Phillips a few Days since has had his preliminary examination before Justice Long at Cedarville and was held for murder in the first degree. The letter states that the evidence taken on the examination disclosed an unprovoked cold blooded murder. Public sentiment will demand a speedy trial which will doubtless take place during the month of May. Tue Superior court opens the first monday of next month. Ketu Raed front an Traua. W. F. Nelson returned last night from a three months trip to Australia. He says business is very Dull in Melbourne and Ballarat but the Quartz mines which Are in the hands of Large companies Are All being Well. He Learned at Ballarat that nothing of consequence 4s being done in the gravel mines of the continent for want of a water Supply. Settle up. Hereby Given to All parties o to Puy the same to s. J. Hodgkin on at old Itami immediately. He la authorized to receipt Lor me. John p. My irs. Well furnished comforts Blo rooms can be bad by the Day week or month at reduced prices at Ibe Lodding House Over the Exchange Saloon Barnett g dry goods store. Wanted a girl to do cooking and housework for a Small family. Apply at the residence of i. W. Parker on Tiu North Side of fourth Trett near the Corner of Ralston. Help wanted. Ii to Good House painters and a no 1 j. Paper Banger Oan and employment at once by applying at the paint store Corner of second and Virgini n. Meet. Cheap for Cash. New buggies and double and single Waxon and backboards made Best material for Sale a beat Tor Cash at the old stand. J. Smith. I am carrying a full Stock of All of vegetables and fruits. In season including oranges Lemons bananas peas pie Plant cabbage potatoes onions. Call. E. C. . For Lieut. A Nick Little dwelling with la lot and Garden and free writer for rent i place bears plenty of fruit. Loul of mrs. Vosburg Back of h. A Higgins residence. Marsier Lafayette House Mcnelley Campbell proprietors. Commercial Row Reno Nev. Opposite c. P., v. And t. And s. Of Railroad Depou. One of the seat appointed. Hotels la tile state. Roznai All Light Hunny and elegant. Room and Board per week from 00 to 00 single meals 50 cents single room m cents. In aboard without room 00 per we propose to make this House in every sense a Home for the travelling Public. Martin it Augustine. Beef fur . I have 240 head if prims beef Nattle or at this and desire to do same before 1. Address Frank Mcclintock mar22tf Eagle Pylley. Fal. Trees for Sale. Mental Trees for Over Greeng use Ollry. Prices to suit the times at the Arlington Nurmi Les. My Hist h w. Tho mos agent. The Mountain Tribune correspondent writing from says on what purports to be Good authority that Captain Merrill has disposed of a Small portion of his Eagle Lake property and it sex peeled that work will be commenced soon on the new ditch Enterprise for Kent. I rom March 20th, toe dry goods store occupied by 9. M. Jamison on c of the White mouse. Inq Leof chs of to. B. Mayan All. Reno. M. B. Augu6tine w. 0. H. Martin. Martin Augustine of Balkh in stamp nor. Miss my Rijk toll Welches to announce that is now prepared to do All kids of stamping and solicits patronage. Corner Virginia and Plaza Keno. To Kent. A Bouse with rive hard finished River front with or with out furniture situation wanted. By a Young girl take of children and do Homework in a Small family i apply at Oak Btty a at the Convent. I j seeds. R Newl Alfalfa far i in quantities to Utt by i 4 w groceries hardware crockery stoves and tinware Iron steel Cumberland Coal plaster hair and Cement doors windows harrows plows and a kinds of agricultural implements agents for California powder works and Continental Oil company. Alto of tinware. Iron pipe roof inf Tad news paper in Paperi
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